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  1. This article on Maria and the writing is good. Also briefly mentions Liz being failed as the lead when it comes to writing. https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/06/character-convo-dissecting-roswell-new-mexicos-maria-problem/
  2. It wouldn't be her first error with how she talks about this show. Glad Maria wasn't in this crap episode. Also, I posted an interesting twitter thread by Carina in the media thread on here about the state of writing the show and other things currently about RNM.
  3. Interesting thread from Carina's twitter. Guess she has been getting called out on the regular regarding misogynoir + anti-Black racism onscreen and behind the scenes
  4. I happy the show has been renewed. 🙂 Meh on Scylla being the center of that poster, though. I pray the writers will actually show her atoning and seeking redemption for being a mass murdering terrorist in S2 cause her being absolved solely cause she loves Raelle ain't it (and neither is Anacostia throwing herself in the way to prop up Scylla). Also, I want more of Abigail showing off her powers in S2!
  5. IMO Michael & Maria have always had mad chemistry. The problem has/had been the constant sidelining Maria plus forcing Michael & Alex as "epic" as in attempt to snuff it out instead of writing for Maria + Michael & Maria. Now I am patiently waiting for the gifs to pop up on tumblr + the racists in the fandom to be less awful about M/M tonight.
  6. I was remarking more about Anacostia warning them they were in grave danger if Alder found out that they were behind informing on Alder to Petra / Wade. I actually think the opposite in that they'd keep Adil cause his relationship with Abigail seems to be the more slow burn of the two plus the additional aspect of Khalida & the songs. I think the story with Gerit was a way for the show to have Tally get some character growth and some of the green off of her. This is a good point.
  7. This is such a huge, unfortunate problem with the writing and storyline execution. Going off the tweets last night from the cast during Coup's first run, also not one they seem to recognize as they were gushing over the Raelle & Scylla angst stuff.
  8. Good episode. Alder really is an egomaniac in her belief that only she can the leader who wins the war. Her puppeting President Wade was creepy and crazed. I am glad Anacostia caught her doing that then went to warn Tally & Abigail after Raelle gave her that background info. Khalida really has Alder's number too. I knew that Tally was going to get her heart broken again but didn't expect it to happen quite like that. At least she knows now, and she can hopefully go in to her next relationship with her eyes more wide open. I did like her chemistry with Gerit, and i do think he has real feelings for her, but didn't expect it to last. Just didn't think it would end like that and he was wrong wrong wrong for it too. Scylla and Raelle's scene... I didn't hate it but to me, the issue isn't whether or not they love each other cause I don't doubt that they do (I saw on twitter folks were really focused on that which puzzled me cause that wasn't really in question). My issue remains that the show is trying to giving Scylla a redemption without her having earned it nor seeming to care about being a mass murderer. Telling Raelle she chose her and that she loves her doesn't & shouldn't automatically erase mass murdering terrorism. I'm disappointed that the show thinks it does and doesn't want to put in the work to have Scylla put in effort to show remorse (Anacostia saying Scylla felt some remorse is not the same thing to me as seeing Scylla show it). So... sigh with that. I really liked Abigail's eulogy for Libba. It was true and packed more of a punch than fake, flowery words. I still really like Adil & Abigail together. The scene with several of them in the Bellweather Unit room was really nice to see and I would have loved some more of that in the show. Bonding moments with levity. That last scene with Adil thinking Abigail lied to him was sad. I hope they can work it out since she was honest but no one could have expected Alder to puppet Wade. I hope there's a second season.
  9. I may have squeed a little bit at Adil's return and his specifically seeking Abigail out to check on her then that cuddle.
  10. I am also ready for Abigail to show her special power. Good episode. Alder's sketchiness was on full display and the Bellweather Unit along with Anacostia have got their side eye on her. Raelle annoyed me in the beginning with the Scylla revelation but I will give her points for eventually reaching out to Abigail & Tally before the mission as well as putting her own feelings aside to out the mission first. Tally was in a tough spot but I think her keeping it to telling just Anacostia was the right thing. The timing of Raelle and Abigail finding out was bad (but optimal for drama's sake). Adil! I enjoyed seeing him show up to check on Abigail. I really like those two together.
  11. I appreciate the show seems to be giving Maria some more crumbs but they could always do much better when it comes to writing for her. HH always brings it with the little she's given. That said, I won't applaud RNM for the slight increase cause Maria should have been a tier one character from the beginning of this series and not some glorified day player like she'd been relegated to by Carina (and some fans) for *reasons*.
  12. Chick2Chic


    I didn't really care for S3 for several reasons, One of my big issues was Omar was trash for cheating with his sister's boyfriend and didn't even apologize to her for it. He basically got a free pass for his actions with actually feeling any remorse.He actually turned it around on Nadia when she called him out for disregarding her feelings in his cheating with Malick. Can't root for that. I thought the tarnished happy ending with Ander was more than Omar deserved. I also didn't care for the Nadia and Lu friendship. Nadia apologized to Lu for sleeping with Guzman but Lu never owned up to posting that video of Guzman & Nadia having sex on the internet, in fact lied saying she didn't do it. If she had owned up to it, I would have felt it was more authentic for them to gravitate towards a friendship. I would have still side-eyed it cause Nadia stopped being friends with Valerio cause he was having sex with Lu but she's ok with being friends with Lu despite her having sex with Valerio. That didn't make sense. I didn't like may of the storylines in S3 overall but was mostly wondering why it was just felt so damned rushed yet somewhat boring. S1 and S2 were pretty entertaining, though. I was chatting with one friend about it and he didn't like that Elite brought aboard some diversity with Yeray & Malick yet wrote them as shady as they did. I was really disappointed in how the show handled them in S3. It was an odd, unnecessary choice for their story, especially after aall the build up in S1 and S2, but their final scene was at least optimistic. I was confused because Omar is older than Nadia - I recall it has been mentioned that Nadia is the baby of the family - so if Nadia just graduated, why would Omar be attending school at all? Shouldn't he have already graduated from [the collapsed] school? I had read there will be 4th and 5th seasons but with a new cast. I think they have really good chemistry but I also wasn't sold on them being this epic love story. The potential for it was there but for me, that part never developed in the writing. I would have been interested to see it be developed but alas...
  13. I hope not but I can see it cause they really aren't writing any type of redemption for Scylla, instead seeming to rely on viewers buying in to their epic love for each other as Scylla's complete redemption arc. That's not going to work for me. If there's a season 2 (I've no clue on the ratings), TPTB need to do MUCH better cause I feel like it's too late now to even start a redemption arc that won't feel rushed or inept.
  14. For people like me who forgot 👱🏽‍♀️ That said, the show needs to put in a lot more work in trying to redeem Scylla, if possible, aside from it just being that she loves Raelle. That isn't remotely enough to make even a dent AFAIC.
  15. I said something on twitter that is more due to Abigail than it being anywhere close to equal. I enjoyed this ep. It went quickly but I was thoroughly entertained. I like Abigail and Adil. They have a nice chemistry & the show is totally using opposites attract strongly with them. I hope to see more interaction between them in the future. Khalida is a piece of work. I knew something was up with her when she couldn't even thank Raelle for saving her. Tally and Gerit also have a nice chemistry but I see nothing but heartache + red flags there. I am not surprised they hooked up again but I see nothing but more pain in the long run for Tally if Gerit can't break off his engagement. Raelle was less annoying in this ep. I have to say that her reunion scene with Scylla left me indifferent. The acting was fine but since I don't buy into them being some epic love story, it just feels very OTT teenagery. Anacostia mind reading Scylla that showed us Scylla was the one with the balloon in that early scene (at a mall? can't 100% remember) where all those people fell.to their death was a revelation. I can buy Scylla loves Raelle but all that murdering of innocent people - even with a hint of regret - is A LOT to try to redeem. I was already unsold when it was just Porter that was Scylla's murder victim.
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