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  1. Im watching TVLand and right now they have the episode where Marie drives their car right into Ray and Deb's living room. The disbelief on Debra and delayed rage in Raymond never fails to crack me up! .
  2. Chai

    Dead To Me

    Thank you for the reccomendations! I found this thread because I watched this show in two days and loved it. Now I have to wait until next summer to watch what happens next. I thought originally, Judy said they were both so drunk when the accident happened, and that's why they didn't stop? Also,now that Steve is Dead, maybe Judy will say he was driving?
  3. I really think she just chose to film this for the money. I don't think she is interested in dating anyone, ,and she could barely fake being interested in anyone. personally, I think she has been in some kind of relationship with her bodyguard, Steve. They probably had to hide him.
  4. I think what happened to Rachel is menopause hit. I know its not easy, but you ARE on television in front of millions of people! someone, ,somewhere is responsible for what she looks like on camera! We can forgive weight gain, no one will forgive looking or acting unclean.so trim your hair, put it in a ponytail and leave it alone. Apart from the looks, its the attitude, or general lack of giving a sh!* that's the problem.Again,it might be time to go to a doctor and talk about hormone replacement therapy. Or maybe just therapy! I don't know! LOL!
  5. I have comcast so I am watching whatever episodes they put up that are available. Yesterday they had two episodes devoted to celebritiy fans having a discussion about ELR. ugh. no thanks so the next episode was seeing the marriage counselor. I think they should've addressed the actual problem that Deb was trying to address: She was stuck with all the responsibility and had no help from Raymond. , I thought they needed a counselor over many issues. Especially concerning his mother! it would've eventually led to a divorce!
  6. I don’t personally know, but I can guess that a parent who gives 100% of their lives to their children can manage an aggressive child and siblings in their every day lives. The problem with this mother, is she was focused on herself attaining riches, fame and glory while filming a reality tv show that was truly detrimental to her marriage and family. Im not surprised if he tried to hurt her. Haven’t people said this was going to happen for years? YEARS. I also would’ve nipped the aggression towards siblings in the bud when they were toddlers. I said it when I saw the show around season 2.
  7. blindgossip.com/?p=87170http://blindgossip.com/?p=87170
  8. So true! I agree with every word. I remember very well when Kelly had that hip fracture. It shows how malnourished she is, and she will be paying for starving herself when she is older and her bones are as brittle as glass. I have always thought she is a horrible example for young impressionable girls. What a hypocrite, putting her on the cover of shape or any other fitness magazine. The LAST thing she is, is physically fit. I think she has an eating disorder and some kind of excessive exercise compulsion. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out she smokes.
  9. so true, it would wear me down, that's for sure!
  10. I loved watching Mallory do that too! She perfectly did the toddler "jelly legs" and limp-noodle-body that prevents going anywhere! I was hoping Brianna would give her a great job, but she seemed fine with the unpaid position.
  11. I hated Lisa Kudrow as Shree. I only saw Phoebe from friends. To me, it was ridiculous trying to make Lisa look anywhere near JF and LT's ages. I love the rest of the show. I like the scenes where Sol is having fun with Frankie and Robert gives advice to her younger "associate" lol!
  12. where can I read discussions about Season 1 of Drop Dead Diva? Thanks in advance ;-)
  13. Hi there! I always enjoy reading your posts. I agree with everything you've said. Over in the 19 kids and counting thread I posted a link to an article that TLC dropped Jill and Derick due to his comments about the transgender teen, Jazz. I wish and have for a long while that TLC would do the same to KG. (I think she moves heaven and earth to keep that gravy train going) I loved it when she was fired for a while there. Nothing would warm the cockles of my heart then seeing her get her just desserts. She's an evil, greedy lying manipulative witch. I firmly believe in what comes around, goes around. Karma is going to bite her ass, good
  14. http://lifeandstylemag.com/posts/kate-gosselin-kids-abuse-141840
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