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  1. Yeah, but I can't stop thinking it's all a "performance" the whole time now. That's the key word. I know it basically is when he's alone too, but it...doesn't feel like it as much for some reason. I feel like I'm getting more authenticity from him (and all of late night hosts who've had to go without the audience). FWIW, I listed to Stephen be interviewed on Samantha Bee's podcast recently and he admitted that has to modulate what he says and how he talks about things when there's an audience, and he wouldn't have said some of the things he went on about last year when it came to shooting
  2. Wow! The long hiatus sucks, but I gotta be honest, I'm actually excited about this because I think it means that Trevor HAS noticed that this last year, for him, has actually benefited TDS to fit him and his style more than anything he's done since he first took over. I think it's great. I have a feeling he's going to be keeping it somewhat in line with this new "vlog" style that has worked so well for him and really revitalized TDS to suit him and what he does best, rather than trying to stay in line with his predecessors. I mean, his is the show that not having an audience has made
  3. I don't think I like audiences anymore. It gives the show more of an artificial feel, like everything's all an act or a put on. It's more fake-y than when he's by himself. It's just not as sincere, imo.
  4. Yeah, he's being celebrated by the right wing all over the internet today for that rant. I was considering watching his new show in the fall, but not if he really has turned into Dennis Miller/Bill Maher now. This is the thing he felt the need to rant about on his first night back at Stephen's show? That's pretty ominous. Trying to remember if I knew this before.
  5. Jimmy, I like. It's just her that I found grating as hell in this episode. She couldn't get off my screen fast enough. But now I'm afraid we're going to be subjected to more of her. I actually think Jimmy should be on the show more. I could see him and Ava getting together somehow.
  6. Ok, well that's utter nonsense but at least it confirms that Batman and Catwoman will be romantically involved in Season 3! That makes me happy and looking forward to it.
  7. I have a question about the schedule. Is the show going on another five week hiatus soon? Because there's only 15 episodes this season. And I see scheduled episodes until June 22nd, which would take us to episode 11. But the finale is supposed to air on August 17th. So there's going to be four new episodes over the next two months? That sounds to me like there's going to be another big break in here somewhere. Which would be such a huge mistake, considering what the last one did to its ratings. Why is the CW scheduling their shows so badly?
  8. Well, I was thinking they might kill off at least one of these guys to make someone a widow. I'm glad they didn't have the heart to do that. But will they really all still be married in this? None of them divorced, really? I would think a revival series would have to have at least one or two of the ladies single, considering the premise of the original series. I'm thinking the writers/producers are like the fans, they just don't have the will to dispose of any of the major male characters. I would have been upset if they got rid of Steve or Harry, but I could have handled Big not com
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who HATES Kayla. I really hate her. My reaction to her kind of surprised me in this episode, because it was like, really strong hate when she was onscreen. Like I wanted one of the other characters to punch her in the face and not as a joke. She hadn't bothered me that much before, but seeing this much of her was a wake up call. Unfortunately, I get the feeling the show thinks she's really funny and will probably be on more now. I didn't think she was funny AT ALL. She was awful.
  10. Wait- he has a full audience? I hope he's requiring they be vaccinated.
  11. Huh. I wonder if Season 7 will combine books 7 and 8.
  12. ruby24

    Disney Films

    After having watched Cruella, I'm guessing you and others like you probably are the target audience for it. People who have a passing knowledge of the name/character of Cruella DeVil but never actually seen any 101 Dalmatians movie. Nothing else makes any sense.
  13. ruby24

    Cruella (2021)

    This movie was awful. The character in this resembles nothing of the cartoon villain. How is this an origin story? How does she go from this to wanting to skin Dalmatians and make coats out of them? It MAKES NO SENSE. It doesn't even try. Which is weird, because then who is this for? People with a vague recognition of the character name and image but no real memory or knowledge of either of the old movies (the cartoon or the 90s one?) I don't get it at all. Because it does imply that it's a prequel, what with showing Pongo and Perdita at the end, but that's just baffling at that poi
  14. Has there been any talk about him coming back to the studio? Because I gotta say, I VASTLY prefer him in this format and of all the late night hosts, I think his show has improved in this style and is superior to the others now. I think going back would be a step backwards tbh. I never watched him regularly before, but now I do and I can't imagine continuing if he went back to the studio with an audience.
  15. Yeah, I just wonder. I must admit, I'm fully vaccinated and I still wouldn't want to sit in an indoor room with 400 maskless people cheering and laughing.
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