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  1. You might find this interesting and actually really pertinent to your question https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/17/nyregion/nypd-rape-victims-division.html
  2. OOF. I have one of those too. When I was a kid, my mom used to sing the Miss America theme to me when I would come downstairs and my hair was crazy. Then one year she bought me a Miss America Halloween costume. Satin white evening gown, with a sash and a crown. My feelings were SO HURT. I felt like she was publicly making fun of me and I refused to wear it and cried and cried, I think I was maybe 7? 8? My mom and I talked about it once when I was an adult and she had always been puzzled about why I reacted that way. She felt just awful when I told her how I remembered it.
  3. That they would be KINDA discreet?
  4. And thats EXACTLY what her life would have been, had Uncle David not abdicated.
  5. I think this is kind of the point. They are really showing their asses and steering themselves right out of the job. Why not? Uncle David decided he didn't want to do it and left it to his younger brother. Why couldn't Lilibet pass it to HER younger sister? I would think to a 12 year old, it would seem like a real possibility.
  6. It would have been 1000% more believable that he, as a retired detective, would realize that there was no chance of this uber-rich guy being held responsible, and shooting him. Then claiming "extreme emotional disturbance" and hoping the jury would pretty much hate the pedo so much that they nullify. I mean, I think I've heard of that before. Like on a Law & Order episode. I did start to wonder though, is Detective Nick really a stand-up guy? They made the mom such a mess, and we are supposed to believe he is a good guy cuz he's a cop and not in rehab? Maybe those 2 girls have been living in a super dysfunctional home since forever? And this turn of events is related to that? Would explain Ivy's willingness to throw her little sis into the mix.
  7. My biggest question: why haven't the showrunners hired @HunterHunted by now?? I forgot that Nicolas Turturro was on last season and for a second, I hoped passionately that we were getting a NYPD Blue crossover!
  8. heres a crazy idea...don't want people to criticize your car seat situation? Don't post photos of your kids in their car seats. Jills sister might kind of need this, if she cant get around easily and needs to be able see her kids.
  9. No way. I would bet Jill only spends her money on herself. The kids get the grifted goods and leftovers. I wouldn't be surprised to see Nurie wearing Jills "renewal" wedding dress while Jill gets a new Matron of honor gown. She will gush about how Nurie ASKED her to wear her DRESS because it was so Severely Modest and she wants to be JUST LIKE her Momma!!!!!!!!
  10. I felt that this "twist" was a reference to Cindy Yang and her supposed connections to the Trumps.
  11. I was coming here to post the same. I felt like the accents were akin to people making fun of Asian people. And the brother in college in San Fran seemed like a major stereotype. Yikes.
  12. Thats pretty much how us locals say it. I had more of an issue with how would she get from JFK to Montauk?? It would take at least 2.5 hours and who was going to drive her? I was like DUDE I CAN SEE THE OFFICE JUST GO OVER THERE AND ASK THEM FOR HELP Except Noah pays for Helen's crime But would that change her DNA?
  13. You know what I would LOVE to see? Instead of "our heroes" coming across a wrongly convicted person who was the victim of a cartoonishly racist, ignoranct cop...how about they come across a case that Benson and Stabler investigated? That now appears to have been wrongfully convicted? And Carisi et al have to push against St. Olivia?
  14. Not to mention.... Noah has ALREADY BEEN KIDNAPPED ONCE. Gahhhhhh.
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