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  1. I highly doubt the government trusts Clint enough to give him stuff like that. This is a man who sided against them to help fugitives Steve and Bucky escape, subsequently spent time under house arrest, and then went on a murderous rampage. If they don't know about that last part, then at the very least he vanished while the rest of the Avengers at least tried to help during the five year gap between movies. Makes you wonder if the public thinks Clint was one of the dusted.
  2. This has already been shown in one of the trailers - Ock picks it up from Peter's suit. It also explains that shot where Peter's pinned upside down by his arms and his mask disappears - that doesn't seem like the best time to show your face.
  3. It's not enough for the Lions to lose, they have to get excruciatingly close to a win before a last second field goal knocks them out.
  4. Because cops (and firefighters) aren't a monolith? There are tens of thousands of NYPD and NYFD employees, so it's not a stretch for some to be LARPers, just like there are some who would probably think of them as lunatics for doing that in their spare time. And as other people have mentioned, those LARPers will probably be back since I'm sure all sorts of mayhem is coming in future episodes.
  5. All those years of being around explosions have understandably taken their toll.
  6. Did Kate's mom really not notice the fresh wounds her daughter had or was she deliberately being oblivious? On the other hand, I think Jack knows she was the one in the costume. I think it pretty much has to be to explain her being an expert archer, fencer, etc. at 22. Those are pretty expensive hobbies to have, especially if you're getting all that training in your teenage years. Then throw in how she's going to use the resources of her mom's security company and this doesn't work if Kate's a scrappy middle class kid. And I've got to say that the show has a very interesting t
  7. Yes, he was standing right next to Cecile when Chester said that he was like dead to Ray, but I guess Barry wasn't really listening. Just like in this episode when Iris mentioned she was headed over to be with Cecile and Jenna since they had been having a hard time but he didn't have much of a reaction. Sure, he was preoccupied but you'd think he ask why.
  8. Actual line said with complete sincerity - I'd sure like to fist him! I think this would have gotten a much better reception if it had been released all at once rather than split.
  9. cambridgeguy

    MLB Thread

    A-Rod has admitted to using PEDs and he was suspended, so a positive test (or lack thereof) is irrelevant in the minds of many voters. As for Bonds and Clemens, this isn't a court of law where it's innocent until proven guilty. If there's plenty of circumstantial evidence (and they don't really like you) then it's clear a fair number of voters are willing to bring down the hammer. Anyone who thinks on the field performance is all that matters is kidding themselves, otherwise Curt Schilling would have gotten in by now.
  10. It's the Patrick Stewart phenomenon - if you're already bald when you're middle aged then people think you're older than you are for a while before marveling at how you don't age as the years pass if you stay in reasonably good shape. The other thing Larry has going for him is that his voice hasn't changed that much.
  11. cambridgeguy

    MLB Thread

    Because most people like him and there's enough ambiguity around the results to give him the benefit of the doubt if you want to, especially since he never tested positive again. Contrast that to his old buddy Manny Ramirez, who also seemed to be pretty well liked (hey, it's just Manny being Manny) but got nailed later on and is now languishing on the ballot.
  12. cambridgeguy

    MLB Thread

    Barring new information Ortiz is likely a first ballot HOFer (and if not will get in soon enough) while A-Rod is guaranteed to languish like Bond and Clemens have. I expect most voters will consider him innocent until proven guilty on the PED charges, and his postseason heroics are going to push him over the top. Of course, it would be hilarious if his old teammate Curt Schilling also got voted in.
  13. cambridgeguy

    The NBA

    I'm sure those staff he knocked down and forced to chase him through the tunnels appreciated it.
  14. It was already ridiculous to pretend that beefy 6'5 Vince Vaughn's favorite shirt fits sinewy 5/11 Larry David.
  15. cambridgeguy

    The NBA

    The old Bad Boys Pistons would be proud. I hope they're all ready for the suspensions and fines - justified or not, I'm not sure the NBA is going to be OK with Stewart's repeated attempts to rush Lebron after it seemed like things had calmed down a bit.
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