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  1. It was a criminal waste of money, flying this bunch of yahoos (who are interested in nothing beyond their own little bubble and are self-righteously proud of their own ignorance) all the way to the Great Wall. I'm sure they were too busy strutting around and showing off to give it more than a passing glance.
  2. Nothing like an old wooden door with paint peeling and flaking off it to give a toddler like Ivy lead poisoning.
  3. Yes, and I think that on his own, he's probably had more losses than successes in business. I don't think he's nearly as rich as rumor would have it.
  4. Couldn't agree more. I've always felt that Michelle is the one who really calls the shots around the TTH; she's just very careful to use the bobble-headed, baby-voiced submissive wife act in public. And I'll bet my bottom dollar that she's made very sure that if Jim Bob pre-deceases her, she will be the one in charge. Michelle has no intention of spending her old age doing Anna's laundry.
  5. I agree, but, considering the damage he has done to the family's brand, I think Josh is kept on a much tighter leash and has much less autonomy than the other adult kids.
  6. At first, I thought they were keeping her under wraps while they waited for an offer from People or US Weekly, but the time for that has long since passed. And I really can't believe that they've suddenly developed a conscience about exploiting their children.
  7. Jill was sexually abused, the people who were supposed to protect her were only concerned with covering it up and coddling her assailant, and she was basically told "It's no big deal, get over it, keep your mouth shut and keep on being sweet and deferential to the guy who did this to you." As an adult, she was needy and clingy, cried at the drop of a hat and was frightened of everything (a falling shower curtain rod sent her into hysterics). If that not someone suffering from PTSD, I don't know what is.
  8. And Edwards. Keeping track of the Edwards can drive you crazy.
  9. Yes, usually when the Duggars try to sound empathetic about events outside their bubble, they come off as being completely tone-deaf and clueless, if not outright phony. Jill did very well here.
  10. I think that Jed and Jer most resemble Josh in body type and are the most likely to balloon up like has in the years ahead.
  11. I've always thought she was lying about that. She came out with it at a time when attention was shifting away from her and onto her young, marriageable daughters and I think she just wanted to pull some attention back to herself. I'll file that one away with the "I broke up a marriage by mowing the lawn in my bikini" story and her "missing back muscle" as just another of her self-serving lies.
  12. IIRC, there was a brief period when Michelle was harping on Jana being "fat", which puzzled us here because Jana wasn't really overweight at all. I don't think Michelle really thought that Jana had a weight problem, she's just always seemed to really dislike Jana. I think she was just looking for an excuse to pick on Jana and decided that taunting her for being "fat" would be as much fun as anything.
  13. I don't know exactly why, but I'm starting to get the idea that Jessa doesn't like Ivy very much. Maybe a third kid was just too much for her. Maybe she dislikes girls and greatly prefers boys (not surprising, considering she was raised in a rigid patriarchy). Maybe she's following her mother's parenting style. Michelle, a indifferent mother at best, seems to have had no problem scapegoating some of her kids (Jana, Josiah) and openly favoring others (Josh, Josie). I hope I'm wrong because, if that's the case, Ivy is in for a miserable ride.
  14. Oh, yes. He must be desperately unhappy at what his life has become, compared to the life he once enjoyed. If he had more personal freedom, I think he might well have turned to alcohol or pornography instead of food to sooth himself. But I'm sure that he is kept on a very tight leash and not allowed to leave the TTH without an accountability partner (and that partner would be instructed to be hyper-vigilant). Even if he wanted to, I doubt if he could ever get away with purchasing a six-pack of beer or a bottle of whiskey. And since the family knows that Satan has already used porn as a snare to trap Josh, I'm sure that he has no unsupervised access to a computer. Cheeseburgers, milkshakes and donuts have become his self-medication by default.
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