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  1. OMG, I'm surprised someone hasn't rescued her after seeing the footage. She should leave and check into a hotel, self quarantine for a while and then move back home. Or self-quarantine in a spare bedroom in her parents house. Of course I watch ID too, especially right now!
  2. She probably went back to her bad boy EX because she thinks it is too boring to be treated well.
  3. The only difference between this show and BIP besides the music angle is we don't previously know any of these people. They don't have the Bachelorette/Bachelor baggage. One good thing is that they haven't already been communicating with each other like on BIP and waiting for certain people to show up. Hell there is nothing much else to watch!
  4. RE Michael. He is a compulsive liar and has obviously been doing it for so long he doesn't think twice about it. Plus no one in is family has ever been married (at least that is what he said earlier, right?) so he has no role model for how marriage works. He is far from being ready for marriage even with intensive therapy. RE Brandon. He seems to be bi-polar with a LOT of issues. If he is acting like this now it will only get worse after "real" marriage. Taylor (or any wife he has) will always have to walk on egg shells (and have to figure out what sets him off) and never know from one day to another which Brandon will show up. Not an easy life. There is no excuse for how he treats the MAFS staff. He should have been axed right after his tirade in Jamaica.
  5. Katie isn't used to being treated well. She wants to go back to being mistreated by bad boys. Kind of ironic that she keeps saying that Derek is the child.
  6. Besides signing up for this, Brandon I assume is getting paid. Hey, you don't follow the rules of the contract (being filmed, yanking equipment off) you shouldn't get paid! Why would Taylor consider staying with him if he is acting like this now. It will only get worse. Plus, her social media and friends are way more important to her than Brandon anyway. There is no way that is not going to be a continuing argument. Katie wants Derek to be just like her "bad boy" ex. She's definitely constantly comparing them.
  7. What is this "partnership" that Kody threatened to dissolve? I somehow doubt that Kody is still on a "rotation" as far as living with Christine and Janelle (we know he barely tolerates Meri). It's less and less a family now that half the kids are gone. How does this family afford and qualify for all these houses and properties??
  8. I think it says it all about this season when the Bachelor's MOM is the star of the show and neither of the F2 girls want to marry the Bachelor. Not to mention the hand wringing from The Bachelor as he kept all the emotional nutcases along the way and was still conflicted by The last Bachelorette who also could not make up her mind!
  9. I'm wondering if Brandon is bipolar. If so, Taylor will never know what Brandon she will get day to day and have to learn the things that set him off. Not an easy life.
  10. Of course they cast a virgin in the past which was even more of a red flag. It pretty much dominated the story line. Forget the couple's names. I think Katie not being over her ex is even more concerning than Derek not ever being in love before.
  11. Exactly, Katie's ex will dump her once again as soon as she is available again. He only wants what he can't have. It is not fair to her husband that she is really not available emotionally. There are already enough issues for these couples to overcome than their spouse still being in love with someone else! She should have been eliminated from being eligible from the "match" pool.
  12. But yet he DOES look like an ass. There have been plenty of participants on this show that have not been attracted to their spouse and just played out the time and NOT looked like an ass. You can still say it in a better way and make an attempt to form a friendship. It's not all about him! Do they still get paid if they quit or refuse to be filmed?
  13. How much would this proposed house cost to build? As others have pointed out, it would be hard to resell and this family does not seem to stay in one place long. Plus the maintenance of such a house would cost a LOT. This vs the cost of building 4 houses on the property with the independence the wives have slowly acquired at stake.
  14. Her sister looks and acts much more normal than Jasmin or I should say at least tries to fit in. Their mother seems more in the Jasmin mold as well. For a young girl to only have ambition to be taken care of her whole life is unbelievable!
  15. I think what Mindy really needs is to stop worrying about Zach not being attractive to her and change her whole attitude. Just be her best self and make the most out of the experience (you signed a contract) and show some independence and confidence. Act like it is HIS loss and not hers. Do what feels right to her and don't even worry about whether he approves. But treat him with respect still.
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