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  1. I liked the sisterly banter between Kate and Alice. Even though they were discussing things like murder and mayhem they still still fell back into old habits. I didn’t expect Kate to leave Alice behind because she’s had multiple opportunities to capture Alice and hasn’t taken them. Even though Alice deserves to be locked up the last scene with Alice, Kate and Jacob was heartbreaking. You could see she was reliving the day Kate and Jacob left her behind with Cartwright. If she gets out she’ll probably be even more crazy. I’m glad we’re getting to see Sophie do more undercover work. For a moment I thought she and Julia might hook up but I guess that would have been too much. I was glad to see Julia again but I had the same feelings. I like that her backstory connects her to Luke as well as Kate. I won’t be surprised if she becomes a main character next season. I feel like Kate lying to Luke will come back up again at the worst time. Good to see Luke getting his own storyline, though I’m sad it’s happening so late in the season. I keep expecting every little thing to set him on the path to becoming Batwing, but I guess we’ve still got a ways to go. I believe they have a few more episodes completed and ready to air, but this episode would make a pretty good season finale so I wonder if they’re going to stop here, or just air everything they have completed and end the season on a cliffhanger?
  2. She does her job once a season. That’s on par with the other Arrowverse superheroes. Barry has done a little more CSI work this season, but that’s the exception, not the rule.
  3. The article she wrote in season four also exposed Lex’s hold over the president and Lex’s plan to work with a foreign power to attack the US. That situation got the president kicked out of office. And we saw Kara doing the research and legwork for the story when she and Lena figured out Lex was behind everything and they traveled to Kasnia to confirm Lex’s involvement. She used the research from that trip to write the article.So she did do actual journalism work on screen last year.
  4. I saw this posted a little over a week ago: I didn’t realize David was directing again until I saw this. Since Melissa and Katie are working together I hope this means Kara and Lena have at least made peace. I’m curious if something has happened to Kara’s powers, because why would Kara need to take a bus? I’ll be very disappointed if no one brings up that time Kara told Lena she flew to LCorp, on a bus.
  5. This episode made me realize that the show has basically been treading water since Crisis. It felt like a table setting episode to me too, with all the plot lines set up before Crisis getting some forward movement, but I was still bored by it. Kara was a nonentity in this episode until she talked down the villain. What is her arc this season? I think I’d be more open to her relationship with William if the show would acknowledge the old version was an asshole when they first met and explain if things played out differently in the post Crisis timeline. The AV Club’s review of the episode makes a good case that the Lex/Lena relationship is a classic example of emotional abuse/manipulation so I can kind of forgive her dumb decisions because she’s put herself in a position where Lex is her only ally and supporter. I’m just waiting for the day Lex uses non Nocere on Lena or uses for his own purposes. I love that Brainy is worried the Superfriends will uninvite him to Thanksgiving when they find out he’s been working with Lex. I wish he and Lena would talk. When Andrea was doing her first interview for the launch and the villain knocked out the lights in the auditorium and tried to attack her, for a moment I expect her to tell Andrea “You have failed this city.” Then I was disappointed when it didn’t happen. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of this episode, I did like that everyone got something to do. Wish we could get episodes that utilized the whole cast more often.
  6. Guggenheim has said that since there’s no way to top Crisis, next season’s crossover will be smaller, just between two or three shows. Also, they had the intention to set up Kara and Kate as a new version of Barry and Oliver. Curious if this news will change any crossover plans. I have a feeling that towards the end of next season Supergirl may end up in the Power Rangers version of the suit for big fight scenes while Kara does lots of laundry. Congrats to the happy couple. I love that second picture in the Instagram post. ETA: @Lady Calypso why do you think Supergirl will be a mid season replacement? It seems like they will start filming for next season before anyone else.
  7. I’m a terrible person, because I was darkly amused that every timeline was either, ‘Lena takes it badly and goes evil’ or ‘Lena takes it well but people die’. It sort of felt like the writers making this excuse as well as (in show) helping Kara let go of her guilt, because something would have went wrong, no matter when she told Lena. I noticed Mxy left behind a tape of the current timeline (“The One Where Lena Works with Lex”). I’m curious if Kara watched it and if that also pushed her to go speak with Lena. Being called a villain is one of Lena’s triggers, but there’s no other way to describe the path she’s on, so I’m glad Kara was straightforward about it. Hopefully this will get Lena to snap out of it. I enjoyed Thomas Lennon as Myx and I hope he comes back. Curious if they’d ever do a Mxyzptlk/Batmite Supergirl/Batwoman crossover.
  8. Oh good, so I’m not the only one who saw that. People were shipping Zari/Charlie last season, so now the writers have Behrad/Charlie be a thing. They’re wrong for that. But I think it works. I’m still loving Behrad as an addition to this team and his sibling dynamic with Zari is great and different than what we’ve seen before. Since this is Caity’s first time directing I didn’t expect that there would be so much action but it was really great. And it wasn’t fancy, but I particularly loved the final showdown where Behrad stopped the bullets while Charlie took care of Kahn. I’d forgotten that Ray had been engaged twice. I’m surprised the writers were willing to acknowledge a plot point from the first season. Zari assuming QB meant Queen Bee was great and I hope it comes up again. ETA: This is just a personal nitpick, but I hate that whenever they go to the 90s they don’t bother to bother to dress in period appropriate clothes. People in the 90s did not dress the way we do today. The guys would get weird looks for wearing such slim fitting jeans.
  9. The actress that plays Sue seems fine and I think she and Ralph have decent chemistry. But there was something about her that was very annoying. It was like the show was trying too hard to make Sue interesting and they even had to nerf Ralph’s powers to make her look better. Unpopular opinion, but I found Sue more interesting when it was revealed she was playing Ralph and planned to steal the diamond for herself. Most of the audience knows where the Sue/Ralph story is going, so I expected they’d get straight to it. With this twist it’ll take some work for it to be believable Let’s see if they pull it off. I know people are worried about how long it’s taking Barry to figure out that he isn’t with the real Iris. But every time he starts to get really suspicious, Joe convinces Barry nothing is wrong. It will have to get to a point where Barry trusts his instincts more than Joe’s advice. I liked Iris’s interactions with Eva, but I kept waiting for her to ask the obvious questions, like why there isn’t a mirror version of Eva. Though Iris is still probably out of sorts. I hope she isn’t in there for too long, but I worry that even if Barry figures it out soon, they’ll still be separated most of this half of the season. I didn’t think of this until I saw it mentioned on another site, but we’ve seen a lot more of Barry these past few episodes. Barry being a CSI, a husband, a friend. I know the show is called The Flash but I’ve enjoyed seeing Barry get out of STAR Labs and do other things.
  10. I can’t see Melissa sticking around for additional seasons. She always has other things going on so I could see her wanting to move to a series with less episodes. And even more so if @Trini’s prediction is right.
  11. From A Head of Her Time: Behrad: So, my sister, the superhero. Should I get Gideon to make you a cowl? Zari: No, cowls are for middle aged women who want to hide their necks. I’d love to see Zari have this conversation with Batwoman.
  12. Jeremy Jordan did such a great job playing two distinct characters. I didn’t realize how much I missed Winn until he came back for these two episodes. I’m glad they were able to get Henry Czerney back and give Winn closure with his father. The fight scenes were CGI heavy but I still enjoyed watching Brainy flip around and I love it when Kara does the thunderclap move. I’m glad Alex is leaving the DEO, they never really let her be Director. Someone else always came in to take the power from her. Curious to see what it will mean for Alex to work at The Tower. It’s because they’ve been using William in her place. Kara was supposed to be mentoring Nia and it would have made sense for the two of them to work on a news story exposing Lex’s evil deeds on Earth Prime. But nope, William has to be the one person in the world (outside of the Superfriends) who doesn’t trust Lex. So it gives Kara an excuse to spend time with William, but leaves Nia with nothing to do but have relationship drama with Brainy. I guess I haven’t been paying attention, because I thought the alien bar was just a spot for aliens and their friends. In past seasons they never invited Lena and I always assumed it was because Kara ordered alien drinks and the bar served mostly alien clientele. But after one good experience at game night William is invited to the bar? Ok. I hope so. Lex needs to lose. Since he came back from the dead everything has worked out well for him. And Lena needs to fail so she can make up with Kara.
  13. I knew Alice wasn’t going to die, but I was hoping we could still keep Beth somehow. I thought they might merge, so we’d still have crazy Alice, but occasionally the good parts of Beth would break through. That could eventually lead to a redemption arc. As it is now, Kate has to kill Alice. She’s going to be ten times worse now that she knows Kate was willing to let her die. There’s no other way for this to end. Im glad Sophie wasn’t the one to pull the trigger. She gets enough hate, no need to add to it. So Mary knows about the “panic room” at the Wayne Building? Just tell her the rest.
  14. Just my theory, but I haven’t heard anything about Calista Flockhart coming back. If they mostly concentrate on events that occur from season two on, the audience won’t be sitting there wondering why Cat Grant isn’t part of these major moments in the past five years. I hope they didn’t drag out this Kara/Lena fight just so they use it as the framework for the 100th episode. But hopefully it means we’re going to be done with this storyline soon. Is Mechad coming back? I know he just left, but as an original cast member it seems like he should make an appearance.
  15. This would require the writers to remember his hemophilia. The closest they’ve come to referencing it since season 2 was when Nate’s parents threw a fundraiser for hemophilia research. But no one ever mentioned that Nate had the disease.
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