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  1. You’re doing the Lord’s work. Thank you for the translation. 😂
  2. What was the story? Couldn’t decipher Shane’s mumbled justification.
  3. And I sat there thinking....did he? (from what I remember, he was raised by an aunt he thought was his mother...or something nice and normal like that!)
  4. IRIS IS STILL “WHOLE,” Y’ALL 🙄 Girl, shut UP.
  5. To me, Josh screams mass shooter or cult leader!
  6. Whoa, Candiass called Ashley a “roach?” Get this foul nasty thing OFF TV Who am I kidding. Andy loves it.
  7. The ladies look bad this season, save Contessa and maybe...Jackie ? Thats all I have.
  8. That scene was awesome! I squealed.
  9. It’s a cultural, and maybe even a dialect thing.
  10. I’m calling bull and shit.
  11. OG is extremely unpleasant this season. Ugh. Jackie needs intense, long term therapy. (Not the tv kind) This season is meh.
  12. Iris needs to re-enroll in 4th grade and take it from there. Arrested development indeed, and I don’t think it’s due to “the only child” syndrome. I get asexual vibes..girl should own it, if that’s the case. She is SO fucking annoying, immature, and clueless: and I hope Keith dumps her. Who could tolerate her, day in and day out?? Physically she’s attractive, but her personality is HEINOUS. Just embrace your cat lady life, girlfriend.
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