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  1. Showthyme

    S17.E06: Power Play

    This! And that voice. Ugh.
  2. Showthyme

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Brittany Spears has a mental illness. I don't think it is right to cover her on a Hot Topic. It is being reported that Kevin is no longer a EP but he is still referenced in the credits. Goodbye, good riddens, Kelvin. I think that the show and the staff are better without him.
  3. Showthyme

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Will the Hunter Foundation keep its name or be disbanded? The Hunters may have done what others have done: Wait until the kids are out of the house, holidays are behind us, getting rehab, and being sure that it is over before filing for divorce. We all know the baby was the final straw. Good for Wendy for finally taking this step. Side pieces will say that they are not betraying the wife because they did not make the vow. That is bullshit. Regardless of what went on in the marriage, Sharina should have stepped back (even if the threesome rumors are true). I hope that Kelvin doesn't put a ring on it just because Sharina doesn't deserve it. Not to get on my soapbox, but women need to be more supportive of one another and refuse to bed someone's husband. I think that we are going to see a better Wendy.
  4. Oh good. We get to see Kim with some clothes on. She needs to do this on her own. Rick Singer is no longer available.
  5. Showthyme

    Don't Be Tardy

    The female Biermanns lack a work ethic. Passion often follows effort, dedication and hard work. It is sad really because they will not experience the joy that comes from follow-through and a job well done. Their bodies do not appear to be toned in the nearly-naked selfies.
  6. Showthyme

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    I prefer to see a season of this over an entire season about a dog.
  7. Showthyme

    Surviving R. Kelly

    Given Avanetti's troubles, I wonder if he tried first to extort money from R Kelly. Robert has already convinced the girls that their parents only wanted his money and they were willing to sell their daughters to get it. I hope that Avanetti did not ask for payment because it will solidify R Kelly's claim to these impressionable girls.
  8. Showthyme

    CBS This Morning

    The article stated that the CBS boss wanted two men to anchor with Gayle King. I defected from the Today Show because I like the content of CBS This Morning better. The mix of anchors on this show does not work so it is good that they are shaking it up a bit. Now, if they could just do something about the set.
  9. Showthyme

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Relationships do not mend with "space" or a time out. I don't understand separations. I think that they are a precursor to a divorce and allows one party to sell the illusion of working things through while they are quieting setting up their single life. The "lets be friends" comes long after people have worked through the emotional trauma and the money has been counted. How can Wendy put this marriage back together? He has an entire different family. To me, Kelvin looks a bit like Miss Piggy (sorry, Miss Piggy). Mr. Piggy has no intention of giving up his sidepiece and at this point, he shouldn't. By tolerating it for so many years, Wendy has endorsed it. Wendy has a lot of ownership in the demise of her marriage. It is not easy living with an addict. No one can convince me that her drinking and drugging just started months ago when she rediscovered that Mr. Piggy was once again cheating on her. He never stopped! The show is hard to watch. Wendy is in no position to throw shade on other celebrities while she has her own mess. I wish that they would bring back the guest hosts for the rest of the season and bring Wendy back next September. She still is under contract so she is owed that.
  10. Showthyme

    The Wendy Williams Show

  11. Showthyme

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    Elizabeth is a cross between Jeff Skilling from Enron and Bernard Madoff. Like Jeff Skilling, Elizabeth thought that she was the smartest person in the room and had an idea. Not only was her idea not great but it wasn’t even novel. Others realized early on that a greater quantity of blood is needed for certain tests and that was the one thing that she would not change! Like Bernard Madoff, her methods were so proprietary that no one dare question the methodology and she targeted her investors: old, white men and people without medical or scientific knowledge. Let’s say the idea did work. It is a terrible idea to have a unit in your house to run your own blood test and then try to play doctor. I know that Theranos intended for people to take the results to their physicians but the reality is that we Google and then maybe go to the doctor if we can afford it. People often do not even take medications or change dressing on a wound as directed. Collecting your own blood looks easy but I see the potential to screw it up. Sanitation of the machine and disposal of the nanotainers would be an issue. I can’t wait for her jail court date.
  12. Showthyme

    Don't Be Tardy

    Poor Brielle imagines that she can be a social media star or a blond Kardashian. Her looks are the most important thing to her. Sadly, nothing about her looks are that striking. Her lips, like Kim’s look so freakish. Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, etal are not self-made. Kris Jenner is responsible for their success. Kim strikes me as someone who does not prepare for meetings and will spend valuable time making irrelevant comments and twirling her hair. Kim is no Kris Jenner. Kroy is capable but doesn’t have much to work with when it comes to Brielle. The window has closed for another Kardashian-type family. The Biermanns are in for a serious fall when this gig ends.
  13. Showthyme

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Like many addicts I think that Wendy has been out of the loop in her own life. Too drunk to even know what was happening. Did Kelvin like the drunk Wendy so that he could openly carry on with the Mistress? I have alcoholics in my own family. It is truly amazing that significant changes in technology and laws get passed without them having any knowledge whatsoever. Their steely focus is to the substance. It is amazing how ignorant they sound when they get clean for the final time. Kelvin’s behavior is disgusting. The mistress is disgusting too. Wendy, like most addicts think that’s they are fooling people. No Wendy, we see you.
  14. Showthyme

    CBS This Morning

    Gayle King should have interviewed Michael Avanitti. He is in a world of trouble with the IRS. Makes his Nike extortion charges like tame. I am waiting for the book and the movie.
  15. Showthyme

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Bring back guest hosts for the rest of the season. Even though we snark we want Wendy to get the help and support that she needs. I cannot imagine the pain and humiliation Kelvin has caused. Wendy should be allowed to deal with it privately.