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  1. I'm sorry to see the show end, and when I first heard it I wondered if Mike and Leah were just worn out from doing this (they have commented about the toll it takes on them). But it sounds like the limits of what they can put on TV and possibly the lawsuits. I note Mike said it's their last show on A&E, as opposed to their last show. This is just a guess on my part, but from Mike's blog, it looks like they are going on the attack.
  2. A man who knows the sexual crimes of some very rich and powerful people kills himself in his cell while under suicide watch. Not to endorse conspiracy theories, but come on, this one practically writes itself. See what happens to Ghislaine Maxwell next. I am sorry that anyone he could have exposed and helped bring to justice will now scuttle back to the shadows.
  3. Lugal

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    His plane retired before he did.
  4. Sorry about justice, but there's profit to be made. I'd be angrier if it wasn't so utterly predictable.
  5. Another scummy GWC (Guy With Camera) preying on models. Glad he's been outed.
  6. Now they're saying it will be a more contemporary take on the novel which may not be an all-girl version. An all-girl version could be interesting to see how women descend into savagery. Or it could be a straight up exploitation film.
  7. Lugal

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    This kind of stuff gets me excited and jealous. We get some fun and weird things at the consignment store where I work but I haven't found my retirement piece yet. The thrift store in my town once got an old book that turned out to be the minutes for a French town dating back to the 1700s. They contacted the town and returned it. A lucky friend of mine bought a $5 bracelet for his wife that turned out to be a diamond tennis bracelet.
  8. Lugal

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    I liked the first one, but this doesn't really do much for me. Plausibility aside, 33 years and he's still a captain? That's just kind of depressing.
  9. I can't speak about the Independence Day sequel because I never saw it. ID was never a movie that sticks with me. Fun to watch on the big screen, but ultimately it made no big impact on my life. While I still love science fiction, what impressed me in 1996 is completely different that what would have impressed me in 2016. MiB did have more of an impact, I bought the DVD and still watch it occasionally. I actually liked MiB 3, and I thought International was was a fun enough way to kill two hours on a hot summer afternoon. I think if they had released International back in the late 90s-early 00's they could have spun off the series, but that was before cinematic universes were a thing. After the first movie, none of the MiB really did well domestically. 2 made about $50 million over its budget and 3 and International did not make back their budgets, and have been declining ever since. When worldwide revenues are taken into account the whole franchise has done almost $2 billion. I would agree that creatively, it seems to be a dead franchise, but as long as Hollywood thinks they can squeeze more money out of it, who knows.
  10. I think part of it too is time. Will Smith is definitely a draw but pop culture (and Will himself) moved on. The sequel to Independence Day came out twenty years later, and the culture had moved on. ID is one of those movies that if I catch it on TV I might watch, but it never stuck with me enough to own. I never saw the sequel because it just didn't interest me. I thought MiB International wasn't bad, but it came out 22 years after the original and 7 years after the last sequel.
  11. Lugal

    Cats (2019)

    Years ago I watched my cat have a nightmare. I think I now know what it was about.
  12. Lugal

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Just speculation on my part, but he may have gone hiking or exploring and gotten ledged out and fell.
  13. I've read that Thelema, (Crowley's thing) was an influence on Scientology through Jack Parsons. Parsons called LRH the "most Thelemic individual" he ever met. Crowley thought LRH was a fraud. Then LRH ran off with Parson's wife and Parsons threw some pretty heavy magic at them both. The CO$ cross reminds me of the eight pointed chaos star. Personally I would love to see what some chaos magicians could throw at the CO$.
  14. Lugal

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Aww crap. He will always be the Official AKA the Fat Man on Invisible Man to me. "Shut up, Eberts!"
  15. Lugal

    The Fakest Reality Shows

    I remember on Syfy years ago they had that bodypainting show Naked Vegas. In the one episode they had "cosplayers" Gillian and Jessica who were "in town" for a cosplay convention and after a little trepidation, they decided to go with body painting and then went on to win the competition. https://nakedvegas.com/syfy-episode-5-cosplay-and-steampunk/ Except both Gillian and Jessica are professional nude models based out of Las Vegas. I actually worked with Jill on a project almost a decade before the episode aired.