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  1. I believe he did. Interesting take on it. I'm going to assume it was when she was on Earth and didn't have her powers
  2. One that really annoys me that I saw recently: carat vs. karat. (and I know that in the UK they are both spelled with a "C" which only adds to the confusion) A carat (ct) is a unit of weight for gemstones (it's about 200 mg) A karat (K or kt) is a measure of purity for gold alloys divided into 24 parts.
  3. I remember an article by a black writer who pointed out that all the Black Dramas were about Slavery or the Civil Rights struggle. Imagine if all the White Dramas were only about WWII and the Sixties. Terry Gilliam strikes me as one of those older white men who were progressive or even forward thinking for their times, but times changed and Terry stayed the same. As for "dealing with reality" well, unlike Terry, poor people deal with reality every day (and poor people-of-color deal with even more of it) so yeah, we need to escape every now and then. But look at the last two decades: Superheros followed up on trends of Vampires and then Zombies. I think they admit sub-conscious things we're not ready to say out loud. After being preyed on by metaphorical bloodsuckers and reduced to screen zombies, we just want to feel empowered again, which is what superheros do.
  4. Having watched the whole series (never read the books or played the games) there is something interesting here. The scenery of Hungary and the Canary Islands is incredible though. I think Henry Cavil warms up to the role eventually. Renfri was one of the most interesting characters on the show and I'm sorry we lost her so soon. I will agree that it's nothing we haven't seen before in fantasy: the generic High Middle Ages, Europe-y kingdoms, but they make it entertaining enough. Unfortunately, I blame Game of Thrones that convinced everyone (or at least TV producers) that fantasy has to be grimdark.
  5. That's Abrams' MO. I remember all the time when his Star Trek movie came out that whenever I would bring up the plotholes and stuff that didn't make sense I would be hit with: "You need to read the Countdown comics..." No, I don't. If you need supplemental material for your story to make sense, you're a terrible storyteller. The fact that this whole trilogy was not planned out in advance is classic Abrams.
  6. I assumed that was a rights thing. Lucifer, Maze and Amenadiel were all in the original book, but Chloe, Dr. Linda and the rest were all created for the show so they probably could not be mentioned.
  7. Years ago I had a coworker that would do that as a joke. The instant I (or other coworkers, she did it to everyone) would walk in, she would silence everyone and act like they were talking about me.
  8. Damn! First Rene Auberjonois and now Marie Fredriksson? If anyone needs me, I'll be over at Youtube listening to some Roxette songs...
  9. Rene Auberjonois? this one hurts! Odo was always one of my favorites on DS9. Armin Shimerman put it best: It is with great heartache and loss I share with you the passing of dear,dear Rene Auberjonois.His last message to me was entitled "Don't forget..." I know that I,Kitty,and all that knew him will never forget.The world seems noticeably emptier now. I loved him. — Armin Shimerman (@ShimermanArmin)
  10. Just to clarify there is a difference between: "Not tonight, honey, I'm not into it...oh, all right let's go." and "Have sex with me now or you lose your job." and if you don't pick up that difference, you are either A) an idiot, B) a rapist, or C) a rapist's lawyer.
  11. If you happen to be passing through Flagstaff, AZ any time soon, the Museum of Northern Arizona is holding an exhibit The Force is With Our People all about how Star Wars has impacted Native American communities. https://musnaz.org/theforce/ They also have a bit about the making of Navajo Star Wars (The whole movie dubbed into Navajo) but they don't show the movie there.
  12. I think it was more a matter of things have just gotten too complicated and the whole operating system they put in place suddenly has become nonfunctional, or in other words, the universe crashed. So the best thing they can do reboot and start over completely, which unfortunately means erasing every human that ever existed.
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