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S10.E05: Archer: 1999 -- Mr. Deadly Goes to Town

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Pam making snow angels in dead alien dust is just classic her. She'd do it even if she wasn't a rock monster. I want to hear her & Krieger's mixtape so bad.

"Where you dream of electric sheep?"
"Don't be a Dick. We don't dream, but we DO think about them pretty hard."

Oh, that's clever wordplay.

I loved Mr. Deadly. Matt Berry was the perfect voice for him (at first I thought it was Peter Serafinowicz).

"That was only half a bottle...of Quaaludes. That I dissolved in their absinthe." Yeah, no surprise that Cheryl would bone Mr. Deadly. And regret it.

The two spies were the alien versions of the hitmen from "Honeypot." I really wasn't expecting to see them again. Not to mention a reference to stir-Friday. And speaking of season 1 callbacks, if there was ever a time to finally see Fister Roboto, it'd be this season.

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I can't talk long because I'm still recovering from the finale of The Amazing Race, and I need to go to bed soon. I read the AV Club review, and it there were eight episodes this season. Then I hit Wikipedia, and it turns out we got nine. Shit, those zoom by too quickly. Watching Team Seamus try to keep a sentient bomb from exploding (shades of Bad Wolf from "The Day Of The Doctor"?) was fun, even though I wasn't paying as much attention.

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This was fun.

I really love it when the show writes all the characters just right and this episode came the closest it’s been in a long time.   Cheryl was a fun kind of crazy.   Lana was the right kind of passive aggressive.   Pam was a big lug.   I loved Krueger and his insanely impractical weapons.   Even Cyril and Ray were interesting this episode.  I laughed at naked fighting Ray. And both Sterling Archer and Malory were written the way I like them.  Malory of course would sell a sentient doomsday device to anyone because why not and Archer of course he hate black holes.

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Electric sheep? Do they plug in?

Quaaludes dissolved in absinthe. Now that's a killer cocktail.

So was Mr. Deadly sort of a nod to Michael Fassbender's character in the later Alien movies? In particular, the body type and the butt shot.

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Matt Berry has such a perfect voice for this show! I'm actually surprised this was his first time in the Archer-verse. Loved him as Mr. Deadly. And the constant thumbs up was hilarious. 

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On 6/27/2019 at 10:59 AM, Joimiaroxeu said:

So was Mr. Deadly sort of a nod to Michael Fassbender's character in the later Alien movies? In particular, the body type and the butt shot.

i don't know if it was intentional but my mind certainly went there. I swear the dead alien Cyril dusted looked like a Predator (Alien v Predator).

I also thought the little cat Spy looked like a Thundercat, maybe WilyKat.

I really loved this episode, my favorite of the season so far. I'm also loving Cheryl/Carol this season, she might just be my favorite character and that's never happened before (always been Pam).

Mr Deadly was great and the ending was perfect for this crew.

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This was a really actiony episode. I was dying when Lana got all hulked out and Archer just blew away the hitmen. 

And Cheryl fucks the doomsday device but he lasted only 10 seconds. Twice. 

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Matt Berry was perfect here, he really fits into this show perfectly! I loved every Mr. Deadly scene, poor bomb weird bomb man.

Good use of the whole cast, I especially loved Lana freaking out on Kriegers vest, the many weird impractical inventions, and the rap tapes that Krieger and Pam apparently made. Its just so catchy! 

"There is so much so deeply wrong with you." "And you married me, doesent really reflect great on you."

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On 6/27/2019 at 9:59 AM, Joimiaroxeu said:

So was Mr. Deadly sort of a nod to Michael Fassbender's character in the later Alien movies? In particular, the body type and the butt shot.

I would say so, with a dash of the sentient bomb from Dark Star thrown in.

Enjoyed the send ups of "pouches" and low tech weapons being so favored by sci-fi bad guys.

The succession of things they exposed Mr. Deadly to in order to give him the will to live was predictable but so well done I didn't mind at all.

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This episode was a lot of fun and I loved the Mr. Deadly concept.  Seems like something you would have seen on Star Trek (I know of course they did a classic episode called The Doomsday Machine but that was an actual machine).  Matt Barry was terrific as the title character.  Finally, an episode I enjoyed in a really disappointing season.

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