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Batwoman in the Comics and Other Media

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No Batwoman series at DC currently, but there's a Batwoman/Supergirl Giant series coming soon, coinciding with the Sunday night 'team up' of Batwoman and Supergirl.



Includes new stories plus classic reprints!
ON SALE 12.04.19 | $4.99 US | FC | 96 PAGES | DC

I assume there will be more info in the next few weeks.

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9 hours ago, Trini said:



No Batwoman series at DC currently, but there's a Batwoman/Supergirl Giant series coming soon, coinciding with the Sunday night 'team up' of Batwoman and Supergirl.


I assume there will be more info in the next few weeks.

Surprising pricing.... the Wal-Mart Giants have been $10.

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57 minutes ago, Auror said:

Question to Comic fans...  

Who are Kate’s love interests in the Comics? Does she have a woman that’s considered her true love? Also, is Sophie in the Comics at all? 

Renee Montoya is Kate’s big comic love interest but we’re not going to see her. At Comic Con the producers confirmed that WB said no to bringing her to the show (she’ll be in the movies as she’s a major GCPD ally for Batman as well). 

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1 hour ago, scarynikki12 said:

Renee Montoya is Kate’s big comic love interest but we’re not going to see her. At Comic Con the producers confirmed that WB said no to bringing her to the show (she’ll be in the movies as she’s a major GCPD ally for Batman as well). 

Thank you so much. That is kind of a bummer. 😞 I was hoping we’d get some Comic canon in this part of her life. Then again, maybe it’s kind of good that it will be different. 

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More info on the Batwoman/Supergirl Giant comics: https://www.newsarama.com/47661-batwoman-supergirl-giant-1-pairs-the-world-s-finest-heroines-in-three-new-tales.html


First up is "Sister Sister" by Margaret Stohl and Laura Braga. Here's the description: "When a powerful alien weapon falls into the wrong hands, it will take the combined might of Batwoman and Supergirl to save the city from the Religion of Crime!"

Then there's "Faceless" by Sanya Anwar and Chad Hardin. Here's the official plot description: "Batwoman must go undercover in a highly secretive beauty company in order to track down a missing journalist. But what Kate discovers is far more insidious than she ever imagined!"

And finally there's "Exit Interview" by Andrea Shea and Mike Norton. And here's the plot description: "Since arriving on Earth, Supergirl has always followed in her cousin's footsteps. But maybe it's time for Kara to forge her own path..."

The Batwoman/Supergirl 80-page giant will also include reprints of "Looking Glass" from Batwoman: Rebirth #1, "Brainiac Part One" from Supergirl: Rebirth #1, and "Escape From Dinosaur Island Part One" from Batwoman #0.

Batwoman/Supergirl: World's Finest Giant #1 is due out December 4.

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Bumping up because we heard from Luke Fox that Batman killed Joker. I have two concerns: the possibility of Joker showing up on Batwoman (so soon after Gotham and Joker), and the possibility of a Batman Who Laughs.

For those not into comics: basically, there is/was a Dark Multiverse, which existed underneath the acknowledged Multiverse. Anyway, on one of the Earths (designation: -22), Batman wound up killing that world's Joker . . . but upon his death, his body spewed out chemicals that bathed Batman. Short story: there would come a Batman that was also a Joker . . . the Batman Who Laughs. And yes, that is his official name. People actually say "the Batman Who Laughs." But he is a terrifying motherfucker, even though DC Comics tends to overexpose him.

I've been good with the divide between the Batwoman we see and the modern canon version. That Kate Kane was introduced during DC's 52 miniseries, and she took over Detective Comics for a while. There's also Alice, which has made the transition to TV wonderfully.

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I wonder if they would have done this if there hadn't been a pandemic that delayed everything?

DC introduces Ryan Wilder in the finale of Batgirl: https://www.dccomics.com/blog/2020/10/22/first-look-the-new-batwoman-makes-her-dc-debut

Ryan Wilder is in the preview pages, and I'm guessing that about as much as she'll appear, because the issue isn't about her. They introduce her in this comic -so it's canon now that's she's a comic character- but I don't think the show is will follow anything that's going on in the comics currently.

I think we already knew this by now, but I think this confirms that Ryan is a new original character, instead of a version of a Bat-family character under a fake name. (Even though I would love that, because I still think her name sucks.)

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Interview with the writer of Batgirl #50: https://www.gamesradar.com/barbara-gordon-finds-herself-back-in-a-good-place-with-batgirl-50-finale/

Mention about Ryan Wilder:


The new CW Batwoman lead makes her first appearance in this comic, what made you want to include Ryan Wilder in Batgirl #50? Any more plans for Ryan? 

Castellucci: Oh I wish! If I had more issues then I would have loved to have had Ryan Wilder stitched in there. Batgirl has a history of helping other Bats, and I think DC Comics felt that introducing her in Batgirl was a natural fit. 

I just love the idea of Batgirl having a slight connection with Ryan as a wild kid she knew. And I hope that leaves room for them to connect in the future in whatever medium. It was a real honor to be asked if I thought I could fit Ryan in: I was totally game. And I can't wait to see how Ryan Wilder/Batwoman blooms.


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The Wilder version of Batwoman on the cover of DC's 2021 Essential Graphic Novels. (It's essentially a sales catalog, if I understand correctly.) This year the theme appears to be the versions of DC characters in other media outside comics. The TV versions of The Flash and Superman are there also. Javicia Leslie tweeted about it:

[ETA:] it can be read here: https://www.dcuniverseinfinite.com/comics/book/dc-essentials-graphic-novels-catalog-2021/101c0e9e-2531-4fd8-b482-44d8aa868d8c/



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Batman: Urban Legends #4 hits shelves June 8 with more Grifter, more Red Hood, more Tim Drake, and a Luke Fox story by The CW’s Batwoman actor Camrus Johnson!


In Batman: Urban Legends #4 on June 8:

  • Acclaimed creator and actor Camrus Johnson writes an action-packed story featuring Luke Fox—the character he portrays on The CW’s hit television series BATWOMAN!


Batman: Urban Legends #4, publishing on June 8, will feature stories and art by Chip Zdarsky, Meghan Fitzmartin, Matthew Rosenberg, Camrus Johnson, Eddy Barrows, Belén Ortega, Ryan Benjamin, Marcus To, Eber Ferriera, and more, with a cover Jorge Molina and variant covers by Dustin Nguyen and Irvin Rodrigues.



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Batwoman story in DC Pride #1:


“The Wrong Side of the Looking Glass” by James Tynion IV, Trung Le Nguyen and Aditya Bidikar (Batwoman):




Through the month of June, nine Pride themed variant covers will feature artwork by Kris Anka, Jen Bartel, Stephen Byrne, Paulina Ganucheau, Travis G. Moore, David Talaski, Kevin Wada and Yoshi Yoshitani. Unrevealed until now is the DC Pride variant cover for Batman #109 by Jen Bartel, featuring Batwoman, Ghost-Maker, Renee Montoya aka The Question, Harper Row aka Bluebird, and the World’s Greatest Detective himself, Batman!



Batwoman also on the anthology cover:


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So, DC Comics invented Arthur Brown aka The Cluemaster when they decided to have Riddler briefly retire........

(Seriously......  he bought a warehouse, and opened up a museum dedicated to the oversized props that

    the Gotham criminals would use "back in the day").

"Over to your left is the giant coffee pot and cup that Catwoman used one time,

   and over here is the giant sno-cone machine that Mr. Freeze used on the Caped Crusader.

Now, come with me and I'll show you my collection of hats that belonged to Mad Hatter."

Cluemaster ultimately gave up on leaving clues because

A) He wasn't obsessed with proving his intellect

B) He didn't want to get caught anymore because

C) His clues weren't as clever and didn't have double meanings like Riddler's clues did.

and the only reason why his character hasn't faded away (now that Riddler is back) is because...............

DC Comics then created his daughter Stephanie Brown aka The Spoiler

(who at different times was also one of the Robins (for literally a few weeks)

  and  one of the Batgirls (for a much longer time --- the entire second series run)).

She called herself that because she "spoils" her dad's crime.

Stephanie has become a very prominent and popular member of the Bat-Team.

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Just wanted to see if any comic fans caught the debuts of Cluemaster and Stephanie Brown on Sunday night. I liked Artie, even if he feels so pale compared to a guy like Riddler. One big plus: the producers went with the comic canon Cluemaster for the character model. Look at this version from The Batman and immediately despair:


The horror. The horror . . .

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Camrus Johnson talks a bit about his Batwing story in this interview at EW (there are show *spoilers* also), and it has a few panels from the comic:


You also wrote a Batwing story in Batman: Urban Legends #4. Did you find that approaching the character from this new perspective has informed your performance?

Not so much, because the Batwing I wrote in [the story] "Superman Punch" was the Batwing I was used to seeing in the comic books. The Luke Fox on Batwoman so far is not the Luke Fox that we've seen in the comics. It's sort of a slightly different iteration. Funny enough, I wrote Luke in this comic how I saw him in the comic books mixed with who I am as a person. So there are certain things that remind me of me and my brothers.


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Batwoman Omnibus coming in October:



Batwoman Omnibus
cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III
ON SALE 10/12/21
$99.99 US | 888 PAGES | FC | DC
7 1/16″ x 10 7/8″
ISBN: 978-1-4012-9710-7

Acclaimed artist J.H. Williams III reveals the shocking origin of one of comics’ most prominent lesbian characters, collected for the first time ever in one epic omnibus hardcover edition!

Determined to continue serving others after her military career was cut short by bigotry, Kate Kane has taken up the identity of Batwoman, leading a one-woman war on Gotham City’s evil underbelly. Who or what is stealing children from the barrio, and for what vile purpose? How will Kate handle unsettling revelations about her father, Colonel Jacob Kane? And why is a certain government agency suddenly taking an interest in her?

J.H. Williams III’s extensive work on Batwoman saw him play both writer and illustrator. Batwoman Omnibus is a visually stunning collection that includes works from Williams and his frequent collaborators Greg Rucka and W. Haden Blackman—here in their entirety.

Collects Detective Comics #854-863, Batwoman #0 (New 52), Batwoman #0-24, and Batwoman Annual #1.


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DC blog post that discusses the comic that Ryan Wilder (pre-Batwoman, apparently) appears in: 'The Batgirls Are Back!'


... All of those comics have been great, but the cherry on top this month was “Wildcard,” a fun adventure starring Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon and a surprise guest. (We’ll get to her later.)

“Wildcard” is written by Marguerite Bennett, illustrated by Sweeney Boo, and features some great banter between Steph and Cass. ...

... The story also had another exciting development—the reintroduction of Ryan Wilder! Ryan made her first comic book appearance in last year’s Batgirl #50, and she makes a jaw dropping return by successfully holding her own in a sparring match against Stephanie and Cassandra. There are some cool references to the Batwoman TV show in this story as well, including Ryan’s van and the Desert Rose. (Fun fact: Writer Marguerite Bennett co-created both Safiyah and Coryana, so it’s only appropriate that she would nod to them here.) There’s so much to speculate on. I wasn’t kidding when I said you shouldn’t be sleeping on Batman: Urban Legends!

Ryan’s comic counterpart is definitely a new player that we should all be watching with great interest. Could she become Batwoman? What would that mean for Kate? Heck, if we could have multiple Batgirls, then why not multiple Batwomen? After all, Gotham is a dangerous place. The more powerful female heroes we have, the better it is for everyone.


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Batwoman and Julia Pennyworth will appear in Catwoman: Hunted, one of the next DC animated films:



Catwoman is going from hunter to the hunted in a new animated film. Catwoman: Hunted will voice-star Elizabeth Gillies as Catwoman, who joins a slew of DC characters for the animated film produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Hunted, which is produced in an anime style, picks up with Catwoman as she attempts to steal a priceless jewel. The heist puts her squarely in the crosshairs of both a powerful consortium of villains and the ever-resourceful Interpol as well as Batwoman, voiced by Stephanie Beatriz.

Other stars include Jonathan Banks as Black Mask, Steve Blum as Solomon Grundy, Lauren Cohan as Julia Pennyworth, Keith David as Tobias Whale, Zehra Fazal as Talia al Ghul and Nosferata, Jonathan Frakes as King Faraday and Boss Moxie, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Barbara Minerva/Cheetah, Kelly Hu as Cheshire, Andrew Kishino as Mr. Yakuza and Domino 6, Eric Lopez as Domino 1, Jacqueline Obradors as La Dama, and Ron Yuan as Doctor Tzin.

Shinsuke Terasawa is directing from a script by Greg Weisman. Ethan Spaulding produces, along with Colin A.B.V. Lewis. Sam Register executive produces.

Catwoman: Hunted, which falls under the DC Animated Movie branding, is expected out in early 2022.


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Another Jim Lee sketch of Ryan Wilder:




It's always interesting to me which things from the adaptations are adopted by the comics, and which things aren't.

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Batman: Urban Legends #8 Releases Oct 12

Batwoman: FEAR STATE TIE-IN! Someone has hacked into the Oracle Network and has started spreading information around Gotham—Batman is dead, Cassandra Cain Batgirl is a killer, Fear Toxin is in the air. Which is true and which is false? Batwoman will find out with the help of Commissioner Renee Montoya and…Kate’s sister Beth, AKA Red Alice?!

Batman: Urban Legends #9 Releases Nov 9

Batwoman story: “FEAR STATE” TIE-IN! Batwoman now has the help of her sister, Beth, who is currently disguised as Red Alice to hit the underground network of villains in order to trace where the Anti-Oracle is. The only problem is, all of this is too familiar for Beth…and as old habits die hard, so might this be for Beth in keeping Red Alice at bay.

Screen Rant: Batwoman Joins DC's Fear State in Batman: Urban Legends #8 (Exclusive)


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'Alyssa Wong talks Batwoman-Batgirl story in ‘Batman: Urban Legends’ #8' -- There's also a few panels; apparently Kate and Beth are roomies at the moment.


AIPT: With “Fear State,” we’re obviously looking at the Bat family and if we can trust them or not. Did you include this Kate-Beth stuff to really play up that family dynamic?

AW: The answer is yes. I was thinking about what relationships Kate Kane has, and what I found the most interesting was the relationship with someone who you loved and lost. And now who is back, but also isn’t back (but is now trying to be back). So it’s a story about recovery and healing. Not just for Beth, but also Kate. She [Kate] tries to be the best sister she can and sort of reconcile her own ideas of who her sister is versus who she is now.


And a panel and review at Bleeding Cool: https://bleedingcool.com/comics/just-one-page-from-batman-urban-legends-8-spoilers/

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Kate Kane makes an appearance in the Batman: Wayne Family Adventures webcomic, episode 17: https://www.webtoons.com/en/slice-of-life/batman-wayne-family-adventures/ep-17-top-chef/viewer?title_no=3180&episode_no=17

For those unfamiliar, this webcomic series is kinda like a G-rated sitcom of the Bat Family formatted to read on your smartphone. It's less about crime-fighting, more about comedic interactions between the characters.

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Kind of exciting...  It hasn't been announced by DC yet, but apparently there will be a one-shot comic with the TV Batwoman characters. Artist Clayton Henry has posted some preliminary artwork. There's more on his instagram account, https://www.instagram.com/claytonhenryart/

You can see Ryan, Sophie, Luke, Jada Jet, and Marquis Jet. And Clayface may be part of the story too. I like his style; he's done other major characters for DC.





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48 minutes ago, cambridgeguy said:

Official announcement about some Arrowverse comics

They're supposed to be canon.  First isssue is Batwoman, second is Superman and Lois, then it'll be Legends, Stargirl, and Flash before ending with a crossover. 

It's a cool idea; they can't do a proper crossover with the current shows, so this works. I like that the show producers are involved. They say the stories will be canon with the shows, but I just wonder when these stories take place in each shows' continuity, because I have some questions based on the synopsis of the Batwoman issue:

[spoilered in case it ends up being a show spoiler]


"Ever since the tech that created many of Batman’s rogues hit the streets, Ryan Wilder has been running herself ragged trying to contain the new villains popping up around Gotham City. But when Clayface’s (making his CW debut) mud binds itself to a local high schooler, Batwoman will need help from an unexpected source to contain this muddy foe! Also, follow how Luke Fox balances his life as a super hero and a boyfriend!"

- Right, so this takes place sometime in or after(?) Season 3, because of the 'Bat trophies'; but Luke is not anyone's boyfriend right now, so who is he getting together with?? And when? They've teased things with Mary and Stephanie Brown, but I wouldn't say he's had a proper love interest yet, so is he getting one at the end of this season, or next season? Or are they going to say he's been dating someone offscreen? (And that never actually makes it onscreen.)


Cover art for EARTH-PRIME #1:



Ryan Wilder, aka Batwoman, makes her costumed comic book debut in a story co-written by series writers Natalie Abrams and Kelley Larson, plus series cast member Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox/Batwing), with art by Clayton Henry.


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1 hour ago, Primal Slayer said:

I always feel weird when they use Ryan for things like these. It seems a bit of cop-out since she isnt Batwoman in the comics....

Not yet. Maybe they're working their way up to that? Ryan Wilder does exist in the comics. We'll see.



BTW more preliminary artwork on Clayton Henry's instagram suggests that the Earth-Prime story takes place while Mary is still Poison Mary and with Alice.


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Camrus Johnson teases his Luke Fox story for Earth-Prime #1: https://comicbook.com/dc/news/batwoman-camrus-johnson-earth-prime-comic-luke-fox-arrowverse/


"This comic book, the one thing I will tease is – we don't see Luke in the real world really ever," Johnson continued. "He's sort of just always in the Bat Cave and working with the Bat Team. We don't know much about his personal life. So I just wanted to see what would happen if – during an episode that we saw on TV already, but we are not seeing Luke a whole lot – what is he doing? Where is he? The idea for this issue is that during [the events of the] "A Lesson From Professor Pyg" episode, we're with Javicia and Meagan and Nick and Robin, all at Robin's place. Where is Luke? What is Luke doing? In between those scenes, where is he? I kind of wanted to dive into his dating life, and see what his personal life is when he is not behind the console."


On one hand, I'm glad Camrus is writing this story, it's something I want to see; but on the other, why does he have to write this? For the comic? I think stuff like that should in the show itself; because yes, Luke is too tethered to the Bat Cave.

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Profile of the character of Luke Fox/Batwing at DC: 'Batwing's Big Moment: Luke Fox's Rise to Gotham Great'


... Comic readers have been getting to know Luke since he first appeared in 2013. Animation fans first saw him on screen in 2016’s Batman: Bad Blood. And DCTV viewers have been forming their own ideas on Luke as portrayed by Camrus Johnson on Batwoman. But who exactly is this favored Fox son, and how does he figure into the larger Bat-Family dynamic? We’re here to give you the rundown and shed some light on his past partnerships in crimefighting.


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