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Be Cool!: An Exercise in Positivity

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We all have our favorite/least favorite HWs, but can you name something you like about each of them?

LuAnn: She picks herself up and dusts herself off better than anyone I've ever seen.

Dorinda: She seems like she would be the first to help a friend in need (especially if they needed to get rid of a body).

Tinsley: I think she is one of those people who is inherently kind.

Carole: She seems like she would be a good person to just shoot the shit with and has the ability to converse in a variety of topics.

Bethenny: She's got a quick wit.

Sonja: She can laugh at herself.

Ramona: She is introspective and aware of her personal faults.

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Luann: She forgives easily, and like stated above she rolls with the punches, gets up, dusts herself off and keeps moving forward

Dorinda: She wants people to be happy, she loves Christmas and being a hostess

Tinsley: She doesn't really talk about anyone or want to make trouble and seems flaky but genuinely nice

Carole: She takes fashion risks and changes up her look

Bethenny: She's a hard worker and driven

Sonja: She tries to be a clown and make people laugh, doesn't take herself so seriously

Ramona: She will sit by your bed when you are sick and bring you things to cheer you up

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Luann: She can make a damn good joke at her own expense.

Dorinda: She is always willing to use her connections to help someone else.

Sonja: She isn't shy about showing her true personality. Warts and all, she is who she is.

Carole: I like her fashion risks. They might not always land, but I give her props for trying.

Tinsley: She genuinely wants to get along with everyone.

Ramona: She is a person that can (and has) put personal differences aside when someone needs comfort.

Bethenny: Her charity work will always have my respect, regardless of whatever else she does or says.


Can we do former Housewives, too?

Jill: She loves her family and was absolutely devoted to Bobby.

Alex: She and Simon seem to be great parents and are ridiculously perfect for each other.

Kelly: She is a good mom and her book about the Hamptons was pretty interesting.

Cindy: Her twins were cute.

Aviva: Her education is no joke. A Bachelors from Vassar, Master's in French from NYU, and a JD. Respect.

Heather: She is determined to accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

Jules: She didn't back down when confronted with Mean Girl behavior.

Kristen: She held her temper pretty well when Ramona was throwing things at her.

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What a fantastic thread! Thank you, @WhoaWhoKnew.

Ramona: Her malapropisms are the best. “It’s raining cats and buckets.” “Burrow the hodgit.”

Tinsley: She never attacks first. Wonderful gift giver.

Dorinda: I love 99% of her closet. Color. Pucci.  “Not well, bitch!” gives me life.

Sonja: She reuses, which is good for the planet. “Earth first. Make Mars our bitch.”

Carole: Loyal. Calm. Intelligent. I understand her. Got to have sex with Adam, who I think is very sexy. And I love salad.  And veggies.

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LuAnn:  She forgives easily. Lots of energy, likes a good time.

Dorinda: Sorry, I got nothin'. I just think she's a black hole.?

Tinsley:  She seems good hearted and generous.

Carole:  I admire that she realized that she needed to take better care of herself and started to exercise and ultimately run the marathon.

Bethenny:  I like her personal style and that she gives to those less fortunate than she.

Sonja: She can laugh at herself. She just seems fun.

Ramona: she seems to have moved on from her divorce better than many people do. Shows inner strength and resolve.

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Tinsley: Able to retain a youthful exuberance = not jaded.

Carole: Some great snarky one-liners over the years

Bethenny:  Hustle

Ramona: Naturally, the malaprops or "malnutitionalapropriateisms"

Dorinda: Fearless with her tackiness

Luann: Gets over things easily and/or doesn't seem to feel negative emotions too intensely

ETA: Aww, I forgot Sonja...

Sonja: Never starts anything

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3 hours ago, WhoaWhoKnew said:

We all have our favorite/least favorite HWs, but can you name something you like about each of them?



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Tinsley: Overall a kind person who seems to form her own opinions and doesn't have pack mentality

Carole: Has rescue kittehs

Bethenny:  Quick on her feet, driven, talking head sequences that sometimes make me laugh out loud

Ramona: Was enjoyable when she renewed, handled her divorce well - at least in the public eye

Dorinda: Kind when sober, loves to throw interesting parties

Luann: Doesn't seem to hold a grudge long term. Seems to be able to laugh at herself.

Sonja: Quirky

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2 minutes ago, AnnA said:


I think I LURVE you!!!

Can we Negative Nellies have a place where sparkly unicorns, rainbows, and positive affirmations are heartily discouraged?  "Cause playing nice is boring, when it comes to ho'wives trash talk.  :-D

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Tinsley: Despite very dark moments in her past, she doesn't seem bitter or drained of joy.

Carole: Deciding to train and run the marathon shows grit and endurance.

Bethenny:  Tenacious; great natural athlete. 

Ramona: Handled the break-up of her marriage with a grace I would never have expected.

Dorinda:  When sober, she's a good girlfriend-night-in  (roasting chickens and watching Ghost Hunters :)

Luann:  Her resilience is legendary.

Sonja:  Charming eccentric.

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 Bethenny: Funny one liners.  Emotional.

 Luann:  Beats to her own drum.  Not a troublemaker.

 Ramona:  Brings soup when you’re sick.

 Sonja:  A good sport.  Hardly gets insulted.

 Tinsley:  A sweetheart .. wouldnt hurt a fly.

 Dorinda:  Good entertainer.

 Carole:  Involved with the Animal League with Beth Stern.

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LuAnn: Entertains me to NO end no matter if she's a hot mess or being successful. 

Dorinda: Fierce

Tinsley: Kind, the sort of preppy old money life that I wish we saw more often on these shows. 

Carole: independent 

Bethenny: not afraid of hard work.

Sonja:  I think she is beautiful in a very classic way 

Ramona: so very Mom like 

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