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  1. 0.48 for me. Cash, dear, don’t hit record till you have something interesting to say.
  2. They should be careful what they wish for.
  3. Just visited the Twitter feed. Wow. I’m staying here with the sane people who understand that it’s just a TV show.
  4. At this point, Josh probably has to stay with her to have a chance at winning. I doubt he’s interested in maintaining the relationship outside the villa.
  5. Florita looked especially Ivanka-ish tonight.
  6. It turned out that he was actually no longer with the ATF (I forget who discovered that), so apparently he’d joined the bad guys.
  7. Those “little blue pills” were the size of AirPods.
  8. I don't think Max sees things that way, but when she said it, he was kind of trapped.
  9. Thank you! Even when I got closer to the TV, I couldn't read that exchange.
  10. Yeah, I loved the way the administrator didn’t have a single question about how that was going work. Brilliant, Max.
  11. I could watch a whole hour consisting entirely of Grace handling 911 calls.
  12. Overbearing Dad was already obnoxious in the background video, when he asked what she wanted to sing and then dismissed her choice. I feel sorry for her.
  13. Rose on Two and a Half Men, in case it was driving you crazy.
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