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  1. Agree. Not only that, but I don't find that the assertion that everyone had a problem with Kenya to be true. Kenya hadn't done anything to Kandi or Cynthia. There was the couchie-crack incident, but that wasn't directed at Cynthia and it really wasn't that serious to begin with. She had a screaming match with Porsha in season 5, but they made up in Savannah, so there was no reason for Porsha to go into the season 6 reunion gunning for Kenya. Kenya was wrong in the Walter situation, but I don't see what her fake relationship with Walter has to do with any of the housewives. Why hate Kenya b
  2. Instagram Theory I: This Instagram bullshit seems like it has nothing to do with Instagram. What a coincidence that Vince couldn't be found for 45 minutes, then he created a big blowup over nonsense, right when he was scheduled to go on camera doing yoga. I think that Vince was insecure about his body (wasn't he wearing a long-sleeve shirt in the pool and Shawn made fun of him?), but Vince was too childish and egotistical to verbalize those insecurities, so he had a tantrum to get out of the situation. As a former fat girl, I can tell you that public exercise and public eating were situations
  3. Those lyrics were fun to read, but the song itself was shit. Will needs to stick to acting - rapping was never really his thing. The article says that Sheree is going for spousal support. I don't quite understand that. He made his football money before getting with her, and since marrying her, he's been a pastor at a small-ish church while she's made reality show money for the past couple years. Shouldn't she be paying him spousal support? I knew this marriage wouldn't last. Terrell wanted a dutiful Church wife and Sheree wanted the baller life. Being on a reality show just gave her th
  4. Chloe's performance skills have improved, but her technique has declined a bit. Her feet aren't as beautiful as they used to be and she still doesn't know how to use her back to be expressive (which is essential in contemporary work). It may just be that contemporary/modern dance isn't her thing. She's always been a bit rigid in her dancing - which makes her great in ballet-esque lyrical numbers, but not so much in everything else. We'll see in a few years, but it looks like Chloe is one of those dancers that is precocious at an early age and then stalls. That's unfortunate because I was reall
  5. I don't understand the Kate hate. It's not that "I don't like your personality" hate that many celebrities get from the public, it's become vitriol for Kate. I saw a few episodes of Jon & Kate, and yes she was a shrill and had some childish meltdowns, but she had 6 kids in diapers and a husband that was utterly useless. I'd be a bit shrill as well. What has she done that was so wrong? There are entire Facebook groups on hating Kate. For what, her dramatic personality? A man can literally leave a woman with twins and sextuplets and go off stuffing his penis into every 20-something he sees a
  6. That sounds like a fictitious story planted by violence-condoning Kenya haters who want so desperately to see Porsha win for no other reason than the fact that Porsha was the one who pulled Kenya's hair. That gossip of Porsha getting her own spin-off is just unfathomable given Porsha's lack of storyline to be 1/6th of a show; but now she's supposed to have enough storyline to carry a whole show on her own? Does not compute. Plus, Porsha doesn't seem to have any peripheral friends/family that she's introduced on the show. Nene could do a whole show because she has Marlo, Greg, her sons, Gre
  7. Bless the pool water because it has homosexuals in it? Really? Lashawn's homophobia wasn't funny the first two seasons, and the shit still ain't funny now. I'm really disappointed in Vince for not calling out his friend for that bullshit. I used to like Vince, especially after he softened toward Tamar after that heart attack, but this season I find myself hating him every time he opens his mouth. Even his compliments to Tamar sound like they have a "but" at the end of them - as in "Tamar has a great talent, but she needs to listen". Vince is just as much a drama queen as Tamar - the di
  8. I can see how their friendship developed. I watched Toni's 2003 documentary and Tamar was Toni's BFF - traveling with Toni, being with Toni during her pregnancy, emotionally supporting Toni as she split from Arista, throwing Toni baby showers and birthday parties, etc. Tamar was spending a lot of time with Toni during that time and Vince had to have been around Toni was well given that he was her manager - which meant that Tamar and Vince spent a great deal of time together. I think they are friends - and I'm sure that Vince's career and Tamar's looks were taken into consideration as well when
  9. The dishrag personality is contagious in this family and makes this show really hard to watch sometimes. I've only seen personality from 2 people in this humungous familiy: Nonie and the little blue eyed 5-6 yo girl who talked about smores and hating packing in her TH. Everyone else is boring white bread. The best of Sister Wives were the teens. They gave life to the show. The teen in this Williams' clan don't quite seem normal - no lives separate from their families, I don't hear about their dreams and aspirations, no rebellion, no fun/laughing, nothing. They remind me of cookie cutter houses
  10. I don't know about that. "Team Too Much" is an easy refrain for the sisters to tout when piling against Tamar, but I don't think it holds water when it comes to Tamar's interactions with Toni. Tamar has been Team Too Much toward Towanda and Traci in seasons 1 and 2, but Tamar has never been Team Too Much toward Toni. No one, including Tamar, has ever said a bad word about or to Toni - and there's a lot of material to use if Tamar ever wanted to shade Toni, but she hasn't. In fact, I noticed that Tamar would change her tone and volume when talking to Toni. Tamar talks to Toni like Tamar talks t
  11. I honestly don't know if Toni is jealous. It was strange for Toni to not reach out to Tamar when Love&War hit. She eventually took Tamar out for an English tea, but it felt like Toni was trying to put on a show for the cameras to show that she supports Tamar. I didn't mark that as jealousy at the time, but there have been more events since then. It was suspicious of Toni to blow up at that therapy session where Tamar and Towanda/Traci were going back and forth about being jealous over Tamar's success. Toni says that no one's jealous and Tamar responds "Are you sure?". Clearly, Tamar wa
  12. Her outspokenness is the reason why Nonie is my favorite. Yes, she bitches and moans and acts a plain fool, but that is really the only way a woman has any power in this lifestyle. Even though they left their church, the wives don't seem to have left their beliefs (I'm not so sure Brady ever had those beliefs beyond the having multiple women allowance) so the wives still see Brady as the one and only family decision-maker in all things. So when these women do anything to grab at some control or power in their lives from Brady, I'm excited. Plus, I'm not Brady's biggest fan, so I take a little
  13. It can't be coincidence that this episode hinting at Tamar's exit airs a week before season 3 of Tamar & Vince premieres. BFV runs for 26 episodes a season, and we are only on episode 7 - which means that season 3 of T&V will run for the rest of season 4 of BFV. And they air on the same night (Thursdays) back to back. Tamar wouldn't risk over-exposure by being on both shows, plus, no one has enough going on in their life to carry storylines for 2 reality shows. I think she's backing off of BFV - and good for her. And I like the way she's doing it. By having T&V at the 9pm slot lead
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