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Motherland: Fort Salem in the Media

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Witches Fight for Our Country in the New Freeform Series "Motherland: Fort Salem"


Freeform announced today that it has picked up to series "Motherland: Fort Salem," a one-hour drama from executive producers Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Kevin Messick, for ten episodes. The series, created by Eliot Laurence (who also created "Claws"), is set in an alternate, present-day America where witches ended their persecution 300 years ago by cutting a deal with the U.S. government to fight for their country. "Motherland: Fort Salem" follows three young women from basic training in combat magic into terrifying and thrilling early deployment. In this world, the traditional roles of gender and power are flipped with women on the front lines, the fight looming and terrorist threats that are strikingly familiar to our world, but with supernatural tactics and weapons.


Taylor Hickson ("Deadly Class") portrays Raelle, a reluctant recruit with major authority issues whose mother recently died in the line of duty. Jessica Sutton ("The Kissing Booth") is Tally, a kind, strong-willed and curious witch who enlisted despite her mother's passionate disapproval. Amalia Holm ("Playground") rounds out the young witch recruits, playing Scylla, a playful yet dark and mischievous recruit who is not what she appears to be. Demetria McKinney ("The Saints and Sinners") plays Anacostia, a tough but wryly humorous drill sergeant whose chief concern is keeping the young recruits alive through basic training. Additional cast will be announced at a later date.

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On 3/29/2019 at 12:33 PM, Chaos Theory said:

I don’t know if this looks really really good or really really bad.  Either way I am intrigued.

Me too. I'll check it out. Do we have any idea when to expect it?

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I've just seen the trailer for this show and I'm insanely curious about how this is going to work out. It didn't particularly draw me (lots of generic feeling fighting and witch stuff) but the premise itself is very intriguing, not to mention ambitious. 

I like the mini "alternate history/rediscover America" teasers, they're putting some effort into different marketing. 

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This interview is the usual vague fluff but the ending was interesting.

Taylor: Don't latch onto any Easter eggs that are left throughout the series, because you're wrong-
Ashley: You know, WE were wrong.
Jessica: It's unpredictable. You don't really know where the show's going.
Ashley: You really don't.
Jessica: We were surprised. And how many times in life are you surprised?
Taylor: It really threw me for a loop. At the same time I was like, "I KNEW IT!" and I was like, "I had no idea." But I like to tell myself, yeah, I totally saw that coming.
Ashley: We laughed, we cried...
Taylor: Reading the finale... we were all bawling at the table, sharing a box of Cartems donuts... crying into the box of donuts...

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Lynee Renee (Alder) will officially be a series regular for season two.

From Freeform's press release



Lyne Renee Upped to Series Regular

“Motherland: Fort Salem,” Freeform’s fierce genre thriller, has been picked up for a second season and Lyne Renee (General Alder) has been upped to series regular. The series is set in an alternate, present-day America where witches ended their persecution over 300 years ago by cutting a deal with the U.S. government to fight for their country with supernatural tactics and weapons. The series stars Taylor Hickson, Jessica Sutton, Ashley Nicole Williams, Amalia Holm, Demetria McKinney and Lyne Renee. “Motherland: Fort Salem” is written and created by Eliot Laurence, with Laurence, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Kevin Messick as executive producers. Steven Adelson, Erin Maher, Kay Reindl and Bryan Q. Miller will also serve as executive producers on the series.

“I could not be more grateful for the chance to keep exploring the world of ‘Motherland: Fort Salem,’” said Laurence. “Freeform has been such a fabulous home for us through the development process, production, post and marketing. I’m also blown away by the love we’ve gotten from our fans, whose excitement and passion played a massive part in this renewal. Thank you, witches!”

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I happy the show has been renewed. 🙂

Meh on Scylla being the center of that poster, though. I pray the writers will actually show her atoning and seeking redemption for being a mass murdering terrorist in S2 cause her being absolved solely cause she loves Raelle ain't it (and neither is Anacostia throwing herself in the way to prop up Scylla).

Also, I want more of Abigail showing off her powers in S2!

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Scylla was never going anywhere... I remember an early Eliot Laurence interview where he said that Raelle and Scylla go through a lot in season one, but it's not the end for them, and that he's obsessed with them. I wasn't as sure about Alder, but I know he loves the character and the actress, so that's not too surprising.

I assume that the eventual goal here is to have a new "unit" led by Blaster Abigail with Knower Tally, Fixer Raelle, and Necro Scylla. One of each specialty. I hope they can get us to that point in an entertaining and believable way. Glad the show will be back.

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The cast recently recorded Tumblr Answer Time videos from home, and they're fun. You can see all of them here, spanning six pages. You can tell these women all love the show and love working together. Hope they can get back to it soon!

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American Society of Cinematographers award!

Episode of a One-Hour Television Series – Commercial: Jon Joffin – “Motherland: Fort Salem” (“Up is Down”)

I know this probably might not sound like a big deal because it's not as well known as, say, the Oscars, but some of the other ASC winners this year are The Queen's Gambit, The Crown, and Mank.


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‘Motherland: Fort Salem’: Freeform Thriller Drama Adds Five To Cast Ahead Of Season 2


(L-R) Victor Webster, Mellany Barros, Praneet Akilla, Ess Hödlmoser and Arlen Aguayo

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 premieres at 10 PM Tuesday, June 22.

In Season 2, Raelle (Hickson), Tally (Sutton) and Abigail (Williams) confront higher stakes, dangerous magic and a new threat from an ancient group of witch hunters, the Camarilla. 

Victor Webster plays Blanton Silver, vice president of the United States. When his daughter is discovered to be a witch, Silver tries to adjust to her newfound identity.

Mellany Barros portrays Penelope Silver, the only child of the vice president who accidentally discovers she is a witch. She is enthusiastic, passionate, yet overwhelmed while she navigates this shift from civilian to military life.

Praneet Akilla is Gregorio, a male witch from the upper echelons of military witch society (like Abigail). He has huge opinions about how male witches are treated in a female dominant witch army, and makes them known.

Ess Hödlmoser plays M, a non-binary second-year soldier in War College, M is very protective of our Unit and any witch in their coven.

Arlen Aguayo is Nicte, someone from Alder’s past who helped shape her into who she is now.



Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2, Episode 1 "Of the Blood": Despite the threat of the Camarilla, the discovery of new witches gives Alder hope. Tally struggles with her role as a Biddy, and Raelle and Abigail return to Fort Salem with their mysterious new abilities. Written by Eliot Laurence.

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2, Episode 2 "Abomination": The Unit begins War College, introducing them to their Coven and new challenges. Anacostia and Scylla find themselves unlikely partners in a dangerous mission. Tally mentors a new recruit. Written by Brian Studler.



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The show had a panel for San Diego's virtual Comic Con with a link that gave you a chance to win a conscription medal. I got mine today, so I guess that means I'm part of the witch army? It came with the oath, a Motherland: Fort Salem sticker, and what I think are possibly glow in the dark star stickers or tattoos.


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I agree, there's already so much worldbuilding stuff we only know because of After the Storm episodes or other interviews. I'm sure they could have written at least five good seasons. At least they know well in advance that the third season is the final one, so they can tell a complete story.

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The end of season 2 of “Motherland: Fort Salem” left Abigail, Tally, Raelle and Scylla fugitives on the run. Now without a military nor a home, they seek protection alongside the Dodger community in the Cession — but laying low and staying out of trouble has never been their strong suit. With witch hunters working against them from inside the White House, our heroes must call upon ancient forces in the final battle for their right to exist.

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