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  1. I've always believed that this is Jim Bob's ace in the hole for when TLC starts to lose interest in renewing the show. When all else fails, he'll dangle a Jana courtship/wedding in front of TLC, knowing that this is the one thing that the fans are panting to see. Then, almost by magic, an eligible suitor will appear on the horizon, Jana will fall in "love" on cue and the leghumpers will get their dream wedding to gush over. But he won't pull that trigger until he absolutely has to.
  2. I once catered a wedding where the bride's wedding present from her new in-laws was (as Dave Berry would say "I am not making this up") a boob job. The low-cut wedding gown was clearly designed to show off the bride's new rack and her father-in-law spent the whole reception pointing it out to the guests and bragging about how much he'd spent for it. The poor girl looked miserable and had to keep tugging at her gown to keep them from popping out. Not for nothing, but they were also Fundies and there was lots of talk about Jesus in between comments about the new implants.
  3. I think there are two reasons why the young Duggars are so obsessed with the concept of “date nights”. Their adolescent years are so ridgedly controlled by their parents and they’re rushed into marriage at such a young age. On some level, they’re aware that they missed out on all the normal teenage activities like dating and they’re trying to re-capture those moments. It’s sad, really. The second reason is more pragmatic. They live their lives on social media and they’re well aware that the “haters” are critical of the way these kids are pushed into arranged marriages. So, they post these staged, passionless “date night” pictures to prove to the world how much in looove they are and how hot they are for each other.
  4. This whole "Asa" thing reminds me of Elvis Presley, who had a twin brother that died at birth. His mother, who was a bit of a whack job, raised Elvis to live in the shadow of his dead twin, constantly harping on the invisible "brother" who was always at his side. Elvis grew up never feeling like an individual in his own right and became obsessed with lavishing endless devotion on his mother to make up for the fact that he was alive and his twin wasn't. I think Lauren's new baby is in for a rough time.
  5. I think with the Round Reno and now with Mary's House, Jim Bob may be deluding himself that some wealthy leghumpers will pay top dollar for the chance to live in a house once owned by their favorite teevee family.
  6. Someone over on the "Lonely Js Club" thread pointed out that Laura works for Embassy Media, a fundie PR business and speculated that she's their media coach.
  7. And apparently work on construction projects for them as well. I'll bet the Wilsons (whoever they are) wised up fast and didn't accept many more invitations. 2 tsps. of Liquid Smoke? That's just nasty.
  8. I think you hit the nail right on the head. Jill thought she'd have the same experience her mother did; she would sit around all day doing nothing while everyone showered her with attention and other people did all the messy grunt work of motherhood. She must feel incredibly cheated and bitter.
  9. I think that the kids who publicly lavish the biggest pile of crap load of praise on Michelle are the ones who secretly hate her the most.
  10. Considering Jill's breech birth with Izzy, plus whatever the hell went wrong with Sam, Jessa's hemorrhage and Anna birth-on-the-toilet, Lauren's got a lot of competition. She'd better come up with something spectacular.
  11. And these days, the Church is so anxious to keep people from leaving the fold that it has made getting an annulment much easier and faster than it was in the past. Just about anyone who wants an annulment can get one.
  12. I think the big difference is that Jeremy and Austin (and Ben, too, for that matter) are basically kind-hearted young men, at least as far as their families are concerned. They may be religious fanatics and harbor abhorrent views regarding society as a whole, but they seem genuinely affectionate and tender with their wives and children. Derick, on the other hand, strikes me as a mean, miserable guy who has no problem taking out his unhappiness on other people. I'm sure that Jill and the kids have learned to tiptoe on eggshells around him, fearing his wrath.
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