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  1. Leah is stuck in adolescence, hence the messy room. Don’t come for me for defending Leah because I cannot stand her either. Maybe Leah couldn’t go to her grandmother because of COVID.
  2. Mike has to say something. I am sure that he gets asked all the time. Wendy made it public. There is no way that Wendy will have a quiet relationship. She wants word to get out that she has a man.
  3. I would watch but not with Kim as the host.
  4. I was hoping for a Don't be Tardy/Mama June hybrid show - just a half season. Maybe like that swap show where they stay in each other's homes but for a month or better yet, they all stay in the same house and as much as I like Traci, she doesn't get to cook but can give talking head shots. Because June claims to be sober, Kim has to leave her wine behind. They both like the casinos so they have that in common. I need a hobby. All of Kim's complaining during the RV season was enough for me.
  5. Josh will not be able to pay child support for 7 kids. We don’t know that JB has any money or that he will support Anna and Co for 18 years. Divorce still happens in these Quiverful families. These women are foolish to have so many children without having an education or skill set to support them should something happen. Even TLC won’t employ Anna. A publisher isn’t going to pay her much. The story has already been told. The Counting On “stars’ are victims but are in a position to speak up. Last I heard JB and Michelle are “disturbed.” Most of us are outraged and very concerned for Josh’s
  6. TLC needs to drop this show unless the clan speaks openly and loudly against Josh Duggar's charges and not under the guise of forgiveness either. These charges in addition to previous sex abuse allegations are despicable and should not be swept aside while this family stays sweet. A poster mentioned earlier that Josh believes he is smarter than everyone else. I don't think so but he is obviously uneducated. I think he wants nothing to do with all this religious stuff but isn't man enough to say so. Anna better file for divorce before CPS starts throwing parenting classes and other
  7. `I cannot even imagine how high the dosage would have to be. Doesn't weight come into play even with opiates?
  8. Alana and Ella do not like vegetables because they are not used to eating them. While I commend Pumpkin for taking Alana in, she needs to help her get her weight under control. Even while eating junk food, portion control matters. Why are we calling a grown ass adult Pumpkin?
  9. Limits on insurance. It is unlikely most of these people have private health insurance and even if they did, the insurance would be capped by number or days or a life time limit like they do with other addictions. Another factor is that they don’t go to a doctor like most of us unless it is an emergency so the rehab center would not have enough patients to sustain. i like your “unable to adult” term. Sadly, it fits a lot of people.
  10. This is one of the upsides of the pandemic. Some industries took advantage. On the wedding side, I hope this trend continues. It was spilling over to the bachelor parties/gender reveal/push present craziness. Although, I did want a freedom party (more of a BBQ) when I became an empty-nester. Love my kids and all, but I had kids at home for 30 years. $500 should cover it. Maybe I can get my kids to pay.
  11. Yes. I am wondering if they are legally married because he may not qualify for caretaker pay as her husband. If so, I take care of my husband!! When can I expect my check? I wonder if the caretakers (who are not medical aides) go on to find another obese person or if it is a one-and-done thing. It seems like so much work for whatever they get paid. I think that Lupe's Gilbert is an outlier (AKA fame whore).
  12. If it were not for Gage, this episode would have been a snooze fest. TLC must have paid Jerry to make a trip back because the side-hug didn't seem like he was that into Tammy. She is smitten with him though. Jerry was more excited than Tammy about sweet baby Gage. Chris looks like he has lost weight. Tammy looks like she has gained.
  13. Yes, Dr. AzChristian. My diagnosis is the same but in reverse order. The smartest guy is the room attitude is off-putting especially when it comes from someone who misses out on real life on a daily basis. He has no one to call him out on his crap because his wife certainly isn’t going to do it.
  14. These are two very weird people.
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