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  1. I feel like The Crown's Emmy time could come with the Diana years, if they deliver the way we think they might.
  2. Watched Possessed (1931) the other day. I heard it was one of the better Crawford/Gable movies, but I thought it was kind of minor. I usually like my pre-Code movies to be even racier, lol. I thought she was good though. She's always believable as this tough gal who doesn't take shit from anyone. There's this scene near the end when she's confessing to the guy from back home just how she got her money and he grabs her arm as he's insulting her, and the look she gives him. Just perfect.
  3. Boy, Jimmy sure sounds like he's got a big crew there in the studio with him. Bet the other hosts are jealous of all that noise.
  4. Not at all surprised. In fact, the minute I heard that Melissa Benoist was pregnant I betted that this next season would be the last. It's just too hard for female stars of action shows to continue with a series like this once you have a kid. It's unfair (because if a male lead has a wife who's pregnant I'm sure it wouldn't impact his same show in any way), but this is the way it goes for women. I remember the last season of Alias when Jennifer Garner was pregnant too, knowing it would end.
  5. This was so awesome! It made TV history tonight! I love it. So well deserved, especially the four acting wins.
  6. The thing is though, I don't think the public's image of Biden has changed much (or at all) from before, so I think Jason's Biden would still be fine now. Still good, even. They had to change Trump from Darrell Hammond because the image of him really had done a 180 since the days when he would play him.
  7. I watched To Each His Own (1946) tonight. I really liked it and Olivia was great, as usual. But I was surprised, because I feel like this movie was a lot more blunt about the situation she was in than most movies I see from this era that are dealing with pregnancy and being unmarried. For example, in Miracle of Morgan's Creek, I remember what they obviously wanted to happen was for her to basically get drunk and have a one night stand with a guy she can't remember, resulting in her getting pregnant. But to get around the production code Preston Sturges had to concoct this whole thing where she hit her head, blacked out and married a guy she can't remember, so that at least her one night was with her "husband." And in Mildred Pierce there was a similar thing, where they had Veda briefly marry that guy so she could fake being pregnant, whereas in the book she just faked the pregnancy without marrying him- so the movie had to have her be married first. So I was under the impression that you really couldn't even hint at sex in the 40's outside the confines of marriage, no matter how convoluted a plot twist you had to come up with to get marriage in there. But this movie didn't do that. Olivia de Havilland really does meet this guy, know him for a couple of hours and sleep with him without getting married, and then she's having his baby and he's dead. Are there other movies from this era that so frankly acknowledge that? Was it because she basically suffers the rest of the movie by having to give him up? Because even in the movie, she doesn't believe she deserves to suffer, she's pretty much constantly trying to get him back. I thought it was refreshingly matter of fact about the whole thing.
  8. I LOVE his better know a ballot for every state! That could really help people out! (Assuming his viewers aren't all already primed and ready to vote, which they probably are, but just in case)
  9. What? Why? Jason Sudeikis is right there. If you're not going to have one of the regular cast members do it why not just use him, since he was always the best Biden before. This seems like a dumb stunt. Hey look, we got a big name. Great. I can't see Jim Carrey doing a Biden that seems anything like him, so it'll just seem like Jim Carrey on stage anyway.
  10. Even so- why on earth take that risk? Because he has to have someone in front of him?
  11. They did a studio audience?! Holy hell, how horrifically irresponsible of them.
  12. I just finished a race through this whole show! Really liked it, BUT...I have some gripes, because I feel like there was some potential here that was not fulfilled. Here's the main thing. I think over the course of the series, the funniest and best scenes were always the four Roses interacting with each OTHER, and I feel like overall, there was just not enough of this! For example, only David and Moira, and Moira and Johnny had enough scenes together over the course of the series. But David and Alexis were always really funny together and I feel they didn't get nearly paired up enough as a duo from beginning to end. And the real obvious reason for this was to emphasize Stevie and Patrick and their relationships with David over her, and as much as I like Stevie and Patrick fine, they were never that funny to me. So much focus on them and yet, the real comedic juice belonged to the Roses. I was never that invested in Stevie. I feel like her whole arc on this show could have been accomplished the same exact way with maybe 30% less screen time. Also not focused on enough was David and Johnny (I don't know what that's about- maybe Dan Levy didn't want to act with his dad that much). I never liked focus on characters like Jocelyn for example. Anything that went to her could have been Alexis. Twila is another example. What was this big scene of her and Alexis bonding in this last episode? Did we need to see that? I never got the impression that Alexis and Twila had this great friendship. The focus on the romance storylines with Ted/Patrick were excessive imo. It was...sweet I guess, but again, so much focus on that stuff and a lot of the time I'd be thinking I would rather be seeing David and Alexis doing scenes with each other right now instead of this, because I'd be laughing more. In the finale, the scene where David freaks out about Alexis's wedding dress and them walking down the aisle together was the first thing that made me laugh out loud this entire show. That was really funny. I guess what I'm saying is- this show could have been something like The Golden Girls, with four amazing leads interacting as much as possible and it would have been GREAT. As it was, I think it's good.
  13. They could do it without an audience. Do they need to have 5 episodes in a row? They would still get 4 in before the election if they just did their usual three in a row, then a week off, then back for the Halloween show. And then they'd get a post election one too.
  14. I agree with Rachel's last comment to Lawrence tonight about how the most shocking thing about the tapes were the revelation that Trump DOES actually understand all of this. It's right there, you can hear it. He got it, he knew exactly what the truth about this was, and yet the way he kept going on and on (and still!) about how it's a hoax and it's harmless and it's gonna disappear made it sound like he was in denial and just doesn't accept or doesn't listen to what he's told. No, not with this. He understands perfectly well what it really is and deliberately lied and did nothing. Actually not nothing- he encouraged everything to make it worse and purposely endanger people. I agree with her that's it's Nixon esque (actually worse).
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