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  1. All Beth said was "I don't know." She did not judge Yolanda at all. Hell, Beth cried when she answered the question. Beth's answer is a real life answer anybody could've said. Beth is not gonna lie to make Yolanda feel better. A serious question was asked and a real answer was needed. You say Rick got that he needed to help Yolanda, but did his words actually help her? Rewatch the scene, because it did not. All of them could've supported her by saying she did the right thing and the result would still be the same. For Yolanda to feel better, she is the one who needs to decided whether it
  2. Did they change his character description? If so, I like it. His original one made him seem like the male Alice. If he's Ryan's brother, I don't want him to be evil.
  3. That's only if Candice put in her new contract to not appear in every episode.
  4. I'm glad Kyle was defending himself in this episode. He's right that he wasn't the only one to buy in Morgan Edge's promise to make Smallville better. He's right that he knew as much as everybody else. You would think the people of Smallville would grow a brain and think about this. Sure, Kyle was somewhat his hype man. However, Morgan was the one who was promising these people new jobs. Jobs that some of them needed as this show has made it clear that majority of the people in Smallville are struggling financially. Are the people in Smallville not capable of thinking for themselves? Bec
  5. Considering just about anybody can walk in there, and they keep accepting people they JUST met onto to the team, that would be a big fat NO
  6. And we have our Renee Montoya Victoria has played Renee before on Gotham
  7. I don't get how Covid affected the fight scenes period. I can understand if Barry is the type to do hand to hand combat, but he isn't. We barely see that on the show. I've seen behind the scenes footage of them filming fights. Their fights are literally special efx fights with CGI. No one is doing any type of closeups. Therefore, I don't get them being affected like this. As for PDA, they could've done quick pecks. No one was asking for full blown make outs.
  8. No offense, but what would make Caitlin an expert? She's not an OB-GYN, so how would she be able to tell if regular people can carry a child from a metahuman? Considering Central City has had metas for 7 years, I'm sure there are plenty who have gained more knowledge on this matter than Caitlin. I hope when Iris gets pregnant, they don't say or show that Iris goes to Caitlin for her appointments. Again, she's not licensed for that. She also shouldn't have the materials needed any way. He'll, Caitlin shouldn't even have surgical equipment.
  9. The choices of for their wedding party was terrible period. I get these are main characters, so we won't see that much of their personal lives. But come on now? This show literally implied that neither Barry nor Iris have any close friends outside of their superhero friend group? If they can get extras for both sides of the wedding as guests, they could've gotten random people for best man and maid of honor. But noooooo...... we must have people we know even though it makes no sense.
  10. For the love of me, I will never understand why Berlanti wanted a double wedding. Then, when the script was written, no one looked at it and thought "this could piss people off"? Seriously, what the hell? Them getting married next to puke wasn't cute either and still pisses me off.
  12. Great to hear he's a mama's boy. I just need them to back it up. Iris isn't allowed to have meaningful scenes depicting her relationship with people besides Barry. Cough cough Joe/Iris scenes lately cough cough
  13. Since the character descriptions are most likely true, I have a prediction for season 3. Based on Renee's character description, I definitely can see Sophie's storyline involving her. Maybe Sophie gets hired in the same division as Renee. They investigate something together. Also, since Kate is not here, I can see them pairing Sophie and Renee together.
  14. Alright, so those character descriptions are legit.
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