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  1. Pass on a Davis & Charley reunion. She has more chem with him than Romero, which isn't saying much, but her going back to him even if he has changed from the piece of shit he was for decades seems like such a major step down for Charley. Vi stays overstepping. That phone call with Ralph Angel was ugly. Vi annoyed me cause she was making it about her feelings then tried to shame and hurt Ralph Angel over her selfish feelings. Well, I guess Nova & Calvin aren't going to get married. I run hot and cold with Nova (I also haven't forgotten the $10k and I am still mad about the b
  2. It felt like she was on a stage giving a monologue for me. I didn't hate her words to Calvin about shame and how Black folks get treated as a monolith in white America but the way it was delivered didn't seem natural at all. Like, it's not an opening for conversation from her but a declaration of condemnation and judgement. I don't fault Nova wanting to have that conversation but the way she does it is off-putting for me. It immediately puts someone on the defensive.
  3. Same. I said OUCH loudly when Charley said Micah was like Davis but Charley wasn't wrong in her anger. Micah wants to think he's a man since he's in college but he's still hiding things (pledging, the party in a damn pandemic) and acting out when called out out his choices. Charley was right to tell him he's acting like a child cause Micah totally is acting like a brat. He has been for a long while and IMO his trifling ass needs some tough love. I don't think Charley should have apologized to Micah. I don't think she was wrong (well, maybe the Davis line was a bridge too far) and Micah was bei
  4. Not to mention, his mom didn't think to give him a heads up she invited his ex (or whomever invited Hailey)? Cause it seems like folks knew he was bringing Nova to the party though it seems like not many knew she is Black and that having Hailey at the party too could be very awkward. I totally get Hailey being bitter about Calvin cheating with Nova (and possibly other Black women during their marriage) but there's a time & place for that type of confrontation and that wasn't it. Hailey ended up getting her feelings hurt even more with that huge misstep. I wish I cared about Micah's s
  5. Same. I just hope to see more in the mainstream media about Carina's misogynoir. That is still being overlooked. I wish i was surprised about that, though IA. I have seen this and while some are far worse / more obvious regarding preferences and how they treat the show material due to those feelings - looking at you Roberto Aguirre Sacasa of Riverdale & Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the S2 showrunners of Sleepy Hollow- some are able to be loud fans yet care about the overall material of the product without being obnoxious and self-serving. The showrunner of Killjoys was good a
  6. Someone screencapped and it's in the comments section here: https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/117987413.html?thread=19808883029#t19808883029
  7. The disconnect is strong with that one. Yikes. Also, count me in as someone who doesn't see Carina doing anything in the entertainment industry for a while. Carina has toxic mess stamped all over her but without the pull or protection of someone with powerful Hollywood friends to carry her through the storm. Someone informed me last night that Carina is a published author and sent me the goodreads link. Maybe she'll try to go back to that but writing isn't her strong suit. I was telling someone the other day that it wasn't too long ago Carina was cackling on twitter about Ruby Rose "
  8. Carina was ok with and perpetuated misogynoir but how dare anyone cut her fave ship screwing! She really did approach things from a fangirl lens. SMH
  9. Same. Heather has to play the game lest she end up blackballed like Nicole Beharie. My feelings about Maria being marginalized comes twofold from actually being a fan of the character thus being pissed how she has been treated as unworthy as well as subjected to racism by the showrunner plus some in fandom that think it is ok to shit on Black character (esp in defense of a gay ship) and from being a Black woman in a fandom that again I was sitting through a show that demeaned & excluded its Black female character. It is insulting and I am tired of it.
  10. I am ready and waiting for the dragging. 😊 This has been bringing me joy, esp all the deets exposing Carina's intentional racism and her obsession with certain actors + Malex. We were right about her and what she was doing. @phoenics Since I know you'll get this reference, the tea tonight is like Krypton's cancellation confirming a Lyta / Seg HEA thus leaving Nyssa out in the cold all over again. That kind of joy. Also, looking for tea on Carina "resigning," I came across this interview and does she do this for Liz? Is she out giving interviews re: the whole premise about un
  11. Turns out Carina was even grimier than we thought she was. She may have even outdone Plec with her shenanigans on set and in the writers room.
  12. She had a vision for what she wanted to air re: stories and who she wanted to spotlight. Her faves. Seems those in the writers room disagreed with her on things, esp her handling of Maria. Carina's marginalization of Maria was intentional, spiteful, and racist.
  13. Supposedly they're "quarantining together" Also: *insert yoda tea gif*
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