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  1. Elizabeth9

    S05.E13: Steven and Justin's Story, Part 1

    My dad went through his entire life savings on long term care. It broke his heart, because he lived extremely frugally his entite life (1 bedroom house, 15 year old cars he'd fix himself, Goodwill clothing) to save the money for his kids. To see this asshole mock taxpayers...I don't even know if I can watch this episode. Fucker. Any other Intervention fans think we need to bring in some of those folks for this show???? Candy or Jeff versus James K?
  2. Elizabeth9

    S05.E04: Kirsten's Story

    I guess I'm incapable of understanding your online articles since I only have a degree in biology and am employed as a biologist.
  3. Elizabeth9

    S05.E04: Kirsten's Story

    What's with exercise not burning off the food you eat? Where do people come up with this stuff?!
  4. Elizabeth9

    S05.E04: Kirsten's Story

    Works fine for me. I drink many each day, and I've never been overweight in almost 20 years.
  5. So far no obvious weight gain girls! Everyone looks amazing
  6. Elizabeth9

    Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    My (THANK GOD FOR INSURANCE) bill for a week of inpatient for my eating disorder in 2009 was over 17k. On one hand, keeping them in a place seems like a good idea. OTOH... it's James. And I'm pretty liberal when it comes to Medicaid spending...
  7. Elizabeth9

    S05.E09: Nicole's Story

    Nicole, take note: Tracey Made it from Ohio to Texas twice without calling everyone bastards!
  8. I've had this happen to me with asparagus and different produce. Cashiers didn't know what they were. I was in eating disorder treatment with a girl who became anorexic after a gastric bypass. The staff said it's becoming more common. Having been in treatment for ED, and now I'm "in recovery"...sometimes something bad will happen and my first instinct is not to run to behaviors. Which, in and of itself, is HUGE. And I do have coping skills. But sometimes, I just sit there like, fuck- what do I do now??? I can see how some of these patients fall into depression during the process.
  9. Elizabeth9

    S05.E12: Tracey's Story

    Carbonation expands their stomachs
  10. Elizabeth9

    Best Quotes from the show

    The one where James says he's going to double down, prove Dr Now wrong...he's going all the way. "Do you want to lift some weights?" "Not right now, no."
  11. But guys! "This is the best round of talent we've seen in years!" Kelli, every year.
  12. Elizabeth9

    Best Quotes from the show

    Oh I use it all the time!
  13. Elizabeth9

    Best Quotes from the show

    "WHERES MY YELLOW BRICK ROAD?!" Penny...obviously...
  14. Elizabeth9

    S05.E12: Tracey's Story

    He says "so and so did very well" during surgery- like they had to do something! I really liked this episode. Attention all participants, everywhere: if this lady can walk, YOU HAVE. NO EXCUSES! She did really well for herself. I would love to see a follow up on them.
  15. Elizabeth9

    S05.E11: James K's Story

    James is probably an advocate of "life is short: eat dessert first"