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  1. What do these women do with all the money that is earned on the show? LuAnn asked Bethenny to help her get a loan when she purchased the house upstate because her children were going to sue. Sonja shows up wherever there is food. It wouldn't surprise if she carries her own doggy bag. Changing course here. Leah is exhausting.
  2. Leah is hyper-aware of the camera and it acting like a fool because she wants to be filmed. There are all aware, actually, but Leah's is more look at me, ala Kenya Moore. Girl needs to relax. Her daughter must be cringing. Even Leah's ex was giving her the side-eye a few times. Nobody is buying what she is selling.
  3. Dan wanted to forget from where he came and discard any reminder of it, including Betty. Dan didn’t want anyone to know of his early struggle or the fact that he and Betty could barely make ends meet. Dan just seemed cruel. Betty didn’t want to stay with the same attorney or follow anyone’s advice because she didn’t want the interaction with Dan to end. Even arguing and drama is contact.
  4. This is around the anniversary date of her marriage ending and the mistress having Kelvin’s baby. It has to be difficult especially now that young Kev has cut her off and she doesn’t have her show due to COVID. I don’t count that shitshow she was doing from home as doing her show. I hope that she is able to get the mental health services that she needs.
  5. I think they are coming after Denise now because she needs the paycheck, unlike season one. Charlie stopped paying child support. Can’t just show up now and look pretty. Production has expectations, Teddi is not a good fit on this show.
  6. It you save me a seat, I’ll share my liquor.
  7. I don’t have a problem with adult children benefitting from their parent’s connection, celebrity, or successes. Joan Rivers did it with Melissa, Yolanda Hadid did it with her 3, and Lisa is helping Amelia and Delilah. The kids will not be successful if they cannot sustain it. I would do it for my children but no one wants to duplicate what I have to offer. Rinna’s mistake was to point out the selection of the flowers rather than congratulating her daughters in their vision, hard work and execution. It just reinforced that they really were not all that involved. It had a Kylie Kardashian vibe about it. There is no way that Kylie is the mastermind behind her brand. Rinna quickly changing in to DNA clothing reminded me of Bethenny Frankel putting on Brynn’s pajammas. It was more about Rinna fitting into the clothes than the clothes itself. Teddi is really uptight. Erika is better when she isn’t in her entertainer mode. She is pretty and has no patience for all of the fakery. I like her practical approach to telling children how pregnancy happens. I don’t need to ever see Kyle cry again.
  8. Wendy Williams considers herself to be above Nene Leakes and any of the Housewives in general. Not sure why. I believe RHOA has higher ratings than WW and I think Wendy would do anything to be a "real" housewife. Nene has her issues but she strikes me as being a loyal friend. I don't think that Wendy has friends.
  9. It is difficult enough to find a place to park an RV. RV parks are full and pricey. It must be nearly impossible to find a place to park a tiny house with hookups, etc. They are crazy expensive too. Have to agree that all of the wood is too log cabin for me. I need something with color and character. Too nice people in business are difficult. They never say what they mean and will stab you in the back. Tumblewood CEO is no longer taking calls from Marcus. What a coward.
  10. I wonder if Marc is someone who cannot see his wife as a sexual being after she becomes a mother.
  11. Didnt the father take advantage of them by hogging all of the space and not paying his fair share? Too late for anyone to jump on the keto band wagon.
  12. Mom put Seana out because she was tired of supporting her and learned that she had no intention of losing any weight. Like the rest of us, she may suspect substance abuse issues too. I think years of addiction help to explain why Seana seems so dumb. Enablers on this show are more interesting that the poundtestants. They go from loading their plates with piles of food to pulling the rug out from under them. In is understandable in a way because poundtestants are ungrateful twits for the most part.
  13. Gina thinks that trying and doing are the same thing. I wanted to cyber slap her every time that she said "trying so hard." Gina is used to talking her way out of things. Her family must be awfully gullible to believe her bullshit. Gina and her family appeared on the wrong show. They are better suited for the One Ton Family or whatever it is called.
  14. So much this. This show and My 600# Life do not ever speak of portion sizes. That is more important that calorie count! I work at keeping my weight in the healthy range and I was shocked, really shocked, at how little a tablespoon really is. Don't even get me started on 3 ounces of UNCOOKED protein. Thankfully, I have big hands so I measure my protein using the palm of MY hand because it allows me a more generous cut. They tell me that I only live once.
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