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  1. I think season 7 feels fun because for the first time in a while the characters are outside, on different sets interacting with new people. And they try new things, film noir, 70s theme song, 80s slasher flick, time loops. It felt like Legends of Tomorrow and their ‘why the fuck not?’ attitude. I fast forwarded through the 80s episode on my rewatch and didn’t feel like I missed anything.
  2. Don’t most most contracts last six or seven seasons? I don’t think I’ve heard of a contract as short as four seasons on the CW. There used to be a thread in the Arrow forum but it went off the rails a few seasons ago. Setting up the Arrowverse Justice League was a fun idea, but it was never going to go anywhere because they had no intention of doing another big crossover anytime soon and most people predicted that Supergirl and/or Legends would be ending in the next year or two. Ruby leaving and Black Lightning ending were a surprise though.
  3. I always assumed Legends would be the next to go. Didn’t see this coming. I wonder which came first- the idea for a spinoff, or the decision to end at season 4? And while Legends may not be ending now, they’re probably just trying to get to 100 episodes and will end after season 7. Having another show about a team, the Outsiders, would be a good replacement. Instead we’re getting another hot, lonely, brooding male superhero show.
  4. I just finished 5x14. I have very conflicting feelings about this episode. It’s so well done. It has one of my favorite shots of the whole series- a two minute long continuous 360 degree shot. The way the script comes together after the big reveal is so well written. And I enjoyed the scene where Deke revealed to Jemma that he is her grandson, but I think that’s because their relationship grew on me in season 7. However, I hate, hate, hate the plot. This whole situation ruins the Fitz/Daisy friendship and for what? And it never gets resolved because he dies. Fitz just, gets away with it, Daisy takes on more trauma and everyone moves on to Fitz 2.0. Such a cop out. This is why I hate the second half of season five. I have no idea how I stuck with the show.
  5. I’m also about halfway through season five. I watched that scene where Ruby cut Yo-Yo’s arms off a few times because I also could not figure out how both arms were cut off. I don’t think it lines up, but they needed to get to that plot point. It seems like Mack gets more self-righteous as the seasons progress. Back in season three he was a generally forgiving guy but by the time you get to season five and beyond he’s a lot more judgmental with a black and white view point of view. It feels like flanderization because there aren’t really any on screen developments that would push him in this direction.
  6. I think America is the only place where AoS isn’t on Disney + right now. I assume it’ll move there eventually. Despite all my initial complaining I’m actually enjoying season 5 so far (I just finished 5x06). I think it’s because I’m ignoring the depressing plot and concentrating on the character interactions. This is the third time I’ve watched this season and I’m picking up on things I missed before. And for me 5A was the less depressing part of the season because the characters were all on the same page and shared the same goal of getting home. 5B is where the infighting starts and I hate it. There are no words for how much I hate 5x14.
  7. It is? I love Aida. There was great character progression so you could see how she went from robot android to Ophelia in the end. Mallory Jensen has so many parts to play in season four and she did a great job with all of them. You’d think having the gift of prophecy would lead to a long life, but it only worked for Robin. And she was still killed. Also, season 7 is finally coming to Netflix. I was starting to get worried they just weren’t going to add it.
  8. The best theory I’ve heard is the assumption that the creators are hoping to get their character into the comics. Not sure how often it happens, but I’ve heard of cases where original TV/movie characters become so popular they migrate to the comics. Could be what they’re hoping for. Also, I found it interesting the other day when Ruby wished Melissa Benoist a happy birthday, she made a comment that, if she’d been working with Melissa, she would have stuck around. Probably a joke, but a random thing to add.
  9. I still don’t understand why they couldn’t just recast Kate Kane though. It doesn’t sound like Ruby is going to be making guest appearances in the future, so no need to keep her tied to the role.
  10. I will be forever disappointed that we didn’t get an episode from their POV. Or even a miniseries like Slingshot. A few episodes into season 5 and in the first couple of episodes of the season the characters are a bit obnoxious IMO. They’re in a new environment with customs they don’t understand and rather than keep their head down until they can come up with a plan they make a ton of noise and ignore every warning from Deke and Tess. I understand not following them blindly (especially Deke who is shady as fuck at this point), but this is their world. Also, I’m a bit disturbed that I find this version of Deke hotter than the version at the end of the series. Season 5A Deke has a swagger that disappeared once he was taken out of his comfort zone and brought into the present.
  11. I really love season four. Even though there are separate plot arcs they are still connected enough to tell one overall story. I just finished season 4 and I’m about to start season five. I hate season five. I seriously considered rewatching season four again before moving on to five, because I just do not like that season. I realized that it’s probably because season five feels like misery porn. I know the previous seasons weren’t fun, but it just feels like there was a lot of terrible stuff crammed into season five. And it doesn’t help that most of the season was filmed inside on dimly lit sets.
  12. Even if there was a structure in place how much would it have mattered? Coulson would just promote his favorites, which basically happened when Daisy, then Mack, were appointed Director. Sometimes I forget this isn’t a straightforward superhero show but this is their job and they’re actually getting paid for all this.
  13. I love that base for all the reasons you listed and the exposed brickwork. It’s my favorite base. Is it called the Underground? How big is the Zephyr? I know it has two levels. In the beginning of season 4 they indicated that Coulson and Mack basically lived on the Zephyr for weeks so there have to be bedrooms, but I don’t think we’ve seen them like we did on the Bus. I think Lincoln was kind of a boring character and his death is what made him memorable. He and Daisy flirted in season 2 but their relationship pretty much started off screen between season 2 & 3 and I don’t think they had a lot of good times together. I liked when he would use his medical skills and work with Fitzsimmons. I know he has powers so IMO it makes more sense for him to work in the lab and only do fieldwork on specialized assignments. Not everyone needs to be a field agent. To your second point, someone on Tumblr pointed out the Sousa is Daisy’s only long term love interest that hasn’t physically attacked her. Also, it’s Sousa, he’s great. I’m at the end of season 4 and it can’t be said enough, the Framework arc is amazing. Season 4 overall is great because of the way everything ties together. I didn’t really think about this the first time I watched, but there’s no in story reason why the Framework is set in the season 1 timeline, where Ward and Trip are still alive and Daisy still goes by Skye. Unless the point is that without SHIELD everyone would be alive. I feel like from here on out the villains get progressively worse.
  14. Speaking of the Real SHIELD board - Agent Weaver also disappears. She has a scene with Jemma in the season 2 finale where they discuss the monolith, then we never hear from her again.
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