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  1. I mean we all knew it was a foregone conclusion - although yes, probably deserved - that the Overalls Girls were gone. I say probably only because I feel this episode yet again illustrated what I've already said probably a few times. I think it's entirely possible that Overalls would have been best, or at least better, if they had been told to build a castle, period. Not one that can suspend from the ceiling, or hang off a wall, or stand up to a wind tunnel. At the very least, I'd like to see their cardboard moving box castle in THAT format. This business of hamstringing the contestants'
  2. My kids are watching the newest episode right now and they are actually laughing at Will chewing the scenery, so I guess if they're trying to market this thing to the elementary and middle school age demographic, they're succeeding. I had no idea how many episodes were left but if the contestants know that there are 2 left after this and there would be no elimination on this one, then Viking bros giving up the golden brick makes no sense? All of the talking heads make it sound like they didn't know, although those are filmed afterward so who knows. The show never addresses them using it w
  3. I didn't like any of those houses and thought they should have done a 4-way elimination, in the interest of bringing back some of the previous teams. Geek Twins' story was my favorite but the build was underwhelming. Pig build had a lot of movement but was ugly. Viking bros, I've already forgotten. Overalls girls was fine, but not great movement or really cool looking. Choosing not to eliminate anyone was dumb and they already did that once this season. The one really good thing about this episode though, was that the terms of the build weren't weird or dumb, just build something coo
  4. I zoned out for most of this one. A couple observations: It is even more very, VERY clear that we are teeing up for the Bro Down that some of us predicted a few weeks ago. Overalls are likely out next week, and MAYBE Chicago/Brooklyn will pull out an upset the following week and edge out over one of the others for a spot in the final. While it is (somewhat) fun to see Lego creations that can do things in addition to looking great, the problem with this concept is that too often, the creations end up doing neither particularly well. I don't know about the rest of you, but for me, just
  5. https://bricknerd.com/home/inside-lego-masters-the-end-of-the-beginning-8-12-21?fbclid=IwAR3pYsW8BeH9NPT8NLmXtZpGKEVPTyhfbE2Kc9AKiDPSE9gJFicsbSU587Y - Maria's post about this week's Lego Masters - although it's more about the process that got them on the show.
  6. I'd agree with that. It's a good challenge once or twice to make something that looks good and is strong, but considering we only get 42 minutes of the footage (minus however many of them are taken up by Will Arnett chewing the scenery), I'd rather just see how good they can make it look. And this is, what, the fourth one like this? Demo derby, earthquake, explosion (That one, at least, was good), and now the wind tunnel. I thought challenges like last week's were better, and next week's concept looks cool too.
  7. Wind tunnel: It was telegraphed about 8 seconds in that either Maria and Philip were going to stun us all or go home, and it didn't take long upon seeing the final build to see it was go home. That's such bad editing, when they finally decide to give a lot of screen time to a team on the week they go home, especially when they've been giving endless fawning edits to the Geek Twins and Arrogant Bros (who mercifully were tolerable this week) in particular. I thought the criticism that their techniques were too simplistic was a little odd, or at least I didn't see anything on it that made me
  8. What happened with Sam and Jessica? (I only watched one or two episodes of the first season)
  9. No new episode tomorrow. My TV guide indicates a rerun but not which one. New episode next Tuesday, the 10th.
  10. I always assume that anything anyone does on competitive reality TV shows involves time to plan, with the possible exception of a show like Chopped - though even then it wouldn't surprise me if they were actually given some time to between the ingredient reveal and when the clock starts. But yeah, it would have been nice to make that clearer. I've never quite understood why they think it plays better to make it look like the competitors get the theme in real time and plan on the spot.
  11. https://bricknerd.com/home/inside-lego-masters-memory-and-demolition-7-22-2021 - Maria of Married w/ Children's post on this past week's episode.
  12. Yes, that's kind of how I'm feeling too, now that you mention it. I mean, if the bro teams really are the best, then I don't think they should be cut in order to advance a team that is more diverse or interesting or whatever. However, from what <we> can see, the teams at this point seem (to me, anyway) to be roughly at the same skill level and the judging is then a little more about, what do they design this time, does it work out the way they want it to, do they drive their car off the arena in 5 seconds, etc. The 3 bro teams don't seem to be a clear step above the other 4 remaining tea
  13. Demo derby! IMO the Geek Twins would absolutely have been gone this week if for some reason, someone in production or editing didn't obviously find them to be more compelling TV than Blonde Moms. I was saying the words "Susan and Jen" before Amy said them and my kids were all stunned at my predictive efforts. Guys, I have more experience in competitive reality TV than I do in almost anything else, don't question the master. I felt that Blonde Moms were the weakest link of those remaining, so I generally support the move, but I'm tired of the fawning edit the Geek Twins are getting as well
  14. Randall and Syreeta's going home was basically telegraphed from about minute 18, so no surprises there. Otherwise - Viking brothers were the clear winner out of this one. I'm tired of Zack and Wayne, especially how their builds are just big and the judges are all ZOMG IT'S SO BIG and ignore that there are other builds that are much more intricately and creatively designed. I can't remember offhand which other builds had a story that the show actually animated - maybe the Geek Twins? - but one of them should have been the 2nd place, not Zack and Wayne. That was the lamest Jack and the
  15. https://bricknerd.com/home/tag/Inside+LEGO+Masters Here's all the posts Maria has written so far, one for each week.
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