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  1. I am quoting myself because my original post wasn't really clear. I was not comparing Gabe to the aforementioned runner up. I believe that preying on children is the worst thing anyone can do, and that guy is the scum of the Earth for doing it. Gabe had a consensual but inappropriate relationship with a subordinate (inappropriate for the same reasons a college shouldn't date their student, a psychiatrist shouldn't sleep with their willing patient, and a sergeant shouldn't cavort with a person under their command: an extreme unbalance of power), but he's nowhere near as bad as the Just Des
  2. Does anyone remember Top Chef Just Desserts, where the first runner up was revealed to be a child predator and that show disappeared off the face of the Earth after two seasons? The Gabe situation reminds me of a less extreme version of that.
  3. If they do name their daughter after any in the family, it probably won’t be directly. The only exception I can see is Philippa, Phyllis, or even Philomena if Harry wants to follow suit with Eugenie and Zara, or Harriet or Henrietta to match Archie Harrison. Personally, I’ve been manifesting Doriana (Doria and Diana combined, while also referencing Doris, Meghan’s grandmother, and they can call her Dory since they’re big Disney fans). Other names Evangeline- means “good” and who match the other half of Archewell Dia- A Greek name in honor of Philip using the common letters of Do
  4. If I had to do this challenge, I would be so tongue-in-cheek about it. Comedy: Nachos and cheese, because it's na-cho cheese! (Rimshot) Romance: Pretzels, because lovers are always tied together. Horror: Fried crickets, because bugs scare me. Action: Kebabs, because they're like little swords! Sci-Fi: Cheesesticks, because cheese makes up the moon! Drama: Chocolate balls filled with different ingredients, because you don't know what to expect!
  5. When Sally said "Water can be so healing," I thought "Yeah, Randall can relate."
  6. Damn. The Queen was more sympathetic to the guy who broke into her house.
  7. Titles are so fascinating. I have a few questions: 1. Perish the thought, but what would happen to the Duke of Edinburgh title if Charles predeceases both of his parents? 2. Since dukedoms are currently male-only but the British royal succession now uses absolute primogeniture, if in about 50-60 years George becomes King and his first child is a daughter, would she be unable to inherit the titles of Duke of Cornwall and Rothsay unless a new letters of patent is written?
  8. I think it’s unfair to say how Harry should react to his mother’s death. Even if a person has gone through similar circumstances, everyone’s an individual who experiences tragedy in different ways. William is not as outwardly consumed by Diana’s, but I always believed that he grieved just as deeply as Harry did, but more privately. Logically, Harry may understand that his mother’s courtship with the press exacerbated their treatment of her, but emotionally it’s easier to blame the press, especially when they decided to photograph her in lieu of calling an ambulance. Harry did not want to
  9. The elimination challenge felt like something from Cutthroat Kitchen: And now you have to cook - 2 dishes for 200 people each - with little sleep - with crappy, limited options that you’ll have to bargain for and which you won’t know about until you actually have to cook them!
  10. A question about royal titles that’s been bugging me: Under the current rules, only male-line grandchildren of the monarch can be titled HRH, right? So, if current rules continue, does that mean that when William is king, Louis’ children will be styled HRH, but Charlotte’s will not in spite of them being higher in the line of succession?
  11. I don't really mind Eric choosing to always showcase West African cuisine. The culinary world is so Eurocentric that being able to observed the cuisines of different cultures is fascinating. It would be akin to saying that chefs showcasing French cuisine and technique are being repetitive.
  12. There's so much to impact in this episode. With regards to the Kevin/Randall fight, although we may subjectively pick which one was the worse in the argument, objectively I believe that the show was showing that they were both in the wrong and that, unfortunately, people say cruel things to the people they love out of anger and insecurity. Kevin is bitter because Randall has the things Kevin craves: their parents' attention and trust, a loving wife, and beautiful children. Randall is bitter because he feels unappreciated for being the dutiful son and watching after the family after Jack's
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