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  1. The summary for the fourth episode makes it sound like we're still there. I'm stunned they'd spend so much time on this. FOUR episodes? Seriously?
  2. Agreed. I don't know how they managed to pull this off when the others haven't. But so far it does seem like Seth has transferred his comfortable audience free routine more or less seamlessly to having an audience again. I LOVE that he's kept his casual clothes and comments to his writers, etc. It doesn't feel like he's putting on some sort of fake persona that isn't really him (like Colbert).
  3. So they're really committed to this interrupting correspondent's bit, huh? I'd like to know what about it they think is working. At all.
  4. Watched the first two. Agree on the denseness, and I also forgot that the show likes to play out a whole story arc, meaning we can't see anyone else on the show before we go through this whole Marzz storyline. I would prefer some back and forth.
  5. The reason the at home show worked so well is exactly because like you said, he was talking to the camera, to each individual viewer. Having anything in an empty studio feels like dead air. Apparently they never considered that he didn't HAVE to go back to a studio with an audience at all. Or for some reason, that just couldn't be an option (likely because every single other late night host did go back). But at home methods can't work in the studio. What made him better was in fact, being at home alone. It's too bad. Looks like the way the show found itself was reserved for pandemic
  6. I actually like that they call the parents by their first names, because that's what me and my friends all did at that age. I don't remember it ever being a thing either. Maybe we all had younger moms who really didn't want to be called "Mrs" or something. Or maybe it had to do with the fact that all our parents were divorced, so our single moms especially didn't want to be called by their last names. I don't know, like I said, I can't really remember, but I know it wasn't ever a thing in my life, with all my friends throughout school. I don't remember a single parent ever introducing themselv
  7. I finished the season! I liked the later episodes better. I liked the change with Janine and her coming out, but I'm a little disappointed because this probably rules out making Kristy a lesbian, which I was really hoping for as a tribute to Ann Martin (ever since I found that out about her, her alter ego Kristy makes SO much sense to me looking back on these books). I was hoping they'd leave out Bart and maybe introduce Abby and have her be Kristy's love interest. Or maybe even not leave Bart out but have Kristy realize she doesn't really like him enough because Abby's the one she has re
  8. Yeah, that's why to me that episode felt like it was written by someone who knows the gist of what "highs" and "lows" cause in diabetics, but not the details. For example they probably heard that your range is supposed to be between 70 and 140, so they think anything above that is "high," and over 200 would be especially high. But that's a layman talking, because the truth is we with diabetes know that those really bad high symptoms (the excessive thirst that needs 5 glasses of water in half an hour or having to pee every 15 minutes) are not caused by a 200 number, but a 300 number. Or 40
  9. Just watched Stacey's Emergency and was REALLY disappointed. That particular book meant a lot to me when I was first hospitalized with Type 1. But this? First of all, that wasn't much of an "emergency." In the book she was hospitalized! They should have sent her into DKO, that happens with T1 diabetics a lot. Instead, what- her emergency is having a low one day and a high another day (btw, 220 is not THAT high, not nearly high enough for the symptoms of needing to drink 5 glasses of water in half an hour, if they wanted her to feel that bad they should have had her in the 300's, and the l
  10. Whoa, so not liking the change they made with Shannon. Why would they do that? Too many kids in the cast or something? Also it's really a shame the actress who played original Dawn left. She was maybe the best of the child actors and this one is definitely nearer the bottom of the barrel.
  11. Has anyone seen the original movie (or series)? Because I watched it before starting this and I feel like this is really, REALLY similar. It really is a direct remake, they're having basically the same conversations, it's just that they switched the gender of the spouse who cheats. In the old one, there really is no sympathy for the husband either, who does basically all the exact same things Mira does. I just think it comes across differently to an audience when a woman is the one behaving this way, because we're not used to seeing it. In the old one the guy is more pathetic, especially as th
  12. I think the only reason people think it might have been on purpose was because of the scene where she's shown smiling at Kit being celebrated. You see that and then you wonder, did she make that happen?
  13. Yeah, something about him is annoying me lately, but I don't really know that I can articulate it. I've never wanted an audience back, because I feel like it just kinda makes him feel phonier as a person. I feel like he's acting when he's in front of a crowd, and I felt like I was getting more or less the real him when he's by himself. I know he hated it because he said so, but being forced to get the real him instead of him "performing" made me connect more to him. It felt more honest. And I heard him SAY in an interview he was more honest when there's no crowd, so that bugs me too. He confes
  14. Yeah, I think that's the biggest disappointment. Trevor specifically promised a reinvention of the show and made it sound like that's the reason it was going on such a long break. That was CLEARLY a lie. I may quit. I wasn't that big a fan of him until the home shows, tbh. That's when I felt like it found its groove as HIS version of The Daily Show for the first time and I started watching regularly. But this is a major backslide and all it does is remind me why I wasn't super devoted to him before. If this is all they were gonna do they were better off keeping the home shows as the
  15. I thought making Yakob not the father makes Jean look really dumb. Come on, if she was having a bunch of sex around the same time AND knows this guy had a vasectomy why would she be so certain it was his? To go through all that before finding out? And waiting all those months to tell him, the thought never crossed her mind? I feel 100% certain Maeve's going to come back with an American boyfriend btw. I don't think this show wants to actually put Maeve and Otis together for a whole season, the way they keep going with the near misses and now separating them. I also agree the ONLY r
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