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  1. So I can't be the only one who thinks Ridge and Shauna got married in Vegas, right? Right?
  2. Quinn was way out of line suggesting it was somehow Sally's fault her parents deserted her. But could that be laying the groundwork for some sort of genetic disorder and her parents didn't leave but died? And now Sally has it?
  3. I'm so happy Grace and Frankie are back. But I'm a little confused ... has the vibrator business been closed? Bankrupt giving away freebies? Sold for a gazillion bucks?
  4. I love that coat (and the guy) and when I pointed out that ad to my husband, he said "If you actually see that coat, BUY it."
  5. In our household, we're calling him "Yodel." Or her. Ya know.
  6. OK I loved this episode, and I am delighted to have Chidi back front and center. But. My son is giving 5 to 1 odds that it's Jason who will save humanity. And I am not betting against that one. Jason, for all that no one ever called him smart, clearly has the highest emotional IQ of Team Cockroach. Remember how Janet described him at his "funeral" as basically a big old ball of sweetness and light, able to see her for her real value as an individual. And when Eleanor was telling Michael to wake up Chidi so he could save them all, Jason leaped forward, saying "I'll do it!" Jason for the win!
  7. Sorta kinda on topic? Dr. Wayne Shady sings "Thriller"! https://nerdist.com/article/thriller-jazz-postmodern-jukebox-cover/
  8. So they were in Rome long enough that Trixie got seriously into gelato, and Chloe was recruited by a Jesuit hit squad?
  9. Wait. What? A crossbow? How is that about challenging a top-notch "Bladesmith"?
  10. The Trolley Problem won a Hugo Award at the World Science Fiction Convention, for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. The other nominees were: Black Mirror: “USS Callister,” written by William Bridges and Charlie Brooker, directed by Toby Haynes (House of Tomorrow) “The Deep” [song], by Clipping (Daveed Diggs, William Hutson, Jonathan Snipes) Doctor Who: “Twice Upon a Time,” written by Steven Moffat, directed by Rachel Talalay (BBC Cymru Wales) The Good Place: “Michael’s Gambit,” written and directed by Michael Schur (Fremulon / 3 Arts Entertainment / Universal Television) Star Trek: Discovery: “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad,” written by Aron Eli Coleite & Jesse Alexander, directed by David M. Barrett (CBS Television Studios)
  11. Not that I could find. On the other hand, my husband looked at Carolyn and said "Doesn't she remind you of Mallory Archer?"
  12. Nadia, the dumb guy. I figured Frank's mother was toast, too.
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