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  1. Best line of the episode! If/when they do end up having kids, I need Raymond and Kevin to be their grandpas. Or at least an episode where Raymond and Kevin babysit.
  2. Randall and his storyline was my favorite last season, but this season it seems like the writers are doing their best to make me not like him. If Randall and Beth went into doing foster care in order to adopt, then they shouldn't have taken a straight foster placement. There are thousands of legally free children available for them to adopt.
  3. Did Randall sleep through the foster parenting classes they would have been required to take? Deja already flinched away from him the first night she was there; how did he think reaching out to grab her hand was the best option? And yeah, going into the women's restroom was creepy. I'm really surprised that Deja actually opened up to him in there. The actor playing Child Kevin is really really good!!! I agree with whoever said that Jack should have taken his Gameboy if he didn't want him to have it.
  4. If Deja really has spent her life in and out of foster care, Randall's speech about how he was adopted as an infant to an awesome family should have been met with a lot more scorn, imo. And then to immediately go into telling her that her mom wouldn't be getting out of jail anytime soon? A bit not good, Randall. Kevin dealing with his grief about his dad really hit close to home. Kudos to Justin for that. I'm hesitant about the pill storyline, but it makes sense that there would be an addiction storyline with one of the twins since there is a genetic connection with addiction. I loved Kate this episode. Her excitement about meeting Sly was so fun to watch!
  5. Everyone should check out these two interviews with David Tennant, Danny Pudi, and Ben Schwartz. They are hilarious, and I need them to do every interview together from now on.
  6. There's also a comment about it being a "requirement from the state," and the principal was implied to be related to one of the Howling Commandos, so it's likely that the principal is Team Cap and still insists that the school uses his videos.
  7. Randall and Beth are going to adopt a boy and name him Jack William (or William Jack) aren't they? As far as there being hurdles to the adoption, they just have to show that they can financially support themselves, which it appears that they can, especially if Beth is working, and his psychiatrist will probably need to provide a note saying that he's fit to adopt. That's one storyline I am looking forward to in the next season. It could bring in more flashbacks of the baby's birth family and why the birth parents decided to place for adoption. Jack and Rebecca's story this episode was underwhelming, mainly because they hyped up his death so much. I do agree with the poster who said Jack walking out that door was the last time Rebecca saw him alive. Maybe Kate calls him and asks him to come pick them up from the sleepover or something? Would Jack have had a cell phone or car phone in 1996 or whenever that was? I'm really glad Kevin decided to go meet with Ron Howard. I think career wise, it's a much smarter move than staying in NY and trying to get work as a theatre actor. I really don't care about Kate and Toby and Kate's potential singing career that seems really random.
  8. Third time; Mack was part of "Real SHIELD."
  9. Didn't she rent the car because her sister lived upstate? I can see a woman with a newborn not wanting to make the trek to NYC for Hanukkah dinner. I agree with being upset that no one went after the suicidal boss (Jimmi Simpson? He played Mary Lightly on Psych! I thought he looked familiar). Randall should have at least called 911 and had the police check on him.
  10. It could also be that Randall has kids old enough for piano lessons. I didn't pay attention to see if it was the same one, but thinking back, it did look similar.
  11. According to IMDb, Winston Story played Bill. They do look eerily similar. The very first Halloween episode was the first ever episode of B99 that I watched, so I really love that they do one every year, and that the rest of the squad (minus Terry) gets so into in and wants to win too. As a huge fan of The Babysitters Club, I was dying laughing at all those references. I need more of Amy and Rosa together, please. I also adored Holt's use of Cheddar! He trained him for a month to find plaques? I wonder what Kevin thought of that?
  12. So, when the base inevitably gets attacked again, they're not gonna have any weapons to defend themselves? That doesn't seem smart. I don't get why they can't carry ICERs. They're non-lethal! FitzSimmons purposely made them so they couldn't harm anyone! Thanks for answering; I must have missed them checking their weapons before entering the base.
  13. Fitz has been Turbo to Mack since 2x02. And yes, that was Mack's shotgun-axe that he made at the end of last season. I'm really intrigued by the Lucy/ghost plot line this season. It's a lot more interesting to me than Ghost Rider. I do like Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes though. The Mack and Daisy and Fitz scene at the end was just heartbreaking! And I know they wanted Director Jeffrey to reveal his Inhuman status by knocking May out, but why did no one ICE her? Seriously? They had to risk giving her brain damage by bashing her head into a brick wall when they could have just knocked her out with one easy shot? Also, I'm kinda half shipping May and Piper, though I'm pretty sure they're going the Philinda route this season, which I'm not opposed to, but I really think they work better as just BFFs. I'm also kinda digging the potential of QuakeRider (I think I saw people calling it that on Tumblr). Like, I don't think now is the best time for Daisy to get into a new relationship, and I really don't think Robbie would be a good partner, but they definitely have chemistry.
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