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S03.E13: Prior Bad Acts

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Uh, nitro (which comes in tiny tablets, not pills) isn't swallowed, it's dissolved under the tongue and absorbed directly into the bloodstream, like the "ointment." Strike one, show.

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Further clarification.
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7 hours ago, Bobbin said:

Uh, nitro (which comes in tiny tablets, not pills) isn't swallowed, it's dissolved under the tongue...

My dad once swallowed one accidentally.  He reported that the sky turned pink, and a host of angels appeared in a heavenly choir...

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The jangly piano music was an interesting choice, I thought.  It was offputting, and kind of set you on edge--which is perfect for scenes depicting grief and loss when you're feeling like all your bits have been shaken loose, and nothing fits back into its accustomed place quite right. 

I liked caring Bull.  I liked how he wanted to be there for his friends.  He was irritated at Benny, until he found out Benny's father died, then he made that abrupt about-face.  That $1M check wasn't enough if he couldn't be there for Benny.  And New!Cable kept charming me again and again.  "I really liked being a lawyer..."  I hope they keep giving her more bits and interjections like that.  The actress just seems warm and and internally quirky.

As for the case-of-the-week....  I knew as soon as they made such a big deal out of the victim's germaphobia, and how they emphasized his use of wipes and hand sanitizers that it was likely going to be the vector for the cause of death.  That was telegraphed at full volume, and not even in code.  The nitro pills bothered me too.  They are supposed to be dissolved under the tongue, so when the black widow girlfriend gave him that passionate tongue kiss, all I could think was--she's gonna have a helluva headache.  One of the side effects of nitroglycerin is a killer headache.   Which....if he'd been dosing himself with the nitro gel infused in his hand sanitizer, the victim would have been walking around constantly incapacitated by a headache.  That was a plot point fail, show.  I do love Reiko Aylesworth though, and it was kind of fun to see her relish the hell out of a bad girl role.

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I could live with the "I just can't quit you" thing if she weren't, you know, married.

Initially I thought that the vic was going to be a perp in some sort of something with the guy whose computer he was using at the beginning, where he wiped off the keyboard, I was thinking "removing fingerprints" before "germaphobe". But yeah, about ten seconds later it was glaringly obvious that the death was something to do with all the hand sanitizer.

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20 hours ago, HurricaneVal said:

"I really liked being a lawyer..."  I hope they keep giving her more bits and interjections like that. 

Well, Chunk went from being the dhobi wallah and valet to one of the top lawyers on the team.  So, by the end of this season New!Cable might be a supreme court judge!

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I liked the episode.  It struck a chord with me because my dad just died (also in his sleep) just over a week ago.  It was sad without being over dramatic or morbid, and honestly I could see two people reconnecting over a loss like that and then being confused by it.  Life is complicated.

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On February 4, 2019 at 11:31 PM, Kleav said:

I dropped by just to see if anyone else would comment on that music. Drove me nuts.

The background music that played during all the scenes with Bull and his ex was super distracting! I wondered if anyone else noticed it too. Especially when it kicked in abruptly when Bull was on the phone with her. The last piece that played during the bar scene was a Billy Joel number though - that was good.

Nitroglycerin can actually be absorbed through the skin. My cat who had a heart condition took it via a cream we applied on her ear. Don't know how it works in people though!

I really like the new tech lady, and (sorry) I think I like her better than Cable. Maybe because I could never really get into the "quirky millenial hacker" trope. I did wonder about the need to call her ex though - surely they could have avoided problems for her by calling, idk, like ANY stockbroker? Surely a contact on Wall Street exists for that office.

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On ‎2‎/‎6‎/‎2019 at 8:43 PM, Moxie Cat said:

...The last piece that played during the bar scene was a Billy Joel number though - that was good....

The lyrics for 'Hey Girl' were a perfect fit for that scene, but the piano selections played during the other moments when Bull interacted with his ex weren't even close.

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I'm really behind on this show so it's pretty pointless for me to comment belatedly, LOL. But I wanted to chime in my relief that other people thought the music in this episode was really out of whack. It was SO disjointed! Part noir, part random piano piece that sounded like a person trying to tune the piano because they kept loudly hitting the same note in succession (so it didn't sound gentle or romantic or whatever the hell they were trying to accomplish with that recurring theme). It was so strange.

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