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  1. It's from 2x19. They just cut the scene of them driving.
  2. I don't believe any of these words. This performative to me. They only did this because of the recent events. I would do this if they were already doing this in the beginning. Candice, Ashleigh, Vanessa, Azie, and so many other black actresses have gotten harassed and abused over the years. The Cw hasn't done anything to support or protect them. These words mean nothing.
  3. I don't think they will. They removed him from the header on twitter. Plus, Ralph shapeshifting to someone else makes no sense. Why would he feel the need to impersonate somebody else? Especially around the team. They would have to explain why he's in that disguise in Star Labs.
  4. I'll believe it when I see it. Will he acknowledge Candice posts?
  5. I meant on here. I agree with everything you said. I just didn't want an argument to start and a mod step in. I don't think we can actually talk about it on here anyway, right? There's no thread I think.
  6. We don't know if it's lies or the truth. What we do know that something is going down behind the scenes. I think it's best we don't talk about it.
  7. She looks like Candice
  8. It was only one person, but there is probably others like him. Anyway, they hate the Nash and Allegra angst thing. Yet, they're placing all blame on Allegra. I don't get it. We know why Allegra was angry with Nash. She thought he genuinely cared about her, but it was because she was a doppelganger of a lost loved one. She had every right to be mad. Especially as Nash kept bothering her. He was borderline harassing her. I can't that there are some people who fault Allegra for the drama. Why should she forgive him? Anyway, I didn't care about the Nash and Allegra relationship. Did anybody care for it?
  9. If The Flash gets renewed for season 8, it'll be the perfect time to get rid of dead weight. We all know some have 7 season contracts, but they need to leave afterwards. Ofc, I'm talking mainly about Danielle. We don't need another season of the writers trying to find a story for her character. Also, I assume she would be another Stephen. Part of the reason he wanted Arrow to end was because he was missing seeing his daughter grow up. His family lives in LA.
  10. While I love the dynamic of Barry and Jeff in the crossover, I don't want any Flash character on Black Lightning. They just wouldn't fit the atmosphere. I totally want Jeff, Anissa, and Jen to guest on The Flash though. However, I doubt it'll happen. They film in different countries. Neither would have the time to appear for a big role. Remember, Cress came to Vancouver for only a week to film his scenes as he had to get back to filming for Black Lightning. I imagine it would be the same for Grant and others.
  11. Am I the only one who wasn't bothered by the Caitlin and Barry scene? When I saw it, I knew it was a goodbye scene and nothing more. They were going to have one as they're friends. We can't change that. If you're bothered by slow motion and etc, that means you were looking for that stuff. Just be like me and wait for the scene to be over. The only thing that bothered me was that Barry was talking about his failure that day. Caitlin's advice is something that Barry has gotten and knows about. If they wanted reiterate something, it should've came from Joe. Other than that, the scene didn't bother me. As I mentioned already, they're friends. Whether we like it or not, they will have scenes. If you think every scene B and C share is ship bait, it actually fuels those shippers into thinking their crackship has a chance. It actually fuels them into believing WestAllen fans are threatened by their ship. I hate that Cisco didn't get a goodbye scene. If they knew episode 19 was her goodbye episode, why didn't they have Cisco in it? Caitlin is his best friend.
  12. That line really pissed me off. You just got told that your pseudo daughter in law and friends are kidnapped and trapped in a mirror, yet you're saying that is equal to helping Killer Frost? No and it never will be. They were over there packing. PACKING!!!!!! How is that just as important as rescuing Iris, Kamilla, and singh? That line made Cecile inconsiderate. What's worse? Even Killer Frost points how they all should be hands on deck instead of helping her PACK!!!!!! That whole scene was unnecessary. We didn't need it to have Carla come back. They could've just wrote Killer Frost opening the door and cut to her running her tests. More time should've been spent on Iris and Kamilla. Or they could've just had all this in episode 17.
  13. https://www.etonline.com/the-flash-candice-patton-dishes-on-iris-journey-from-ace-reporter-to-mirrorverse-villain-exclusive
  14. He said episode episode 19 ends on Act 2
  15. I didn't care for the Killer Frost plot. Look, I get Danielle was getting ready to go on maternity leave around this time, but it was pointless. This whole plot is pointless. Unless she was playing the title character, they didn't need to create this plot. Similar to Cisco and Ralph, they could've just had a character have one line explaining where she was off screen. Anyway, I liked this episode. It's nice for them to have Godspeed stealing speed like in the comics. So this still wasn't the real Godspeed. I have a feeling it wasn't Godspeed himself who's been sending the clones. I'm so glad Barry went to Joe first. That scene was nice. I knew Roderick was Hartley's boyfriend from the get go. It sucks we didn't get an onscreen kiss from them. I wish we saw Singh's husband. It was so nice to see someone comfort Iris. I really like Kamilla and Iris friendship. Please have her stick around next season. Why does the mirrorverse mess with your mind? I don't get it. The team up with Flash and Pied Piper at the end was nice.
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