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  1. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing. And the alleged baby Momma just went along with the scenario for $$$ or the Mercedes mentioned.
  2. I'm wondering if Ryan just doesn't want to say I Love You on camera (or have sex during their time on the show) so he doesn't have to talk about something so personal. Maybe he has pretty much even told her he would wait until after decision day. It is interesting last season (that was extended by Covid so they had more time) had 3 couples who stayed together. This season I see the possibility of 3 of the couples initially saying they are staying but only Brianna and Vincent working out long term if both of them are willing to work on some things. Possibly Clara and Ryan if things chan
  3. The thing is with Erik's schedule she would naturally have some time to herself and to visit her friends while spending time with Erik when he was at home. Why make a big deal about being with her friends every weekend. The truth is maybe THEY have lives too and would rather it only be an occasional thing. She should never have come on this show.
  4. Giny: Did you really think you could get married and still live the single life you had before? Did none of the experts not tell you marriage involves compromise, not to mention that your life is forever changed (for the better or worse, depending on both parties compromising).
  5. I still think the writing was on the wall when Kody "had to" divorce Meri to marry Robin for her kids to feel part of the family or whatever the reason was. If it wasn't for the show the whole family would probably be completely split up with Kody living a monogamous life with Robyn and Christine and Janel trying to get child support for their minor children. Kody doesn't even try to pretend anymore.
  6. Forgot about that little fact! Even so, I doubt he is paying much to her if she can't even find him half the time.
  7. There is no way she will ever be happy living in Sequim, Washington. She somehow thinks getting married will solve all her problems with Michael. They are too different. She wants to change him and that will not happen.
  8. Baby Number 3 coming next season along with new GFs for Michael. Same old pattern. He couldn't handle her not needing him anymore and she keeps getting fooled by him. Does he even pay child support?
  9. So they seem to be no longer hiding the fact that Kody pretty much lives full time with Robyn with occasional visits to Janell and Christine to see their kids and catch up with them. The "rotation" was probably only always for TV only. Definitely should have stayed in Vegas.
  10. How does Larissa support herself? Is she still getting money from Colte? Why is she allowed to stay here with no means of support, no green card and an arrest record? I'm surprised with ICE lurking around.
  11. When you see how the experts come to their decisions it is pretty scary, when they ignore deal breakers like age, having/not having kids, income, and preferred "type". Going on a whim with their personal favorites seems so wrong. There have been a few cases where the participants were not attracted to their partners initially but generally it helps a LOT and gives a reason for them to try and get to know the other person and to try to get it to work. Some of these couples could really be train wrecks, ala the Australia version. Still will watch of course. They pretty much have us as a captiv
  12. OMG, I'm surprised someone hasn't rescued her after seeing the footage. She should leave and check into a hotel, self quarantine for a while and then move back home. Or self-quarantine in a spare bedroom in her parents house. Of course I watch ID too, especially right now!
  13. She probably went back to her bad boy EX because she thinks it is too boring to be treated well.
  14. The only difference between this show and BIP besides the music angle is we don't previously know any of these people. They don't have the Bachelorette/Bachelor baggage. One good thing is that they haven't already been communicating with each other like on BIP and waiting for certain people to show up. Hell there is nothing much else to watch!
  15. RE Michael. He is a compulsive liar and has obviously been doing it for so long he doesn't think twice about it. Plus no one in is family has ever been married (at least that is what he said earlier, right?) so he has no role model for how marriage works. He is far from being ready for marriage even with intensive therapy. RE Brandon. He seems to be bi-polar with a LOT of issues. If he is acting like this now it will only get worse after "real" marriage. Taylor (or any wife he has) will always have to walk on egg shells (and have to figure out what sets him off) and never
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