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  1. It's possible that Nurie was a naturally quiet, docile child and Jill simply assumed that all babies were like that. Then, when Tim came along and was a different kind of child, Jill couldn't understand or handle it and tagged him with the "most stubborn" label. As Dana Carvey said "The first kid is always easy. That's how God cons you into having a second one."
  2. I'm sure that Jim Bob will be a constant presence in the courtroom, but I wonder if he won't try to dissuade Michelle from attending. I have a feeling that Michelle has no idea of how horrifying the porn Josh was downloading really was. In Michelle's mind, "porn" could be anything as innocuous as a Playboy centerfold or even a Victoria's Secret catalogue and Jim Bob may be keeping her in that state of blissful ignorance. If she goes to court, she'll hear every filthy detail and I doubt if Jim Bob would want that. Plus, if she's currently in a state of denial and clinging to the notion that som
  3. I'm worried about my cholesterol level, so I'm taking a break from scrambled eggs. I'll still be eating them fried, though.
  4. Laurie is one of those names (like Leslie and Beverly) which began as a boy's name, reached a peak of popularity in the Victorian era and then, during the 20th century, gradually morphed into a girl's name.
  5. In my experience, most jocks are pretty lousy in the sack and I doubt if Jeremy is an exception. Plus, Fundie males are raised with the mindset that only their wishes and desires matter, so there’s that. Jinger probably didn’t expect much anyway, since her mother told her “Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long.”
  6. My husband and I go out to dinner with my parents all the time (as do my sister and brother-in-law), but we don't call it "double dating", we call it "going out to dinner with my parents". Oddly enough, we don't call going out to grab a bite to eat and run errands "date night" either.
  7. Jim Bob is footing the bills and calling the shots, while the lawyers are advising him about all the angles they can pursue and taking their directions from him. Meanwhile, Josh, the one whose fate is on the line, is probably being ignored and treated like a wayward child.
  8. She's cheap, lazy and doesn't give a crap about anyone but herself.
  9. Interesting how not one of the random strangers she’s “saved” are ever seen or heard from again. None of them ever come to her church for services or visit her at the barndo or attend one of her family’s performances. And you know that if that ever happened, we’d never hear the end of it: “It was such a miracle to see my dear friend Egbert at our church today and hear him testify that if it wasn’t for ME, he never would have found Jesus! And then he treated David and me to breakfast afterwards at the good IHOP! I feel so SEVERELY blessed!”
  10. They recently made a big production of announcing that they no longer want their kids' faces on social media. But instead of simply taking the kids OFF social media, they continue to post lots of pictures but "protect the kids' privacy" by hiding their faces. It's just another way to show off and get attention.
  11. Austin seems stiff-necked and self-righteous, and I think he prides himself on being a hard-working man who lives up to his responsibilities. I suspect he's always had a great deal of contempt for Josh, not just for his sinfulness, but because Josh was a slug who sat around on his lazy ass all day.
  12. It may be a "no shoes in the house on the hardwood floors" house.
  13. Derrick looks happier and healthier than he has in a long time.
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