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Questions about this episode:

What was with Raquel near the end of the show? When she was going into Oscar's safe and saw a red envelope or note with her name in it, she looked kind of guilty to me .Could she possibly be involved with Olivia's murder?


Who was the guy who was trying to black mail Kyle?


Is that Angela Bassett playing Jelena's mom?

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1. Raquel does have a file and red envelope. Thus, making her a suspect. My one fear regarding the Olivia's murder is that they pull a cheat so the murderer isn't a red envelope recipient or only reveal that they were getting red envelopes at the same time they are revealed as the murderer.


2. Obsessed fan.


3. Lynn Whitfield.

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Questions about this episode:

What was with Raquel near the end of the show? When she was going into Oscar's safe and saw a red envelope or note with her name in it, she looked kind of guilty to me .Could she possibly be involved with Olivia's murder?

I thought that was her own safe at the bar where she works. There was a red envelope in it and she put her own file in it. Apparently she took that from Oscar's office along with the other Devil Girls files, but didn't show it to Sloane.
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I guess there was a sale on red envelopes at Stalkers N Blackmailers R Us. At this point we know that Jelena, Kyle, and Derek have received the "no more secrets" messages and there is one in Raquel's file. I wasn't paying close attention to the scene where she put the file in the vault so was the red envelope already in her file, meaning did Oscar have it all ready to be sent to her and waiting in her file? Or did she already receive it and she put it inside her file before putting the file in the vault?


Jude knows what the red envelopes. He knew as soon as he saw that red corner in Derek's fireplace that Olivia had blackmailed Derek. But how does Derek know that's what the red envelopes mean? Was he or Oscar sending them out and pretending to be Olivia? Or did Oscar receive a red envelope from Olivia?

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I have a bit of a problem with the basketball storyline. My understanding is that the Devils are like the current real life OKC Thunder. Terrance is like Russell Westbrook, a zero guard (pun unintended), who is more of a play facilitator who uses his size and strength than a scorer. Derek is like Durant, an All-Star offensive player. They got Zero because opposing defenses were just closing in on Derek. What did Derek expect when they got the 2nd best player from the team that won the championship last year? And what the hell was Pete doing before Zero fed German the plays? Have we ever seen him coach?


Also, I'm not sure I understand what's going on with Sloane. She's not really interested in who killed Olivia, right? She just wants to know what Oscar has on her. Can we get a few more clues about the murder that, yanno, is supposed to be the season's main storyline?

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Ha, I love that the episode description makes it sound like Derek and Terrence kiss and then get into a big fight:


Jelena targets Sloane. Pete and Lionel grow closer. A surprise kiss stirs up old feelings. Derek and Terrence reach their breaking point.
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Pete: I had a drink hours before I went to pick up Miguel and suddenly [Raquel]'s labeling me an after school special. That's why we broke up.
Lionel: I was in an after school special once with Crispin Glover and the daughter from Mr. Belvedere. That was tragic.

Hank: What you're looking for is depravity, my strongest suit.

Jelena: It's like Spartacus vomited on Superfly.
Kyle: Isn't it beautiful?
Jelena: It's the height of taste and class.

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The fact that Ahsha and Derek got into such a huge fight over German shows this relationship is not going to go the distance (not that I ever believed for one second that they were about anything more than physical attraction). They are both being so freaking immature about the whole thing.


I would have liked this week's dance a lot more if they had eliminated Jelena's ringmaster role. Man, they're not even trying to disguise the fact that they aren't having her dance all the time anymore.


Ha, is this the first time we've seen actual basketball on this show? It's kind of funny that some of the main characters on this show are baskeball players but we mostly see them walking around the arena or at press events.


I know we are supposed to suspend a lot of disbelief to watch this show, but Kyle sittong on the sidelines while on her cell phone? No pro team would allow that! Yes, it was to help Oscar plan Derek's roast, but realistically she could have just gone to the locker room or somewhere else off the floor.


Zero's willingness to strip down for Hank was not surprising at all. I wish he had taken his socks off though. A hot naked dude with his socks still on is not appealing to me. I don't know why Jelena didn't try a little harder to negotiate with Hank though. He acted like she wanted the original photo when she really only asked for a copy. It's not like the olden days when he would have had to dig up the negative and take it to a photo place to have it processed. She could have just asked if she could take a picture of the original with her cell phone.


I hated that later Zero said that Jelena got him to do her dirty work. Dude, you were half naked before the guy even pulled his camera out. Jelena is a lot of things, most of them not good, but I did not see her coerce him into doing that AT ALL. Part of me isn't surprised he was so eager to get naked for that picture but then I remembered his squeaky clean Christian image. I guess if the photo got out, it could damage his image but he didn't seem at all concerned about that so I won't be either.


How much of a secret past could Raquel be hiding? Wouldn't Oscar have run a background check on all the Devil Girls and already know if there was something shady in her past?


Where is Derek from that they have state basketball championships for sixth graders?


On a shallow note, I hated that yellow and black scribble art in Sloane's office. It looks like a bored kid did that with a sharpie and someone decided to frame it. Pete and Sloane making out in her office was a terrible idea. Do neither of you remember that the office is surrounded by glass walls? I was expecting Lionel's face to show up behind them as their faces pulled apart.


I'm still not clear what Raquel's agenda is, but I loved that she seated Sloane right next to that Wexler guy. Raquel is clearly not cut out for undercover work given how flummoxed she got when she said Jude was nothing like Oscar and he asked what she meant. Damn, girl, making something up like "Oscar is a stickler for the rules!"


German can STFU. Just because Ahsha has been nice enough to ask how his new job is going and apologize for Derek's outburst doesn't mean she's trying to keep him sucked into her drama. It's called being a friend, you dumbass, but I guess German is one of those guys who can only date girls but never be just friends.

Between the big hair and the short trench coat, Ahhhhhhhsha looked like a total flasher in that scene!


I have to be honest - I don't care about Derek's mommy issues. Yeah, she's a self- centered biatch. You're better off without her (and her new carwash owning boyfriend) in your life.


I love Kyle but dude, getting involved with Oscar is a terrible idea! I hope she doesn't end up regretting it.


Ahhhhhhsha needs to learn when to STFU. Her boyfriend just got into a very public fight and his mom didn't show up. Stop peppering him with a million questions! Derek is the worst boyfriend ever. Letting your girlfriend get busted for cocaine possession? You suck, Derek. Would they drug test either of them in this situation?

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I know, right? Short of Sloane and Raquel conking Oscar over the head and stealing the phone out of his pocket while he's unconscious, I don't see them getting it out of his possession for even a minute.


By the way, slow clap to the AV operator who was breezing through those childhood pictures of Derek at the roast and then came to a dead stop when Sloane's picture came up. Heh and I love how the roast went on even after Derek stormed off.

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I don't think derek meant to throw it in Ahsha purse. the lights were off in the car. it looks like he was just trying to throw it on the floor, between the seats, and it landed in her purse. plus they're both looking fine in the preview, so he likely got them out of it. But if they use it to break up ahsha and derek, I'm fine with it. I really dislike Ahsha. She can go back to german's victim-playing bitch ass.


And why is terrance so buddy buddy with his new teammate that is boning his ex? I honestly don't get why this character is such a fool. Zero is running all over him.


Don't care about Sloan. But jelena's act is so old and tired. I'm starting to think she's in love with Ahsha.


I want derek and kyle to be happy. damn everyone else.

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My Thoughts:

Derek's Mom just uses him for his money. Probably why he's so messed up and uses cocaine

What is Raquel's secret? What dirt did Olivia have on her?

Ahsha's hoarse (sometimes squeaky)voice  is annoying.

The host (comedienne)  of the Derek's roast shouldn't have worn those red, high waisted pants. Not very flattering on her

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My Thoughts:

Derek's Mom just uses him for his money. Probably why he's so messed up and uses cocaine

What is Raquel's secret? What dirt did Olivia have on her?

Ahsha's hoarse (sometimes squeaky)voice is annoying.

The host (comedienne) of the Derek's roast shouldn't have worn those red, high waisted pants. Not very flattering on her

The comedienne, Sommore is my favorite stand up comic aside from Aisha Tyler and I was SO disappointed in her cameo! That's all I got.

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Kyle: Did you hit your head or should I?

Lionel: You're an idiot.
Pete: You married me!

Lionel: I know it took me a little while [to sign the divorce papers] but I was perusing the cases at Montblanc to find just the perfect pen.

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Ha, I love that Ahhhhhsha's list of complaints included being forced to hand over her shoes. And of course Derek is trying to play this off like it's not big deal. You weren't arrested - you were just in a holding cell! I signed some autographs so they're just going to give you a warning - it's like it never happened! My response to that would have been, "Yeah, it never would have happened at all if you hadn't THROWN YOUR COCAINE IN MY PURSE, JACKWAD." He was not going to take any responsibility for that situation at all. He couldn't even admit that she could have been arrested for possession because of his selfishness and recklessness. How is it that no paparazzi were waiting outside the police station to take pictures of Derek and Ahsha as they left? You know they would have loved to catch her with the big hair, the smudged makeup, and the flasher trench coat doing the perp walk the morning after.


I was so glad she decided that her boyfriend letting her take the blame for his cocaine was a good enough reason to leave him. Finally, someone making a smart relationship decision on this show! But sadly, I knew it wouldn't last. She would rather forgive the cokehead boyfriend who is willing to let her go to jail to save his own ass than move back home with her mother. And if she wasn't able to tell that he was doing coke before, how is she going to be tell if he keeps doing it in the future?


I would have been a little bit more enthused about her finally growing a backbone with Jelena if I thought there was any real bite behind her threats that she's going after Jelena. Honestly, Jelena doesn't have as much game as she likes to think she has, but Ahsha is even lamer than Jelena is so this is going to be the equivalent of a little kid slap fight.


Jelena normally annoys me, but when she interrupted Terrance and Vance bragging about their stats to tell them she was going to leave, I liked her for about a minute. The fact that she was concerned about Vance made me think that maybe if she had anything important to worry about (meaning anything besides her perceived power struggles with Olivia, Sloane, Ahsha, Terrance, and everyone else in the entire world), she might not be a horrible person. Unfortunately she spends all her time thinking about herself and casting herself as the victim in her own drama so I don't see that happening on a long term basis any time soon.


I am not fond of shows doing PSA type episodes, especially a show like this that isn't L&O: SVU, but brain damage from concussions is a serious issue that the NFL is barely paying lip service to despite all of the players like Junior Seau who have committed suicide, so I almost wish they had gone into more detail about Vance's condition.

If Terrance is going to take drugs surreptitiously, maybe he shouldn't hide them in his locker. Didn't he learn his lesson when he found the drugs Jelena used on him in her locker?


Oh, Raquel. If you're going to go to that much trouble to get a look at Jude's phone, at least put on his jacket so it seems a little less obvious. Why would she waste time texting Sloane a message that said, "I got the number" instead of just taking a picture of the phone number with her phone.


As soon as Lionel showed up at Pete's, I knew he and Lionel were going to end up sleeping together again. I hope this was just a one time divorce fuck. I do not want to see them reconciling because they are a disaster together.


Zero seems pretty jealous for someone who supposedly only wants Jelena because she's the biggest trophy in Los Angeles (and really? With all the supermodels, actresses, and various it girls, a dancer for a basketball team is the biggest trophy in LA?). But it's been pretty obvious for the past few episodes that he feels possessive of her and jealous of any brief conversations she has with Terrance.


Once again, Sloane and Raquel decide to have a "private" conversation about Oscar and Olivia and seeeeeeecrets in the arena. I was actually kind of glad that Jude caught them. It's about time someone busted the various dummies who think that this is an appropriate place to have top secret conversations.

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An investigation that Oscar is carrying out hits an obstacle. Ahsha takes aim at Jelena. There is an unanticipated development that effects Lionel and Pete's relationship.


Please don't let the unanticipated development be Lionel getting pregnant!

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if she had anything important to worry about (meaning anything besides her perceived power struggles with Olivia, Sloane, Ahsha, Terrance, and everyone else in the entire world), she might not be a horrible person. Unfortunately she spends all her time thinking about herself and casting herself as the victim in her own drama so I don't see that happening on a long term basis any time soon.

In a way,  I think that's VH1's fault rather than the writers. You know there's some suit reading through the scripts to make sure the audience is reminded Jelena's the bad girl and Ahsha's the good girl every 10 pages.



Zero seems pretty jealous for someone who supposedly only wants Jelena because she's the biggest trophy in Los Angeles (and really? With all the supermodels, actresses, and various it girls, a dancer for a basketball team is the biggest trophy in LA?).

At this point, I just accept that this is a fantasyland where cheerleaders are paid big bucks, rather than the reality that they aren't making minimum wage (which HBO's RealSports did a recent expose on). That said, I don't buy Zero's obsession at all. And if they really try to go where they suggested in the preview....well, there's a difference between suspending disbelief and expelling it from school.

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So I officially prefer season 1.... None of these characters are likeable.

I used to like Jelena before the show became about her. Her screen time needs to be reduced right along with Pete's. Seriously, why has Pete become such a central character? And I'm not happy with the direction they're taking him so give him a couple eps off.

I don't get why Terrance would even hold a slight candle for a woman who drugged him so I rolled my eyes all through his scenes with Jelena. Jelena is truly awful and he actually seems to be a good guy but he annoys me because he's such an idiot.

Why exactly is German still around and completely winning while every other character is rolled around on sh*t. Is he just there to take ahsha back after Derrick majorly screws up? How boring. I'd rather see a single ahsha.

The coke addict annoys me the least and that's probably because he does the least whining. He just you know goes and does drugs when ish happens and I prefer to watch that than the woe is me crap every other character pulls.

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The fact that she was concerned about Vance made me think that maybe if she had anything important to worry about (meaning anything besides her perceived power struggles with Olivia, Sloane, Ahsha, Terrance, and everyone else in the entire world),


That's a problem inherent with the entire show. They have to hide that they've put the drama next to something that's much more important. It's like a show set in the CIA where everyone's concerned about the janitorial staff's love lives.


It's just most obvious with Jelena because she drives the action.



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So now Davenport is an alcoholic.

I still don't like Jelena or believe she has feelings.

The Kyle stories are getting annoying. It's bordering on escorting at this point...

Here we go again, with people discussing private things in a personal space, and they finally get caught. I really like Raquel though, and hope she comes out of it okay.

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I really hope Lionel doesn't get pregnant. That would annoy me just about as much as Pete suddenly being an alcoholic. Finally Ahsha and Derek have the chance to do something besides argue like children, and it's swept away just like everything else. I'm pretty sure cocaine isn't something one just quits doing one day with no reprecussions whatsoever. If Jelena and Terrance had broken up over him wanting to leave and her wanting to stay, then I would be slightly less unwilling to believe she's a human being and that he's not over her. But she drugged him! There is still no excuse for that. And even if she hadn't she still spends her time going after two people who didn't do anything to her, just because they threaten her power or whatever. Also, Zero, you were sleeping with two random chicks at the end of the last episode, and you reffered to Jelena as a trophy and stalked her. I mean, I don't see her as a human being, but that behavior is still not okay, at all. You'd think the last thing Jelena would want is a person who wants to own her rather than be with her. It's no wonder Oliva was able to blackmail everyone considering no one feels the need to leave the arena for sensitive conversations or actions. Really Terrance? You're keeping your drugs in your locker right there? Really? Sigh. This show. Oh yeah! And why doesn't anyone lock their phones? I don't know anyone who doesn't lock their phone.

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I still don't like Jelena or believe she has feelings.

I think Jelena is capable of two feelings:

(1) I'm awesome, bitches!

(2) Poor me!


I really hope Lionel doesn't get pregnant. That would annoy me just about as much as Pete suddenly being an alcoholic.

ITA - I wouldn't be surprised if Lionel pretends to be pregnant to try to get her hooks back into Pete. I don't think I can handle another fake pregnancy storyline (thanks, Glee and Nashville!) but at least that would be more of a short term storyline than Lionel actually getting pregnant. I do not want to watch Lionel and Pete going to obstetrician appointments, shopping for strollers, oohing over the ultrasound, etc. I certainly don't want to listen to her complain about getting fat or Pete wax poetic about how he gets a second chance at fatherhood (while he gives Sloane major side eye for not letting him be part of Ahhhhhhhsha's childhood). So if I have to choose a pregnancy option, I'd rather have a campy fake pregnancy (although will anything top Teri forcing her doctor to give her a fake ultrasound or Peggy's buying pig blood?).

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I called the Jelena/Zero stuff in the preview preposterous, and yet it somehow managed to be worse than that. It was like a college freshman trying to write a noir script where everyone behaves exactly the way they have to so that it works. The sad part is I think the writers thought they were being clever.


I have absolutely no faith in the Olivia "mystery" that no one's trying to solve or what Oscar has on Sloane. How could she not know? How many awful things has she done where she can't figure out what Oscar's blackmailing her with. Did she molest children while sleepwalking?


Kyle used to be the saving grace of the show, but her storyline has gone off the rails.

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Serves them right for talking about Oscar in the arena like idiots. I don't really see how Jelena has a choice. That is, it's not like Terrance and Zero are fighting over her. Terrance still broke up with her, and has given no indication that their situation is going to change. Kyle is not currently amusing me, which is just sad for me. I love Kyle. I still really dislike Pete being an alcoholic out of the blue. And how is it that Ahsha feels the need to give him an ultimatum about the alcohol yet barely gives her boyfriend's cocaine use a second thought? It must be expensive for them to have new outfits every time they perform. Pete needs to just be alone. No Sloane, no Raquel, no Lionel. Even after getting caught, they continue to have their secret meetings in the arena. You have a house, Sloane! Use it! Or you could go literally anywhere else. Breaking and entering in order to find something you can use to blackmail someone with in addition to being in the country illegally seems unwise, but I guess it worked. Way to break it Ahsha. Way to just fail at life. I jokingly said, "now kiss!" when Zero and Jude were talking in the limo, and then it happened. Ahaha. It seemed obvious that Pete was unwell when Lionel left, but apparently not.

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Kyle: Up the Rear? Epic Saddlebags? Silky Summit? They sound more like porn titles than horses' names.
New Mark: Why don't you just choose them all? That's what I do. $1000 on each horse.
Kyle: Sweetheart, I don't think you know how betting works.
New Mark: I've got enough money, but you can never have enough people eating their hearts out when you win.

Raquel: I'm not illegal! I'm undocumented.

Zero: People love a reformed sinner if you cry hard enough.

Jelena: The flat tire was impressive. Did you wear a do rag when you did it?
Ahsha: I knew you set me up.
Jelena: I knew you'd make it easy.

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The actor who plays Jude is such a terrible actor. I don't know why Sloane revealed the fraud angle to Jude. That seems like a really bad ploy and it turned out to be a lose-lose situation. Did Sloane really think that Jude would be some noble guy who cared more about doing the right thing than winning his daddy's approval?


I have to admit that a small part of me is still gloating about them getting caught, but only because I'm tired of everyone on this show having private conversations at the arena. It's about time someone got caught! It's unbelievable that it hasn't happened to anyone else yet considering how often it happens (especially when you consider how many nosy eavesdropping drama queen shit stirrers work in that arena). Despite being caught, those idiots Sloane and Raquel had another Super Secret Conversation at the arena later in the episode. Gah!


Where in the hell does that metal spiral staircase come/go? It seems ludicrous!


I don't know why Jelena was hesistating to decide between Terrance and Zero. Terrance has shown told her repeatedly since their breakup that they aren't getting back together and he is moving on. Zero, on the other hand, made it clear that he is interested. I know Jelena doesn't like being told what to do because she's mentally 5 years old, but she told Terrance that they were a power couple and that she benefitted from that relationship so why shouldn't she do it again with Zero? To be honest, I don't like her with either of them but I just hate that she's being a big old procrastinating drama queen about it. Zero might be a blackmailing jerk, but it takes one to know one.


I don't care about Sloane and Raquel investigating Oscar. I know I should since it's a big storyline but it's so boring to watch them look through phone records.

So the big team breakfast was all the players plus Ahhhhhsha and Jelena? Was this in their official capacity as Devil Girls or as girlfriends of the players? I love how the dancers aren't allowed to date the players except when it is okay.


Loved Kyle all dolled up at the races!


This week's dance started out okay but then it devolved into the usual booty shaking. Seriously, do we need two eight counts of that in a row? And then we got another two eight counts of different booty shaking later in the routine? I thought the outfits were cute without being overtly sexy, but I got really tired of the suspender snapping.


Jude, you ass. So you have a soft spot for single moms with young sons but not single moms whose daughters are now grown?


Not surprising that Jelena set up the whole situation and totally won in every sense. She got Ahsha to do her dirty work for her, she got Zero off her back, and now she has this to hold over Ahsha's head until she decides to pull the trigger.


Why would Olivia write the coke dealer's phone number and Derek's jersey number on her red card of blackmail? So far that's the only one that had more than the vague "no more secrets" note that Jelena and the others received, right?


Lionel deliberately got Pete drunk and then left for the plane without him, but I don't understand what her plan was. She finally hooked up with him and they were hanging out having a good time. Is she trying to get him fired so that she can be his savior? Or is she just being a vindictive bitch because she's still mad that he wanted a divorce in the first place? To be honest, I don't really care because Lionel is boring, as is the new Pete Is an Alcoholic storyline.

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Not surprising that Jelena set up the whole situation and totally won in every sense. She got Ahsha to do her dirty work for her, she got Zero off her back, and now she has this to hold over Ahsha's head until she decides to pull the trigger.

I'm not even sure how this all worked. I've already said that I don't buy Zero throwing games.


If Ahsha sent an email convo between Jelena and the madam to the media (which presumably didn't mention Zero because Ahsha isn't that stupid), why would they accuse Zero? What madam would ever, ever admit that they were pimping and rat out the name of a client? To start with, why wouldn't the madam contact Zero the moment Jelena contacted her? And after Zero's denial, why wouldn't Oscar put the kibosh on Jelena doing interviews? Hell, how does Jelena know that Zero used hookers? She's never been to his apartment.


Maybe one or two of these things can be explained, but for all of them to fall the right way is unbelievable.


None of that gets into when did Jelena put this plan into motion. Did she start this as soon as she wanted to the photo of Ahsaha's mom like she implied? If so, she had amazing foresight to be able to predict the absolutely absurd notion that Zero would throw games/become obsessed with her.

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No thread for last night's show?



Maybe because it was such a horribly bad episode? I'm not even sure if I want to watch the rest of the season after last night!



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Creating this thread for anyone interested.  From TV Guide:


Episode Synopsis:  Fallout from past behavior impacts Ahsha, Jude, Jelena and Pete. Elsewhere, Sloane is floored by news she's been anticipating; Kyle's ties to Oscar get deeper; Derek, Terrence and Zero are exposed.

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I... do not know what to say to this episode.

Apologies do not work that way Jelena. Victim blaming is not okay. Ever. You were in the wrong 100% in that situation. If I were Terrance I wouldn't be that impressed by such an apology.

I REALLY hope Lionel saying how she and Pete will be in one another's lives forever isn't a vague pregnancy reference.

Pete, STOP! Just stop. Stop jumping back between your harem. That is the last thing you need right now, and they should know better.

Ahsha, you've had plenty of times to talk to Derek. Plenty of times. You're the one who decided the coke issue was resolved. You're the one who didn't talk about it. He shouldn't have done it, certainly, but holding onto it after saying it's resolved and then using it against him later is extremely immature. And annoying. Also I'm pretty sure German reached out to Ahsha about Pete, by telling her he wasn't answering his calls or showing up where he needed to be, since she's his daughter and all. I don't remember very well, but I don't think she specifically sought him out as much as she updated him after German expressed concerns about Pete.

As for Jude and Zero, um. ???

I probably have other complaints. I dunno.

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Jude and Zero was out of nowhere and just done for shock value. There was no story being told. Also, Ahsha if you're really sorry for spilling Zero's secrets, why don't you apologize to Zero? Why didn't she say to Derek that the reason she told German was that German's a coach while Derek's a player? That's righ, because coaches aren't supposed to do any coaching on this show as we saw when the height of all evil was German instituting plays to improve the team.


This show is way, way, waaay more invested in Sloane/Pete than I am. I bet they thought that was Emmy worthy stuff. 

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I still want to know what's with the red envelopes? Didn't Raquel have one in her hand when Kyle walked up to her? Were those from Olivia with the dirt she had on people?

I noticed Oscar wanted Kyle to wear a mic just like the the dead dancer Mia. I hope Kyle realizes something's fishy and gets out before it's too late.

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Zero: Jude, you're gay.
Jude: What? I'm not gay.
Zero: You kissed me.
Jude: No, I didn't. Not like that! You were upset.
Zero: You kissed me on the mouth. Jude, it's cool. You're barking up the wrong tree, but clearly barking.
Jude: I'm not barking at anything.
Zero: Jude, it's fine. You're gay. Be gay!

Kyle: I love being part of something with so many zeroes.

Jude: Sorry I had to get pushy. Just looking out for a client.
Danny: No, I thought it was cool. I think that you're cool. Like really cool.

Kyle: Dumb men love dumb women.

Ahsha: German's my go-to because he didn't throw coke in my purse and he didn't put me in jail.

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I still want to know what's with the red envelopes? Didn't Raquel have one in her hand when Kyle walked up to her? Were those from Olivia with the dirt she had on people?


I noticed Oscar wanted Kyle to wear a mic just like the the dead dancer Mia. I hope Kyle realizes something's fishy and gets out before it's too late.

Yes, the red envelopes and the "no more secrets" notes were from Olivia. She sent them to people she had dirt on and she threatened to expose them if they didn't support her against Oscar at the groundbreaking. Raquel found the one that Olivia sent to Kyle while at the housewarming party. Kyle realized she was the new Mia when Raquel told her that Oscar had Mia wear a microphone too.


Jelena clinging to every doorway and ceiling while making out with Terrance was hilariously bad.


I'm not clear as to why Ahhhhsha and Jelena were the only Devil Girls at the naked photo shoot. Even more unclear as to why the photographer thought they should lube up the guys. So who ended up taking care of Zero? Or did they just throw a bottle at him and tell him to do it himself? I also love that this total knock off of the ESPN body issue was taking place on the court. You know, because the team doesn't need to practice there. And there's nowhere else that they would have a photo shoot.


Ahsha, you big dumb dummy! When is she going to learn that having private conversations anywhere in the arena is a stupid idea? Yes, let's talk about how your dad was too drunk to make it to the game. I'm sure there's no one else in the Devils organization who might overhear you, thus rendering the migraine excuse completely useless. And then yes, talk about it again at Kyle's party because duh, there's no one at that party who's associated with the Devils!


That photographer's assistant has terrible taste. His only exposure to Jude is having him barge into his photoshoot, demand to add Zero to it after all the lighting has already been set (which, what? Were they going to shoot all of them naked together?), and threaten to pull one of the other players - and somehow this asshole behavior makes Jude seem attractive enough for Danny to chase him down and ask for his phone number. You have serious issues, man.


I don't care about Pete's man pain, but hopefully now that he has had it out with Sloane they can stop their endless back and forth. I get that they have a past and some unresolved issues and they probably needed to have that fight to clear the air (I wasn't down with Pete blaming Sloane for being his trigger, but his complaint that she kept coming to him and then pushing him away was valid). I hope they can both move on now. I knew their fight would end with them hooking up, which I am not a fan of but I am tired of their drama with each other. One thing I liked was Pete highlighting the difference between the way the players are treated versus the way the dancers are treated. The players are treated with kid gloves and the dancers are disposable, left to fend for themselves.


I just know that now that Sloane and Pete have hooked up again, the next roadblock will be Lionel announcing that she's pregnant. I've been dreading that since they started sleeping together again. When Lionel left him passed out in his hotel room last week, I wasn't sure what her intention was. Did she hope he was going to choke on his own vomit, making her a widow (lots of good PR!) as well as the beneficiary of his estate? Or was she just trying to cause more drama to push Ahsha and Sloane out of his life?


Remember a few weeks ago when I said that Jelena could be interesting if she ever stopped obsessing about her imagined conflicts with everyone else? I don't want a redemption arc for her but once again, I find her much less annoying when she shows that she's capable of giving a shit about anyone besides herself. I was actually surprised to hear her apologize to Terrance so I kind of wanted to high five him when he said he had never heard her apologize before for anything. No big surprise there! But not at all shocking that she then insisted she wanted an apology from him because it was HIS FAULT that she planted that oxy on him. He was keeping secrets and that's what made her drug him! She is never going to take responsibility for anything she does because she always sees herself as the victim.


Glad to see that Kyle got to keep her apartment. At the end of the last episode, I was afraid that the three guys had bet amongst themselves to see who she would choose and that they would take back all their gifts after she picked one of them.


Ugh, Ahhhhhsha. STFU! I get that she is in a weird place between daddy worship and wanting to pretend she's an adult, but good lord, does she not understand how addiction works? The fact that she admitted to Derek that she gave Pete an ultimatum and whined that he chose alcohol is just so frustrating to me.


What the hell was Raquel doing in Kyle's closet? Just because you're at a housewarming party doesn't mean you get to poke around in someone's personal stuff, lady! It was stupid of Kyle not to lock her vault but that doesn't have Raquel the right to go snooping in her closet. It's not like she left Olivia's Red Envelope of Doom out on the kitchen counter.


I really hope that Zero likes Jude and that he isn't just being manipulative.. It's one thing for Zero to hook up with someone like Jelena who clearly had no feelings for him, but it's another to hook up with Jude who obviously does.

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And Sloane and Pete deciding to try again. I have no interest in that either. Especially now that Lionel is pregnant. Ugh.

WHY DO THESE PEOPLE NEVER LEARN?? Why are they still having these conversations at the arena? Their actions just scream, "look at us! We're doing something suspicious!" With their ten second, hushed conversations, and all of that glancing around to see if anyone can hear them. Why aren't they just going to Sloane's house, or literally anywhere else? They got caught once and they didn't learn from it. At all. I find rooting for such stupid characters to be a strain. And after all that talk about wanting to be sure that information directly gets into the right hands, Sloane takes said packet to the arena, and then leaves it behind in her office. Why couldn't she just take it with her? Because Oscar would be suspicious? All she had to do was lie if he even cared to ask. And even if he didn't believe her, what's he gonna do? Assume she's plotting against him? Force her to hand it over? She didn't even lock the door, allowing Jelena, of course, to just waltz in and take it.

Speaking of Jelena, seeing her get out of the shower with her makeup all done and perfect amused me. Still not a fan of her and Terrance. At all. Her apology wasn't terribly impressive and as far as I'm concerned, she's still a horrible person. Maybe I'm a little crazy, but a significant other who was awful to people, blatanlty jealous and power hungry with no qualms about manipulating, backstabbing and tearing down other people they precieved to be a threat wouldn't be very appealing to me, just because they were slightly less awful to me. Or even arguably more awful, considering she drugged him! That's not the sort of thing someone can handwave away with a crappy apology. I mean, so what if she's never apologized before? Have some standards dude. Or self respect or something. Emotions are generally illogical, and people have been in far worse relationships, but this is also the method they're using to endear her to  us, and I have problems with that.

I don't care about German being so easily played by that reporter chick or whatever that's supposed to be.

I feel like I liked that first girl's dance more than Ahsha's, but I've already deleted it so I can't be sure.

Jude sure did quickly go from being presented as only liking women, to kissing Zero and adamently denying that he's gay, to agreeing to meet some random dude at a party to being in a bitter "relationship" with Zero and openly mentioning it. It's been like two days, or something. If only such a transition were so smooth.

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Ha, this show is so cheesy and ridiculous in every way. I love that they feel the need to remind us of this every week. Ahhhhsha is dancing out all her feelings in the studio (even though the editing people think we're too stupid to notice that they showed her doing the same pirouette into a little fouette three times in twenty seconds)! The breakup box is so tiny that there's a gold heel sticking out of the top! Sloane says it's different this time! Terrance is just sitting around in his underwear talking on the phone! Jelena just got out of the shower so her hair is still wet but she already has her fake eyelashes and five tons of eyeliner on!


Why would Derek put that ripped out magazine photo of him and Ahsha on the red carpet into the breakup box? That's just mean. I don't know why Ahsha was making it seem like it was such an emotional chore to go through that box. Girl, it's a box of YOUR OWN STUFF. "There's the gold shoe I left at Derek's house, sniff sniff. There's the makeup bag I left at Derek's house, waaaaaah." Aside from that random magazine picture, why would you get upset going through your own things?


That annoying reporter is the exact reason why people hate reporters. Ugh, she is the worst. I am so tired of her and it's only been two episodes. I also hate the "i'm a girl but I'm sporty too!" cliche. German is dumb enough to fall for her stupid act but you know it's Ahsha/Derek/Terrance who will end up paying for his idiotic choice.


The whole "everyone dances and the team votes to decide who choreographs the playoff dance" was beyond ridiculous. Pro dance teams have choreographers who are paid to come up with routines. In addition, it was so obvious during that segment that Ahsha is one of the weakest dancers on the team (heh, you know, because Jelena wasn't there to do her usual posing version of dancing). I never realized that being the choreographer meant automatically giving yourself a million solos. Even when I was in high school, we knew better than to be that egotistical.


So are we supposed to believe that Jelena is the one who has been choreographing all the other dances? Bitch, please. As for Jelena accusing Ahsha of becoming a megalomaniac, STFU. Pot, kettle. Jelena is the one who thinks the sun rises and sets on her own ass and puts herself front and center in every dance, so I don't think she should be accusing anyone else of being full of themselves.


Ahhhhhsha is, as always, a big dummy. "I have a whole book of ideas on my mom's desk." Why don't you just hand it to Jelena instead of sending her a written invitation?


Sloane is stupid too. Why wouldn't she just grab the envelope and shove it in her bag one her way out of her office? It's not like Oscar is going to ask what's in it.


I hope the show knows what a treasure they have in Katherine Bailess. She is the only one on this show who can dance, act, and perform. Do not kill her off, show!


I never liked Lionel more than when she told Oscar she wasn't interested.


Obviously Sloane and Raquel haven't learned a fucking thing about being overheard at the arena. Let's talk about sneaking into Olivia's and how we need proof linking the medical examiner to Oscar while we're still at the arena surrounded by arena staff! And then they met with Kyle at the Playground. Good lord, people, GET A CLUE.


Bonus point for showing an establishing shot of San Diego before Terrance's appointment with the specialist, but I was cracking up at the thought of the doctor's office being in the Gaslamp. Not a lot of medical offices on 5th Ave. It was ridiculous that the doctor wouldn't listen to Derek but as soon as Jelena said no, the doctor was willing to rework the treatment plan to exclude surgery until after the season.


Farewell, Rick Fox! I will miss your wooden acting and creepy demeanor. So for all his talk about being a loving husband to Olivia, he raped Mia. The low bannister at the Vincent house was bothersome. There are building codes that require railings like that to be a minimum height to prevent accidents.


Ugh, OF COURSE Lionel is knocked up. I was waiting for this to happen as soon as they started sleeping together a few episodes ago.


Haha, how much do you want to bet that Jude and Derek's idea to be each other's alibi will end up looking like they're lovers? There will be a story about how one of the Devils players is gay and Zero will somehow turn it into Jude and Derek so he can keep his secret.

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It was ridiculous that the doctor wouldn't listen to Derek but as soon as Jelena said no, the doctor was willing to rework the treatment plan to exclude surgery until after the season.


Everyone knows that a dancing cheerleader has more knowledge about medicine than a doctor.


I really liked this show pulling a reporter conspiring with Zero out of its ass.


All the interesting stuff happens off-screen (Mia's murder, how Racquel found out Jude was a drug dealer, how Jelena found out Zero was using prostitutes).

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Jelena: I don't know how Zero found out that you're injured.

Me: You IDIOTS keep talking about SEKRITS at the arena so how are any of you surprised that Zero overheard you last week?


But despite this, Derek somehow thinks it's a good idea to confront Jude about the Zero conspiracy and his coke secret at the arena. Seriously 99% of the stupid drama these people create for themselves could be avoided if they would quit yapping about stuff while they're still at work.


Sloane was idiotic enough to confront Jelena on the basketball court. I was surprised that Oscar didn't pop out to reveal he had been listening the entire time thanks to Jelena telling him about their meeting. I'm okay with Lionel being the one to confront him but now I'm annoyed that she is teaming up with him.


Oh, German, you big dumb dummy! You are suspicious enough of the reporter to accuse her of possibly being shady, but you aren't suspicious enough to stop having sex with her. And she knows exactly how to play you. "I'm here because of you! Let's have dinner when you get back from Boston!" You couldn't make it easier for her, could you?


At this rate, she won't need Zero feeding her information. She can just lurk around the arena like everyone else and get videotaped confessions of all these idiots' secrets. They don't even bother to whisper or go into rooms with doors. Nope, the hallway or the locker room is good enough to keep discussing top secret stuff that we don't want anyone else to know!


I'm not surprised that Ahhhhsha and German hooked up, but once again I say AT THE ARENA? In a room with glass walls where anyone walking by could see you? Like say Derek or the reporter who is just wandering the halls? She already thinks that he was part of the Dersha love triangle so she would love a story about German and Ahsha reconciling (or at the very least hooking up on the dance room floor) complete with pictures taken on her own phone.


Damn it, why do I have to choose between Derek or Kyle leaving LA? Can't they both stay and Jelena or Oscar can go? So did Kyle set herself up by sending that note to the police? Or was that Lionel? I don't know how framing Kyle solves any of Lionel's problems so I'm hoping that was all Kyle's handiwork.


I find it difficult to believe that in this day and age, Zero's story about his foster parents and his real name wouldn't already be common knowledge.


The best part of the episode was seeing Allison featured prominently in this week's dance!

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Ahhhhsha: Was there an earthquake I didn't feel?
Sloane: I was just rearranging things.
Ahhhsha: Onto the floor?

Derek: Drown, bitch.

Ahhhsha: We'll probably get stoned but we'll look hot.

Jelena: You were digging into Oscar the entire time. I should have known you had some other reason for being here because it certainly wasn't talent or knack for the job.

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As we've discussed before, the show is so obsessed with its own drama that it ignores things that would be more important in the world (i.e. being with Jelena is a bigger deal than dating a movie star). I know no one cares about the basketball, but it suffers from the same thing. Either Zero is the best player on the team or he isn't. There's no "king" of the team independent of that. Yes, some teams have internal "leaders" who may be veterans, but that doesn't affect on court stuff.  Unless Zero has other teams conspiring with him, this makes no sense. And if Zero wanted to be on a team where he could be a clear number one, why would he go to a team with two stars?


I don't care who killed Mia or Olivia. I have no idea why Sloane has taken it upon herself to investigate Oscar. She didn't really know Olivia, and I hardly believe she cares about the integrity of the game that she's bothered by Oscar's other activities.


Would Jude really be in trouble over this drug thing? He gave drugs to his friend. A few months ago. He's not Avon Barksdale. In "Hit The Floor" world is having the contact info of a drug dealer a crime? Same world where a high priced madam would rat out one of her clients.

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