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  1. I’ve had the “Thong Song” stuck in my head all day. Thanks a lot Legends. I’m glad you laid this out. I wasn’t sure if I was over thinking it or if there really was a pattern. There’s still a chance that Astra will come back. They could have had Astra decide to make her way in the world. Instead, she’s still connected to John. I think the writers haven’t made up their mind about whether they want to keep her as a regular. I know we have a couple of relationships on the Waverider already, but I was looking forward to seeing more of her and Behrad. ETA: I think because it’s easier to bring Courtney Ford back than to cast a new guest actor.
  2. I enjoyed this finale. In the museum scene that featured all the Big Bads of history it felt like the writers remember they forgot to payoff some of the soul coins they teased in last year’s finale. But that final fight set to “Thong Song” was great. Supergirl had a few fight scenes this season set to pop songs and it waa really awkward. There’s just something about Legends where they can have a fight scene with reincarnated historical figures set to “Thong Song” and it makes sense. It was fun watching OG Zari and Zari 2.0 playoff each other. Tala did a great job making them feel like two distinct people and it was reflected in all her interactions with the other Legends. I knew they’d have to get rid of one, I was just hoping it would be Zari 2.0. Using OG Zari’s presence as a disruption to the timeline is a good way to make a clear choice. I’m glad we finally got to see how things went down in the original timeline, though it was a bit triggering. And in the end Zari got to save her brother, so in a way her story is complete. I never like Nate/Zari as a couple but I felt for them when they were saying goodbye. Since she’s just going in the totem hopefully they’ll find a reason to see her again. I assume Behrad and Zari 2.0 will share the totem? Their wonder twins air bending move was awesome. What happened to Astra trying to bring her mother back to life? Did she just give up on it because the Legends lost the Loom of Fate? Since Astra is moving into Constantine’s house I’m assuming that means the producers were giving her a connection to the Legends but didn’t want to commit to putting her on the team. Though since Maisie is officially gone they should get another woman on the ship. I never thought I’d really enjoy a Mick storyline but I love Mick as a Dad. I’m curious how she found out about her inception. She also didn’t seem surprised that Mick nearly erased her. I know it isn’t possible because this was filmed back in February, but this episode felt like it was rectifying the “co-captains” nonsense from the past few episodes. There were repeated references to Sara as captain and leader of the team. I don’t know how I feel about aliens. Time travel has become less and less important and I think it’ll be worse if they move on to aliens. I hope the writers remember this is Sara’s second time being abducted by aliens. My first thought was that she’d end up like Kate McKinnon in that SNL sketch but I don’t think they’ll go there. I just hope they don’t make a joke about the Legends taking too long to notice Sara’s missing.
  3. I was wondering if Charlie’s departure was a misdirect and she’d be back to help next season, but it seems like it’s permanent. https://tvline.com/2020/06/02/legends-of-tomorrow-maisie-richardson-sellers-leaving-season-6-charlie/
  4. Chronicom: Quake. I’ve been looking forward to this fight. Daisy: Well for me it’s just another fight.
  5. Something about this really made me laugh. I’m glad they’re done with the DEO too, but not looking forward to vigilante Alex.
  6. My mind went straight to L&O too, but then someone mentioned that Hudson is actually in the comics and Martin Stein was a student there. So I’m disappointed we didn’t get a reference to that. I really enjoyed the episode, so I didn’t even realize there was no time travel until after the episode was done. I don’t want this to become an ongoing thing, but I didn’t mind taking a break from the usual because the episode was really enjoyable. Tonight Charlie got to give the “I hated it when I first joined the Legends but they grow on you” speech to Astra. Paring up Charlie and Astra worked well since they clashed, but Charlie still seemed to understand where Astra was coming from. I can’t believe it but Mick’s storyline is one of my favorites this season. I love that he got his name on the building and cared about doing better for Lita. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like they’re setting up Ava to take Sara’s place, if CL ever decides she wants to leave. Ava is practically a co-captain now. And where was Constantine this episode? He had that flirty moment with Zari then disappeared. Has the budget shrunk so much that every episode one Legend is going to go missing like Ralph or Nia?
  7. Photos from the finale are out already: http://www.farfarawaysite.com/section/supergirl/gallery25/gallery19/gallery.htm I’m curious about what causes Kara to change into her supersuit while she’s with Lena.
  8. This season hasn’t been that great and the long gap between episodes 16 and 17 probably didn’t help. When will we find out if season 6 is the last, or if they’re going to keep going?
  9. The text in the book was lifted from the Wikipedia page for the Batsuit. So the things mentioned might show up eventually, but it’s not why they were written in the book. I didn’t buy it when Kate called Luke her friend during the Crisis crossover, but their relationship has come a long way since then. I had a feeling we’d be seeing Parker again, and if Luke fulfills his comic destiny it will be helpful to have another hacker on call. Jacob can leave anytime now. I’m going to be really disappointed if we were cheated out of a SuperBat crossover because of the shortened season.
  10. All it took was her project imploding and a little verbal abuse from Lex for Lena to see the error of her ways. I’m disappointed that Lena only realized it’d be a bad idea to continue working with Lex after he literally describe his plan for world domination. Jon Cryer is a great Lex and he had me on edge when he was yelling at Lena. I think pushing her towards Kara will be his downfall. The final Kara/Lena scene was great. I love that Kara didn’t invite Lena in. She just left the door open and it was up to Lena to follow through. This storyline dragged way too long and now with the shortened season who knows if the resolution will be satisfying. If they had reconciled earlier they could have spent the past few episodes trying to work things out but who knows if we’ll see that happening on screen. Now that they have the Tower they don’t really need the DEO anymore. Even if they originally planned to bring it back they probably won’t because of the new guidelines for filming during the pandemic. Now the only thing that all other Arrowverse HQ have that the Tower is missing is a place to hold prisoners.
  11. Supposedly they took parts of episode 20 and added them to episode 19 to give the season more of an ending.
  12. I feel like either Mouse, Hush, Julia or Jacob might die this episode. It sounds like things were getting good before everything had to shut down.
  13. For the last few years Kate had been traveling the world training and before that she was away at military school. I’m not sure how long Kate and Mary lived in the same house before Kate went away to military school. I think Kate is probably about 10 years older than Mary so I can see a situation like @joanne3482 describes, where Kate tolerated Mary during the time they lived together but Mary idolized Kate. It’s only now that Kate is learning to appreciate Mary. I want to know what happened to Mary’s birth father. He’s never mentioned so he could be dead but in a town like Gotham I feel like there is more to it.
  14. I’m a wuss, so I’d have no problem hanging out in the Batcave patching up injuries. But Mary wants to be where the action is at, so I guess that’s not going to happen. Is the counterpart your thinking of Not to mention the Paragons from Crisis.
  15. I love Mary, but I also don’t see why it’s necessary for her to be in the field. I kept waiting for someone to tell Mary she was the “team doctor” but not a part of the missions. I don’t think Mary has a direct comic counterpart but there is a character that is similar they could use if they ever want to put her in the field. Kate has basically told everyone else but Sophie that she’s Batwoman, so she really can’t complain about Sophie confiding in someone else. I’ve been enjoying Sophie and Julia’s dynamic so I hope Julia isn’t bad, but maybe being forced to do something she doesn’t want to, though I think she went full Oliver Queen on that women on the club right so it’s probably something big. Love that Lucius’s diary is in code. The quick glance they showed looks a little like speedforce language but I don’t think we’re getting that kind of crossover. To be fair, Lillian could have told him. She’s known since season two but chose not to tell Lena.
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