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  1. Lugal

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Just speculation on my part, but he may have gone hiking or exploring and gotten ledged out and fell.
  2. I've read that Thelema, (Crowley's thing) was an influence on Scientology through Jack Parsons. Parsons called LRH the "most Thelemic individual" he ever met. Crowley thought LRH was a fraud. Then LRH ran off with Parson's wife and Parsons threw some pretty heavy magic at them both. The CO$ cross reminds me of the eight pointed chaos star. Personally I would love to see what some chaos magicians could throw at the CO$.
  3. Lugal

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Aww crap. He will always be the Official AKA the Fat Man on Invisible Man to me. "Shut up, Eberts!"
  4. Lugal

    The Fakest Reality Shows

    I remember on Syfy years ago they had that bodypainting show Naked Vegas. In the one episode they had "cosplayers" Gillian and Jessica who were "in town" for a cosplay convention and after a little trepidation, they decided to go with body painting and then went on to win the competition. https://nakedvegas.com/syfy-episode-5-cosplay-and-steampunk/ Except both Gillian and Jessica are professional nude models based out of Las Vegas. I actually worked with Jill on a project almost a decade before the episode aired.
  5. All it says is Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  6. On the Soaps theme, my mom loves Stacy Haiduk as Kristen DiMera on Days of Our Lives, but she will always be Lana Lang from Superboy to me.
  7. Lugal

    S04.E15: Terms Of Service

    Ray did get nearly everyone to sign his acting captain petition.
  8. Interesting how in both Chris's and Mollie's versions, a lot of shit falls on Lorne Michaels.
  9. Legend - a steampunk Western with Richard Dean Anderson and John de Lancie. Unfortunately it came out in 1995 well before the Steampunk craze hit, and it was on UPN when it just started up so it was canceled after the first season. It took almost 20 years, but I finally found it on DVD a few years ago.
  10. Just a trivia note, the Cherokee wear turbans because a delegation to England in the 1700s was regarded as too severe to be looked upon by the king, they then changed into garments left behind by a delegation from India. The Cherokee liked the turbans so they kept them and it became part of Cherokee culture.
  11. Cultural appropriation is a very real and problematic thing, but throwing out accusations like this hurts more than it helps, because it makes people more likely to dismiss the real thing. Selma's headwrap looks nothing like a Sikh turban but more like something out of Old Hollywood in the 40's.
  12. Lugal

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    The US Military-Industrial Complex will sell to anyone with cash in hand and it's never bitten us in the ass before. Lex hit her with some pretty heavy shit before he died and I'm sure she was a little distracted and some things may have been overlooked.
  13. So the CO$ finally started looking in-house for Tom's next wife.
  14. it annoyed me because it always felt like they got about 2/3 through the story on Selfie. And I don't think they could afford Karen Gillan and John Cho on TV now. I had high hopes for Superstore because I was working retail at the time, but it never lived up to the potential, it lacked the bite that any show about retail workers should have. Telenovela was the much better series, and I'm still disappointed that it was canceled.
  15. Yeah, the more I think about it the more it pisses me off. Nate is killed, but Zari is the one that "dies." This version of her that we have come to know for the last two years is gone. And she goes out in the worst way possible, all about Nate, who gets the Tinkerbell "clap sing if you believe" resurrection. We'll meet a new version of her next year and I'm hoping it will be like Charlie, who was more interesting than Amaya was (because she wasn't tied to Nate and got to be a character in her own right) who was unfortunately sidelined for Mona. But given the decline in the second half of this season, I doubt lightning will strike twice. I'm sure Tala Ashe will rock new!Zari, but it's still so disappointing.