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S06.E12: Casecation

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On 4/13/2019 at 4:31 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:
On 4/12/2019 at 12:24 PM, iMonrey said:

I don't think I've seen Julia Sweeney in anything since SNL.

I just saw her as the main character's mother on Shrill a few weeks ago! I hadn't seen her in anything else recently though so it was fun to see her pop up again on my tv so soon.


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10 hours ago, meep.meep said:

I had none!  They gave me the forms and a set of really complicated directions, pointed me at the room, and it was on. 

My sister was a timer for her daughter's high school swim meets, and one time she was timing in the row next to her daughter, who was a very good swimmer, and she accidentally hit the stopwatch when her daughter hit the wall, instead of when the slower swimmer in *her* lane hit the wall. 

After that, all the kids wanted my sister to be their timer. 

I feel like if you had accidentally done something like that, Amy would have ratted you out to the Debaters' Guild, and Gail would have had to report you. 

On rewatch, I felt a little bit less mad about Amy saying that Jake could think about it for a month, because *he* said that maybe he'd feel different "the next time it comes up," which could have been a long time. Plus, in the end she gave up the only card she had by agreeing to go to the water park with Jake. 

I really like how much these two *like* each other as well as love each other. 

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On 4/13/2019 at 8:57 PM, Sandman said:

This is true; but I guess it's possible that Amy thought they were planning for kids, and not waterparks?

Didn't it, sort of? It seems I remember something like at least the beginning of a conversation about kids one day? Or am I turning into Charles?

I do believe Charles has on many occasions wistfully spoken of Jake’s and Amy’s beautiful future babies. Jake has never mentioned that he has reservations about becoming a dad. 

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I hadn't heard about the Notre Dame fire until I got home from work yesterday and my husband told me. I immediately burst into tears and cried for a while. I thought, "Well, time to put something funny on so I can stop thinking about Notre Dame for a minute", and I put this episode on because I hadn't seen it yet. When they showed the Casecation was to Paris, I started crying again and had to pause the episode until I collected myself again. It was a crazy, terrible, unfortunate coincidence.

Anyway, I'm with the folks who didn't like the fact that Jake and Amy hadn't discussed kids before getting married and the device of using the Lincoln-Douglas debate for the actual discussion. Nevermind the fact the Amy wasn't debating logically because a better case can be made for not having kids (i.e. world overpopulation, climate change, scarcity of finite resources, etc.) than actually having them. One could even argue that adoption is a better logical choice because there are lots of kids that need loving homes and adopting one (or more) would reduce that number.

I'm guessing they had some jokes already written and were trying to find an episode to fit it into instead of the other way around. Normally, this show avoids these types of tropes and is smarter than that.

For all my gripes though, this episode wasn't "bad" just "bad for B99 standards" which is still a net positive.

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Unbelievable that someone as anally retentive as Amy wouldn't think to have the kids discussion prior to getting married. That aside, if Jake has reservations about being a father, he should trust his instincts. A kid is a serious commitment, it's nice to see Jake realizes that and is taking the matter seriously. I love Amy, but I really hated her trying to bully him into making a hasty decision. 

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The other thing about the kid and debate storyline is that Amy failed to use (one of) the best arguments she had available - Jake is not his father. He's become a much better person than his father ever was or could hope to be. And, Amy would realize, either right away or soon after, that Jake didn't want kids b/c he was scared he would be like his dad.

5 hours ago, Catfi9ht said:

I'm guessing they had some jokes already written and were trying to find an episode to fit it into instead of the other way around. Normally, this show avoids these types of tropes and is smarter than that.

Exactly. They had the concept of the debate, w/ Holt and Kevin as licensed judges, and shoehorned the baby story to fit into that framework.

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On 4/12/2019 at 1:30 AM, Mystery said:

I also loved Jake saying that he had daddy issues and suddenly it was:

Amy: “Holt.”

Holt: “Me.”

Kevin: “Raymond.”

Best line of the episode! 

If/when they do end up having kids, I need Raymond and Kevin to be their grandpas. Or at least an episode where Raymond and Kevin babysit.

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This episode was weird to me, as others have mentioned, because Jake has DEFINITELY mentioned wanting to be a father. The scene that came to mind was from Captain Latvia, when they're sidling past the car. Charles says something like "You don't understand 'cause you're not a father and you never will be!" Jake's immediate response was "Hey, yes, I will!"

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On ‎4‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 1:26 PM, Trillium said:

Amy Santiago not having a binder of indepth questions and scenarios to go over before marrying is preposterous.

That was my problem with the scenario. There is no way Amy doesn't have a "Family" Binder with plans for her future children (names, education, age separation) and would have discussed it with Jake. This wouldn't just be an offhand comment when looking at a picture of (her brother's?) kids in a water park. Did like the sequential passing of the moderating the debate though, and the way that when Jake was moderating the debate at the end he still awarded points to the assassin to blow them up!

I immediately called the assassin as soon as she showed up.

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