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  1. Not buying Lamar had two used condom wrappers in his pocket. I smell producer shenanigans!
  2. Lauren resembles Monique from Potomac Housewives to me; both gorgeous!
  3. This isn’t love, this is active drug addiction 😒 BOTH of them Production is wrong for this!
  4. Hokey; still watchable.
  5. What is it with Michael’s ex-wife’s determination to look so disheveled and haggard on national television? No makeup, wonky eyebrows, sad sundresses. She always looks a hot ass bedraggled MESS.
  6. Mindy, not showering before hopping into your honeymoon bed is gross. Is this the season of high drama/hard to root for wives? Who am I kidding, even the husbands are likely to be train wrecks.
  7. I’m like, stop talking - at least let him respond! They won’t make it. Mindy, girl get you some cute travel wear!
  8. Her veneers (or whatever) are unfortunate.
  10. And Brittany’s mom prattles, “It’s so nice that both of you can stay home with the kids..” whew, the nerve AND the shade!
  11. Soooo is The Goddess’ asymmetrical hair shave intentional or did half her hair fall out??
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