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S05.E02: Blame It On The Rain

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What we learned in this hour......

Don't get shot in the gut if Dutch is your only option to survive.

For someone so smart, Zeph is incredibly dumb.  "Oh, look, the memory-wiping rain is starting.  I should definitely not throw up the hood on my coat to try and protect myself.".  So are we to infer, from that, that there is no protection or prevention of the rain and its memory-wiping ability?

Judging by The Lady's actions and reactions in this episode, its easy to see where Aneela picked up her psychotic tendencies.

Memory!Khlyen is real & alive again.

Even memory-inhibited Fancy is still a funny asshole.   "Hey.  Sexy people have feelings, too."

And memory-inhibited Turin is still a sarcastically humorous asshole.  "Hey!  Get back here!!  Shit.  I even bought him lunch!"

It feels like Dutch/D'avin have officially been stamped the 'OTP' of the series.  *turns head & silently gags*

& Johnny seems to be very cool with it, despite the 3rd wheel stuff from last season.

And last, but never least, Lucy is still the sassiest ship around.  "... I'm sorry, me being a dumb ship and all".

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Okay, D'Avin, I know you were being kind of controlled and everything, but you better apologize for calling Lucy a dumb ship, dammit!  If you don't, not only will you likely feel her wrath, but that might even give John the strength and prowess to beat your ass!

Great seeing both Turin and Fancy again.  Turin has some kind ragged, drug dealing homeless guy almost makes sense for him.  And it's good to know even The Lady can't knock back Fancy's ego.  "I'm everyone's type."  You be you, Fancy!

I guess her injuries is why Zeph didn't bring her raincoat with her?  Because I didn't understand why she didn't have one for the magical rain.  At least she had the thought to leave her a clue.  By carving it in her arm.  Ouch!

Khylen certainly is giving off the sense he'll comply with The Lady for now, but I've come to expect that his back-up plans have back-up plans, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's got something swirling around in that brilliant, if scary, head of his.

Glad Dutch was able to revive the real John and D'Avin, but now they've all been capture?  I guess they can't win too much this early on in the season.

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Loved D'Avin and Johnny both pre- and after memory restoration. And we got Fancy and Turin into the mix!

Of course Dutch goes into hiding in one of the sexiest outfits ever donned by a fugitive. But since I have a thing for great hero-coats I'm not complaining. Also: best lipstick ever for doing field hospital surgery, kicking ass and blowing up s*** (take that cosmetics brands trying to shill me stuff that will last sipping on a soda). 

All of Westerley looks like an industrial dump, people are wearing nothing but brown, slate and black utility clothing yet D'Avin and Dutch manage to find a washing line full of pink, apricot and cream toned silk scarves; but I did appreciate one of the scarves featuring little embroidered birds - well played props and lighting department.

A long time ago I complained about Dutch not being able to bond with female characters - I guess they finally fixed that with Zeph. And speaking of Zeph: I really want her to get that shower and survive, her typing with bloody fingers was bad for my OCD so the shower gets priority. I thought the neck-thingy brought back memories for good - apparently I was wrong, my bad.

No idea why Khlyen is still alive but I'll just roll with it. Given what we saw on her ship I guess the Lady wants to use Westerley's inhabitants as skins for her off-spring? The one option Dutch and Zeph did not consider. But in that case why is terra-forming required? 

Those foggy cubes with hidden alien spawn reminded me of 'Children of Earth' - still creeps me out just thinking about it, mission accomplished I guess.

Dammit, I'll miss this show once it's gone - when it's on a roll it's such a funny romp. On to next week!

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6 hours ago, thuganomics85 said:

Great seeing both Turin and Fancy again.

I knew you guys would remind me their names.

19 minutes ago, MissLucas said:

No idea why Khlyen is still alive but I'll just roll with it

Yeah, me too.

20 minutes ago, MissLucas said:

But in that case why is terra-forming required? 

Hmm, well, yeah, that doesn't make sense. Is that whole area we know(I can't remember if Westerly is the town or the planet) going to be left untouched by the terraforming so she can have a place to keep a few humans around?

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This ep was a lot of fun.

I am glad the mass brainwashing drama is over for most of the team. Looks like there won't be any long lasting angsty drama since Dutch & Johnny didn't have sex ever (Lovretta confirmed it on her twitter when asked), so that is good. That was my main concern about free will being violated.

I like that Dutch isn't shying away from her feelings for D'av as she has in the past, so that is good growth for her. Dutch loves D'av and used their love to get through to him about the truth - or at least not to shoot her. I also felt for Johnny when Dutch mentioned she couldn't bring his wife back... RIP, Pawter. Johnny teasing D'av about the delusion pairing Dutch & Johnny as married is what little brothers are for.

I felt for Zeph remembering her loss of Pip. Also 40-something days without a shower, Zeph must have been ripe on a totally different level.

I also thought of "Children of Earth" regarding whatever those creatures are.

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4 minutes ago, Chick2Chic said:

I am glad the mass brainwashing drama is over for most of the team. Looks like there won't be any long lasting angsty drama since Dutch & Johnny didn't have sex ever (Lovretta confirmed it on her twitter when asked), so that is good. That was my main concern about free will being violated.

Ah, good! I saw some concerns online and thought it had been covered by dialogue last week. Glad to see it confirmed (I'm not on twitter so I appreciate the heads up here.)

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I'm not familiar with Peter Stebbings' work as an actor but he's evidently pretty good behind the camera. The scene with the Lady trading bodies while Khlyen looked on was creepy - and very effective.  And I was glad that Zeph and Dutch had an  emotional moment. 


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Of course Dutch looks fabulous even when she is sneaking around in an industrial waste land. Glad that D'Avin and Johnny have their memories back, and that it was apparently confirmed that Johnny and Dutch never actually slept together. Although I do wonder if that will still come back to haunt them later. They seem find with leaving their fake marriage behind for now, but they do still have those memories of their life as a couple together, right? I love Johnny and I just want him to be happy and not feel abandoned by everyone ok? 

We get to see Fancy and Turin, even if its briefly, and its great catching up with more characters! Glad to see that even false memories from some kind of alien monster isn't enough to keep Fancy's self esteem down! "I`m everybody's type!"

I felt so awful for Zeph when she had to experience losing Pip again, but at least she finally made peace with Dutch over it. Its really great seeing them work as a team together again, both before and after Zeph got her memories back. Even if maybe being a medic isn't really Dutch's thing 😉 

The lady trading bodies was super creepy, and really well shot by the director. Not much was shown, you just got some creepy atmosphere as to who and what this person/being is what more of what they are capable of. 

I also like the bleak new Westerly, its clearly still the same set, but the rain and the constant reminders about showers add a lot to make the place seem just subtly off as compared to the place we are used to. 

D'Avin better do a lot of apologizing to Lucy for that "dumb ship" crack! Yeah he wasn't himself, but that is not something she takes lightly!

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4 minutes ago, Shenanigan said:

Zeph really needs to invent umbrellas.

I think this is why this season has been "meh" for me so far. Lots of dumb, out of character decisions just for the sake of drama.

Although, I'm glad they quickly ditched Team Awesome Force's brainwashing and little Lady for an adult Lady. I really hate the evil kid trope; it's not creepy and takes me out of the moment because most child actors can't hold their own with adults.

While I'm sad to see these characters go, I'm glad this is the final season. Story-wise, this show seemed to be floundering for me so I look forward to how they'll wrap up the story. While the writing hasn't been great, I really love the universe this show created. It was rich, interesting, and immersive for the first couple of seasons.

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3 hours ago, Catfi9ht said:

Story-wise, this show seemed to be floundering for me so I look forward to how they'll wrap up the story.

I've found this season to be unnecessarily convoluted and uninteresting. WHo cares if The Lady made them forget who they were and now we have to tread water until enough of them remember. When you have to create a reason for the season, you're already losing. There couldn't have been an organic continuation of what we have seen?

I wish they had kept Dark Matter.

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