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  1. The Benjamin Moore product placement didn't bother me too much, because of course Eliot is particular about what kind of paint should be used on old wood ("it's a very distinctive paint!" he didn't say it but you know he was thinking it) but the fake eggs have to go. Just no.
  2. Seconding the recommendation for Healer, it's one of my all-time favorite Kdramas. Excellent story, excellent acting, just excellent all around. While You Were Sleeping has a few mystery elements to it. It's a fantasy legal drama where the main characters have prophetic dreams, usually relating to current cases, and they have to figure out the truth of what really happens. Argon is another one you may want to consider, about investigative journalists. Oh My Ghostess has a pretty good mystery going throughout the series - the titular ghost character doesn't remember how she died, and the m
  3. Great episode and a great finale for the season. Here's hoping we get another! I really wasn't sure about a reboot when I first about heard this, and even more so after Noah Wyle was cast since I didn't care for him on Librarians. But this season has proven me wrong and I couldn't be happier about it. Original Leverage is one of my very favorite shows, so for it to not only come back but come back even stronger than before is just amazing luck. Yay Leverage! Hardison's back!!! Really, that was all I needed to make me happy. Harry and Breanna have been good additions to the cast and the sh
  4. Overall a good episode that started in one place and ended up somewhere completely different, in typical Leverage fashion. It sure did a good job of amping up tension for the finale! Starting off with a mail call full of aliases and callbacks made me smile. The theatre reference was nice too, though of course I selfishly hope that Sophie doesn't go to London. We want the crew together, dammit! I agree Marshal Maria, Teddy Bear Eliot is very cute when he's grumpy. And since it seems to be his default setting, all the better for us. I do believe Breanna was wearing a Spirit's Ruse
  5. I thought this one was a lot of fun. Can't go wrong with a good train job (just ask the Firefly crew! Oh wait... better not). I got a kick out of Sophie's quick change as she walked through a doorway - nice touch by the director (did Beth direct this one? The downside of watching multiple episodes at once is that I can't remember what happens where). Emily is a good character with potential to recur in the future, especially if she and Breanna work out. I loved Breanna's "crush vision" complete with fan-blown hair flip, sultry lighting, and a big wink. All that was missing was some bubble
  6. Fun but not one of their stronger eps IMO. Still, can't go wrong with a Eliot and Parker team-up. I like that even after over a decade of working and growing together, their dynamic is still ultimately the same - Parker likes annoying Eliot and he gets pissed off and grumbly even as he risks his life for her. Their final conversation at the very end was especially wonderful - that right there is why I love this show. The cons are fun and clever, it's very funny, but watching this handful of oddballs and misfits becoming a family is what I love most about Leverage. And Parker admitting to Eliot
  7. I loved this one so much I had to watch it twice. So many great lines and callbacks flying fast and furious, I'd laugh at something and miss two more jokes. Hurley!! He was on my shortlist of characters I wanted to see back, so this made me very happy. And he's part of the gang now, helping other crews! I love it, because he always wanted to help people and do good things anyway (he was just real bad at it on his own, lol). And I loved seeing how close he's become everyone, such as being able to read Eliot so well on the course - "all this quiet and sunshine is making you suck" HA - and f
  8. MissLucas, thanks for clarifying the ending with Eliot! I figured I had to have missed something important. I've been thinking about this, and IMO Sterling wouldn't work without Nate. I mean, sure, we'd all love to see Eliot beat the crap out of Sterling the instant he sees him, but Sterling and Nate's interplay was the core of the character and I don't know if it would be the same without Nate. JMHO, of course. Forgot to comment on this yesterday, but YES! Enough with the fake eggs already.
  9. Another solid episode! A good one for Sophie and Breanna as well. Nice to get a few more tidbits more of B's backstory. The parallels between Sophie and Stella were nicely done - Sophie was such a mystery in the original run, even more so than Eliot, that it's been so wonderful in this reboot to give to know her more, and separately from Nate for that matter. She's such a fascinating character, and her connection with Stella was a good way to give us more of a glimpse into Sophie, who she is and how she views herself. I would imagine that Alzheimers/memory loss for a grifter would be especiall
  10. First off, I think these two marks have to be in the top five of Worst Marks Ever. I know there's been some stiff competition on this show, but the complete lack of compassion combined with the sheer glee they exhibited at the thought of screwing people over was actually chilling. Yikes. Wonderful Sophie episode, and I sure as hell can't blame her for taking their crimes personally. Though I really don't get Harry comparing Sophie to Bronwyn at the beginning - Sophie targeted rich people and took treasures from them, whereas Bronwyn targets powerless people and continually milks them for
  11. Welcome back Leverage 2.0! It's been a long few months without you. When I initially heard the premise for this episode I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but they managed to give us enough twists and turns and Leverage-y goodness to make for a very satisfying episode. I mean, how many other shows have holiday episodes involving fake spies, real spies, private military contractors, PTSD and chemical torture, book nerdery, and multiple fandom shoutouts? Leverage is the best. Levar Burton as a fantastic ass-kicking spy is something I never knew I needed in life but now I wouldn't want
  12. I’d be fine with that! Or how about the Vomit-Colored Wedding since that’s what most of us will be doing while it’s happening?
  13. Thanks for the info, Good Queen Jane. I'm totally pissed at NBC and not in a position to add yet another streaming service, but I really appreciate your help. 🙂 Being able to watch without any (inane) commentary and actually see all the skaters would be amazing!
  14. So, just to be clear, those of us in the US without Peacock have to wait for the 2 hr “highlights reel” after each event finishes to be able to watch any skating on tv? (AKA, the Johnny and Tara Extravaganza 😒) Thanks, NBC 🤬
  15. I could totally believe Johnny wanting to make one of those pretentious art house flicks that consist solely of random footage of strangers that makes no sense at all. 🙄 🥱
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