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  1. cambridgeguy

    MLB Thread

    A prime example of never paying for past performance - Miguel Cabrera is another example. Pujols ended up being a lot like Griffey - look at the first half of his career and he's arguably the greatest to ever play the position. Then he left to cash in and fell off a cliff thanks to age/injury. There's also a rumor that Pujols is a few years older than he says.
  2. cambridgeguy

    MLB Thread

    If Dusty is being honest he knows virtually all of the players got away with it. Thanks to Covid they were spared a much worse reaction and it's not like they had to give back their rings, their money, or anything else of real consequence. Maybe it will come up again for anyone who has a Hall of Fame candidacy, but that's pretty much it.
  3. Given the, ahem, flexible nature of the justice system in the Arrowverse she probably knows there's a chance she'll be sprung for one reason or another. Oliver (someone who broke many, many laws and killed a lot of people) turned himself in for a life sentence and was out Arrowing again in a few months.
  4. I know they didn't want to bring in a bunch of extras but where exactly were the rest of the students? It's prom night, a meteor (well, Kara) crashes into the gym, and no one noticed?
  5. Well, those who hate Frost will probably be thrilled she's going to prison (not that I'd expect it to last forever) and apoplectic that she's going to be viewed as a heroic martyr for metas everywhere. Maybe she and Catilin can share a cell for a while. After all, she did confess to destroying all those cure samples.
  6. cambridgeguy

    The NBA

    Part of it is also because KD didn't ditch a crappy team after years of toiling away. OKC had the 73 win Warriors on the ropes, blew it, then he joined them. For better or worse a lot of fans would never be OK with that. And taking their phone away would probably be good advice for a lot of players (and people) in general. Makes me wonder how things like the Kobe/Shaq feud would have been if those guys had twitter.
  7. It's definitely relabeled to generate views. The official Marvel channel titles it "Marvel Studios celebrates the movies" I do wonder how nervous Marvel is about the next phase now that we're diving into some of the niche corners of the comics. Sooner or later this run of dominance has to end, so how are they going to respond when that happens?
  8. Is it just me or did Gideon sound really, really eager to dissect Spooner? Maybe she just wanted payback for having a hole blasted in the hull.
  9. Fans still seem a little peeved Americans complain about certain sports owners all the time but I don't remember them getting mad enough to actually storm a field and protest.
  10. cambridgeguy

    The NBA

    For a long time it seemed like the one and only reason to go to the Knicks was because you'd get to be a young, rich athlete living in NYC. That's not a bad sell, but not as good as living in Miami (no state income tax, warm all year) or LA (also warm, Hollywood). Plus for all the talk the Knicks being basketball royalty their franchise history isn't particularly good. Their all time win-loss record is below .500 and they've sucked in the 21st century. The Ewing Knicks were usually getting bounced in the second round, and it was only in the 70s when they won the Finals.
  11. It's not that hard though, since the series takes the whole Clark Kent thing to hilarious levels. Amber figured out Nolan was Omni-Man thanks to the story about the house blowing up, not because they look exactly the same. Plus Amber/William had no idea Eve was Atom Eve (what an amazing coincidence about the name!) and William assumed she was Dupli-Kate even though they're different ethnicities. The only downside about the finale is JK Simmons probably won't be around much for S2.
  12. They need to be a little careful here. In a cast full of POC you can't just bring in a white guy and make him the de facto lead.
  13. Rodgers has all of the leverage here. Not traded? Fine, he retires. He'll be hired immediately as a talking head, might end up the full time Jeopardy host, and is all set financially unless he's been a complete spendthrift. Plus he doesn't have to worry about that one hit that'll do permanent damage. Plus his historical legacy is pretty secure. He's already got his SB and even if he could go on another run he'll never eclipse Brady. Sure, he can climb the leaderboard for the various counting stats but so what, he's never going to be unambiguously better than Brees, Manning, etc.
  14. That 70M was a one time thing thanks to a huge signing bonus. Right now he's looking at low-mid 20s for an annual salary. To be honest if he really cares about $$$ and his health he should retire - regardless of what happens with Jeopardy he'd be immediately hired as a talking head and will probably find a hosting job of some sort in the future given his well-received stint.
  15. I agree that Jennings has the inside track but if any of the guests really wowed them they'd likely reconsider. That being said, as mentioned above, unless they really whiff (we decided to go with Will Ferrell doing his Alex impression!) the final choice won't matter. There's always going to be a subset who hate the choice and will loudly swear that Jeopardy died with Alex. For almost everyone else they might not love it but will get used to it and keep watching.
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