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  1. Yeah, and I’ll bet it involved Jim Bob trying to get his hands on every penny in Mary’s estate and squeezing Deanna and Amy out.
  2. I sincerely hope that 15 years from now, nobody remembers the Duggars or gives a crap what happened to any of them.
  3. A state that takes this strict an approach to monitoring homeschooling and that can legally require a homeschooling parent to bring in a licensed teacher to evaluate the kids' progress seems like the last place where Jill would want to relocate. The evil government letting a bunch of non-Christians tell HER how to educate her children! Was she ignorant of this when she and David decided to move to Ohio? Or did she think that she could hoodwink the authorities and fly under their radar? Or did she and David have some secret reason for pulling up stakes and moving to Ohio that was so important that it outweighed any other considerations?
  4. That’s a battle he won’t win. You can’t fight the Duggars’ lifelong obsession with pickles.
  5. If any of one of the Duggar daughters/daughters-in-law is blanket training, it’ll be Anna. She is hell-bent on being the perfect Gothard wife and mother and as the years go on, we’re going to see her become crazier and more doctrinaire. Her strategy for carving out a place for herself in the family hierarchy is to become Michelle 2.0
  6. She’s probably a “volunteer” from the church, assigned by MacArthur to serve the Lord by serving the Vuolos.
  7. Her feet just look dirty ( nothing new there for a Duggar) and that miserable expression on her face? Yikes! How could she think that face shot would encourage people to buy any product?
  8. I've never believed it either. I think this "book" is an idea that he latched onto as a way to make himself sound interesting and important to his followers and to give Jim Bob's chain a quick jerk. He's lazy and a chronic liar (which is one way he fits right in with his in-laws) and I think he'll keep on dropping hints about his mythical manuscript whenever he can't think of any other way to show off. I also think that if he ever does publish a book, it will be just be a lot of blather about Jesus and maybe some generic griping about Jim Bob and TLC, but no real juicy details.
  9. I suspect that Jill was being passive-aggressive and deceitful (big surprise there). I think “So glad Timothy could come for one night” is code for “Timothy is still in the dog house and I’m only letting him join us for ONE night to spite all the haters who are spreading rumors that I’m not a perfect mother!”
  10. Or because she’s a Duggar and she’s making the whole story up to get attention.
  11. Even if she isn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t put it past her to make the grand announcement at the wedding and then claim to have a miscarriage a few weeks later. It probably wouldn’t even count as lying, since I think she convinces herself that everything she says is true as soon as it comes out of her mouth.
  12. I find it hard to believe that Tim could bring himself to reveal the family’s secrets to strangers, no matter how “Christian” they were. He’s always been clearly terrified of his mother’s wrath.
  13. Yeah, and what about the thousands of tater tots and gallons of condensed soup they’ve scarfed down over the years?
  14. 100 months? She sounds like a prisoner marking off time with hash marks on the wall of her cell.
  15. Oh, yes. Many people don’t realize it, but we Catholics have our own version of whacked-out, show-off Fundies, with our own Jim Bobs, Michelles, Jill Rods and Stevehovahs.
  16. Anna will never give an inch on any of their insane rules. She's a True Believer who finds security in a rigid set of do's and don'ts to follow. More importantly, she is hell-bent on presenting herself to the world as the perfect Fundie wife and mother to prove that her marriage is a success and that she was right to stand by her monstrous husband.
  17. In theory, Jim Bob is the head of the whole shebang, but I’ve always believed that despite her baby-voiced, head-bobbing wifey act, Michelle is the one who calls the shots and nothing happens without her approval.
  18. Josie is such an untidy, neglected mess. Any normal parent would wash her dirty hands and run a comb through her hair before taking a picture to post online. It’s not even one of those cutesy “Ha, ha, look at the mess our little mischief maker got into!” photos some parents love to post; she just looks grubby, like she hasn’t had a bath in a week.
  19. Since Jessa has always seemed very shallow and vain, her definition of "creeps" and "weirdos" may have just been based on physical appearance, i.e., the guys in question may have been paunchy, balding, chinless, etc. Ben may not have been Chris Hemsworth, but he was probably the best physical specimen that came along. Of course, "paunchy, balding and chinless" also describes her brothers, so there's that.
  20. Yes, I think that Ben does seem to have some aptitude for reading and learning, which no one in his world ever encouraged. He might never be the kind of intellectual who reads Faulkner or Proust, but I could see him being the kind of guy who enjoys sports biographies or non-fiction books about the Civil War, or who jumps into bed at night and reads a chapter of a Tom Clancy thriller before turning out the light. Unfortunately, he could never be that guy, because it’s been drummed into him that nothing must distract you from being All Jesus, All The Time. Plus, Jessa would not be happy about anything that takes his attention away from her needs.
  21. "that uncompromising, enterprising, anything but tranquilizing, right-on Maude!". In other words, every Fundie male's worst nightmare. And, I hate to say it, but Spurgeon really looks like Jim Bob in that picture.
  22. Watch for Jill to do a copycat pose, watching Derek do his law school studying.
  23. Or Jill’s story. I think she may have invented the tale out of nothing to explain why Tim left Moody. My guess is that she was enraged and offended that Moody actually expected her to pay Tim’s tuition and wouldn’t give him a free ride. I expect the administrators at Moody are used to dealing with pious grifters, although probably not one as SEVERELY persistent as Jill.
  24. It's not in the Bible, but, dating back to the Middle Ages, left-handedness was thought to be a mark of the Devil. The word "sinister" comes from the Latin word for "left". I wouldn't be surprised if this belief is still alive among the more whacked-out Fundies.
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