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  1. I wonder if they get product placement cash from a business that only operates in India. I guess it's possible that TAR airs in India, but if it doesn't, then I don't see a company like Swiggy paying for product placement.
  2. At the beginning, Sheldon clearly refers to the place as a train STORE, but it definitely seemed more like a museum. And stores don't usually have docents. I suppose there could have been a gift store associated with the museum, but then it still wouldn't be called a "train store."
  3. Did we see anyone other than Riley/Maddison in front of the Yield? I'm wondering why no one else chose to use it. It might have made sense for one of the teams toward the bottom of the pack.
  4. So many things this week that were unfamiliar to me (and presumably most Americans.) As mentioned above--finger donuts. Never heard of them. And Matt's joke that required one to be over 45 to get it ... Over 45 and British, I guess, because I had no idea what he was talking about. I love a nice quiche. My favorite uses diced ham and Jarlsberg cheese in a cream cheese pastry crust. All of the ones on the show seemed much more complex and ambitious, but most of them sounded good--except for Marc's. I hate fish, and I really appreciated Prue's comment about them being too similar.
  5. It looks like You Don't Strike Me as a Renaissance Man is now scheduled for next Weds. (11/11) and there will be two back-to-back episodes the following week. (Per the schedule at cbs.com)
  6. I thought that was Victoria and Michelle.
  7. J-Man

    S04.E07: Lay Away

    It was a sign in a window advertising a new Diners Club credit card. He was angry because it appeared that the banker to whom he proposed the idea of a credit card stole the concept from him.
  8. J-Man

    S04.E07: Lay Away

    Another thing that bothered me was the Diners Club reference. The Diners Club card, just like the still popular American Express Green Card, was not a CREDIT card, it was a CHARGE card. You had to pay the balance in full every month. The sign that Loy saw clearly promoted it as a credit card.
  9. J-Man

    S04.E07: Lay Away

    That bothered me too, along with the fact that I don't recall macarons being a "thing" in the US until maybe 15 years ago. Certainly not something that a Midwestern home baker like Oraetta would be making in 1950.
  10. J-Man

    S01.E06: Meg

    Her name was ESTHER Williams.
  11. They're probably not allowed to use trademarked characters. In the signature, the instructions stated that the fillings could be sweet or savory, and didn't have to be Japanese. So I don't think it was an issue that a lot of the bakers chose fillings from other parts of the world.
  12. The clue said to make sure you have all your "belongings" with you. I could understand how people could have interpreted that to mean just their personal items (i.e., backpack, etc.) but since they purchased all of those things in the marketplace, I guess they belonged to them too. But anyone familiar with the race would know that the clue wouldn't remind people to bring their own possessions, since that's a given.
  13. According to the closed-captioning, his middle name is Guglielmo. (Italian for "William.")
  14. It continued on for many years after. See Mickey Rooney in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961) or Peter Sellers in "Murder by Death"(1976.)
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