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  1. Damn! First Rene Auberjonois and now Marie Fredriksson? If anyone needs me, I'll be over at Youtube listening to some Roxette songs...
  2. Rene Auberjonois? this one hurts! Odo was always one of my favorites on DS9. Armin Shimerman put it best: It is with great heartache and loss I share with you the passing of dear,dear Rene Auberjonois.His last message to me was entitled "Don't forget..." I know that I,Kitty,and all that knew him will never forget.The world seems noticeably emptier now. I loved him. — Armin Shimerman (@ShimermanArmin)
  3. Just to clarify there is a difference between: "Not tonight, honey, I'm not into it...oh, all right let's go." and "Have sex with me now or you lose your job." and if you don't pick up that difference, you are either A) an idiot, B) a rapist, or C) a rapist's lawyer.
  4. If you happen to be passing through Flagstaff, AZ any time soon, the Museum of Northern Arizona is holding an exhibit The Force is With Our People all about how Star Wars has impacted Native American communities. https://musnaz.org/theforce/ They also have a bit about the making of Navajo Star Wars (The whole movie dubbed into Navajo) but they don't show the movie there.
  5. I think it was more a matter of things have just gotten too complicated and the whole operating system they put in place suddenly has become nonfunctional, or in other words, the universe crashed. So the best thing they can do reboot and start over completely, which unfortunately means erasing every human that ever existed.
  6. I would agree. The difference is on earth, Simone had her office and lab and was basically in her comfort zone. Once that was stripped away, and she is in the Good Place, her first resort was to doubt its existence. She has a rigidness to her thinking, which is why she makes snap judgements. Her conclusion that Brent is not going to change so therefore it was not worth risking her life to save him. I learned a long time ago there is how we (in America, at least) think Aussies sound and how they actually sound. My theory was that it goes back to the Australian Craze in the 80s and Aussie actors who came to the US tailored their accents to what was popular then (think Paul Hogan) and it's just kind of stuck. It also makes me think of a job I was at one time when an Australian family came in (parents, grandfather, little kid) and we got talking and finally Grandpa nudges the kid and says "give 'em a G'Day!" but the kid was too shy.
  7. I never really believed in the Progress theory of History (things are always improving as history progresses). Some things are better now than previous eras and some things are much worse. Not everyone believed that women and non-white people were inferior any more than everyone believed the earth was flat. The thing that got everyone's (well, Michael's) attention was that no one got into the Good Place for 500 years, coincidentally about the time the modern world was beginning. As for Brent, it kind of reminds me of what Machiavelli said: "I desire to go to Hell and not to Heaven. In the former I shall enjoy the company of popes, kings and princes, while in the latter are only beggars, monks and apostles." Studies have shown that wealth deadens empathy, so I can see how Brent could be the way he is, not really having to care about the "little people" in the 18 years he was growing Norwalk Materials from a $90 million to a $94 million business. For people in the elite, that becomes part of their identity, (Tahani was in a similar situation until she actually did some serious self-examination). Now that in the "Good Place" there is no elite, that part of Brent's identity is being challenged (whether he is oblivious or in denial we don't know yet) like he never had been in life and if he never bothered to expand who he is beyond "Elite Princeton Grad, head of Norwalk Materials" his whole identity could collapse. Or as Bad Janet said: Boom! They turn into babies.
  8. I'm in the minority because I liked this one (although I admit it's setting up stuff for later). I loved Michael and Bad Janet's conversation. The demons' reasons for torturing humans is interesting and the cynic in me can't disagree with them, humans can be awful, (but its still not a reason to torture them for eternity). Brent is every rich asshole I've had the misfortune of dealing with, so I'm somewhat interested to see where they go with him. He's one of those rich assholes who take credit for making the things they've bought. I don't think he's stolen too much focus, because it's still about how the original team deals with him. Bad Janet was right on about the baby-boomer comment: Prick their fragile egos and boom! They turn into babies. He's going to have to come to terms with that and a punch in the face was probably what he needed. The interesting thing about Simone is I've met her type too, the highly educated scientific people with tendencies toward know-it-allism. And they do tend to make snap judgements. The problem is that Simone is right when she calls Brent an asshole and that only further enables her judgemental behavior.
  9. I think it's a form of assimilation where the /b/ in bund is anticipated and stuck onto the /m/ since they are similar sounds, and possibly connected to the word cumber
  10. Thus begins the seasonal torture of retail employees...
  11. It's funny, Johnny Weir is a celebrity I could have met and not known it. We grew up in the same area of Pennsylvania and his family knew my aunt, so if we did run into each other at all we would have known each other as "that Weir kid" or "so-and-so's nephew."
  12. I remember I read an article on integration on TV a decade ago where they mentioned dramas were more likely to have interracial relationships because it can provide dramatic situations, whereas that was something sitcoms did not want to deal with.
  13. Keanu has had some perspective on things, so this is no surprise. https://keanu-reeves.livejournal.com/83197.html
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