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  1. BaggythePanther

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    Personally, my problem isn’t that LL did something wrong. It’s that she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong, so she’ll never make any apologies. Unless Jodi is claiming that what she did was fine and she doesn’t regret it, the situation isn’t the same. I wouldn’t boycott the show if LL is in the final season. I’ve gotten really attached and Aunt Becky is a side character.
  2. BaggythePanther

    Tomorrow Today: Media & Behind The Scenes Of LOT

    What is going on with his hair?
  3. BaggythePanther

    S06.E06: Inescapable

    I really enjoyed this episode. I don’t usually rewatch AoS episodes but I might rewatch this one. There were so many great transitions from past to present. I know that Simmons told Fitz that the other Fitz had a psychotic break, but she left out the part about Fitz-as-Leopold torturing Daisy. I understand why, I’m just curious if that will ever come up. I agree. And I’d like to see Altarah again, but that has more to do with the fact that I like the actress.
  4. BaggythePanther

    Tomorrow Today: Media & Behind The Scenes Of LOT

    Has Legends ever been nominated for a TCA before?
  5. BaggythePanther

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    I’ve probably said this before it I really hope we get an episode showing us Behrad’s time on the ship because I’d love to see how certain events occurred differently. I really hope Behrad isn’t gay. Enough people ship him with Nate already.
  6. Ah yes, The Flash podcast that likes to bitch about Oliver Queen- even when it’s not relevant. The podcast Twitter page is reposting the poster from a fan page on Instagram. So take this with a barrel of salt.
  7. BaggythePanther

    TV Star Crushes

    I’m doing a binge watch of Supernatural’s most recent season so I have to add Jensen Ackels to this list. He’s like a fine wine because I swear he’s gotten better looking as he’s gotten older.
  8. BaggythePanther

    Paid Streaming Services

    I've never bothered with cable, but I do have Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. And the only reason I have Hulu is because it was included with my Spotify subscription. Everyone talks about how there are so many streaming services and when put together, the price isn't much better than cable. But my family and I share streaming services, so I only pay for two but I have access to more.
  9. BaggythePanther

    Actors Who You Could Never See Outside of That One Role

    Not a personal one but, to this day, my mom still refers to John Stamos as “Blackie”. I know that is a reference to a soap opera character, but I don’t know which soap. For me, he’ll always be Uncle Jesse.
  10. BaggythePanther

    TV Tropes You Hate

    For me the best TV death in recent memory was when Will died on The Good Wife. TGW isn’t one of those shows where “anyone can die”, there hadn’t been any news about the actor leaving the show so I was completely surprised when he was randomly shot and then later died. The producers/actors made an effort to keep Will’s death under raps so the viewers would be just as shocked as the characters. You don’t see this much anymore. Big deaths are always promoted and even if they aren’t, the audience usually knows that the actor is leaving the show.
  11. BaggythePanther

    TV Tropes You Hate

    The Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation has done many variations on the pregnancy storyline. They did an abortion storyline- Manny was 14 or 15 years old and got pregnant. Her mother took her to get the abortion. A few seasons later Liberty got pregnant and she gave the baby up for adoption. A few seasons after that, Mia, a teenage mother came onto the show. I remember there the US network was very hesitant to show the abortion episode, so it only aired once, after 11PM. But everyone knew about it.
  12. BaggythePanther

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    I have no idea why season 4 characters got brought into this since my original post was about how the events of episode 3x6 would change with Behrad on the team. But yeah, those ladies are rebels too. I see your point that it’s possible that Sara or Amaya could’ve taken Helen to Themyscira.
  13. BaggythePanther

    Actors Who You Could Never See Outside of That One Role

    I’ve been catching up on Supernatural and I realized that for me, Jared Padalecki will always be Dean from Gilmore Girls. He was only on Gilmore Girls for a few years and Supernatural has been on the air for 14 seasons, but I still associate Jared with the role I saw him in first.
  14. BaggythePanther

    S04.E15: Terms Of Service

    I’ve never felt that Ray was like a little brother to Sara. And all of her friends have left the show in one way or another, so now she spends most of her free time with Ava. Being the”adult” on this show feels like a curse. For awhile it was Jax, then he left. Amaya seemed to fill that role for a bit, then she left. Zari was maturing into Sara’s second in command, now that’s done. If Sara was incapacitated I have no idea who would take charge.
  15. Didn’t people say the same thing about The Flash when the Flash’s solo movie was announced? I doubt they’ll use COIE to kill off Supergirl. The crossovers do get bigger every year though (except for last year when they scaled back and cut out the Legends). I don’t think they’ll be able to top COIE, so I’m curious to see how the crossovers after that will be handled.