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  1. When I was a business consultant, I had the chance to see the FBI pull up to a government office to execute a warrant and to take some people into custody. It wasn't related to the project I was working on, but it was in the same building. Later, in a totally unrelated matter, my ex-boyfriend had to go through a security clearance check for a job and the company hired to do that had ex-FBI agents doing the job. One of them asked me for an interview and even though it was in an informal setting (coffee shop), it felt really intimidating. It does something to you when you see/interact
  2. I particularly liked the loud stapling of documents after Linda, fully power tripping, made that woman in the first episode go back and staple a document she had delivered with a clip saying: "around here we use staples" 😆
  3. I couldn't fine one clip with the entire sequence, but I was able to find two clips that overlap. You can see how the argument started, the slaps and the nose pulling in the first one. The second one has the nose pulling and the conversation that came after, where they talk about how hard the slapping was
  4. Just watched a clip on YouTube and there are like 5 or 6 reciprocal slaps. One time, after Diane tells Sam not to slap her, he's actually the one to slap first
  5. It was weird because Diane slaps him first and he slaps her back in like a nanosecond, as if it were a reflex reaction. She slaps him again twice, IIRC, and both times he slaps her back, and that's when they turn to the nose pulling which was clearly intended to be the funny part as it makes them progressively get lower and lower until they end up on the floor. After that is when they had the conversation and she decides to leave. It's uncomfortable because it's a comedy and we sort of want to laugh but the face-slapping is not a laughing matter, but the nose pulling totally is. I d
  6. That's precisely why I think it would not be well received in this day and age. By making it "funny", they are sort of diminishing the impact. I didn't remember this scene when I started my re-watch and Sam slapping Diane made me actually jump back. I get what they were trying to do and they did manage to make me smile when the physical comedy turned to them pulling each other's noses. But, a slap in the face is just so much more serious. And this was probably not the only show to trivialise it by making it a "funny" thing. In a drama it's different because when we see face-slapping o
  7. Love this series and just finished a full re-watch. Holds up well, except for two fight scenes where Sam actually slaps women (one with Diane where they slap each other several times, and one with Rebecca where she is drunk at Woody's in-laws because she thought she was going to be a guest/date of Woody's father in law and ended up being the bartender). I don't think those scenes would be very well received in current times. I've seen it mentioned several times that Sam and Diane were the first TV couple to use the "will they?/won't they?" device, but this is not true. There are several
  8. As I understand it, game show regulations in the UK and Australia, are even more stringent than in the US
  9. I think game show regulations would prohibit that, but, off course, there's no way to know unless someone associated with the production blabs
  10. Of the other players left, I don't think any of them has the resume to go against George or Haley. IMO, Wai is the one with the weakest resume; she hasn't pulled any big moves since parting ways with George way back at the beginning and that was because his game was too chaotic for her tastes, which is not, IMO, a game valid reason. She obviously likes and excels at the puzzles, but she has not made any noteworthy strategic moves, and she has only been a follower rather than a leader. Andrew and Hayley have pretty much controlled her vote throughout the game, and even George exerted some con
  11. At this point, the only people that deserve to win, IMO, are George and Hayley, both of whom have played really smart games. If they both end up pitching their games to the jury, it will be a tough and suspenseful decision. Will the jury forget the many Hayley betrayals? After all, she has flipped more times than George, who only really flipped alliances after merge when the Brawn were picking off brains one by one. And that was something the Brawn saw coming because everyone there knew George and Cara were at the bottom of that alliance. I think the jury would understand/forgive tha
  12. I think Carmen cinched it when she did her last reveal. For those who don't know the song, the chorus goes like this: Ya lo ves, la vida es así (So you see, such is life) Tú te vas y yo me quedo aquí (You go away and I remain here) LLoverá y ya no seré tuya (It will rain and I will no longer be yours) seré la gata, bajo la lluvia (I will be the cat under the rain) y maullaré por ti (and I will meow for you) She did the wig reveal on the line "I will be the cat under the rain", and it was planned that she'd be wet, so, it wasn't a regular wig swapping reveal. As everything
  13. This is correct (native Spanish speaker here, and yes, the translations are lacking, in part because there's cultural stuff that can't be communicated with a literal translation, and in part because they are cutting out some stuff)
  14. I mean, some guys mixed it to the tune of "Backstreet's Back" (starts at the 40 sec. mark) LOL!!
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