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  1. Just want to add here that I appreciate these reviews and enjoy reading them each day as we endure the soul-crushingly long wait through the holidays until the show starts up again!
  2. A short, related to the TV show anecdote that hopefully you will enjoy: I've been cross-stitching a lot the last couple years and this is my current project. My kids (ages 10, 9, 6, 4) are always interested in whatever cross-stitching I'm doing so they've been asking about each segment of this and what moment of Friends that it refers to. The first one I did was "pivot", so I showed them youtube clips of that bit (at least THAT one was appropriate for elementary age kids). A week or two later, my 9 year old and I were moving a bookcase from one bedroom to another and as we went around the doorways, she did it... said "PIVOT! PIVOT!". I think my husband died a little inside but it was a high point of my parenting career.
  3. I'm going to choose to believe that everyone already knew about Erin's pregnancy and the "announcement" was staged for TV, because that's more pleasant than the alternative. I had just found out I was pg again after having miscarried a few months prior, a week and a half before my sister's wedding. Not saying anything just about killed me but darn it all I didn't say anything! ... until after it was all over and we were all back at my parents' house and I whispered it to my parents. As far as Erin and Chad and the projects, I would assume that anything on the show is somehow financially softened for them. If it's just shown on her Instagram posts, I'd be less sure of financial kickback. It's very possible they're all being idiots about this sort of thing, but I do think that we're only given a snapshot of what it's really like there.
  4. I pretty much agree with all of what you've said, but I am still enjoying this season (minus last week's episode) and I think it's because despite the aforementioned issues, the writers are still really good and write some literally LOL lines. Still, I am very glad that the experiment is over and we're likely to not spend much time with Simone, Brent, and John henceforth. Ha! That's hilarious. Thanks for the enlightenment there because it makes it even more funny than I already found it!
  5. Is that maternity? The way the skirt is sewn makes it look like it's supposed to be worn over a baby bump. Or it's just crooked....
  6. I said in my post at the top here that Brent looked like he was showing remorse but now I'm thinking that might be a misdirect, that we're supposed to think that but it'll go a different direction. I'd like for them to show that he was capable of some self-awareness, but this is the show that hates him so, who knows.
  7. Eleanor and Michael evil laugh was the best moment of this entire show quite possibly since Michael's back in season one. I actually laughed at a Brent line! I never liked Simone much but I really don't like her now. John's lines to her by the sinkhole were all mine. But then, they had John go with Simone, interested to see how that'll turn out. I think that since Brent clearly felt remorse before the clock ran out, that shows he can improve. Tahani wondering if Jason was a demon in a Jason suit was actually exactly what I was wondering. And all her stuff about black tie style is everything I love about Tahani Is it next week yet??
  8. I heard condescending bench from Brent and I have to say, that is one other line that I laughed at because as much as Brent is awful, I personally find Simone a little one-note also, just not that level of irritating. I don't think I'd have gone as far as bench in my analysis of how she was acting, but condescending isn't unfair IMO. I find Simone to be a shade of Mary Sue - as much as Brent is being written as nothing more than a caricature of white male privilege and this is clearly written to be a bad thing (not that his behavior isn't bad, just that the show isn't trying to spin it otherwise), I feel like Simone tends to be written as, always the one in the right and thus the show wants us to find her to be superior, with not much more dimension than that. It's just not as forceful or irritating as Brent. Really though, the fact that we're still even having all this conversation about Brent, John, and Simone is indication that the show needs to move us along. We're all still here primarily because of the original 4, Michael and Janet, and I don't want any more episodes where most of it is evaluating Brent's merits or lack thereof. I did kind of feel this way last year with the stuff in Australia, although I hate the writer's hand of Brent more, and I liked the Australia stuff more on a full season 3 re-watch so maybe (PLEASE) with the context of the rest of the season it'll work.
  9. This was the absolute peak of that episode BY FAR.
  10. That was excruciating, which is a word I never thought I'd use to describe this show. I did laugh more than necessary at the b-b-bad to the bone lines. But it went downhill after that. I don't get where they're going with Brent. Everyone else has redeeming qualities that make them sympathetic but Brent is just every negative stereotype of older white man that the writers can possibly think of with no nuance. I find it so lame that the show that made me root for Eleanor despite her being an absolutely horrible person, is writing a character so one-dimensional. I will continue to hold onto hope that they're going somewhere with it. At least last week's was really good.
  11. Forgot to mention Marisa and Chunk. Marisa: What the fork was the point of even having her GET married when she's just going to get divorced a season later for the dumbest reason ever. Just have them all have off-screen relationships, occasionally mentioned in the office, and that can be enough. Chunk: If we're going to do this plotline, can we just do it and have it be over instead of having 30 seconds of screen time from each episode interrupt the case, to give us the next paragraph in the book? I only slightly care to start out with and getting it an excruciating inch at a time, is not working. That said, I did appreciate that they had Chunk hold onto his convictions, that he would continue to say that it's wrong, but still support his daughter.
  12. I'd bet the farm that while the True Believers don't use condoms or the pill, many, MANY of them are familiar with basic biology and make sure their fellowship avoids certain days of the month.
  13. I can only conclude that the relationship must look different on the inside than what we get an outside view of. Any spouse later than about Whitney or Chad has NO excuse to not know what marriage to a Bates kid will look like. It's not like the Duggars and Bateses haven't been on TV espousing their lifestyle for, oh, the last FIFTEEN years. I can give the early ones a pass because the families themselves didn't spend as much time "in" the world, but the later editions, they have full access to the interwebs and cannot possibly not know. I also personally suspect that as the kids age through their 20s and into their 30s, the baby trains may slow down. "Conservative" circles are more likely to spend the 20s bearing children, but slow down and/or stop once in the 30s. Who knows, maybe they'll all continue annual pregnancies well into their 30s (my uterus is hurting just thinking about it), but just based on how much more tired I was with my 4th pregnancy at age 30, than my first at age 24, I can see at least a few of them having 5-6 kids by age 32 or so, and then deciding that some judicious use of NFP is in order. Maybe I'm just projecting myself here... but the annual pregnancies doesn't super surprise me now, and I do think we'll see some slowing, especially as the families approach the 5-6 kids. I think you've really got to love kids (or have mental issues, like Michelle), to intentionally continue to have babies past 5-6 into the mid-late 30s.
  14. Oh good, another case that should have been wrapped up by the local PD in 12 seconds if they had done any ACTUAL investigating. Thank goodness we have the legal team of Dr. Jason Bull, who does the investigating on their behalf once the case has gone to trial without any actual investigating. This show continues to make me very, very afraid for the people of America (or NYC and surrounding) that get inaccurately charged with anything, unless they can afford the Bull Team of Actually Competent Investigators. Anyway, the lady at the end saying "I can't wait to get home and tell (husband's name)", actually made me sadder than I expected. Aging sucks, even when it's just an actress portraying the aging of a fictional character.
  15. I thought they were intending to communicate that the demons thought it was all the entertainment for Demon Con. I felt like this season started slowly also but I laughed out loud several times last night, with a good amount of anticipation. Shaun commenting on Jason's cheekbones, definitely. Totes thought that Eleanor and Tahani were going to lay one on each other at the end, the way they were looking at each other in the last scene with that scenic background behind them. Also missed that Chidi and Simone are together in this season? Impressive growth in Tahani and Jason. This being the last season makes me sad.
  16. Writer's room, about 11 PM. Much alcohol consumed. Writer #1: I've GOT it! We'll have Chunk go to a church and ask to talk to someone and the guy there will give him the sage advice we have written out and Chunk will say "Thank you, pastor" and leave and THEN .... we'll reveal that it's really the janitor giving him advice! Writer #2: YES! This is literally the most brilliant scene ever written, never done before approximately 12304987234 times! Writer #3: (holds up beer for a toast) We really are blazing new trails, settling new territory, writing unprecedented TV. --- Otherwise, I thought this episode was generally forgettable and full of the traditional plotholes we've come to know and love. The whole first scene was weird, with not-Cable (I still can't remember her name but it took me the entire first season to remember Cable, so I've still got time) being all emotional and Bull being all I don't care. I don't understand why pastry shop lady's testimony would mean squat as far as asshole mogul being tried for THIS incident.
  17. Maybe Chunk's daughter's kid is the one with Bull's kid at the end of the first episode of this season?
  18. Marisa- WTF? Chunk- LOL COTW- OK, so I'm not by any means an expert on mental health, guardianship, legality, etc, and all my knowledge really is based on the two different families I know who have walked this with their now-adult children who recently turned 18. So if I'm wrong, politely correct me. But as far as I've been able to tell with them, the point of legal guardianship is NOT to micro-manage your adult children's decisions, up to an approved lunch with a friend. The point of legal guardianship is so that you, the parent, can advocate on your adult child's behalf and actually be considered in the legal determinations, so that the parent can legally step in if the adult child has medical needs and is unable to handle them (which HIPPA would block otherwise), that sort of thing. The fact that the dad wanted to be guardian so he could sell her company against her wishes, had her practically under lock and key, used money from her company to pay off that guy without her knowledge (I'm not saying doing that was the wrong call, but without her knowledge??) - suggested that there's something unhealthy going on with his desired level of control. Not that he just wanted to keep guardianship in case her mental health suffered and then he could step in without having to deal with twelve miles of red tape. I did appreciate that it wasn't super black and white (despite my above complaints).
  19. I think a vow renewal makes sense when there's some sort of redemption involved, separation or infidelity or something, followed by reconciliation. Or if the couple eloped or only had enough money to do a courthouse wedding, and wants to do the "wedding thing" later on, I understand that. Some people in religious circles might do a vow renewal if they didn't have a Christian ceremony when they first got married, but then at some point converted and want to do a Christian ceremony. Occasionally I have a fleeting moment of thinking "I could plan my wedding so much better now at 35 than I did at 22" and wish for a do-over, but then I let the moment pass. I think for Erin and Whitney, it has/had something to do with the more modest approach of their weddings, as they weren't rolling in it as they all seem to be now. Maybe Whitney is a bit of the whatever with her parents/bio-parents/whatever. But otherwise, it does seem to ring of "The only way to get attention around here is to have a wedding or a baby", and I still suspect that not all of them really want to continue annual pregnancies into their 30s and 40s, so a vow renewal is the best shot I guess.
  20. I don't mind Writer's Hand in the sense of Arizona trash, everyone from Florida is bad, etc, but the toxic male character is falling flat for me since they've really already done that with the Shaun and Trevor. We've been bingeing seasons 1-3 in prep for 4 and those sort of jokes have come up several times before, some of them twice (I had forgotten that Trevor uses the "You should smile more" line in season 1 and again in season 3). Like we get it, you can't stand toxic masculinity, none of the rest of us can either, but let's find some different material. Watching the whole series in quick succession has made me appreciate all over how good the writers of this show are, and seeing them come back to what IMO is low-lying fruit, is disappointing. Hopefully it will redeem itself in future episodes.
  21. Behind again... too much bingeing on The Good Place in prep for last night's premiere. I liked this episode more than I expected to based on everything I'd read here in advance, but it was very, very weird. Though as weird as the ending was, I preferred it to a schmaltzy delivery room scene. I appreciated how the daughter specifically yelled "Dad" and "Uncle Benny" in case we didn't figure out on our own that she was Bull's daughter from the conversation about how the case (that I totally believe they were still talking about 27 years later) turned out. This show is weird (did I say that already?) but I still find it enjoyable.
  22. Aisha: Something something Broadway star. Me (a person with a cursory knowledge of Broadway stars): Oh, I wonder if it'll be someone I'm familiar with [this rarely happens, most of the guest stars I've never heard of] Aisha: ...and the part of Chunk Palmer on Bull. Me: OMG THEY GOT CHRIS JACKSON. (to Mr. DVD) I have literally been waiting my entire life to watch Chris Jackson and Wayne Brady sing together. Yeah, that was quality. I hate Helping Hands and rarely watch it, but I actually did this time. It was maybe a little better than normal. 🙂 And I don't pay much attention to the credits usually but that was amusing also. Please bring him back, CW.
  23. JessDVD


    I didn't like Millie on my first watch, but on future re-watches, I liked her a lot more and felt like some of her comments were legit - Amita DID dress less professionally than she probably should have in her position, Larry SHOULD NOT have been sleeping in the steam tunnels no matter how "cute" and "quirky" he is... Charlie spending his spare time on cases for the FBI is none of her business, but I do recall her asking him to not use CalSci's big computer or something when others needed it, which is legit. Regardless of where one comes down on those though, I thought they should have kept her and Alan together, had her make periodic appearances throughout the rest of the show.
  24. That, really, is about the only way they could take this that would get me to be interested. I skipped all the Ziva episodes of this past season for reasons that everyone else has stated better than I could, and will likely skip this one and the opener. But if they go that way? I like McGee and would tend to root for him and don't want him to crack, but I think this approach would actually be interesting. (Writers, are you paying attention?)
  25. My hypothesis is that the actor has some dirt on someone in the higher-ups of NCIS and so whenever the actor is running behind on his yacht payments or something, he calls up the guy and demands another Hernandez episode so he can get caught up.
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