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S01.E03: The Wrath of Kuntar

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Hey, Chris Lowell!  Good to see you.  I think he's a decent counterbalance to Sam, but ridiculous in his own way.  Because while Sam cooks up a bizarre, anti-woman screenplay, because he's currently pissed off at his ex, the producer just wants to have all of their characters be the average, dated, even offensive stereotypes that wrestlers tended to be back then (well, really, that was still going on back when I was still watching in the 90s/00s.  Nothing really changes.) Although, I did get a kick out of them making the British lady some brilliant scientist, because naturally anyone with a British accent is smart!

Felt bad for poor, drunk Debbie, but also for Ruth too, who I really think feels like shit for what she did.  I'm looking forward to more of their scenes.  Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin are great together.

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Look, I know that Bash isn't the greatest guy, but Chris Lowell is pretty to look at so if he could be in every episode for my own enjoyment, I'd appreciate it. We did get more Sam, which does solidify him as a villain, but a fun villain of sorts. 

Debbie's life is spiraling and I feel bad that she doesn't seem to have anyone right now. Maybe she'll befriend one of the GLOW ladies.

I got a kick out of the end. I actually found myself chuckling. 

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Any other wrestling fans get a Lucha Underground vibe from Sam's script? Don't know if The real writer behind G.L.O.W. had a similar idea or not, but the whole concept of basing a wrestling promotion around a goofy B-movie plotline is a good 30 years ahead of its time.

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Chris Lowell is clearly playing kind of an asshole here, but oh my GOD is he nice to look at. He can even make 80s pastels look good! I'm actually looking forward to seeing him and Sam working together, it seems like they could be a fun team. They're both assholes, but they seem like pretty likable assholes.

Man, they really just went hard for the stereotypes back in the day, didn't they? Definitely cringe worthy for todays standards, but I actually chuckled over how ridiculous all their wrestling personas were. I like how all their bad guys were the ultimate villains of 80s society (evil arab! welfare queen! violent punk rocker!), while of course the hero is the all American athlete. All they need now is the evil Communist to talk about how much America sucks in a silly accent! I did laugh at how Bash realized the wresting legacy girl is too cute to be a bad guy.

I'm totally fine with Debbie continuing to be pissed off at Ruth, she deserves it, but I hope they can make up at some point. Or at least make some closure with each other. They both just seem so sad.

That robot made me feel like Robin Sparkles was going to show up and start singing any second.

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Oh yeah, wrestling loves their stereotypes.  There was one wrestler several years ago whose character was a Arab Muslim and in real life, the guy was an Italian Buddhist. 

A lot of fun this episode and especially the introduction to Bash.

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Florian and Bash are so obviously a closeted couple in the 80s, and it's kinda great.  Florian's discomfort when Debbie talks about a future wife, Bash getting defensive at any meanness directed at Florian, the protectiveness. I hope that it's explored.


It makes Bash's commitment to this, despite the stereotypes, sweet and almost innocent, cause it removes the sexualizing aspect as opposed to Sam. HE wants this out of love for wrestling, and maybe even just respect for women's wrestlers.

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On ‎6‎/‎25‎/‎2017 at 11:28 PM, benteen said:

Oh yeah, wrestling loves their stereotypes.  There was one wrestler several years ago whose character was a Arab Muslim and in real life, the guy was an Italian Buddhist. 

A lot of fun this episode and especially the introduction to Bash.

Anyone remember Ivan Koloff.   He was portrayed as the Russian Bear,  a heel.  In real life, he wasn't even Russian.  He was Canadian.

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I just started watching this show last night and so far I'm loving it. This episode was just perfect. I love Bash(I'm always so happy when I see Chris Lowell. Piz!) I could not stop laughing when he told Sam his movies were funny and Sam was like they're not supposed to be funny. I also loved his house. I want to go to there.

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The party was all kinds of fun to watch! The neon sign that said NEON was hilarious.

And yay for Chris Lowell! Although I wasn't a huge Piz fan, I always liked him as an actor.

Florian announcing that he bought plastic forks so they wouldn't have to run the dishwasher cracked me up. That is such a lazy 20 something year old thing to do so it was perfect.

Although Bash was an ass for insisting on using all the typical stereotypes, I loved that he said Carmen had a great smile and encouraged her to find something bright and colorful that matched her personality better.

Melrose comes off as very spoiled and bratty, but she obviously knows the real thing when she sees it, as evidenced by her IDing the Lichtenstein and Bob Mackie. Either her parents are loaded or she's broke and has educated herself on all the things she wants to buy one day.

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Sam's ex is WAY too pretty to be his ex. 

WHOA. That script was PAINFUL. I can't believe they made me root for the young, rich dilettante funding the project.

Forget Ruth or Debbie. Carmen is the real hero. She's so sweet. 

"I know this sounds needy but can you please never leave me alone at this party?" XD

I like Kate Nash and Jackie Tohn together. Better than Jackie just being an a-hole.

Bash letting them into the costume closet was a better idea than anything from Sam.

I don't really believe that Sam would compromise or that Bash would just agree to make his movie but I am willing to accept this as set up for why Sam is going to stick with the project.

Oh, boy. Was not prepared for the racist stereotypes. They REALLY better flesh out the actual characters on the show if I have to sit through their wrestling personas.

Junk Chain? I feel like they could have pretty easily given Cherry a Pam Grier sort of character.

"I'm Vicky Viking." XD 

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