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  1. As soon as I saw the goat, I knew it was going to be witches so I was giddy! Then, I figured it would be a semen-stealing plot as predicted by the always amazing Nadja so that brought me down a little bit. I would say overall, this episode was middle of the road for me by this show's high quality standards. My favorite parts: The montage of Nadja blaming witches for everything and then ultimately being correct as usual. How saucy Nandor was about his erection. So far, we've only seen two sides of Nandor: (1) the goofy, yet thoughtful old soul and (2) the warrior. Seeing another side of Nandor was really fun. Everything involving Guillermo. His dialogue delivery and looks to the camera were always exceptional, funny, and well-timed. I, too, have an escape room story with a Colin Robinson. In my last job, the owner thought it would be a good team-building exercise after bringing in a new business development director. The new guy ended up being Colin Robinson, and he was ultimately the reason why I left that job.
  2. I'm normally not a social media person but I messaged the prosthetics designer on the show, Paul Jones, twitter handle jonesfx. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0428993/?ref_=fn_al_nm_2 He replied and said the blink was added digitally. Mystery solved!
  3. I agree! The music choice for those moments only made me laugh harder! 😅 In addition to the Nandor/Guillermo stares and the online troll being an actual troll, these were my favorite things this episode: The prosthetics on both Simon and Carol were really good. Simon's skull structure was understated and looked natural. Carol's prosthetic was creepy and her bulging eyes blinked! I'd love to know how they accomplished that effect, practically or CGI? The Laszlo/Simon fight scene was creative. The crazy fast fight scene has been done before, but the bat vs bat and bat vs human fights were new to me. I love how they smacked down each other's bats to force them to change back to human form and how creatively they stole the hat from each other. All of Nadja's reaction shots are perfect as always.
  4. Add me to the Nadja doll waitlist! 😍 I'll echo everyone else's sentiments and while I enjoyed this episode, it wasn't hilarious. However, I still found the episode very enjoyable, and I love this show very, very, very much. My favorite moments: Guermillo throwing his weapon down when Jim announced Lazlo was his target. There was also a little smile and shrug that I found hysterical. Both of Nadja's scenes after Lazlo's return, the scene in the entrance way and of course, the boudoir scene with the roleplaying. The fight scene was so innovative and funny, using the pool cues to make crosses that were used as weapons against one another while they were simultaneously burning the holders' hands and drinking the alcohol to use as a make-shift flamethrower. I may have seen the flamethrower move, but I don't recall seeing vampires holding make-shift crosses as weapons before. Humans, certainly, but not vampires against other vampires. And of course my favorite of favorites, Nandor's "fu-cking guyee". 🤣 It makes me laugh every time. I'm still surprised by the "rules" of this universe. When I started watching this show, I expected there to be werewolves, but when they added Jesk as Gregor for example, I thought, "There's no way that's true!" I had another one of those moments with the toothpick-as-a-disguise gag. It's so goofy and so different. I love it!
  5. The Podcast returns with fans questions and stories about The Good Place! The first two episodes of the three part series are available now. Also, a couple short videos with a couple of the fans are available on YouTube.
  6. I'm sure this has been mentioned previously, but I didn't see it in this topic so I figured I'd post it here. I have no idea why it took me this long to notice, but Mark Proksch who plays Colin Robinson also played Nate in The Office. To me, he doesn't look like the same person at all, but I recognized his voice after watching The Office this weekend. Visual comparison: I apologize if this is obvious, but I figured I'd post the difference because it's pretty dramatic to me.
  7. My favorite Nandor line is "fu-cking guyee" which I've started using in my every day vernacular. Not much to say about this episode that hasn't already been said. This was an extremely clever way to feature Colin Robinson in a new, fresh way that added to his mythos. I absolutely love how they've expanded their mythology this season. I would love to see actual witches face off against Nadja. One thing I did want to point out is Alison Jones was the casting director for the pilot. She has to be the most prolific casting director in Hollywood. I won't regurgitate her resume to you, but I know she's casted most of my favorite shows of all time and probably some of yours too. Here's a link to her IMDb page. https://m.imdb.com/name/nm0427456/?ref_=fn_al_nm_0
  8. Taika Waititi and Star Wars! https://www.starwars.com/news/taika-waititi-announce
  9. The Good Place the Podcast did a special Parks and Rec episode! https://www.nbc.com/the-good-place/exclusives/tgp-podcast
  10. Another great episode. I loved how the curse and vampire hunter story lines converged with Guillermo calling them and the three vamps boasting about how they beat the curse after Guillermo said their lives were in danger. I think my favorite tidbit is when the vamps were asking Colin Robinson for his email, they stood in the doorway and refused to enter his bedroom. All the little things in this show add up to make it great.
  11. Watching every character come together to help Amy through the birth is the exact reason why I love this show. This season's been hit or miss for me overall, but I thought this was a fantastic season finale which emphasizes how much the characters care about each other and how well they work together as a team. When Holt and Terry offered to dance to keep Amy distracted, it was so heart-warming, I started to cry, and then I couldn't stop laughing. I can't remember ever having tears of joy followed by tears of laughter while watching a TV show. Once more, with feeling!
  12. Another awesome episode. I think my favorite moments were with Nadja and Joanie. I always find it hysterical when someone says something fantastical, my brain automatically thinks, "no way", and it turns out to be true. I didn't think Jeff would actually turn out to be Gregor's reincarnation, and tonight's episode where Joanie recants her stories about Nadja. "You taught me the Dance of the Ancient Soothsayer". Too, too funny. I recognized the actor who played Frank (the tall guy in the ballcap at Shawn's house), but I couldn't place him so I looked him up on IMDB. Gavin Fox played Gared on Killjoys. Glad to see he's getting work even if it's a small role.
  13. Awesome point. I think I remember trying to calculate the amount of time it takes to film an episode. It was essentially impossible for them to film a challenge in one sitting including crew build, setup, and tear-down. Yet, they presented each episode like it was filmed in a single day. An example of that is the bridge building episode where there were originally only a few weights. All of a sudden a bunch of extra weights appeared and a plexi-glass shield that wasn't there during the first bridge test. Not to mention the clean-up and reset time that was required between each test.
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