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Season 5 Wish List

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  • Get Caitlin/Killer Frost sorted out in a believable way.
  • Incorporate more police/journalistic investigation in the metas of the week cases
  • Keep using Cecile well. And have her and Joe married. With concerns about what psychotic threat will interrupt their wedding
  • The 100th episode/crossover ends happily with Nora Allen 2 going home. 
  • Westallen babies
  • If they must do a season big bad, make it a team of moderate bads
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The show needs to bring in characters that won't be stuck in STAR Labs most of the time.

Let everyone have something to do outside of STAR Labs.

Yearly request to let Carlos/Cisco grow some facial hair.

Get Cisco and Cynthia back together.

Iris is employed as a reporter!

Actually use CCPD and Barry and Joe's jobs in law enforcement.

No Ralph. We don't need him.

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Iris is a journalist. I've seen online, so I want her to be working on building the Central City Citizen. A lot of people are theorizing that it's her that stats that newspaper.

Bring back Linda. I want to see more of Iris/Linda

Wally? He didn't get a proper send off and he belongs on here if they could just get rid of the dead weight.

No Ralph.

Barry is actually intelligent. I want him solving his own problems.

More Joe

More Iris/Joe scenes. Their father and daughter.

Iris/Cecile and Iris/Cisco scenes. I would love to see these friendships more.

CCPD scenes with Joe, Barry, and sometimes Cisco.

Give Cisco a proper storyline.

Less of Star Labs. I'm tired of seeing that place all the time.

Fix Caitlin or write her off. This won't happen

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More Caitlin Snow.

Caitlin to get a real love interest.

Caitlins past to be fully explored.

More trio scenes between Barry, Cisco, & Caitlin.

Less Cecile.

A really compelling big bad.

Ralph to remain on the show but some moderation.

Iris back as a reporter & out of Star Labs.

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Iris as a journalist. 

No version 143367 of Wells. 


No Ralph. 

No Star Labs. 

Ideally no Caitlin and little Cisco. 

Barry to gain a brain again. 

Iris to mini cross over, hopefully with SG)

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No Ralph. Is that possible? 

Nora's presence being a big thing, and exploring the Newspaper Article from the Future.

More balance in the settings. Less Star Labs please. More CCPD, more CCPN, more Central City. Let's see the Flash be a hero of the city, and not some creepy Overwatch, observing all from his lab.

Journalist Iris with her stories driving the narratives.

Iris crosses over to Supergirl and the Arrow. 

Cecile and Joe get married - or at least have it be discussed. 

Wally crosses over for a 3-4 episode arc.

Give Caitlin Snow a Killer Frost arc where she becomes evil with agency, make her the final Bad of the season and kill her off. 

2 or 3 Big Bad arc (with KF as Final Bad). No season-long Big Bad. It's a formula that hasn't worked since season 1. ?Let it go ?. 

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A new team to do hair. I don't know what was up, but it was really noticeable to me that everyone's hair looked exactly the same for 90% of the season.

Barry & Iris go on a mission together.

Have a story/arc take place outside of Central City. The characters barely went anywhere in Season 4.

I know it's not really up to the Flash writers, but I'd like to see some of the Flash characters cross over to the other DC shows.

Another musical, or at least another chance for the cast to get to sing.

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STAR Labs in the background.

Iris, Joe and Barry's regular jobs driving stories.

Cisco having aspirations aside from being tech support. I'd like to see him come closer to his Flashpoint version.

More Westallen scenes that are strictly about romance, not work.

More West-Allen family scenes.

More Barrisco friendship scenes.

Iris having a real female friend.

Nora as a regular.

Less Ralph.

The less Killer Frost, the better. Save the special effects for something more exciting.

No more mini crossovers unless they find some balance. It's time for the Flash characters to show up on the other shows as well.

This is not necessarily about s5 but I want the Tornado Twins. No to Nora being an only child.

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9 hours ago, Trini said:

A new team to do hair. I don't know what was up, but it was really noticeable to me that everyone's hair looked exactly the same for 90% of the season.


My frustration with the way they style Iris hair.....since the start of the series. I'm a black woman, and I can certainly say we don't wear our hair the same way all the time. I liked her in 4x22 and 4x23

Now I don't know about the guys hair. Except for Carlos, they all have sort hair. There's not much to be styled.

I know you said this season, but I noticed Danielle's hair is the only one to be styled differently every season.

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18 hours ago, Trini said:

A new team to do hair. I don't know what was up, but it was really noticeable to me that everyone's hair looked exactly the same for 90% of the season.

Okay, but Carlos had gorgeous, shampoo commercial hair this season that should not be changed.

But seriously, give Iris more ponytails.

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46 minutes ago, bettername2come said:

Okay, but Carlos had gorgeous, shampoo commercial hair this season that should not be changed.

No, his hair didn't look bad or anything; but I thought it was too straight. Like they were straightening it then using a curling iron on it? But I LOVED this look at the end of Season 3:


I just want to see these more natural, beachy waves more often! (Also let him grew a beard you cowards!)

As for Iris, it was just ridiculous that she had exactly 1 hairstyle, except for like 3 episodes.


Other wishes:

I'd love to see other versions of the cast / more doppelgangers. Iris and Cisco in particular. But also the show should revisit Earth-2 WestAllen, and see what they're up to.

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The Most Important Thing: Slow Barry down somehow, I'm talking season 1 levels here, and keep him that way permanently so we aren't constantly questioning how the hell he isn't effortlessly beating everything he's put up against with how fast he is.


No season long Big Bads, and this goes for the other Arrowverse shows as well. They should do something like this:

An introductory episode to the season and it's general tone.

A few "Meta of the week" episodes.

Have arc villains instead of season long villains. Every so often have a 3-4 episode arc dealing with a Big Bad villain, then go back to "Meta of the Week" plots, finish up the season with another arc villain, maybe leave it as a To Be Continued going into next season.

This way we don't have to have Team Flash be idiots and the villain be massively overpowered the whole season just to keep the villain going that long, and we can have Team Flash win sometimes.

At the very least, if there IS going to be a season long Big Bad, have he (possibly she) lose utterly a few times, run away, and have to start back from square one. Also no "all according to plan" crap if it happens either so Team Flash can still win instead of constantly being steamrolled over and over again.

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Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. season 4 had the best set up I’ve seen. They did three major arcs that were all connected. They defeated the first villain in the first third of the season. Then a subplot from those first episodes lead to the creation of the second villain and their attempts to stop the second villain created a whole new problem they had to solve before they could defeat the second villain (oddly enough the last third of the season had the characters trapped in their own version of Flashpoint and it was great to see a ‘what if’ scenario played out over multiple episodes).

I’m not saying they have to do that exactly, but the Flash has a big rogues gallery, there’s no reason for only one villain a season.

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Nora calls Cisco, "Tio Cisco".

Actually, how about we get a little more specific about Cisco's heritage/family. Right now he 'general Latino'. (Next season's theme is supposed to be family, after all.)

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13 hours ago, Trini said:

Nora calls Cisco, "Tio Cisco".

Actually, how about we get a little more specific about Cisco's heritage/family. Right now he 'general Latino'. (Next season's theme is supposed to be family, after all.)

Where did you find that from?

Edit: never mind. I somehow forgot what thread this was. 

Edited by wingster55
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So the show has a character that can create portals to different dimensions -- I think it would be fun if they did another episode set in another world. (But NOT like that Grodd episode where everyone was in a cage most of the time - that was dumb. Also, no Nazis.) They could do all sorts of things with the DC multiverse, if they want to.

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7 hours ago, BeautifulFlower said:

If Caitlin does something problematic in season 5, hopefully she gets called out. No more treating her as a victim and someone who can do no wrong.


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What I would like to see in season 5:

A return to West family scenes that don't include the full team

More Iris/Barry couple scenes (perhaps an uninterrupted date and vow renewal)

Iris balancing reporting/journalism and being the team leader

Nora (and her brother) being on the canvas with important storylines 

Caitlin's family story to be given the same amount of attention as Iris/Francine in season 2

Incorporate Joe's police work, Barry's CSI work, Iris' journalism/reporting and Cecile's prosecution into the metas of the week cases

Cisco to have a storyline, perhaps him becoming a SpeedForce expert or starting a tech company 

Getting information about Cisco's family (how are they dealing in the aftermath of Dante's death? ect.)

Much less Ralph

Much less Star Labs

An original timeline episode (aka before Thawne murdered Nora)

A teenage flashback episode that would show Iris/Barry, as well as Cisco, Caitlin, and Ralph as teens 

A visit to another earth, somewhat like the Earth-2 episodes 

More wins along the way for the team during the season, so that the "fight" seems balanced 

A move away from the idea that every series regular needs to appear in every episode (this annoys me no end!)

Episodes where each powered hero on the team (Flash, Vibe, Killer Frost, Elongated Man) is challenged in someway that allows for strong character moments when the hero has to rise to the challenge, as opposed to powers being consistently wasted (happened far too often to Vibe and KF)

Actual consequences for problematic/selfish characters (I'm looking at you, Caitlin and Ralph) so that these characters can grow as heroes

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Quoting myself from the Season 4 Wishlist thread:

On 11/24/2017 at 4:56 AM, Trini said:

Iris has shot someone once each season so far; let's make it four for four. ?

Well she shot at Marlize, and got that shrinking meta with The Boot in Season 4;

... Let's make it five for five!

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They should be starting to film the 100th episode of The Flash this week; so what are your wishes for that episode?

For me, I want ALL the guest stars, and ALL the callbacks! Like, the cast from the 1990 show; Earth-2 characters; past recurring people like Linda Park, Pied Piper, Dr. Stein, and Julian; even Eddie too. References to past villains; since we have time travel, flashbacks and flashforwards; maybe even scenes from a new dimension with new versions of everyone.

As for plot or format, maybe they can frame it as Nora learning about her parents' past directly from several people.

(I know doing all of that may not be feasible for a 42-minute episode, but it's a wish list!)

Edited by Trini
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On 5/28/2018 at 4:16 AM, Trini said:

What do you want to see - or NOT see - in Season 5?

Speculation goes elsewhere.

Graphics.... did anyone notice in season 3 and 4 about graphics.... I just clearly noticed they are not running by using blue or green background...

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