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  1. Overconfidence in his own brains and tech is a hallmark of early Tony. Look at when he designed his suit - when he first tested out the flight boots he sent his unarmored self flying into a wall and should have (at best) spent the next six months in a full body cast. Then he was stunned when his "completely harmless flight stabilizer" once again sent him flying across the room. And when he finally did have his suit finished he ignored Jarvis's warning, flew too high, and nearly got himself killed because the suit iced up.
  2. She's still better off than Rick (dead parents, deadbeat uncle who hates his guts) and Yolanda (parents probably still treat her like a pariah). Too bad he doesn't live on Earth-prime since John Henry Irons, Luke Fox, or Ray Palmer could help him out with that. The others could also stop by Star Labs or Lena Luthor's place to grab a fancy nanotech suit and save themselves the hassle of changing into costume.
  3. Well, unfortunately they're not willing to make him do something more interesting by exploring the Green Lantern ring, so the original (black) Arrowverse sidekick has to give pep talks to his successors. He kind of did the same with John Henry Irons too.
  4. They should have had him look like Terrence Howard. I wonder what Nick Fury and SHIELD were up to while this was happening. If Pepper and Shuri were able to figure this out then he should have had an inkling as well.
  5. In-universe she went off to look for her brother. Out of universe the writers realized a fully powered Green Lantern would be too strong to keep around, so she had to go. Maybe Rick should be in the hospital too? Even with his powers he took one heck of a beating and his hour was up. Speaking of the hospital, Pat's room was enormous. Beth's mom must have hooked him up with the presidential suite.
  6. The only good thing is that this time he's talked to Barbara and they've jointly decided on their course of action - it's dumb, of course, but at least Pat isn't keeping Barbara in the dark while helping Courtney engage in dangerous activities. Ultimately Pat needs to find the balance between being a teammate (so tell them already) and a dad (of course you don't want them facing the ultimate evil). When Sylvester (assuming that it's the real deal) finally makes it to Blue Valley maybe he can force the issue.
  7. So was Amenadiel sprinting off the building and spinning like a top the most dramatic takeoff we've seen on this show? Way to show off there! On the plus side, at least Lucifer had the sense to not leap off the building and hope his wings would pop out.
  8. She had to have found out eventually. She absolutely would have known Lucifer was Rory's dad (who else could it be?) and she'd notice that her sister stopped aging after 20 or so. As for whether or not everyone can hang out in the afterlife, presumably if Amenadiel was able to send Chloe to hell then he could also arrange for her to pop up into heaven whenever she wanted to see Trixie, Dan, her dad, etc. The show has mentioned that not even God can take a condemned human from hell to heaven, but maybe it's possible to go the other way and it just never happened before because who would
  9. Seriously? Every moderately good athlete has been called heroic, fearless, etc. for doing their job - if we were meant to take those statements seriously then Tom Brady would have ascended to sainthood by now. It has always been pointless hyperbole - the pandemic doesn't suddenly make it a dumb statement.
  10. Are we sure about that? By the end Vision was clearly weakened to the point of being unable to put up any kind of resistance when Thanos picked him up. Where would he find the strength to yank the stone out? So maybe it's not as simple as leaping to the conclusion that it was a cheap stunt designed to add some emotional pathos to the ending.
  11. cambridgeguy

    MLB Thread

    There absolutely are if that player is the difference between a deep playoff run and playing out the string. It's less likely in baseball since having the best player doesn't mean a thing (see the Angels) but in a sport like basketball a Lebron is the difference between 10 million dollars from a home playoff game and a big fat zero because you finished in the cellar.
  12. I'm not sure, but I think the episode was trying to pass on a message of some sort. It was kind of subtle, so hopefully everyone picked up on it.
  13. I'm not sure they struck the right tone with this one. Peter talks about keeping up a good front, but everyone seemed way too flippant about the whole thing most of the time, especially when they were actively searching for a cure. I also wonder how much outrage there will be over all of the female survivors getting killed/zombified while the important guys (sorry, Happy and Kurt) either lived to joke for another episode or were left with ambiguous fates. And of course Sharon getting the most gruesome fate.
  14. Looks like Courtney is going to learn the lesson that all superheroes do - it will ruin your love life. On the plus side, it's possible that her extremely high self confidence renders her resistant to Eclipso's influence. We already saw her spiral into self doubt and come out of it last season, so the writers probably figured it'd be redundant to do it again. It's a little too much of a cheat if it's just the staff protecting her - that's already the case with the Shade.
  15. The synopsis also makes no sense. Kelly is fed up and Supergirl is too busy to help out. Therefore, she'll step up and lead a team that.... includes Supergirl. So I guess she really wasn't that busy after all. Especially because the best solution to an overwhelmed hospital is to go out and punch people. It's OK to leave them in the street if they're baddies.
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