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I can see distance and prenup being a problem. Michael's young kids are in NYC and Nicole two youngest are in L.A. Neither can easily pick up and move without negative effects on custody/parental interaction. Michael is super busy. Plus Michael lost a ton in his last divorce so I am not mad at him for not going forward without a prenup, and that's before you figure that Nicole lost all her Murphy money. I dont know why Nicole thinks she is going to marry another wealthy man and not sign a prenup.That's just crazy. I liked them together, but if you go by how little she mentioned him this past season, it appears this has been in the works for awhile.

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Then there's THIS interesting bit of information I just stumbled upon whilst hitting up Google in which cops were actually sent to Shanna and Travis' home due to a fight about her letting the kids around, according to Travis, a child molester.  So, it's not like the topic of perverts was off limits at Casa Barker.

Shanna is a disgusting excuse for a mother. If you ever caught Meet the Barker’s, she was always in bed, at 3pm and too lazy to take care of her own kids. I think Travis is a far superior parent, but they both need to STFU for the sake of their kids and do this bickering privately and not in the press.

I follow Travis on social media and I do find it very telling that Travis ALWAYS has those kids. He even took them on tour with him and is always bringing them to kids events in LA, etc.. And not just his kids but Shanna's oldest daughter as well. She seems closer to him than she is to Oscar. That says a lot to me about what type of man Travis is and what type of mother Shanna likely is.

I'm looking forward to the Atlanta spin-off just based on that cast. They should be a hot mess. Especially Tamecka and Torrei.

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I'm pretty sure Nicole NEVER said she wasn't offended.  I'm pretty sure, throughout the whole debacle with Jessica, Nicole voiced her disapproval of the things that came out of Jessica's mouth.  What I'm seeing by reading numerous posts on the subject is that black women are mad because Nicole didn't pull the race card by allowing her black side to come out swinging and fighting.  


Thing is, unlike the other ladies that were upset with Jessica, Nicole had been friends with Jessica for many, many years, and, by her own admission, was shocked by Jessica's attitude and, AS HER FRIEND, wanted to get to the bottom of it.  


By her own volition, Nicole chose not to lash out violently (verbally or physically), because, as I've noticed with Nicole, it isn't in her nature to do so.


Not every one is confrontational like Sheree, Drea, or Shamicka.


For anyone to assume Nicole is out of touch with her "black side" is absurd.  I've heard her with my own ears own up to being black. 


While there is nothing wrong with speculating why Nicole didn't go ape shit crazy over Jessica and her mouth, there is something seriously wrong with anyone surmising Nicole's actions or reactions should be dictated by the color of her skin rather than her mind or heart.  Which is how "as a black woman, I don't see how Nicole..blah blah blah" reads.  


Personally, I don't think Nicole attacked Jessica because Jessica is her friend.  



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Maybe they are now. The song came out in 2005, a lot can happen in nearly a decade. I doubt they are besties, but at some point they may have learned to co-parent and become friends despite the past.

And do y'all really want Sheree's thread title changed? Let me know and I'll do it. Maybe we can come up with something clever yet not as wordy/potentially awkward-sounding as putting both exes in the title.

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Those lyrics were fun to read, but the song itself was shit. Will needs to stick to acting - rapping was never really his thing.


The article says that Sheree is going for spousal support. I don't quite understand that. He made his football money before getting with her, and since marrying her, he's been a pastor at a small-ish church while she's made reality show money for the past couple years. Shouldn't she be paying him spousal support?


I knew this marriage wouldn't last. Terrell wanted a dutiful Church wife and Sheree wanted the baller life. Being on a reality show just gave her the financial independence and courage to leave the Church life and pursue the Hollywood life she wanted. I saw the changes through the seasons. She went from wearing minimal makeup, being covered from head to toe, and talking religion all the time to becoming that Hollywood chick: bleach-blond extensions, heavy eyelashes, and cattiness. It's not necessarily bad - everyone has the right to live the lifestyle they want - but this divorce was so obvious because Terrell was not down with supporting his wife through this experience. 

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Don't forget she also went from "I don't drink" in the first season, to getting drunk in almost every episode of the last season.

No I hear ya, OnceSane. My own parents (mom and stepdad) had a rough break up/divorce, but remained friends. Just last year, my stepdad his entire family attended my mom's wedding (with a hilariously awkard moment when the minister asked if anyone objected and one of the cousins leaned over to tell him he better not have anything to say, lol). They just never pretended that everything was always fine. They were just very open about the fact that they had shit to work through and maturing to do. I just never got that she sense from Sheree.

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I wish my parents were as mature as yours. Ten years later and shit is still awkward as fuck.

I still haven't finished the last half of season 3. I'll try to get to it before season 4 begins in 2015. I have to see the messiness so I can estimate how bad season 4 will be (especially with the Love & Hip Hop cats bringing the drama/ratchedness).

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It's a shame Prince didn't leave a will.  I was hoping Mayte would be left something since she's the only one of his women who gave birth to a child of his, even though he only lived a week.  You could tell by the way she clung to his memorabilia that she still loved him.  I feel really bad for her too.  R.I.P. Prince.  Thank you for your wonderful music.  :'(

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