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  1. Did anyone notice that Henry used the verboten term "Bake-Off" (for U.S. viewers) and they didn't edit it out?
  2. A pavlova is usually just a round flat meringue with a raised ring of meringue around the circumference and all filled with fruit. I was confused by the use of "as it happens." Obviously the show is not live (even in the UK), but I assume you meant that it's being made available almost simultaneously with the British broadcast and not a full season at a time. Now for my question: One of the bakers said the smell of something (framboise?) reminded her of "calpol." (That's what the closed captioning said.) Does anyone know what that is? Also, closed captioning always refers to the baker as "Steph," but she was wearing a necklace with "Steffi" on it this week.
  3. How many couples can you see? (From Alice's Instagram.)
  4. Do they film different intros for the Netflix/US shows? Because the Wizard of Oz team called it "The Great British Baking Show," which is, as far as I know, the name that's required to be used in the US (instead of "Bake-Off.") I don't recall them doing that in the past.
  5. Yes we did. Bret did the Roadblock and it looks like he completed it fairly quickly. But it was a brief clip, so I understand how someone could've missed it. Colin and Christie have never been married. It's discussed in their thread.
  6. Before my time. Never watched it. But glad to hear there was one. Then you missed the single best series finale EVER. (Or at least the final scene.) Fun fact: a then-unknown Lisa Kudrow was in that episode.. You will still be seeing him in new episodes every Thursday night at 8:00 PM beginning in the fall.
  7. It WAS the season finale. I think you meant SERIES finale.
  8. Does anyone else feel sorry for that poor girl having to go through life with the name AGNES PUGH? What would've happened if Valerie had shown up by herself in response to Aunt Flo's phone call? I can't imagine her having the composure to handle it professionally like Trixie did. They ran last week's closing credits instead of the correct ones (at least on PBS.)
  9. I don't know about Canada, but in the US, sherbet and sorbet are two different products. Sherbet has dairy (usually milk) in it; sorbet is just fruit, sugar, and water.
  10. I thought Leo's bar was in California. Does he have more than one?
  11. Too bad Colin didn't do the elephant task. We could have been treated to "My elephant is broken!"
  12. I have no idea how easy it is, but I know that you can't get one at a community college. So why is Kate going to one?
  13. Churches have to be very careful about getting into political issues lest they lose their tax-exempt status.
  14. My DVR/cable guide shows next Saturday's episode as TWO HOURS. Is that a mistake or are they expanding the show?
  15. Gopher! It's been a LONG time since "The Love Boat." So Jessica mispronounced "jatte" as "jatté" and Evan didn't correct her? I'm shocked.
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