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S17.E03: Joshua B.

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Joshua B.

By the age of 21, Joshua had the world in his hands. A six-figure salary managing a dozen convenient stores, marriage, and owner of his own home, Joshua was a great provider for his wife and her children. But a back surgery in 2010 led to a severe addiction to pain pills that morphed into an extraordinary addiction to hand sanitizer that has cost him everything. Now, his family is petrified that without help, Joshua’s his addiction will blind him, cause a massive stroke, or death by organ failure.


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He seemed rather well spoken for some one with the addiction and health related problems they said he had.  I do hope he can stay clean. Another person who was fine until they were prescribed opioids for pain.  I think those are the 'gateway drugs' we should be outlawing. 

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On 8/14/2017 at 11:28 PM, auntieminem said:

His ex looked more than 14 years older than him but they seem to care about each other. 

They definitely cared for each other, but it still creeped me out. I'm 33. There is no way I could date a 19-year-old boy right now, no matter how mature he might seem. Whether it's an older man or an older woman, a person in their 30s dating a teenager feels predatory to me.

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On 8/15/2017 at 5:27 PM, Jesse said:

Damn, I will never look at hand sanitizer the same way again. 

This show has made me feel that way about mouthwash and computer duster solution too.

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I wasn't paying that much attention in the beginning, so I thought his ex was actually his mom or an aunt or something. She looks older than 48... Their faces were blurred out, but his stepkids didn't seem that much younger than him. If she had them young, they would only be like 5 years younger than him at the most. Gross. 

On a superficial side note, Sylvia the interventionist needs an intervention for her hair. I just want to pour some deep conditioner on her head. 

Joshua's dad's hair.... hmm. Provided some comedic relief. 

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Aw, I thought Sylvia looked radiant. The difference between her episode and now remains jaw-dropping to me.

She was so warm and kind to Josh. I have long wanted to spend an hour with Candy so she can tell me how to fix my life. Now my Intervention fantasy also includes an hour with Sylvia so she can give me a pep talk and a hug.

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On August 14, 2017 at 11:28 PM, auntieminem said:

The hand sanitizer was just too much.  His ex looked more than 14 years older than him but they seem to care about each other.  Hope he can keep it up.

She was 14 years older than him.  They mentioned that in the beginning, when they met both of them lied about their ages.  Hand sanitizer is something I've never heard of, but then again people do drink rubbing alcohol.

I wonder if his mother feels guilty because she left the children with their dad, when they were young.  Maybe that's why she allowed Joshua to live with her.

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 I'm glad I wasn't the only person to notice Sylvia's hair. I was actually kind of worried that she was sick or really stressed or something.  She's just such a beautiful woman  and so well put together usually that her hair being wonky was jarring to me. 

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 Tell you all about these women since Joshua is related to me. His mother I consider now my former sister sense she embezzled  Will money because apparently she thought executor meant beneficiary. She has a horrible woman. And so is his ex-wife. These are the two women that cause Joshua the problems that he has.  They both are lying, manipulative, conniving, evil people .  His mother would accuse the ex-wife of poisoning Joshua. We have reason to believe that Melissa is the reason Joshua lost his job. Her line at the beginning about the white picket fence is just  about the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard in my life. His brothers wanted nothing to do with this. His father is probably been the best thing in his life for him.  I'm very very happy that intervention help Joshua but the way they made Theresa and Melissa look was wrong. They were as phony  and fake as they could be. They're great actresses, I'll give them that. His mother actually asked the crew of intervention if they wanted to go have a drink.  Watching Joshua in her apartment surrounded by stuff she stole out of my fathers house just broke my heart and she dared to call all of us greedy bitches. And you are correct Josh's stepchildren are closer in age than his with his ex-wife's. Theresa always hated Melissa and I tell him you hate it hate it hate it but now they're like BFF because they  are just alike.  Theresa has done nothing but lie about her life and how people have treated her. She blames her ex-husband for her sons problems but they are all on her. As a matter fact her oldest son, who she refers to as a crackhead,   Has a wonderful job thanks to one of her ex-husband's because he was a computer whiz and got her oldest son into the same thing and now he's doing very well for himself, but wants nothing to do with his mother and I can't say I blame him.  again I'm glad Josh B got help and I hope he stays sober, but I hope those two women burn in hell.

 And let me also add when he wrapped his hands with the hand sanitizer and said it is hand sanitizer after all? That's the old Joshua. He's always been very very funny and quick on the wit. We all got a kick out of that, as well.

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