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  1. I'm still catching up on episodes so I'm a little behind the times, but... The sad thing is CS was really good back in the day when she was on AMC. Seeing what she's done to herself with surgery is such a shame. :( Well, he only gets it once every decade, so he's going to make the most of it while he has it!
  2. Glad to help brighten your day a little, bankerchick :D For our fan-written Hallmark project, I would venture to add *gasp* non-romance storylines too! Sibling relationships and platonic but still meaningful friendships - heck, I'd go out on a limb and include some sort of buddy comedy storyline. There are so many potential ideas that still wholesome enough for Hallmark beyond just straight HEA romances. At least it would add a little variety to their cookie-cutter movies.
  3. MST3K = Mystery Science Theater 3000, aka a show about people (and robots) making fun of old, terrible sci-fi movies to hilarious effect. A taste: Isn't it just! :D Yup, pretty much all Hallmark movies from at least the last five years would greatly benefit from being MSTied. I agree that ALWHI won out in the lead actors department by far, but also had a much, much better script than HDU. There was a believable, not completely stupid premise to ALWHI and believable obstacles that took a little doing to resolve or overcome. But the basic story of HDU was so
  4. Hearts Down Under 1 highly unlikeable female lead 1 moderately entertaining male lead 1 remarkably terrible script A dash of beautiful Australian scenery Combine and choke it down as best you can. Serve with a heavy dose of snark. Seriously folks, this one was bad. I didn’t even make it to the halfway point before I had to start giving it the MST3K treatment. On the positive side, I liked Beth the waitress’s purple sneakers.
  5. I kind of enjoyed APV in Taking a Shot at Love with Luke McFarlane, mostly because he's impossible not to like and anything involving dance or ballet will usually get a watch from me. That being said, I'm totally with you that she's one of my least favorite Hallmark actresses. The movies with her real-life husband are the worst, since their chemistry definitely does not show up onscreen.
  6. Me: Chase and Willow are a fantastic couple! They're the first pairing I've really gotten excited about in years! Also, JS is super hot. Writers: Let's have Willow fall madly in love with Michael after he enables her unhealthy emotional attachment to the child she's substituting for her own lost baby. He's such a stud! Me: I love watching Anna and Valentin in a story together, the actors are such pros and have fantastic frenemy chemistry. Writers: Let's have Anna and Valentin act like idiots and take turns waiting in line to jump up Carly's butt! Me: Yay, Laura's in a front
  7. As Luck Would Have It was a definite step up from the usual Hallmark fare. Not only gorgeous scenery, but fun leads with some actual personality and a story that wasn’t as insipid as most. Always a treat to have characters that act like mature adults (his stunt with the bowl of salt notwithstanding). Obligatory Hallmark Coat Count: I lost track at five (long periwinkle, red, white, navy, and short blue puffy jacket) not including the beautiful green and purple shawl that I now covet. How many suitcases did she have to schlep over from New York just for her coat collection?
  8. I assumed that was GF’s own reaction that they just left in/didn’t reshoot. It looked to me like JK actually scared her or caught her off guard and she screamed out of instinct. Any scene without Carly gets five stars from me. She is really outdoing herself at being unbearable lately. 🤬
  9. I actually enjoyed Chasing Waterfalls more than I expected. I was mainly in it for the scenery, but the leads weren’t bad (Cindy Busby was much less irritating than I feared) and the story was inoffensively average. Though seriously... Hallmark needs to read Astronomy for Dummies. You can’t have a full moon the day after a crescent moon (and never mind you can’t have a crescent moon setting right before the sun). Unless Hallmark movies exist in some alternate reality where there are two moons? It could explain the one Christmas movie from this past year (Timeless Christmas?) that had a blue mo
  10. How about Bland Menace? Michael’s blandness is so strong there’s no way that kid didn’t inherit it. I can’t even start on how messed up it is seeing Carly stomp into the Q mansion playing Parent Police. 🤬
  11. Yeah, as an AMC viewer I knew immediately what we were in for as soon as Julie came in with that damn tray. I’m sure it was meant to be more typical Ron meta, but to me it just felt like giant middle finger to Cady, and to all of us who had to watch one of the most insulting soap deaths of all time. Thanks for reminding us, Ron. 😡
  12. I enjoyed the latest Chronicle Mystery, though thinking over it the story wasn't pulled together as tightly as it could have been. But Ali Sweeney is one of my faves, and I appreciate that this series isn't all fluff and beach waves like some of Hallmark's mysteries. (Also, Ali's character wore the same jacket for the entire movie! That has to a be record for Hallmark). LuvMyShows, I'm not sure about why she made the dumpster connection while in the food line either. I guess just a generic thought of food gets thrown out --> evidence gets thrown out --> check eco-dumpster for evide
  13. I’ve wondered about that, too. My theory is that the Capitol uses 12’s coal to power the majority of Panem, i.e. the “lesser” districts, while saving cleaner, more efficient power for themselves (and maybe Districts 1 and 2, to keep the luxury goods and Peacekeepers coming).
  14. It's been a few years since I read the books, but as far as District 12 and its rampant poverty and food shortages, I never necessarily got the strictest impression that it was the only impoverished district. But it was all that Katniss, our narrator, knew. It's worth remembering that Katniss is, to varying degrees, an unreliable narrator throughout the books, either due to outside factors (isolation and ignorance of other districts) or due to her mental state. Also, with 12 being furthest from the Capitol, "out of sight, out of mind" is likely a big factor. And (IIRC) it is one of the s
  15. OK, yesterday when I saw that our first new episode in a week was Sonny's funeral I watched Days, with its epic saga of Ben and Ciara's Twu Wuv, instead. Ben and Ciara, people. If you don't watch Days and don't know who they are, consider yourself very, very lucky. If you do watch Days, then you know how desperate I was to avoid the inevitable Sonny lovefest. Yeesh. Episodes like this are why the FF button is made. Not. Enough. :( Nooooooo!! Though, to be fair to the writers, killing off all other men would be the only way any sane woman would willingly pick the SLS human
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