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  1. auntieminem

    S09.E02 Jinger Has a Baby

    Their timelines being so off is annoying as is ending one season with a wedding then the next season goes back in time to show the courtship. Of course the show the wedding again. Same with the births. Did they do that on 19 Kids too or is this a Counting on thing?
  2. I guess I have not been paying any attention to Nation of Islam but I didn't know they are aligned with Scientology. I need to do a bit more reading about this.
  3. auntieminem

    Amanda To The Rescue

    I really like this show. When I saw previews I was thinking I would not like it. She is quirky but in a good way and even though it delivers on feels, overall it is happy and uplifting.
  4. auntieminem

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    I noticed on my cable guide that there is a 30 minute Counting On about the Jabbie wedding at 10. I think they did the same thing for Si and Lauren's wedding before the new season started.
  5. auntieminem

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    NBC knew what they were getting when they hired her; white Santa and white Jesus. I watched her show some and a few times I appreciated some of the talk around exploitation and initial metoo reporting but she kept getting worse. Her table talks during the Kavanaugh hearing drove me over the edge. I can't figure out what her angle. I guess you can take the girl* out of Fox but you can't take the Fox out of the girl*. *Since she said (in her half ass apology), she is not a PC person I thought she would be ok with me using the original term girl.
  6. auntieminem

    S08.E12: Josiah & Lauren's Prank-less Wedding?

    I don't think Dan is looking at Jeremy. He appears to be at least a row behind and it seems he is looking further down the line. Also not sure I think that is the evil eye. Jeremy and Derick may not like each other but they have been together several times since that sermon so they can at least be civil.
  7. auntieminem

    S08.E12: Josiah & Lauren's Prank-less Wedding?

    How Duggarish, a tea party, as Lily said so elegant and classy. LOL
  8. auntieminem

    S08.E10: Jinger's Double Surprise/S08.E11 Kendra Has A Baby

    As a germaphobe this made me relate to Austin more. Uh oh.
  9. auntieminem

    S08.E10: Jinger's Double Surprise/S08.E11 Kendra Has A Baby

    Wow, Juan and Margarita really had a nice shower for Jinger in their really nice home. Glad Jinger is experiencing such friends who are not family.
  10. auntieminem

    S08.E08: Thrift Store Date Night

    I agree with Jeremy, the whole germ thing would not be good. Joy doesn't sound like she wants to be pregnant anytime too soon. Austin can sometimes say something funny.
  11. auntieminem

    Julie Chen: Big Brother Is Always Watching

    I saw on one of the entertainment shows that Julie put out a statement before the show she was taking a few days to be with her family and she would be back soon. They also said she would doing BB Thursday.
  12. auntieminem

    Julie Chen: Big Brother Is Always Watching

    Yes, I was not sure what she talking about and felt like it was more about Julie and/or them.
  13. auntieminem

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I hope Sharon is not the lead for all the shows while Julie is gone. She is the worst and so awkward. Well I guess they all were a bit awkward talking about it today. Dr Phil talking about Serena, like he is a tennis pro was so eye rolling and all the women were having trouble not punching him.
  14. auntieminem

    Julie Chen: Big Brother Is Always Watching

    Sharon was the worst pick to start the show. Now they all act like they don't really know Les. Glad they at least talked about it and appeared to be supportive of the women. Everything sure felt up in the air with the show, with Julie. I wonder if she has talked to any of the hosts since it hit the fan.
  15. It was nice to see Jinger picked midwife who really seemed to know what she was doing. It is good she is away from Duggarland. The reveal to the Duggars vs Jeremy's parents says it all. The genuine sweetness vs another notch in the grandchild belt.