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  1. Lugal

    S01.E05: The Fort

    I kinda figured she'd end up stowing away or something. Although maybe his psychic powers will now show them LA in the future. Or it one-ups and he get telekinetic powers. Peg leg?
  2. Lugal

    S01.E05: The Fort

    Gotta love this show. We can't turn against each other! Let's divide into teams and play softball. There's ways to go about sneaking around in a village, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't it. Our intrepid heroes sneak in, nearly get killed, sneak in again, and only got out because Cool Priestess Lady let them go. And then they get back, and SEAL Doctor has question, but that can wait, since Eve and Levi need to talk about their relationship. As for Gavin and Izzy, they sort of wrote themselves into a corner here. If he leaves his daughter alone in the modern world or takes her with h
  3. The cops had their network of informers, so I think they heard about it through that and then they just ran a background check to see if he had priors and then used that as an excuse to go after him.
  4. Megatherium are in fact in the sloth family, but due to their massive size lived on the ground.
  5. According to the article, Rust is a western, so they were probably using revolvers, and I seem to recall (I think it was The Crow) that for closeup shots of a revolver they use live rounds. It could be a Crow situation and the gun was mishandled and the ammunition was not properly changed out.
  6. Lugal

    S01.E03: The Hunt

    They wasted a multi-million dollar plane and skilled pilot when they could have just tied a note to a rock and tossed it down.
  7. I guessed it was something like cirrhosis due to his drinking.
  8. When Scott was in the hospital talking to Britt about an "archery injury" was that a callback to his days as Green Arrow on Justice League?
  9. Despite all the errors I still like this show. Like why didn't they keep some of the heroin with the medical supplies? Considering how he handles stress, I think Scott's gonna have a really hard time when his marijuana runs out. I'm curious about the cult sisters, and I'm glad Lily found a way out. It looked like they were reading bibles, and I hope they can both find the help they need. I can understand why they didn't drag out the dead snake. They just escaped from one monster, so I can see why they wouldn't have wanted to fish around in the water and try to find it, with who knows
  10. Brooklyn 99 had a fun take on that. The witness was stoned and the sketches revealed the killer might look like "Seth Meyers, Winona Ryder or Bilbo Baggins." I remember the writers originally planned for Parker's version to have everything in black and white and valuables to steal would be in color.
  11. It sounds like they tried to do an end run around her (she has a thong and pasties, so "technically" she's not nude) and steamroll her into it. The producer said that premium cable demands a certain amount of nudity. But with the examples that Jon Rubenstein cited, they could have been trying to save money (as she could demand more for nudity) or any number of other reasons and I'm sure there's plenty of other actresses in that position who would have gone nude, and they knew that. The bottom line is if it wasn't in her contract, then she was well within her rights not to do it.
  12. "Pony Lovers?" "That is not what we thought it was!" Note to Bligh: when the person you've captured knows you plan to kill them and they're still not scared, you should be. "You didn't really think it was a good idea to give Elliot Spencer 60 seconds in the dark did you?"
  13. Lugal

    S01.E03: The Hunt

    I'm kind of getting into this show, although I find the surface stuff is kind of boring. Is it great? No, but for now in a safe predictable network way, it's kinda fun. He's turning into one of my favorite characters. I think he has better chemistry with Riley than Josh. I thought Drug Dealer Son took it. The problem (besides the thick hide and the claws that can tear apart trees) is that once it's dead, they're going to have to move about 4 tons of meat before a lot of predators smell it and come for it. Actually, they should keep all their food somewhere safe like
  14. This was still a fun one, nothing like an old-fashioned train heist, where they robbed Elon Musk (I mean...eh, let's face it, it was Elon Musk), proved him a fraud and then handed him over to the Mounties. Interesting that they don't work in Canada. Interesting Harry can represent the worst clients for the worst thing, but hitting a guy in the face with a shovel unnerves him. It's one thing to have distance, but another to see the violence up close and personal.
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