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  1. It seems this part of the ending wasn’t explained well because everyone keeps asking why Amenadiel can visit but Lucifer can’t. From what I understand it’s not that Lucifer can’t visit, it’s that he promised Rory that he wouldn’t, so that she would grow up angry and the time loop could play out. By the penultimate episode I knew Rory would somehow be responsible for her own abandonment. I just hate the way they did it. I’m definitely in agreement that Trixie got shortchanged, but I cried during her last scene with Dan so they made her time count. I just hope she never realizes the guy sh
  2. Do Blade and Deadpool have release dates yet?
  3. We don't know if Jessica and Jordan are going to be in these first episodes right? I always wanted to see Mia and Nora team up (and now we can include Bart I guess) as sort of a next generation Arrow/Flash crossover.
  4. Elizabeth just got married in England a few days ago. A few AoS cast members were there so of course people are speculating the wedding could be a cover to explain why a bunch of AoS actors are in the same location as the new Marvel show being filmed. AoS conspiracy theories get crazier and crazier.
  5. Even though Disney’s response isn’t a good look, how much will it really affect them in the long run? I don’t think anyone is going to cancel Disney+ or boycott Shang Chi because of this whole thing.
  6. At this point there’s no reason to dismiss the idea that the MCU isn’t following a similar path, where it’s possible for any property to be part of the multiverse. Especially considering that they’re bringing back actors from a previous Marvel movie to be in Unless Feige comes out and explicitly says the shows aren’t canon and have absolutely nothing to do with the MCU, or the multiverse is defined as the movies & Disney+ shows only it’s still possible for the show to be canon as part of a different timeline or different universe or whatever.
  7. I assumed this was a nod to the rumors/fan theories of Rick Cosnett coming back to play Cobalt Blue.
  8. But the multiverse is part of the MCU now so technically that makes everything canon, even if it isn’t part of the main MCU timeline.
  9. It’s kind of funny that’s the description they’re using because that only describes the show season one.
  10. I didn’t think Kate was the worst in season 1, but she wasn’t high on my list of reasons for watching the show. But now I want to see what Wallis Day will do with the part. Just from BTS video it looks to me like she could have more chemistry with Megan than Ruby did. And I know Kate and Alice are supposed to be fraternal twins but I like that Wallis actually looks like she could be related to Rachel. I’m curious to see where Jacob and Sophie go from here. I’d also like it if Sophie became Commissioner, but it’ll probably be Jacob. He’ll probably just promise to do a better job rooti
  11. Why would they have mentioned that Coulson was experimented on and brought back to life? Loki legitimately killed Coulson, what happened on AoS is irrelevant to Loki’s story. I want AoS to be acknowledged by the wider MCU but if it ever happens it’s going to be in a way that makes sense.
  12. If that’s true, the Skrull variant that showed up in the beginning of the episode could become important later.
  13. So was this Legend’s BLM episode? If so it’s the best one so far. I think my favorite part of the episode was when cheese wheel Nate steeled up. If animating the characters is the only way to have them use their powers in not opposed to more animated episodes. Astra grew on me last season so it was good to see what she’s been up to. Interesting that she’s only supposed to be 15. Shame Nora is gone because she went through something similar. I wasn’t watching closely so every time they spoke about Crowley I kept expecting Mark Sheppard to show up. Characters on Wynonna Earp hav
  14. At first I read this as saying Flash and Riverdale would have a crossover and I was very confused. The only other heroes I’m interested in seeing on the Flash are Kara and Jefferson and I doubt that’ll happen since Black Lightning and Supergirl end this season. Also they need to stop trying to make CW-verse happen. It’s not going to happen.
  15. My worry is that Ryan and Sophie will get together just as Kate gets her memory back and tries to reclaim her life.
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