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  1. AnnieH

    S06.E02: Janine's Story

    I didn't see any tears coming from the niece. Why are you wiping your face? There's nothing there! I'm sorry but she does not seem genuine...imo.
  2. AnnieH

    S04.E10: Make Titties Great Again

    Exactly! That's why Ivanka had her nose fixed along with implants. Ivanka is plastic herself
  3. AnnieH

    S17.E03: Joshua B.

    I'm sorry but his ex looks like she's in her 50's. She was only 33 when they met? Please... If it's true that's a hard looking 33 y.o
  4. AnnieH

    S04.E02: Comic Proportions

    I can't stand headband chick. Honey, you look stupid and not 9 yo. old. Grow up! The cosplay chick is delusional. She said she still get people confusing that her boobs are real? Who?! Liar! You wish! You can tell they're fake a mile away. She look like she's smuggling two bowling balls under her top. Ugh!
  5. AnnieH

    S05.E21: Where Are They Now? Joe W. and Pauline

    Joe W. looks like a woman.
  6. AnnieH

    S03.E07: Seeing Double

    Twins don't need a plastic surgeon they need a psychiatrist!
  7. AnnieH

    S03.E08: Totally Waist-ed

    Cartoon/Pixie girl was annoying. What I want to know is where they get the money to get all these surgeries.