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  1. I have always enjoyed the guest hosts more regardless of the host. They are more professional and present.
  2. QVC dropped at lot of lines at the end of 2020. Rinna’s line was just one of them. Dorit had the best look only because the others were so bad. Rinna was channeling Kim Kardashian’s SNL pink get up with the solid color, overall coverage, and gloves. Like Kim, Rinna looked as ridiculous. Erika’s dress looked like a clearance item from TJ Maxx.
  3. Dr. Phil contributed to their Foundation too which most likely significantly helped to get it going and influenced others to contribute as well. I don’t mind these type of shows. It is better than the out-of-control teenager let’s blame the single-mother shows.
  4. IMDB is free. Comes up easily on a Smart TV. I have been watching movies and shows for months. Just had to give them my email address. Easy peasy. Is not commercial free and I don't think you can fast forward past the ads. In addition to Judge Judy, IMDB is creating a new show for Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out. I wonder if IMDB will be creating a lot of original content like Netflix.
  5. We saw the signs at the end of last season. Wendy’s slurred speech, slowed response time, staff on edge wondering what Wendy would do/say. Wendy’s sense of entitlement is going to be her undoing. What is her excuse now? Not that it matters. Even the most sympathetic people/employers have their limit.
  6. We have some insight now as to why the Baby Bar was hard for Kim.
  7. This show was so disappointing. I wanted to hear more from Tonia, the first wife. Robin went on and on about Debra but did not acknowledge Tonia. Tonia sounds intelligent to me. Debra does not. I wonder about the success rate of the catfish victims. I realize that they are out of money by the time they get to Dr. Phil but I wonder if they still try to contact the catfish after the show.
  8. I hate to give Kelvin any credit but I think that he was the one who got Wendy to work everyday. Wendy’s contract will not get extended unless she gets her issues under control. These unscheduled absences are too disruptive.
  9. Erika could bring her son or one of her gay friends contractors. Loved Kathy bringing her architect.
  10. There are several ways to look at Erika’s lack of anger towards Tom. They may have been living separate lives for years so that anger has come and gone. Or, she is still in communication with him either directly or through others.
  11. Dorit has no story line. I don't know why she is on this show.
  12. Fredrick admitted to being a functional alcoholic and got sober during COVID. I think that Derek has been through the paces with Fredrick. It was surprising to hear Fredrick admit to missing his kids but not Derek. The large developers will lose confidence in Fredrick if he is bicoastal. 90% of life is showing up!
  13. Ronald Richards is Special Counsel assigned to find the assets. He said on a podcast today that the majority of the $20M receivable on Erika’s book is the result of an American Express bill that was paid by the law firm. Accountant here…the firm’s bookkeeper knows that Erika’s expenses are not law firm related so s/he shows it as a receivable owed from Erika to the law firm. Therefore, Erika can say that she didn’t know anything about money being transferred into her account because it wasn’t as clean as taking money out of one account and putting it in another. The money is definitely owed to
  14. Crystal lacks spontaneity. Couldn’t even offer a word to describe herself.
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