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  1. As bad as that was Marino will always hold the record for worst final game by a HOF QB.
  2. It's supposed to be the only substance capable of penetrating the Batsuit. I mean, it's not like you can just aim for the bottom half of her face, so the only option is to track down what's likely the rarest substance on Earth.
  3. It sure sounds like Luke knows Kara is Supergirl - maybe call her and ask her to help search? And apparently the fuss about the kryptonite was pointless since the suit still seemed to do a pretty good job of minimizing the damage from the shot.
  4. He signed a contract that pays him 17 million a year, so I'm betting he doesn't really care. But imagine the possibilities if he and Gus Johnson got to team up.
  5. They also showed a clip of the coach Hill shoved chuckling on the bench afterwards, so I'm not sure if he was laughing it off to avoid escalation or the whole thing was an inside joke between the two. And given that Hill has pleaded guilty to domestic abuse there are other things to dislike him for.
  6. The feel good story of the playoffs has already happened - Mitch Trubisky was named NVP (Nickelodeon Valuable Player) thanks to an online vote that certainly wasn't driven by a bunch of trolls. I'm not sure what would have happened if one of those kid sideline reporters had actually tried to hand it to him on live TV.
  7. To be fair, Belichick does have some free time right now. Although shouldn't Brady be getting one too?
  8. Sorry, but Cyborg is the least important member of the JL (i.e. the Hawkeye) and Ray Fisher doesn't have the clout to get much done. Unless he has more concrete evidence nothing will happen aside from him killing his career.
  9. Yeah, although I don't think Ares, Zeus, and the rest ever had that truly tested unless Darkseid and Steppenwolf pounded them into paste and they still got up. God might equal sufficiently powerful being.
  10. ??? All of those Amazons, including Antiope, were clearly dead after they were shot by the Germans. If they truly can't die then they're a bunch of drama queens - do you howl in despair and break down in tears if a loved one gets a bruise? The Amazons are immortal are comparable to the Asgardians. They clearly age very slowly although the jury is still out about whether they would ever die of natural causes like Odin.
  11. I mean, the guy was a Medal of Honor winner and WWII vet. He knew how to use lethal force when necessary.
  12. Wonder Woman's invulnerability has always been a weird one. She can trade blows with characters like Doomsday but has to block regular bullets, so it seems like massive blunt force trauma isn't an issue but high force/small area attacks are an issue. Otherwise she's just showing off when she's doing her thing.
  13. The Giants definitely have no one to blame but themselves - going 6-10 should automatically disqualify you from the playoffs. That being said, if you're (rightfully) worried about injuries in a meaningless game then why even start anyone important? If Hurts is the future then he's too important to risk. If Sudfeld is the future then the Eagles are completely screwed, but fine, give him the entire game to prove himself rather than tossing him in cold at a critical moment in the 4th quarter.
  14. I do wonder if Pederson would have had the guts to pull that little stunt if there had actually been fans in the stands. Might as well just start him if you need to see what he can do (btw, your organization has problems if you've stashed a good QB on the bench as your backup's backup).
  15. Let's be honest, if they were going for realism the final scene of the season would have had every single cast member hanging out in the ER. Meanwhile, the police would be there ready to arrest the Cobra Kais for breaking and entering.
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