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  1. This show tries so hard to be cool. Yet everything comes off as underwhelming.
  2. Finally! Brett & Casey! Literally waited years for this & it was well worth the wait.
  3. They should've left Kate presumed dead in the plain crash. Everyone should have mourned & slowly moved on. They never should have had Safiyah say Kate was alive & being held prisoner on her island. Everything with the first 8 episodes imo was pointless. Everyone obsessed with saving Kate from Safiyah & then once everyone's on the island she reveals she never had Kate. IMO, the whole back & forth about Kates fate was pointless. Your opinion is no one was baited. Mine is that Kate fans were baited. From the moment they announced Day was cast after episode 8 aired. Dries even
  4. If they didn't want to seem wishy washy they never should've brought Kate back at all. As soon as the announcement came that Wallis Day was joining the show a lot (Myself included) preferred her over Ryan Wilder. I was pro giving Ryan a chance until season 2 started airing & they kept baiting with Kate. We'll have to agree to disagree about the reception to s2, Javicia Leslie, & Ryan Wilder. I don't think it's been positive. If the people in charge are happy with Batwoman s2 that is really surprising to me. Hollywoodnorth Buzz says s3 will film between July 19th to Decem
  5. Ryan hasn't won most people over so now what? Are CW, WB, & all involved supposed to keep making more of the Ryan Wilder/Javicia Leslie series because they don't want to come off as rasict? Shouldn't they do something about how badly replacing Kate Kane with Ryan Wilder has been recieved? I see the episode order for the show has been cut down to 13 for next season. That can't be good. People behind the scenes must know what a disaster season 2 was. But yeah, I'm sure they won't cut Javicia Leslie & replace her with Wallis Day because of the optics. At this point I feel like the o
  6. Sofia Hasmik promoted to regular: https://deadline.com/2021/06/superman-and-lois-sofia-hasmik-promoted-series-regular-season-2-the-cw-1234784070/#click=https://t.co/cFBcKmdmIb
  7. I'm sure she knows most fans want her & Kate instead of Ryan Wilder. Fans wanted her from the start after Ruby Rose left. She should have been made the lead. But instead they decided to go their Wilder direction & now it's backfired.
  8. It'll be interesting to see how badly Dries destroys Renee. Oh joy. Wilders mother & brother. Yawn. I couldn't care a less about this terrible characters family. I wish they'd just pull the plug on this show.
  9. Proteus

    S02.E18: Power

    Caroline Dries & her team don't have an ounce of talent, so this is what we get. Or how about Alice saves Kate's life & then Kate leaves town abandoning her again, just like Ocean predicted? All of this destroying Kate Kane just to make Wilder look good.
  10. Proteus

    S02.E18: Power

    They needed to get rid of Kate because she will always outshine Ryan Wilder.
  11. Proteus

    S02.E18: Power

    Yup. I hate this show. I'm done.
  12. Alice put the special dagger in Safiyah & said she is keeping her alive because deaths not enough punishment for her.
  13. This episode was really beautiful. The chemistry between Tyler & Bitsie is amazing. This episode was one of the best Superman/Lois/Clark origin stories I've ever seen. I just love this show.
  14. I'm not sure what you're referring to with issues of consent with Ava towards Sara. If the show gave interviews saying wait & see or relax then they'd give it away. Their not going to do that. A big deal was made of John restoring Sara's soul. I doubt that's not going to be brought up and everyone's just going to be like, "oh well" with the real Sara being dead.
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