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  1. BaggythePanther

    She's Superman's Cousin!: And Other Supergirl Spoilers

    Is it cool if I post the promo? Because I’m excited for Lena vs Kara and I’m still holding out hope Lena won’t go full villain.
  2. BaggythePanther

    Super Wish List

    You can probably assume what I’m going to say, but I’ll put it under spoiler tags anyway.
  3. I don’t think Crisis will necessarily be it’s own separate miniseries. It sounds like it will have a big impact on the finale of Arrow, if it stays somewhat true to the comic book it should have an impact on The Flash, and Supergirl will migrate to Earth One. It just won’t have any effect on LoT which is why that show will probably count it as a separate event.
  4. BaggythePanther

    Super(girl) Media

    I’d say he’s going to die in the Crisis, but they’d probably keep his exit a secret if that was the plan, right?
  5. BaggythePanther

    Tomorrow Today: Media & Behind The Scenes Of LOT

    I’m going to make an early assumption that Sara’s storyline starts in episode 4 so that
  6. BaggythePanther

    Tomorrow Today: Media & Behind The Scenes Of LOT

    While Sara is my favorite character, Ray and Mick are further down the list. But I’ve got a soft spot for the original three. I hope they get some scenes together this season. And I still can’t believe Caity Lotz/Legends got an EW cover. I’m so used to the show being left out I wouldn’t have been surprised if Legends didn’t get a cover.
  7. BaggythePanther

    Spoilers & Speculation: Running Hot & Cold

    And the writers didn’t even really come up with that one. They just imitated real life.
  8. BaggythePanther

    Spoilers & Speculation: Running Hot & Cold

    Per the spoilers that came out at the end of last season, NewZari and Nate are going to be getting back together, if she can prove she’s worthy of him.🙄
  9. BaggythePanther

    Young Justice

    It’s weird, I’m really invested in the core group that you mentioned, and the new group they introduced in season three (Brian, Violet and Forager). I think it’s because the characters in season two felt like they all just popped up at once. I would love an episode dedicated just to the original group though. Maybe we can get that when Wally comes back? Also, during episode 18, please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of Stranger Things when that monster started absorbing the kids.
  10. BaggythePanther

    Spoilers & Speculation: Running Hot & Cold

    I’m curious to see how much time they actually spend developing this dynamic because as far as I know, the actor who plays Behrad hasn’t been added as a regular. So I feel like he won’t be around for long.
  11. BaggythePanther

    Tomorrow Today: Media & Behind The Scenes Of LOT

    More than once, the writers have managed to change my opinion on characters that I originally didn’t like. I’m willing to give the writers till at least mid season to improve her character, as long as she doesn’t take over the show again.
  12. BaggythePanther

    Spoilers & Speculation: Running Hot & Cold

    Personally season 3 was my favorite so I was looking forward to season four being just as good or better. In hindsight I should have realized the only way to go was down. I feel like season 3 will be the equivalent of Arrow season 2 and Flash season 1. I agree with your assessment, @Featherhat. And based on how things turned out last season I’m only expecting 75% of the storylines to happen.
  13. BaggythePanther

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I know a lot of people love Stranger Things because of the 80s nostalgia but that’s what I like least about the show. I understand most of the references but I just do not care.
  14. BaggythePanther

    Spoilers & Speculation: Running Hot & Cold

    Why are they adding another character? This show has too many people as it is.