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  1. I've watched the first two episodes of the aftershow. Episode 1 was okay, but episode 2 was pretty funny. I think it's because of Kayvan. He seems like a hysterically funny person in real life. It's still really watchable though and are typically only 10 minutes long.
  2. Everything Nadja does is gold. Any woman who has been the only female friend in a group of friends can totally relate. Dudes get all weird when another girl comes around; always expecting catfights or something. I really hope Nadja finds a group of female vampires to hang out with. Nadja doll is excellent company (of course), but I really think Nadja could use some interaction with smart women. Maybe she and the Guide will get sick of the dudes' shit and start running the council. I think that would be really fun to watch. Also, I think that's probably why I love the kitchen scene in
  3. I've had several female coworkers do all of the above over the years. When I was the same age as women having their first kids, there was a group of four women that were pregnant the same time. They didn't really do much work the last half of their pregnancies because they all hung out together doing baby preparation stuff. When they got back to the office after their maternity leave, they didn't do any work for about the next year either because all they did was talk about baby stuff. Considering Jim and Pam worked in a bull pen where there would be a variety of smells throughout the day
  4. Echoing what everyone else said. I'm so glad this show is back! I pause and rewind quite frequently because the backgrounds, costumes, props, etc. are all so rich with comedy. This is such a great show. I didn't notice the women walking around on their hands during the dress fitting scene until the second watch. Their costumes looked amazing and you can barely see them on the bottom half of the screen. One thing I did notice is that Lazlo-as-Nandor is doing exactly the same hand gestures as actual Lazlo. They look quite at home on Lazlo, but ridiculous on Nandor, and it's hysterical!
  5. My husband got me a couple of Nadja items for my birthday and I was overjoyed! They're amazing and I wanted to share. 🥰 This is Nadja and Nadja doll. They're separate dolls and individually made when ordered. Here's the Etsy shop that made them. I'm quite tempted to buy more things. They're all so adorable! https://www.etsy.com/shop/PlanetGloom?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=839874855 He also bought me a print of the Nadja in the gold outfit in the opening credits and framed it. It's really high quality. No idea how he found this one. Sorry. I'm still on t
  6. I'd skipped watching episode 5 until after episode 6 aired because I intended to watch both back to back to finish the season. I couldn't get past the opening scene. When Nicole started her fake sympathy crap with the crocodile tears, I had to turn it off. I came into this show excited because it had been recommended by celebrities whose work I admire, but I absolutely cannot watch the toxic parts of humanity for entertainment. There's enough of that in actual reality and using what little free time I have to be reminded that trash people exist is not my jam. I tried to like thi
  7. I guess this show has decided to abandon its original theme, that Ted can turn underdogs into winners. I find it really strange how lost Ted's character has gotten. I do really like this show and the characters, but it seems to be meandering a bit. Also as close a Ted and Beard are, there is absolutely no way Beard does not know about Ted's panic attacks. Roy's treatment of Nate this episode was as expected, and it was lovely. I really do enjoy people with Roy's personality. There's no bullshit, no drama, and you always know exactly where you stand with them. The world need
  8. In reality, I absolutely agree with what you're saying, but in tv shows, it's fairly common for the audience to want the two leads together regardless of relationship status. I don't want Ted and Rebecca together, and I'm one those people that agree platonic opposite sex relationships need to be more commonly shown. I don't see anything sexist about some people wanting to see Ted and Rebecca together, people just like romance in movies and tv shows.
  9. I agree with everything you said about Nate. I'm worried about him too. I can definitely see Nate being worried that Roy would steal his spotlight as a coach, but I don't think Roy would treat Nate differently than anyone else on the team. Wasn't part of Roy's season 1 team captain arc to get Jamie's cronies to be nicer to Nate? What would make sense to me is that Roy would help Nate to stop being so worried about everyone else and stop "giving a fuck" as Roy might put it. The fourth wall break scene with that couple in the stands was weird. While it was in keeping with the "rom comm
  10. I like this show. It's cute and the characters are quirky and interesting. I'm so glad tv is starting to showcase Native Americans more in front of and behind the camera. I hope the trend continues.
  11. I liked some parts of both episodes, but overall, I thought they were just "meh" compared to typical 99 standards. The whole maple syrup lice treatment plot was way too contrived. Amy would have researched a home remedy, and it would have taken like 5 seconds on Google. Also, I googled to see if maple syrup was a lice remedy and was unable to find anything. Can they please stop with neurotic parenting stuff? You're not supposed to tip toe around a baby when they are sleeping. Getting them used to normal background noises actually helps them sleep through the night sooner because they're u
  12. I can't remember the term, but celebrities are essentially considered a different class in scientology compared to regular folks who are in the middle and sea org folks who are at the bottom. Most of the stories about torture, physical and psychological, are from sea org members. It's "easier" for celebrities to leave. Leah has talked about it a few times.
  13. We need a sad but true emoji.
  14. I didn't hear about this show when it premiered last year. I saw the promos on TBS and watched the entire season. I really liked it, thought the characters were well written and it didn't resort to typical rom com tropes. A very underrated show.
  15. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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