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  1. That one isn't unique to this crowd, I see that term all the time among non-fundies and it causes my soul to shrivel up a little (ok, a lot). I think it's sweet if a dad wants to take his daughter out for a semi-fancy occasion, especially if it's a daughter who likes that sort of thing (which I'm guessing is what's at play here with John and the girls), but by no means is that the only way that a dad can have a relationship with his daughters, speaking as the wife to a dad who has four daughters, and I think said dad would shrivel up and die if he were asked to do a daddy/daughter date.
  2. JessDVD

    S04.E16: Missing

    Generally this would have been more interesting if it had turned out that the dad wasn't an abusive SOB and it was all a misunderstanding. THAT would have been a compelling finish. But since we all knew it was a slow slide to Danny finding someone to testify that the dad was violent, it wasn't all that interest-holding. (Although that may have also been us waiting impatiently for the press conference in Michigan at ELEVEN last night but whatever) Name me one person who was surprised to see the kid come around from behind the mom showing signs of injury. I also felt like the ADA taking the tack
  3. 1st grade was updated maybe 3 or so years ago. But the people who teach at the school, based on the pictures I see in that Facebook group of kids who use the DVDs and then go to the school to meet the teachers, mostly seem to have missed the memo that the millennium happened. I roll my eyes a lot at the people in that group. The curriculum is, unsurprisingly, pretty didactic in some areas. But imo the beauty of home school is being able to take what you want and ignore what you don't. So, I use their methods of teaching reading, grammar, and math that work well for me and my kids and leave the
  4. OK, I watched the video (I decided to be kind to my husband and the kid who had a bad dream and apparently thought it required her to be in our bed 🙄🙄, both of whom were still sleeping when I first saw that post) and have three additions to my previous comments: 1) I forgot about the DVD program that Abeka offers (since we don't use it, I often forget it exists...), and it's about what she described. They offer an accredited and unaccredited version, and states that have stricter rules for home schooling will accept their accredited version. I don't know much (really, anything) about thos
  5. I can't watch the video right now but I can answer the Abeka question. I use it for most subjects with my four kids, and used it myself at Christian school (I always feel the need to clarify, a sane, non-fundie school) in the 80s and 90s. And to prove my sanity and non-fundieness, my kids also go to the local public school a couple hours a week for classes like gym and art. So since they're assigned to classes, I get those teachers' emails about what they're doing in their class, and it's right along with what we're doing in our curriculum. I have a teaching degree (from an accredited, non-rel
  6. Bull's team said that the kid's prints were found on the poker, although they did say something like "Would it surprise you to find out that prints were on the poker that match your prints on the receipt at the coffee shop?", which in these shows often is just intended to suss out a confession, and someone on the team will say "It'd surprise us too because that didn't actually happen".
  7. That was the first episode in a long time that I didn't immediately pick out plot holes large enough to get lost in. I'm impressed. Chris Jackson is wonderful and I thought that the increased role of Chunk in this episode was really well done. A last minute plot twist that the daughter hired the son would have been good. As it was, I mostly just felt really really bad for the kid. I would have preferred that it totally have been an accident and they not leave it with him likely on the hook for first-degree. I hope the fictional daughter that we'll never see again, uses her millions to hir
  8. Flashback to 70s Ellie talking to her dad. Me: "I bet a million dollars she's talking to Gibbs". Camera turns. Yep. I also guffawed at McGee as the brother. I had a temporary out-of-body moment during all the mentions of senior and Ziva so that bit is now irrelevant to me. All in all, a good episode. The flashbacks episodes tend to be strong.
  9. Every reality show I've ever watched or remotely followed has begun as "Cameras follow us around doing the things we already do" and eventually become "Cameras record the obviously staged for the show and corporately sponsored fakery that we can only afford because of the corporate sponsors and our money from the show". I assume it's because the producers think they need to do this to continue the show and continue the show because it continues to make money but it's a real turn-off for me. I thought the pre-scandal Duggars were interesting when they were a mega-family and the show was really
  10. I think most people now, 100 years later, either don't know or don't care about the history behind 20s fashion (and a lot of other things, really) and just think the fashions are cool. But, everyone is prone in their own way to accepting the parts of things that they like and ignoring the parts they don't like, so it's unsurprising if the Bateses are employing that technique here. I did miss the part where 3-inch stilettos were part of the Gothard-approved wardrobe though. And bare shoulders. Of course Michael managed to make the look frumpy.
  11. 1) This is literally the first time I can think of, in 10+ years of watching crime procedurals, when a recovering-from-major-injury-or-illness agent, actually STEPPED BACK from a case, due to pain/recovery. 2) I've probably said it here before, but I can't stand it when suspects who have all the evidence pointing toward them, act all insulted when someone they love is suspicious of them. News flash, this is how people get away with heinous acts for years and years, when everyone around them ignores the obvious evidence because they just can't believe the person would do that. 3) Al
  12. Pro tip: when paying off a juror to swing a case, try and pick one who has a better poker face. I continue to be underwhelmed by cases that hinge on such witness testimony as "Since you paid for the damage of your teen's dumb moves in exchange for the one damaged to not press charges, clearly you are also implicit in your husband's buying the son's college admission spot". Whoever strapped on Izzy's fake baby belly has obviously never actually seen a pregnant woman before because it was sitting way too high on her abdomen for someone who was past her due date. And if her contractions
  13. Yes! Him talking about how he hated the idea of perpetuating the black father abandonment cycle, like we all totally get that, but it seems pretty presumptuous to just assume that the bio mom and her husband couldn't possibly be able to teach the kid what he needed to know. I didn't think about this when I was posting originally, but your reply made me think - since you're right, no matter what, these couples are going to be spending their lives involved together, then why did bio dad start with serving them? Wouldn't it have been more productive to go to the couple with some kind of "
  14. That was really, really cringeworthy, listening to the lawyers bring up each couple's every "weakness" in some sort of game of, his anger issues mean he's more unfit (uh, that's not how that works), his hiring a nanny to take care of the baby means he's more unfit (what?). What's unfortunate about that is, this is really a legitimately difficult situation that I honestly don't know what I think is the right decision, and the lawyers being dicks about the opposing sides' supposed flaws (last I checked, being well-off enough to hire a nanny, and being poor enough to only live in a one-bedroom ap
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