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Batwoman in the Comics and Other Media

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Interview with Natalie Abrams and Kelly Larson about Earth-Prime #1; there are also several panels of the comic on the page:


Natalie: Also, Ryan, Renee and Luke are far from the only characters who appear in the issue. We really wanted to give love to our entire cast, so you will see moments with everyone. And what’s fun is that fans of the show already know how the season ends and where some of these characters end up — cough, Wildmoore. We were developing and writing the comic as the writers’ room was breaking the end of the season, and so we definitely played into some of the emotions that would be forthcoming.


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Spoilers for the rest of the comic


Lena Luthor shows up because she needs something that Victor Fries developed.  Apparently Kate spilled to beans to Kara about Ryan's identity, and Kara told Lena.  Oh, and no one told Ryan about Crisis.

Anyway, Lena is able to recreate the Fries serum and they use it to freeze Clayface.  Lena then takes off since she's got a hot date (and no, they don't say who it's with).  Clayface is tossed into Fries's old Arkham cell, but a mysterious figure appears and convinces him to join him in future villainy.

That's the main story.  In the backup we see that Luke has been trying to date Stephanie Brown, but his Batwoman duties have interfered to the point where he's stood her up multiple times.  This time their date barely starts before he runs off to do more Batwoman stuff, and by the time he gets back she's gone.


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More info (and cover art) on Earth-Prime #6, the concluding crossover issue:



As DC’s EARTH-PRIME crossover event spotlights the Super Heroes of the hit shows from The CW, a threat looms in the background, setting the stage for the final issue of the crossover on June 21. Today, DC has revealed the cover and title to the sixth issue of EARTH-PRIME, EARTH-PRIME: Hero’s Twilight. This 48-page finale pits DC’s television Super Heroes against Magog, making his appearance inThe CW super hero canon. First introduced in 1996’s groundbreaking series Kingdom Come, this hero hunter is bringing his deadly mission to a whole new universe of heroes.

Across time and universes, Magog has been amassing forces to finally free humanity from their dependency on so-called “heroes.” In his eyes, all they do is bring about pain and destruction everywhere they go, solving no problems and bringing no peace to the world. Magog and his allies plan to change everything and help society bring the super hero community to its knees, helping society reach its true potential, once and for all.

Featuring a main cover by artist Kim Jacinto, EARTH-PRIME #6: Hero’s Twilight is co-written by Jeff Hersh and Thomas Pound (The CW’s The Flash) with story art by Will Robson, making his DC debut.


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BTW, the trade edition of the Earth-Prime mini-series came out this month; includes all six issues of the crossover:



The creative minds behind The CW’s hottest DC superhero shows are bringing their talents and the characters they’ve made so popular to comic books in a can’t-miss event! Set in the CWverse, the series features Ryan Wilder, a.k.a. Batwoman, making her costumed comic book debut, Superman and Lois’s first anniversary, the Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl, the Flash, and more! While each issue focuses on a different series, a threat lurks in the background, out to finally bring these heroes to their knees! Collects Earth-Prime #1-6.


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Javicia Leslie's arc on The Flash started in last week's episode, 9.03, "Rogues of War". She should be in the next two episodes as well.

Photo of the new character she is playing:


Red Death:



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