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  1. Probably the first time she took herself to a library. "sweet" and "dear" friend is code for "like-minded" Jesus-approved people. Nope. JimBob and Michelle did everything in the power to completely control every aspect of their kids loves, including (and especially) their exposure to ANY thought or idea contrary to their belief system. They were not allowed to know anyone who believed differently. The library is LOADED with dangerous ideas. For example, when i was an adolescent and wanted to know EVERY DETAIL about sex, I went and sat in the stacks, reading Masters & Johnson. Michele would have an aneurism.
  2. Here is my issue: Wouldn't at least SOME of the children fuss about being taken away from home? I know they are raised to be obedient, but even the best behaved child would be upset at these events...I mean, how do they know it's for their own good? They wouldn't, they would just know that they are being separated from perhaps the only parents they have ever known. I didn't for a minute buy the exchange between the 10 year old and June. She doesn't remember before Gilead but is totally A-OK with being taken away? If she were 13 or 14 and remembered her original parents and/or was facing an imminent marriage, I could see it, but these kids were young....
  3. I thought Jezebel's was a repurposed luxury hotel in Boston, and as such (especially if it's an old one), its not too weird to have a trash incinerator
  4. I just don't know why any one of the ever would answer this question publicly LOL. I would think the answer would be "Well never say never" or "Man plans, God laughs" or "We will see1" I mean, truly, why even answer?
  5. I just dont like seeing anyone's (male or female) genitals clearly. But, I am free to look away!
  6. I would love to see Reese, Nicole et al wrestle this back from Kelley and do a WOMAN only produced final season!
  7. True story: a friend of mine was an "honorary mom" to a young Debutante who needed her help because she has 2 dads. Large city, down south. Times are changing...and some traditions are hanging in there. I doubt Botox costs $100 when you go to the plastic surgeons to the elite. Also, she may have more than Botox done (fillers, etc) but doesn't want people to think she "needs" a lot of work.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Connolly_(FBI) I am betting this was their inspiration for Jackie No, he says himself, he wanted to be a RFK G-man.
  9. Amy Adams did a FANTASTIC one. I had to look her up to see if she was a Boston native. I think it was The Fighter? Or maybe I am thinking of Amy Ryan in Gone Baby Gone....
  10. In an ironic twist, I think you kinda have to be rail thin to look good in oversized stuff. I chose sheet vinyl for my kitchen area because my kids were very small and I worried about them falling and hitting their heads on tile. Also, the vinyl is inexpensive and can be replaced when you find it just won't come totally clean anymore. To each his own. Not going to fault them for having affordable fixtures and materials in a house that we are all criticizing them for really not being able to afford to begin with... IMO part of the problem finding affordable housing today is that 1. builders are trying to make as much $$ as humanly possible so they don't build modest homes anymore and 2. people seem to think they NEED 3-4 baths, hardwood throughout, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and a bedroom for every kid.
  11. This is such a church-y bunch, I would think if he was ever going to dress up a little it would be for church.
  12. ....without the possibility of parole.
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