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  1. Does anyone know if this show is an actual one and done miniseries or is it intended to have more seasons?
  2. I guess it was a satisfying ending and I like that it wrapped everything up in case the show doesn't come back. It did turn out though, like I had suspected earlier, that their Catwoman had zero connection to Batman, which annoys me.
  3. I loved this! I feel like the animated format makes it easier to make a whole episode explicit about politics. Though, I gotta say, I think Elena (via the show's writers) was being really, really, REALLY generous when she was imagining what their side was actually going to say and trying to think how they could possibly explain it rationally.
  4. Okay, I LOVE Larry and Rita. It kinda makes me wish that Larry could be bisexual because I think those two have chemistry together, and since he can't take off his bandages or touch her it would make for an interesting conflict. And, you know... in the Grant Morrison comics which this is mostly based on, Larry had an extremely fluid sexuality and got into some crazy stuff with the Negative Spirit, and in the older comics Larry had a thing for Rita, so...it's not necessarily outside the realm of possibility! This show does crazy things!
  5. So...I guess Kite Man forgives Ivy pretty fast then?
  6. Poor Kite Man. It'd be funny if they decided to go for a threesome situation.
  7. I wonder if they will recast Ralph. I actually think in his case it would be pretty easy to do considering he can shapeshift into other people.
  8. I think Harley is lying about the bomb. Also, if Joker got all of his memories back doesn't he know that Bruce is Batman?
  9. I think the problem with "defund the police" is illustrated by this episode- John had to explain it. How about use a different word that doesn't automatically make people think something else? Like "rebuild? That's closer to what it will mean.
  10. Hearing those parts of Gloria's speech at the end made me believe that she is who really deserved to have a show about her, not Phyllis Schlafly. I don't agree with the idea that this was glorifying her just because they showed what happened, but having it be Phyllis vs. "the feminists" as a group diminished how revolutionary and iconic Gloria Steinem really was (and is). And I think in a way it kind of does give Phyllis too much credit for taking down the ERA and it certainly shines a spotlight on her where she'd really become a forgotten figure since then. Gloria Steinem hasn't, but there are plenty of younger people who don't know her either, or what she did. A show that centered her (along with the other feminist activists) would have done wonders for educating people about who she was. As it is, I know that having Oscar winner Cate Blanchett as Schlafly is probably the reason the show was mostly about her, but still. Gloria deserved more I think.
  11. I think having Dottie be unsure about their marriage from the beginning and then kissing Jimmy would not have let the ending that we ended up getting be very satisfying, because it would have seemed like she was ultimately settling for this guy she was never sure of and didn't pursue other avenues in her life that she secretly wanted. I actually prefer it as it is, because I read it as Dottie being a more typical 1940's woman who, even though she actually is passionate about baseball and playing, simply didn't see herself as someone who was going to have a life that was meant to be any different from most women of that era, and not reaching for it because it just wasn't expected of her. She loves Bob, she wants a family and she doesn't consider doing something different with her life outside the war. And I can believe there were many women of that era, especially around her age who were that way, despite hidden or buried talents and passions. A lot of them were asked to step up in different ways during the war and then asked to go right back to being homemakers after the war was over- I'm sure there were women who were resentful of it and others who didn't question it because this was as society was structured at that time. Perhaps in retrospect years later they might look back on it and realize, as Dottie does, what could have been different. Having all that other stuff in the movie makes it very explicit that she's suffering and repressing who she is and regretting every choice she's making in the moment and that would have made the ending much more depressing overall. As it is, it's more bittersweet, because it's all in her memories of it.
  12. That was a good episode! I gotta say, I've said a few times this season that Harley has become (to me) the most annoying character on the show, but it is no coincidence that in this very Harley-centric episode the most intriguing stuff is Joker being back and their dark dynamic lingering under the surface once again. I'm sorry, but ever since her creation the thing that makes Harley Quinn interesting (in all the sad, dark, twisted and tragic ways) is her connection and relationship with the Joker. It just is. Without that she's just a hapless, ineffectual character that people can't figure out how to treat as a hero or villain (in comics or any other media- ever iteration I've seen of her confirms my opinion).
  13. Wow, Jimmy. That was incredible.
  14. I didn't like the King Shark subplot. And once again the characterization of Harley really doesn't make sense. Harley is a co-dependent submissive personality who latches on obsessively to people who give her affection, explaining her entire relationship with the Joker. She doesn't "run from one thing to the next." If anything she'd be Ivy's for life.
  15. So, Harley continues to be the most obnoxious character on the show. And I continue to think it was a mistake to push Harley and Ivy romantically in this version of them, IF they're going to have Ivy and Kite Man continue to be actually cute and good together. I'd bet most of the people watching this actually like Ivy and Kite Man as a couple. I know we're supposed to be rooting for Harley/Ivy, but it's harder to do that if you like her with Kite Man. And honestly, it feels to me like the show's writers also prefer Ivy with Kite Man, given the way they continue to develop them- it's kinda weird, actually. Like they're being pulled in two conflicting directions- they seem to think they have an obligation to go the Harley/Ivy route, but they actually like writing the Ivy/Kite Man romance, so they keep doing that too.
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