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  1. Hilariously, I think Tara and Sarah had that exact same exchange in an earlier episode when a similar "person wanting to see their old house" scene happened. I think maybe when Brenda is back in MN in Season 4 and she and Cindy and her cousin or whoever are at the old Walsh house?
  2. Maybe I missed something when he first came back, but why is Dylan even living at the hotel? What happened to his house?
  3. BH:90210 was my show back in the day, and I think I watched a few episodes of Melrose, but I have zero memory of it, so I'm watching it for the first time now. My initial thoughts after three episodes: I love Jane's perfect 90s haircut, but man, she is such a pathetic drip. The toe-kissing in the first episode was legit one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen on TV. Sandy's accent is insufferable. Thank god the actress left the show early (though I'm really curious about why). I liked seeing the return of cool Kelly, but girl, take a fucking hint, this is embarrassing. Jake is Dylan 2.0, complete with performatively fixing his motorcycle in the front "yard" (at least he's wearing shoes, though). It kind of explains why Kelly would move right on to Dylan. Billy is really dopey but I'm finding him strangely endearing.
  4. I've always believed that Susan Keats is what the writers wanted Andrea to be - pretty, spunky, could verbally spar/flirt with Brandon. Andrea was all of those things, but she didn't quite click romantically with Brandon (and/or, if you believe the theory that they were going to finally get together but GC's pregnancy nixed that plan) so they created Andrea 2.0: More Confident & More Conventionally Pretty (even though GC is definitely very pretty).
  5. Brenda was definitely an asshole in Wildfire, but I've never understood why Emily didn't realize what the deal was earlier. They're in the Walsh kitchen and I think Cindy answers the phone and says that it's Dylan, and Brenda thinks that he's calling for her, then sits back down looking kind of disappointed when it turns out that it's not. Emily remarks about how she met a Dylan that day and describes him, etc, and Brenda's whole face and attitude goes tight. Emily has to be a moron not to realize at that point that Brenda and Dylan had something going on. Which doesn't justify Brenda's behavior, especially since she and Dylan were broken up, but Emily also should probably have expected that this was going to piss off one of her brand new friends.
  6. I feel like starting around Season 4 the writers perpetually needed a female character to beat up on and have all of the other characters hate. First it was Brenda during her last season, then Val, now Gina. There's really no reason for everyone to focus so much of their anger on Gina. What she did was shitty, but Mel strip club attendance was his own decision; if he hadn't got to the PPAD, he would've gone somewhere else.
  7. I'm right there with you on being a forever Brenda/Dylan fan, but I do think that, from a purely Dylan standpoint, the one where he chooses Kelly and they tell Brenda is pretty iconic. There's no excuse for the series finale being included, though. What were the other episodes?
  8. "The store hasn't made money in weeks, thanks largely to her having killed a guy in it..." is probably the funniest thing I heard all day. Yeah, pretty sure Kelly said she was up all night writing Dylan's recommendation, but that's no better than her being up all night writing his personal statement, because who'd give a shit about a recommendation from Kelly? (No one, that's who, considering Dylan didn't get in) (until David guilted the dead of admissions or whatever into it). Also, Dylan, just take a couple part time classes to start with like a normal fucking person.
  9. WHAT was the point of that sex addict storyline? It feels like the writers are just biding their time until they can stick Donna and David back together, but they keep giving David these bizarrely serious romance storylines and then dropping them after five minutes. Wasn't it like 4 episodes ago that he was ready to marry that woman so she could get a green card? On the other hand, in this case, I guess it's better that they just dropped it rather than go through yet another "David struggles with dating someone who doesn't want to fuck him" storyline. Also, what is up with these writers and "woman raped by her father" storylines?? That's really not something you see on TV much, and they've done it twice now in one series.
  10. There is no goddamn way pre-Season 1 Donna was into theater and drama club.
  11. As I was listening to this episode, I thought, "this is the most insane thing I've ever heard" during the Lauren/Matt/doctor conversation about 3 seconds before Tara said it. In 9 seasons of crazy, ridiculous bullshit, this has to be one of the craziest. A doctor telling someone - in perhaps the most blase, blank tone - that they're either going to lose their mind or die in 2 weeks, one or the other, no alternatives, no other options, is hilariously stupid. Donna/Noah has always been an inexplicable pairing, so her immediate "we're over" was both hilarious and great. I love Gina for fucking over Donna and Noah, but I also kind of loved Donna's bitchy "you're nothing but trash". It's so rare that she gets to drop the Saint Donna persona.
  12. Seriously. She's not a quirky time traveler, she was in a hospital due to mental illness. Also, I have a lot of trouble believing that she was in a constant dissociative state for three years and then suddenly just snapped out of it and was allowed to go home five minutes later, and yet she's acting like she just "woke up" last week.
  13. Word on both points. When I'm in a bad state, all that it does when people fixate on how I'm doing is make me start faking it and telling them that everything's fine. I was really, really hoping that Beth's "I'm not okay" would lead to Randall realizing that he needed to focus his attention on his family and end his stupid campaign. Seriously disappointed that instead it led to Beth coming to work on the stupid campaign. So I'm assuming now that he's going to end up winning which, bleh. This storyline is irritating me so much that I'm thinking about dropping the show over it.
  14. Yeah, I didn't get that shit at ALL. Matt promising that Dylan would never fuck up again, I can see that (surprise, surprise, white dude Dylan gets off with a stern warning not to do anything bad again or else then he'll be in trouble, as punishment for a crime that would probably have gotten a black man thrown in jail for years, at best). But "owning one" to the DA? The fuck? What can he even owe? How can he repay that? "Next time you have a client who may or may not deserve jail time, I get to throw the book at him and you have to accept it"? On the Jesse thing, Jesse didn't actually defend Dylan, I think he just offered Dylan some advice about pleading guilty or whatever, and I remember Jesse actually being happy for Dylan for whatever the outcome was of that situation. It was Steve that Jesse yelled at about not recognizing his white guy privilege, thought he also wasn't defending Steve and was upset that his Mexican client "be gone, he be outa here!"
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