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S12.E10: Journey into Fear, Part 2

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I thought it was between Andrew and KC. Both were excellent. I expect that both will have some sort of career in the industry. Kiersten had nothing to be ashamed about either. They all brought their A game. Hope they all went home proud of their accomplishments.

Liked the judges being real and genuine and laughing at the haunted house scares. No pretense about having a good time.

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I knew Andrew was going to win from the judges' comments. They really loved that doctor! I wanted either him or KC to win, so I'm happy. The whole finale was better than pretty much the rest of the season. I really like having the extended challenge format with several opportunities for feedback and revision. I just wish Mr. Westmore came into the lab with Glen! He wasn't even at the winner's reveal :(

I also liked that there was only 1 twist, which was made more manageable by the addition of an extra assistant. I understand the need for a twist from a TV point of view, but I like that they kept it reasonable. 

I found it kind of interesting that 2 of the 3 fabrications made by Roy in part 1 had to be remade, and the third broke and had to be fixed. Last week I thought it was a good idea to being him in, but it ended up being kind of useless. Was it because of the limited time he had to fabricate each one, or was it that the contestants weren't able to finish his work properly? This was one idea that didn't really end up working out.

Overall I just hope they don't do another team season, and maybe since now they have Game Face they can take longer breaks in between regular Face Off seasons to replenish contestants and ideas.

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Congrats to Andrew! I was kinda pulling more for KC but Andrew has been a consistent talent all season so I can't fault anyone, they all worked hard and seem like genuinely nice folks.

That being said, I am not into haunted houses in any way, shape or form and sincerely hope that next season's finale doesn't involve creepy disgusting monsters terrorizing willing spectators while other people laugh at them. Please, Show, pretty please?

I agree with katalizt, I hope they limit Face Off to once a year to make sure both the talent and challenges are top notch. I don't know if I'll watch Game Face or not, so I'll see everyone next season if not before!

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Andrew has done well and been consistently praised throughout the season so I was not at all surprised that he won.

I liked that each of the three scenarios had a moment/opportunity to reveal and scare the guests (the chair coming forward, the creature coming out of the rock thing, etc) and I loved that everyone had such a good time watching the reactions and laughing about them. That was my favorite part of the entire finale because in those moments, it was less about a competition and more about celebrating that the artists had done exactly what they set out to do which was scare people with their creations.

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Andrew was my favorite throughout so I was delighted that he won.  My only regret is that Phil, my second favorite, wasn't on the same team so he could at least share in the win.

I hope the PTB have been noting fans' dislike of teams and never do it again.

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I loved that doctor-scientist. Very real looking. I liked how they said some of the participants thought it was his actual head ("how did they get the hole in it?"). Happy for Andrew. I agree it was between KC and him, but Kiersten really came on in the last few challenges. Good show.

A bit surprised, though, that these guys didn't know how to pronounce 'chitin' or 'proboscis.'

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Thank goodness this travesty of a team season is finally over. I blame its failure more on the team format and the producers than on the contestants. Congratulations to Andrew for winning even though it wasn't surprising. Fortunately, all three seemed to step up their game for the finale.

Andrew's mad scientist remained my favorite make-up, though his creature was disappointing. The roach floater was done well, but just went way over the top for my tastes.


I liked the previous version of Kiersten's make-ups better, especially the claws. Shiny black armor looks good on Xenomorphs, but just seemed out of place here.  Did she do the fly proboscis floater? Creepily done, but I wonder how much she had to do with instructing her model to "lick" the bed pan.


KC's big demon was better in round two, but the goblin harpy was still disappointing. The half human / bug floater character was fantastic, and the best of the three floater characters. (Apologies if I've switched KC and Kiersten's floater characters, but I liked both of them better than Andew's roach.)


I think the best part of the episode was the joke Kiersten made about Glenn being scarier than the make-ups (or whatever she said in that talking head segment). I literally laughed out loud, and had to watch that a few times. Watching the glee the judges had for the haunted house guests being scared was also quite enjoyable.


I've always said that bad Face Off is better than no Face Off. However, this season really tested that adage. I never really considered any particular season a major step down in quality from previous seasons until now. I'm hoping that's just an unfortunate side effect of being constrained into a team make-up shop format where all the team's make-ups usually had to tie into a similar theme. I really hope future seasons go back to the format that made Face Off such a wonderful show to begin with.


See you next season.

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I think this may have been intended as the pay-off for the team season in that by the end of the finale, the finalists had three people working with them-thus a 'team.'

The finale was definitely the highlight of the season for me.  All the work was really good and creepy.  I felt that it came down to KC and Andrew.  However, the make-up on the scientist was so amazing.  The models, per usual with some of the regular models, sold the make-ups and haunted house.  I would imagine that if Glenn really does develop a haunted house experience that it would be pretty pricey to attend.  The Ghost girl was sooo eerie with how she moved, etc.  

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Thank you everyone for the support and the kind words.

I have been swarmed these last few days and am getting back to routine.

My  Finale Make-ups of Season 12 of Face Off, designed for Glenn Hetrick 's "Journey  Into Fear"
I loved this concept very much, there where some brilliant new Ideas of integrating insect and reptilian features into each character. When I read the script I imagined these characters like they are from an intense HP Lovecraft meets Hieronymus Bosch scene.


I was really excited about the haunt rooms and I loved watching Glen, Neville Page and Ve  laugh and enjoy the haunt in action.
I really hope that Glen creates this haunt!!!

This couldn't have happened with out my wonderful girl shop, they supported me, lifted me up, took both direction and initiative when needed and gave great advice, this was the best team anyone could be lucky to have .
These wonderful ladies are Jill Burgner Laura McCormick and Faina Rudshteyn  Thank you for making dream work with me.




With Hesperian The Imp I took a fantasy approach based off a childhood fear of a harpy, a birdlike beast with the face of  an old woman. 


I have been freaked out from harpies since I was a kid and saw The Last Unicorn. I'm a big DnD freak and I loved how the wardrobe felt very 80's fantasy and reminisced Labyrinth and never ending story and of coarse Legend!!
This character serves Asmodeous king of devils and his divine servitor race are the hesperians, or accomplice devils, who travel to the Material Plane to help bring important mortals into Hell's grasp.

Model is the incredible actress Megan Albertus who broke the record of scares in the haunt with her creepiness. (I love you kitty)


With Snotty Pipin I took direction from Cronenberg  and used human anatomy to match up to the fly anatomy to create  creepy skeletal and mutated forms.

Snotty Pipin had a partially formed proboscis
and the mutation started on his face from the nose and mouth. Mr. Westmore suggested we use black broom bristles like they did on the brundle fly, they stick up coarse and look disturbing lol.

"Snotty Pipin" aka Bed Pan Man ...  was just a genius performance by Alex Bistrevsky using the bedpan as a prop to rub slime over- yuck and rad at the same time!


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Asmodious was created with a lot of shapes and forms taken from arachnids and beetles on the face and chest, I also referred some reptilian shapes in the face and neck.
the jewelery and crown design was inspired by my favorite jewelery designer and dark art artist Ave Rose

One of the most elaborate large scale make-ups I have ever created.
Asmodious  is the most powerful of the nine archdevils that inhabit Hell, he  sits an enormous throne and wore a 9 foot long skirt. The crown and the collar where created from vacuform pieces cut and glued together.
The horns where created from vacuforms as well . each horn was made out of 8 pieces.
The chest was designed with a black widow spider in mind, the rubies representing the red hourglass on the females bellies.

Model is the most amazing and talented Chase Olswang who suffered and powered through this massive multi piece application!
Thank you for your awesomness! I adore you!!!

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I wish we had seen the Asmodious colors that showed in the Pinterest photo.  That photo is strikingly beautiful. 

And, of course, thanks to KC for making this season a richer experience for us at our computers

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I love how you fully credited the models, KC!

Personally, I would have put Andrew last in the finale - as the judges noted, his creature was quite rote. But he was the most consistent performer all season out of the three finalists, and I think that is what really gave him the win. I'm not unhappy about it, just saying. Especially since haunted houses are what he does in his day job. That might be why his creature was so unoriginal but his mad scientist was well-executed (also not original, but when you're given a mad scientist brief you don't have much opportunity for creativity). He's probably done both a hundred times and basically copied them for the show's contest. He mentioned the laboratory was the scene he wanted, and again, out of the three scenarios that's the one you'll see most in real life. To some degree he could coast, but hey, it shows that he's really good at his day job! Congrats to him.

On 8/25/2017 at 4:13 PM, seacliffsal said:

I think this may have been intended as the pay-off for the team season in that by the end of the finale, the finalists had three people working with them-thus a 'team.'

The finale always has the finalists supervising a team. The brief is just always too large in too short a time for the finalists to handle on their own.

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Thank you, @KCMUSSMAN for adding some much needed flavor and character into what was otherwise a very lackluster season for me, and for this background on your final designs.  I thought you did a terrific job and would have given the win to you.  I agree with Black Knight above...while Andrew's was very good, it wasn't anything I hadn't seen before.  Congratulations on a job very well done and best of luck in your career.  I hope you have a couple of minutes to pop in from time to time in the future.

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