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  1. I have thought that the producers have taken it VERY easy on Clinton. He is portrayed as actually caring about Monica. Of course, not enough to spare her the dangers of having a relationship with him, but he isn't treating her like a piece of ass either, I sincerely believe that he NEVER thought his philandering would bite him in the ass. Because 1. it hadn't before and 2. surely he is the most powerful man in the world and could dispatch of any unwanted attention and 3. he had always used his charisma and charm to talk anyone into anything. And I don't think Monica ever thought it wou
  2. meant as a joke, but was referring to the crazy leggings
  3. To me, this was a total -- "look what it has cost me to do the RIGHT THING" moment, as though she were the ethically upstanding whistleblower. If she were actually that person, she would've told Monica LONG ago to end the affair. She would have been a real friend and empowered her to walk away, to tell her the hard truths ("He's not going to leave his wife...what is the end game here?") Linda Tripp would never admit that her real motive IMO was revenge, She was pissed that she was dismissed form her WH job and she thought it would've been different if she had been attractive, so she dec
  4. Oh Meri, Brown Meri, Brown Meri, what the fuck is the deal with those pants
  5. Meri went from one cult to another. I am very interested in the psychology of cults and I have heard and read that people who are in a cult and leave it are very susceptible to getting involved in another cult/high control group if they never get any "deprogramming" or trauma counselling. I have no doubt this is what happened to Meri. She doesn't want to see the film or do the homework, because then she will know for sure that HER personal success with LLR is on the backs of unsuspecting, good people who believed the hype and were victimized. Meri is likely at the top, with
  6. I don’t think he can resist a woman who worships him the way Monica did.
  7. honestly, her blood pressure could be through the roof. i watched the video, that smirk is on her face the whole time. i really do wonder what does through her head, total denial of reality, or a martyr complex, or is she just an asshole too?
  8. Its possible she had the teacher in LA when she was home and had another lover in Portland, I guess. I do think its interesting that the other man she IDed was also an authority figure. And also gross and smarmy. And from today's perspective, she was victim in that relationship as well. I would say that teacher groomed her for Clinton, TBH.
  9. I was unaware of this - who were her priors? were they also bosses/professors/other powerful men?
  10. I suppose I just feel like its not a very convincing prosthetic so when I see it it reminds me its an actress.
  11. Didnt Law & Order do an episode like this? A woman gets raped by a man who does these "spiritual" journeys through hallucinogens?
  12. the prosthetic nose is a little much for me. Its distracting. Am I alone in feeling that there was an undercurrent that Paula was lying/exaggerating because the husband was so mad? I got that feeling right away and was rather surprised. Yes, the Slow Burn podcast definitely did that for me as well. Very different perspective with hindsight and more details. Not sure why there's so much sentiment that Edie Falco is miscast when she's only said like 2 words. I understand some people find the wardrobe choice a bit of an anachronism, but I recognize
  13. https://people.com/health/common-allergy-asthma-medication-can-cause-suicidal-thoughts-in-children-fda/
  14. I never used to think of Jill as the best looking of the Duggs. But now that shes found her own style and seems genuinely happy, she looks gorgeous in all her photos. She's SO pretty!
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