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S04.E01: Cake and Pastry Week

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On 12/10/2018 at 11:06 AM, JasmineFlower said:

I'm a little confused about the questions on where this is being filmed. I didn't see the first couple of minutes. In seasons past they've very clearly shown the UK setting and been very open about that. Did that not happen this season? I don't watch the British version, but always assumed it was the exact same studio/setting.

Right at beginning, one of the Spices (I forget which) said something to the effect of "Here we are in England" <big overhead cam shot>

I was bothered by two things in this episode (or these episodes):

1) New Judge was giving a lot of nothing-comments. Usually the judging on this show, and I'm including all the various judges in both British and American permutations, are quite specific. It's one of the things I enjoy about the show compared to other cooking shows. She literally said "party in my mouth" and I wanted to stop her like a training puppy and say NO. Bad judge! Use your words! That was the worst one, but a lot of her other remarks, at least what the editing left in, were totally useless for giving me a sense of the bake beyond the fact that she liked it or didn't.

2) I am very perturbed Paul also committed pointless TV cliche commentary. "I don't like this..... I LOVE IT". If I want to hear that sort of nonsense I'll watch fucking MasterChef thank you very much. Try again, Paul. Don't do that. You're better than that.

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