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  1. Unfortunately, isn't this sorta the MCU writing way? Take for example, Bucky -- in one scene he's outrunning cars going highway speeds and swinging around a motorcycle in the air with one arm. In another scene, he can't get Black Widow (who as far as I know has no super strength) off him. Whatever the scene calls for that's what power they have -- or don't have.
  2. I took it as he was/is very guarded and shuts himself away from everyone
  3. Question: In this episode we learn that Bucky is free from his programming, but does anyone else (aside from him and the Wakandans) know? In episode 1, during the therapy session Dr. Raynor says that due to his history the government needs to know he is gonna....
  4. I kinda hope Demo doesn't go back to jail, so we can have a season 2 of tracking him down.
  5. Not sure if this aired or not.. but I'm trying to get my head around how this "conflict of interest" could happen at a multi-million dollar company like TAC appears to be.
  6. My canon is that Lila can only copy the person she is engaged with, so if they would have teamed up on her I think the fight would have ended much sooner.
  7. Roswell is in New Mexico, so I think that may be why.
  8. Probably saving it. It makes for a good end of season episode..
  9. Did see it yet but read that it took place before he came to LA and started Lux
  10. I'm going with the idea that as long as you're actively taking part in the time travel you will remember things. Like the way Five did when he returned, but none of the others remember the Apocalypse. I'm also leaving Vanya out of this equation because she was "overtaken" by her power -- so when they go back, she won't recall it. It sort of bugged me that when Five returned he was wearing his older self clothes that didn't fit, but at the end when they reverted to their younger selves they were wearing their uniforms that fit perfectly and not their grown up clothes.
  11. Can someone tell me how the stapler got in the bank robber's hand?
  12. Especially since people were gathered outside the house with signs when they were kids. And there was that tell all book.
  13. Just finished this and so many questions, especially not having read the comics. Did Reginald know what powers they had when they were born and he specifically wanted those seven? If he knew, wouldn't he be prepared for Vanya's powers? Did he give them their powers? What about the other kids he didn't "buy"? Kenny's mom? at the bowling alley, was also on the bus in an earlier scene, and was running out the bank when they were kids. Does stuff like this happen all the time around her and it no longer shocks her? I also thought that Cha-Cha's donut with the sprinkles looked like t
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