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  1. I'm so happy this show is back. My heart (and skin) hurt so much seeing the young woman with psoriasis. Thankfully the medication is making a huge difference in both her skin and joints.
  2. Oh happy days. Finally something to look forward to on this subfreezing, foggy time of the year.
  3. I laughed when the gorilla grabbed the handy straw and wiped off his chest after his exam. I know the feeling.
  4. Yup. Its the same Mikey. I have been having deja vu watching Shannon and Gina and then I remembered Lisa VP mother henning Taylor in the Beverly Hills version. Yes indeed every thing old is new again.
  5. My local PBS station aired the pilot last weekend and I totally fell in love with the show.
  6. OMG I've been doing the same thing. I especially think of Dr. Emily since she grew up in Georgia and never had to deal with low subzero temps and wind chill into the ridiculous -40 or whatever number. I wonder if they also have to deal with snow drifts blocking the roads. Fun and games.
  7. OMG! She looks radiantly beautiful in that picture. Way to go Dottie.
  8. Shannon looks to be a good healthy weight now and quite happy. Paul is looking mighty fine. (Of course I've always had a soft spot for him.) Taylor, I didn't recognize with the shit ton of fillers she had injected into her face. I doubt she has ever had chipmunk cheeks in her real face. (Slowly shaking my head and musing to myself that a fame ho can be such an idiot.) Word of advice: Lay off the fillers Taylor. They are not your friend.
  9. I just googled rugelach pronunciation and listened to three you tube links. Guess what? All three were different.
  10. I agree. I remember seeing Brodi, the kinkajou and possum and the little girl and father adopting the rabbit stories before. Reminds me of what they have done with several Dr. Pol episodes.
  11. Ghoulina, I am right there with you. I am the same way and though I appreciate men who can get emotional, I need to be with a different type to keep me sane. Mind you, not someone who is the polar opposite who will trounce on your emotions which can be too much but someone in between, you know, someone just right. Common sense is a must. I am so tired of all the newbies trying to "earn their bones" by trying to get a rise out of Shannon. Come on newbies, if that's all you got, you don't belong on this show. Please be original. Baiting Shannon is so tiresome to this viewer.
  12. My new pet theory is that Bravo hired Emily because of Shane. Emily herself is rather boring but Shane really brings it.
  13. As presented during the episode, we saw Robert and his girl friend talking the night before (he wanted her to stay the night with him at the care facility) and the next thing we saw she was back at the apartment trying to get her act together after his death in the early hours of the morning. At least that's how I remember it.
  14. Mike Rinder detailed the event on his blog a couple of days ago. There were no arrests.
  15. My theory is that he hates the red chair because it doesn't have anything to do with Tom Cruise. No no ass kissing, not homage, no massaging the fragile Cruise ego. I meant to also comment that when Cavill was talking about visiting his home all I could think of were all of were all of his Sea Org slaves working endless hours for next to no money with a smile on their faces and never looking him in the eye, not to mention having to put up with his pouty tantrums, etc.
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