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  1. I think it'd be a fun setup to just make it a rotating cast of hosts and have each season be hosted by a different former lead or pair of leads.
  2. I won't miss Chris Harrison at all. He brought nothing to the show, and it felt even more evident after last night.
  3. I remember finding them uncomfortable at the time, and when I rewatched these seasons recently, it was worse than I remembered. All three of Johnny, Evan, Kenny have a lot of funny moments and interviews, but I just don't know what TPTB were thinking using soundbite after soundbite of them being so horribly misogynistic. Like, how many times did they think we really needed to see one of JEK calling a female castmember fat, gross, whore, dumb, bitch who should get drowned or thrown off a cliff or buried by rocks or whatever else. Which is maybe why I view it worse now - it's not just that JEK w
  4. I can see why some felt like the Travis/Vic fight went on too long, but the length and passion of it really worked for me. It felt very realistic in the way that real arguments between friends or family members go, kind sprawling and unfocused and jumping from one topic to another basically until they get interrupted and have some time to cool down. Overall I really loved this episode. Loved the tight focus on one main storyline instead of a couple of minutes devoted to 6 different storylines, and I loved the added complexity to the backstory with Michael, that "Michael's captain" wasn't
  5. I've been wondering if the lack of fires and the generally lowkey recuses this season are due to COVID and fires/other big action sequences being harder to film safely? On the other hand. 9-1-1 has done several fires and other big rescues this season, so I don't know. This episode definitely felt like filler, with just one too many storylines going on. I love the stuff with Travis and Vic and can't wait for next week, and was surprised at how light it was this week until the trailer for next week made it seem like that's going to be a bigger episode. The Jack stuff and Maya stuff were bo
  6. The thing is, we don't actually know that that's essentially what happened with Matt and Rachel. None of us were there once the cameras stopped rolling so we don't actually know how things went down. And regardless, I don't really see the point in this kind of thought experiment. Much as we might like to think so considering the nature of this show, this wasn't actually our relationship. What I or anyone else might have done in the same situation is irrelevant; everyone is allowed to draw their own lines in their own relationships and make up their own minds about what they will or won't accep
  7. I actually wonder how things might have been different for him if he'd started his Bachelor(ette) career as one of the group on a B'ette season. I have to imagine that being one of the group is a really different experience than being the lead and he may have been more comfortable, and thus less stiff and reserved, if he wasn't the lead.
  8. I could swear I heard or read somewhere that these kinds of parties were actually banned by the sorority/fraternity system, which, if true, makes it hard to really buy that they had no idea what the implications were or that there was anything wrong with it, even if they didn't really grasp why.
  9. Interesting ATFR. I zinged from one side to the other on Matt - not giving Michelle 2 minutes to talk is fucking cold and reflects really poorly on him. But it's hard not to feel for him with the Rachael stuff. Like, this is why you don't go on a show like this expecting to truly walk out of there with the love of your life, because there's just so much you can't possibly know about each other yet. But I'm sure hearing about this stuff and seeing her (initial, at least) inability to understand the problem must've been rough. Whoever on the show cast her without digging this stuff up beforehand
  10. Bleh. Well, this was predictable pretty much from their one-on-one. I still have no clue what they see (saw) in each other. Every conversation they had was just cartoonish "I love you, I'm falling for you, you're my person, giggle giggle giggle I love you so much". Every talking head she did, she just looked like more and more of a loon. "He's the most amazing man I've ever met and I love him SO much" - based on what? What substantive conversations have you had? What substantive time have you even spent together? You went on one date where "Matt" "bought" you a bunch of stuff and since that it
  11. Man, I just really dislike Rachael. So ready for her to be off my screen.
  12. Bit in bold - that actually was what Rachel's point was (from listening to her podcast ep with Juliet Litman) - that this was a conversation that should've been kept private rather than used for drama fodder for the show, especially since we hadn't really gotten any other info or context about him and their relationship up to that point other than he wasn't really in Matt's life much. I don't really know whether or not I agree - this certainly isn't the first time they've chosen to air something like this (that uncomfortable hometown with Dean's father on Rachel's own season, for example) - bu
  13. True. Part of me is rooting for Michelle to "win" because I like her and she really seems like the best choice, but the bigger part of me thinks that she deserves much, much better and if/when he doesn't pick her, she'll be better off for it.
  14. To me, Michelle seems like the obvious choice, but it also seems like it's definitely going to be Racheal. And I honestly just don't really get it. Michelle seems interesting, fun, has her shit together; with Racheal it just seems like there's nothing really there. She's pretty, but there's just nothing really to her. I can't even remember what she does for a living, or an even vaguely substantive conversation she and Matt have had. But the edit she's getting, the fact that he's actually returned her "I'm falling in love with you"s, all of the time spent on her feelings and seeking reassurance
  15. Katie, Serena, and Abigail all looked like they were being given Bachelorette auditions (which I'm here for - I liked all three of them so any one of them or Michelle as Bachelorette would be great). Matt being backed into apologizing to Victoria was kind of wild to watch. She has a bizarrely manipulative personality, in that she's clearly a toxic mess of a human, but somehow seems to get people on her side and create a very divisive atmosphere. I'd already lost respect for Chelsea when she shrugged off Victoria's behavior in the house because Victoria was never mean to her, but her anger
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