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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about this show after two episodes (non-reader). It's not that I don't think the actors are doing a good job, it's just that everyone is so...grim. Grim and serious. I'm really longing for a character with some panache, some joie de vivre. That being said, I have to at least tip my hat to any show that makes me mutter out loud, "I can't tell what her monkey really thinks about all this."
  2. Shenanigan

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I think it was bruises from where the guy in the interrogation room had grabbed her. I could swear I have, too. In fact, I'd almost put money on it. Does that mean we have superhuman powers? 😉
  3. I still LOL'd at several things. I loved when D'Av was in the airlock and shouted, "See, Khlyen, told you, HA!" at Dutch. Hee.
  4. I was sorry to not get one last scene with Vampire Steve.
  5. Zeph really needs to invent umbrellas.
  6. Gotta say same. She drove me bananas at first, and looking at her whackadoodle personal outfits is still exhausting sometimes, but I've really grown to like her personality. She seems genuinely nice and humble, and I think it's telling that the other designers really seem to like her as well. Do I want her to win? Probably not, unless her collection unexpectedly wows me, but I'm pleasantly surprised to be fine with her being in the final four.
  7. Have to admit Marni's style made me wince almost as much as Hester's. But, hey, I'm old. Get off my lawn while you're at it.
  8. I was right there with you. I was riveted to Serial, but I almost fell asleep twice trying to watch this. And the animation is just...no. I want it to stop, please.
  9. Great callback - I laughed so damn hard at that.
  10. Curious as to how much butter you use? Watching this show has made me want to make monkey bread, lol.
  11. Any time there's a really scared dog, I shout at the TV, "Send Marcel!" He has the most calming presence. I wish he was around to console ME when I'm nervous about something, haha!
  12. Can someone refresh my memory as to who Hoyt is?
  13. I like this show, but honestly, "design a hot clubbing dress that evokes a wallaby" has to be about the dumbest challenge ever.
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