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  1. Bees or not, Murcel ain’t feeling it.
  2. So Lacy, WHO IS THE FATHER, skank? Lizzy graduates in four years - hasn’t she been in school for three? I know the heifer isn’t enrolled in an MD/PHD program 🙄 Lacy’s dad seems kind of gangsta, lol. Poor Vince, about to get suckered again. 😆 For some reason, I started rooting for Angela’s delusional buck toothed ass. Sweaty Tony doesn’t deserve her, but she’s desperate and smitten. Welp. Previews for 2020: Goddess Tracy - is that you???
  3. Oh, Shane. Many disastrous outcomes have unfolded right before declaring “I ain’t no punk ass bitch.” 😑 Lacey is grotesque.
  4. Who would have guessed the malicious wounder didn’t react with physical violence when nutjob Lacey assaulted him. She’s all famewhore, psychosis, and utterly disgusting. ( her kids will see this one day)
  5. Agree, the old love story was lovely. The montage was heavy-handed and cornball-ish. Get off my lawn.
  7. THIS. It reflects badly on him that he doesn’t know where his wife is, and who KNOWS what shenanigans she’d get into being a liberated! Western! Woman! in Qatar. She’s a fucking hardhead, and he’s right - she won’t change. I think Laura is awful through and through, and kept cackling when she started with the “ but but I’m a good person!” Her kid is awful too. #TeamAladin
  8. It was Josh, and he said Cheryl would cry like a baby died! 😂
  9. After the first ep - meh. I stuck around for Catherine Keener.
  10. Ahhh, so I do still have a heart. This was sublime. I’m in!
  11. Jade Foxx

    S3.04: Triggers

    She is DREADFUL, get her off our screens. 😩
  12. Maybe he has low T?? Though I’m getting a strong asexual vibe. Strange dude indeed.
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