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  1. They can get rid of Big. I don't want Steve and Miranda to be divorced though.
  2. I'm glad Sam is back. What a week to come back on.
  3. I don't disagree with Rachel about the resignation in exchange for pardon thing. For exactly the reason she said, I think that's more likely to happen than the 25th amendment and could still happen, even at the last minute.
  4. I don't know, but he's sure been missing out on...quite a lot.
  5. I like Loki. I wished he hadn't died like that. I wanted him to stay around for Thor's movies as his redeemed self- he's the best character for Thor to interact with.
  6. Okay, so, about the Thor movies. I never liked the first two, but I do like Ragnarok a lot. And I love Loki. I was upset that he died in a way that seems like he can't be brought back and I was totally uninterested in seeing a fourth Thor movie without him in it. Frankly I think the Thor/Loki relationship and chemistry is the most appealing part of Thor's own series. I really don't care about Natalie Portman coming back as Jane and whatever it is they're doing with her, because I never thought her and Hemsworth had any chemistry whatsoever and I never cared about their romance. Does anyone think there's any chance that they could migrate this new alternate Loki who's going to be in the TV series back into the Thor movies? I know he's going to be the more villainous version but maybe they could somehow get him back to basically being his other self through some, I don't know, magic thing or whatever. I'd like to see another Taika Waititi movie but I want it to have both Thor AND Loki in it.
  7. I'm planning to watch Bells Are Ringing (1960) tomorrow. Can anyone tell me if it's a holiday movie, set around Christmas or New Year's or anything? (Or is TCM just playing it now because it has "bells" in the title?)
  8. Just watched this the other day too. Really liked it. Surprising little discovery. It's not exactly a "feel good" Christmas movie, because it's about an unhappy, basically estranged family, but the acting was great.
  9. I agree. He even said himself to Stephen that we're going to lose a lot more people over the next few months, which is correct. I don't think we can even begin to grasp the depth of this as it's happening. It's almost incomprehensible, to realize more people died in the last week than in the deadliest year of the Vietnam War. Maybe when it's over or finally slows as vaccinations happen we can begin to address this somehow.
  10. It feels to me like they don't want to go too far in showing Homelander's evil. Notice we never see him rape Becca. It just happened. Although he doesn't care about racism they don't make him a full on racist (he even cringes when Stormfront goes in on her white genocide thoughts). They pull their punches with him because Starr is such a good actor and frankly Homelander has become the fan favorite character. They want you to feel sorry for him by explaining his backstory and humanizing him with his lack of love, etc. It feels cowardly to me. Couldn't they still do all that while also showing him rape women or do they know that they lose the audience if they do that? I think they know.
  11. He dated Keira Knightley??? Was this during the Pirates movies? That would have been more than ten years ago. I had no idea.
  12. Season 5 is likely to be even worse for them, I would think.
  13. I didn't like that Morgan Wallen sketch. They made it seem like the reason it was bad that he was partying was because it would get him kicked off SNL, not that he was deliberately out there partying during a pandemic. They didn't even bring that up! That was super lame. So if he hadn't gotten caught he could have just come into SNL and potentially infected everyone and that would have been okay?
  14. How come the studio isn't decorated for Christmas yet? It usually is in December.
  15. Everyone knows it's fiction because watching it sends them to google/wiki/youtube to find more info on the real thing, lol. And guess what? That stuff is basically confirming what they saw on the show. The Diana Netflix doc In Her Own Words? All the rest of them? Come on. They just don't like that this is reminding everyone and teaching a new generation how much they hate Charles and Camilla. Well, screw them. They deserve it, imo. Charles is an asshole. He was never personally popular, so the best thing he could have done to ensure the survival of the monarchy after Elizabeth died was to marry a woman the public adored and wanted to see as Queen. That was his best case scenario, and amazingly enough, that's exactly what he wound up with! He should have embraced her popularity and used it to his own advantage instead of being the sniveling, spoiled, resentful little prick he was. Diana would have done anything for him, all he had to do was be nice to her- he probably could have even kept Camilla as mistress if he'd just shown her some love/affection and not rubbed it in her face. But he couldn't even do that!
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