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  1. Maelstrom

    Figure Skating

    No one will want to miss my Ave Maria and West Side Story medley choreographed by David Wilson!
  2. Maelstrom

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    I've been debating whether or not to post, because A) it ain't gonna be pretty, and B) I'm not sure how much I care anymore, but here goes. We lose Zari and keep Nate? Fuck you, Show. I liked Nate for about five seconds at the start of the season, but apparently that was just a fluke and I can't have nice things. I will say that I enjoyed Brandon Routh's performance, as well as Matt Ryan, Jane Carr, and Courtney Ford. Seeing Ray bond with Vandal Savage over giant jenga was my favorite part of the episode. Go Haircut! The second half of this season has been a huge, huge disappointment to me. It feels like all of the things I liked about this show have been lost or ignored in favor of things that I don't care about or outright dislike. There have been a few bright spots here and there, namely some nice bits of work from some of the actors, but they are just too few and far between. My main reaction to this episode is one of relief that I don't have to make myself sit through this show for seven months. Assuming I bother watching next year at all... and PK's latest interviews do not leave me optimistic that I'll enjoy season 5 any more than I did 4B. Life's too short to watch bad tv shows. And it pisses me off, because I LOVED this show last year. And even the first half of this season, too - though in hindsight I can see a lot of the problems I have now taking root then. Ultimately I feel like character has been sacrificed for meaningless wackiness. The Legends themselves have been pushed to the background of their own damn show in favor of new characters that not only aren't interesting, but serve no real function on the canvas. My time-traveling superhero show has become yet another show about government agents, and that's not what I signed up for. So disappointing.
  3. Maelstrom

    S04.E15: Terms Of Service

    Yes, to all this. You've both perfectly captured my thoughts on this show. I don't know how it all went so bad so quickly, but my give-a-shit meter has dropped to practically nonexistent. Good thing there's only one more episode to get through. What a disappointing mess.
  4. Maelstrom

    S04.E14: Nip/Stuck

    Totally agree that Sara is the lead of the show in my mind. Thank goodness the Arrow writers kept bringing her back from the dead, because I can't imagine anyone other than Caity heading this show with the same strength, heart, and humor. I personally don't consider Nate the male lead either, but I've noticed over the years that a large amount of the publicity and promotional material (ads, interviews, previews, etc etc) places Nate front and center, even when it means taking things out of context or shunting aside other characters (frequently Sara) to do so. So I've always felt that someone among the higher ups of either the show or the network sees Nate as the male lead. Pull up a chair! We can play Ray's card game. :)
  5. Maelstrom

    S04.E14: Nip/Stuck

    Loved: Brandon Routh's turn as Neron. Remind me why he's not the de facto male lead instead of Nate? His entire dynamic with Constantine is so well played, it's been great to watch. Not that I want poor marshmallow Ray to continue suffering Neron's torments, but BR has really gotten to shine lately. Two Constantines for the price of one. At the beginning of the season, I never would have thought that double Constantines would be one of my favorite parts of an episode. Mick, Sara, and Charlie. Legends getting to be Legends!! I really, really wish we could get more excellent, character-driven team moments like these three had in this ep. THIS is why I watch you, Show. The Legends playing Ray's card game. All that was missing was the chore wheel and a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Nora getting her picture taken. It's a rule that all government photos have to be terrible. Hated: Mona saving the day, again. Especially since it came at Nora and Ava's expense. Nora is a super-powerful sorceress and former demon vessel, and Ava is a badass clone from the future, yet it takes Mona and Wolfie to defeat Gary? Ugh. All nipple-related plot lines. I'll sit by myself at the UO table, but for me this goes beyond wacky and zany into WTF is this shit territory. No thanks. Nate and Zari. Thanks for completely ruining Zari, one of the best characters you've ever had, Show. Not enough Gideon! Moar Gideon! I won't speak for anyone else, but my problem with it is that A) Nate has had sex during missions more than a few times over the years, so it's a pattern rather than a one-off incident, B) at least once he's left his other teams members in imminent danger by doing so, C) Zari in fact called him out on it during the Hedgehog Day incident and told him it wasn't cool. Until she given the dubious "honor" of becoming his chick. The character assassination, it burns. If it's really hell, his lighter will run out of fluid, his matches will be damp, and he'll lose the box and never get that smoke. Like a Twilight Zone episode. Me too. I loved the references, but it also made me sad thinking about how many characters I loved have come and gone, how much the show has changed over the years, and how frustrating it's become to watch recently. :(
  6. Maelstrom

    S06.E15: Return of the King

    Rosa's storyline was fairly ridiculous but I loved it anyway, mostly (entirely?) because of the great performances by SB and MF. I really love the friendship that has developed between these two in recent years. Even though they are very different people they each respect the other as they are and don't denigrate those differences, like another character I could name always did... And speaking of the monster in the room, the one good thing I can say about Gina's return is that she didn't go anywhere near Amy. I don't think I could stand yet another second of Gina insulting Amy just for the sake of being mean. At least Gina only interacted with Jake and Terry, and Terry wasn't having any of her crap, so it was really only Jake's character that was sacrificed at the altar of Gina's supposed awesomeness. Not that makes it any less infuriating. I don't know how a show that is shrewd and clever and funny in all other aspects can think watching a world class narcissist belittle her so-called friends all the time is funny. It's not, Show. If I want to watch assholes get away with being assholes, I have real life for that. TV is where I go for fun, happy things. I really, truly hope this has gotten Gina out of the writers' systems, and we never have to see her darken our screens ever again. Anyway. I enjoyed Boyle and Holt's storyline with Nikolaj (Nikolaj) and Andre Braugher somehow manages to become a little more awesome every week. And now we're off-track so... good day.
  7. Maelstrom

    S04.E13: Egg MacGuffin

    Ray was the MVP tonight, and Brandon finally got a chance to shine. He did a wonderful job portraying Ray’s desperation and turmoil, and his performance as Neron was really chilling. It’s so nice to watch him show off his acting chops, especially with the state of the rest of the show right now. I first saw him on One Life to Live nearly twenty years ago (damn I’m old) and even then you could tell he was going places. Kudos, Brandon. I enjoyed Nora, Constantine and Mick’s scenes as well. Mick especially has gotten the shaft as far as screentime and character development, so his speech at the con was very welcome. Had to chuckle at Charlie’s posh accent as Rebecca. I felt really bad for Gary by the end, his revelation has been two years in the making. Although his memory of Mick growling at him was from Zari’s Hedgehog incident and technically never happened, but whatever. I have absolutely nothing positive to say about Nate/Zari or Mona, and most everyone else here has already covered my thoughts quite well, so I won’t go into any of it again. I enjoyed the beginning of this season so much, but I certainly can’t say that anymore. Also, they’re laying on the meta pretty thick these days. It’s like cayenne pepper - a little adds some kick, too much spoils the whole dish. Three episodes left in the season, and we’ll see what they do with them. 😕
  8. Maelstrom

    Spoilers & Speculation: Running Hot & Cold

    Thanks for sharing, Proteus. Klemmer’s attitude (and blatant delusions) does not make me very optimistic about the future of this show and my continued interest in it. ☹️
  9. Maelstrom

    S04.E12: The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe

    Slightly better than the previous three episodes but still far short of what I’ve generally come to expect from this show. Four dud episodes is too many in a season of 16. Hell Yes: Hell as a giant retail store you can’t leave. Darkh and Constantine, Magical Asskickers. I would totally watch a show about the two of them as magical bounty hunters/PIs. Ray being adorable (is it wrong I’m almost looking forward to DemonRay to see Brandon’s performance? As long as it’s only temporary, of course). Charlie’s braids Hell Fucking No: The return of Nate’s manpain Nate and Zari Zari spending the entire episode worrying about sending a text to her crush. Seriously, WTF was that shit? How can a show that’s done so well with its female characters suddenly pull shit like this and think it’s a good idea? Mona. She’s taking way too much screentime away from other, more interesting characters. Why the hell did they have to make her a Legend? Nora has more history with the team, and in the Flarrowverse in general, why not have her join? Hell, I’d rather have seen Gary get promoted to Legend than a total newbie like Mona. Or hot Des. Fail, writers. 100% fail. Heyworld. They’ve finally found something too ridiculous even for this show.
  10. Maelstrom

    S04.E10: The Getaway

    Hank’s totally not dead dead, he’s gotta be only mostly dead. Not a spoiler, just a strong hunch. Loved the Truth Roach and the ensuing character beats, especially Ray pointing and laughing when the bug went back to Constantine. And Mick wanting Fabio hair. Also I really loved that Constantine wanted to make sure Sara was ok and tried to make her feel better. I feel like he finally belongs and I’m really enjoying his interactions with the others. I was fine with Mona as a third-tier supporting character, but after tonight I’ve had enough of her to last a lifetime. Move on, please, Show. I would’ve much rather had Charlie instead of Mona in that RV. NO to Nate and Zari but I guess they’re going there anyway. Peachy. It felt like we skipped a few chapters between last ep and this ep. Interviews have talked about some course changes they made in the season arc, and I felt this ep showed a lot of skidmarks, so to speak. IMO it made for a very clunky episode. Always enjoy seeing Nora.
  11. I'm having such a hard time making myself keep up with this show. And I still have two eps waiting on my DVR. :( Literally the only things that keep me watching are BB and Gabi. And Gabs, we love you, but why in the world would you listen to anything that comes out of Brady's mouth? You could outscheme him before he could finish the kids' jumble in the Sunday paper. And don't forget how all of their leading men are misogynistic, angry, and abusive! Really makes you want to keep tuning in, doesn't it?
  12. I can't think they're going to kill Hank off either, I've gotten the impression he's around all season. How is everyone on this show so pretty? It'd give me a complex if I didn't love them all so much.
  13. Maelstrom

    S04.E09: Lucha De Apuestas

    I will defend Ray's floppy hair, not just because I personally like longer hair on guys, but also because, come on, it's Brandon Routh! I think it's impossible for him to not look good, lol.
  14. Maelstrom

    S04.E09: Lucha De Apuestas

    YES to all of this. Very much so. In fact, can we perhaps get these sentiments embroidered on some throw pillows and send them to the writers' room? I don't recall any significant interaction between Nate and Zari until the Hedgehog Groundhog Day episode, which established a solid friendship between them. They've barely seen each other since Nate left the Waverider for the TB, too. And Amaya was Zari's friend. Nothing more than friendship has ever been hinted at until last night, and... I can only hope it's a fluke. This is the first season that I've actually liked Nate since he came on the show. Don't blow it so soon. Same here. I really felt he didn't fit with the show or the team, but he's finally starting to feel like one of the gang. Especially now that he's loosened up and dropped the whole "I'm such a dark brooding loner" vibe and started acting like a part of the lovable, screwball Waverider family. For me, part of my initial wariness was how Constantine was discussed and handled in interviews - I always got the sense like TPTB thought he was too precious to be made to change to fit the show, which really bothered me. Don't get me wrong, I understand that the character has a very long history in comics with his own fan following, and had his own solo show (I watched some of it) but you can't bring the character onto an ensemble team show without having him have to adjust accordingly, at least to some degree. I have to say, though, that Matt Ryan has really impressed me with his performances and dedication to the character. Not to mention the fact that his hair miraculously hasn't fallen out despite being bleached platinum blond for how many months of filming.
  15. Maelstrom

    S04.E09: Lucha De Apuestas

    Oh Show, how I've missed you and your ridiculous insanity! Long live Legends! So much to enjoy here as everyone's already pointed out: Zari and Sara's friendship; Zari's hair (so pretty!!); Mick's signature on Ray's petition (they left enough lines visible around the black marks to know just what those missing words were); Constantine dropping his supercool facade to geek out over a wrestler; Zari's expression at Mama Heywood's "childbearing hips" greeting; Ray's card game (I seriously want one now); Ava and Sara's tango (you can tell both actresses have backgrounds in dance), especially since both danced the woman's part and made it work; flashy-thinged Gary ("Why are things anything? Where's my nipple?!"); Mick giving life advice based on his novel; and hey, they finally mentioned hemophilia in connection with Nate! Poor Interim Captain Ray catching so much flak, especially since he was interim captain before back in season one (when Rip, Stein, and Mick were captured by Time Pirates and Rip kept talking up how dangerous Captain Palmer was - and then they'd immediately cut to Ray being his adorkable self). I'm really surprised they killed the Kaupe off - poor Konane, RIP. And I guess I'm slipping because I was not expecting Mona to turn into a kaupe herself. And she thought she didn't fit in before! I don't mind the character per se, but since screen time is limited and I love our Legends, I'd rather see the airtime go to the team than a new secondary character like Mona. But we'll see what happens from here. I really, really hope they don't pair Nate and Zari! Nate's really grown on me (shockingly so) but that doesn't mean I want to see him in a romance again. I much prefer him as a friend, teammate, and son than a leading man. And Zari is too amazing a character to bog down in a romance. I love that she followed her gut that something was fishy with the footage and respectfully convinced Sara to let her pursue it. She's grown so much as a character and Tala Ashe is a true gem. With pretty pretty hair. Seems like Ava and the Avalance relationship had about five episodes worth of story packed into one episode. And I'm totally not buying that Ava would be so callous and blasé about torture. Not caring about magical creatures being tortured isn't necessarily that different from not caring if clones are tortured. IMO the writers missed a few steps of that particular part of the story. And why wouldn't she at least hear Sara out? Hasn't Sara earned that much by now, both as a time traveler and as her girlfriend? I get that they need the plot to happen one way or another, but Ava's part in it felt a little clunky tonight. And Sara, leaving Ray with Charlie, Constantine and Mick is like leaving an adorable little bunny at the mercy of a wolf pack. He didn't stand a chance! But am I the only one who expected him to get in the el Lobo costume and fight in Konane's place? I'm so glad this show is back!