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  1. It falls under the umbrella of Personal Hygiene Services. Professional and personal services: Professional services, such as legal services, accounting services, insurance services, personal hygiene services (including barber shops and salons) with additional sanitization precautions as recommended for businesses by the Arizona Department of Health Services and real estate services (including appraisal and title services).
  2. The Governor of Arizona issued a Stay At Home Order effective tomorrow (March 31) at 5 PM through April 30. https://www.12news.com/article/news/local/arizona/arizona-stay-at-home-faq/75-2e3c7df0-fb7c-424c-ab07-146fcf275803 There are exceptions for essential services, although the list is rather broad, and includes things like golf courses and beauty salons. https://azgovernor.gov/governor/news/2020/03/list-essential-services
  3. I stocked up a few months ago from Little Red Cup and all the tea they sell now was imported from China before covid-19 hit. I would love to get some more, but that would require money.
  4. As I understand it, it's $1200 to all Americans making under $75000 a year, so we all get one. Unless you have direct deposit set up with the IRS, it will take a few weeks to get the paper checks out. This is a one time only thing, but if this crisis drags on (and there is every reason to believe it will) they will have to do more in the future, despite the fact that they seem desperate to avoid a Universal Basic Income.
  5. That's pretty good to know. I assume the copper statistic applies to brass as well, due to the high copper content. Brass doorknobs will disinfect themselves over about 8 hours. Funny, I've been washing off apples with soap and water for years because of all the wax they put on them.
  6. Fun episode and I liked that Chyler had a chance to shine, but does anyone else find it disturbing that all the dystopian elements of The Matrix are now the selling points of Obsidian?
  7. On 40 you'd pass through Flagstaff, not Phoenix. Which would be better, since Coconino County only has 17 cases compared to 139 for Maricopa.
  8. That sucks. Best of luck to her. The movers are coming to get the stuff we can't next week, so hopefully things will work out. Everything else we can get with some friends' help.
  9. I suspect they might go down. My town is lousy with AirBnB's and I suspect that a lot will want to dump them after this, since traffic in town is as sparse as I've ever seen it. I also have the luck to be moving in the middle of this. Personally, I wonder how many people will now learn to cook.
  10. I always understood it to mean that anything said that could possibly be used against you would be used against you if they bring it to trial. Like if you tell the police you were walking near the crime scene when it happened the prosecutor will bring that up in court.
  11. Maybe they just mean Hollywood, because The Heroic Trio came out in 1993 in Hong Kong and starred Maggie Cheung, Michelle Yeoh (as Michelle Khan) and Anita Mui.
  12. If the IRS wants to bring the hammer down, they can. I know they were used as an attack dog against MLK during the civil rights struggle. If he tried that I think too many people would take up smoking around him. If he really is that frail, I wonder if 5 years could be a de facto life sentence.
  13. I know language evolution sounds like a weak argument, but it's true. They isn't even originally an English pronoun at all (it comes from Old Norse, the English form was hie) Singular they doesn't bother me, since I think it evolved from the generic they (as in: They drive on the left in the UK). Personally it sounds weirder to me when they is used for someone specific, because of the history as a generic pronoun. My personal theory is that we started using they as a gender neutral pronoun due to an old almost subconscious animate/inanimate distinction in the language (which is why no one adopted it as a gender neutral form) Originally it was ye (you was the objective form) and the singular was thou/thee. We have a lot of choices, depending on dialects: y'all, all y'all, youse, even yinz (from you ones).
  14. I loved this. It was really beautiful and gave me a sense of peace that I'm still feeling. I also didn't see the door as suicide. I don't see death as the end, just a transition to another state of being so the door was apt. In the Good Place, people had the same identity that they had in their earthly lives, and as humans, we would get bored, so we change our level of consciousness, and turn into little sparks of light and become one with the universe. Like the Buddhist idea of Nirvana, when the limitations of individual existence are gone and one's consciousness has expanded to include all other conscious minds. Or as awesome as Chidi's wave speech was (and it was) I also liked Jason's: the air in my lungs felt just like the air outside of my lungs. The Wave returns to the Ocean. Take it sleazy, everyone
  15. I'm a cynic so I'll assume Woody will keep going when all the better people die young. Michael Jordan may not have raped anyone but he's still pretty awful.
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