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S02.E03: Friend Or Foe

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From the recap:  


Brenda getting transferred to another pod, seemingly hours after Sheri settled in under her wing: coincidence?

What's up with that?  I thought there were only 3 pods (C, D and F).  Are they moving her in with the guys?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the F pod was the only women's pod in the jail.  

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what was up with Ashleigh showing her butt? that was wierd. And all that agression in the F pod? yet last season when robert covered up the camera they showed up immediately??

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9 hours ago, Fable said:

From the recap:  

What's up with that?  I thought there were only 3 pods (C, D and F).  Are they moving her in with the guys?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the F pod was the only women's pod in the jail.  

No, there was a second women's pod, the one where the woman tried to commit suicide by jumping off the top tier.

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I hate to admit I was looking long enough to notice, but it looked like she kind of tucked the granny pants up her booty to get the desired effect.



 I 'm such a perv. Why did I notice that?

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I skipped episode one and just marathoned two and three. I'm skipping a lot of the men's portion because that's what most disturbed me last season.  They threw that kid into the craziest pod with full blown violent sociopaths, which he clearly would be too naive to handle well. 

I really don't get the claim that they put these people into the worst pods because they need the inside info.  All they have to do is watch the fucking cameras.  They acknowledge that the top tier is the most dangerous and difficult to monitor.  Do they really need spies on the inside to say: put more cameras on the top tier, remove the curtains and forbid a blanket being hung in its place, check the trays for incoming propaganda, and respond when a fight breaks out. Good Lord it's not that difficult. 

They hand all authority to self-appointed pod bosses, and do nothing about people being targeted.  Assigning beds is very easy and that would help reduce some of the gang activity.    Instead they advise these people to get a bottom tier bed, and send them into a pod without bottom tier availability.  They let the inmates run everything and I'm amazed that they are very open about it.  And I'm very uncomfortable that they don't have same sex COs.  It wouldn't be difficult for a male CO to rape an inmate, and he may get some of the females inmates to help hold the female down.  I hope this isn't the norm in jails, but they certainly aren't hiding what a cluster fuck it is, so maybe it is. 

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I love how Ryan was a hero for fixing the knuckle, for about five minutes. Then, just like Floating Head said, they asked him for a second favor, and he (wisely) backed out, and promptly fell back to wuss status again. But Ryan was a boob for even considering it. He knows he is being watched and would have screwed himself had he done it.

I love how Sheri keeps telling Ashleigh that "she has her back," when we know the girl is scared of her own shadow. Good luck with THAT bodyguard, Ashleigh.

I think Brian made the whole story up to get out. I cannot believe this threat actually went down. His is just freaked out because he saw Chris go out, and he wanted to safe face for why he wanted out. When they basically called him a chicken, he agreed to go back in.

Feeling for Ashleigh, being an addict in that environment. This jail absolutely sucks for having no handle on the drugs or what happens at night. Is anyone even there???

I like Chris (eyelashes!!!), but he seems a bit too soft to do this - even for his brother. I'll be proud of him if he pulls this off.

I would not mess with Quinten in there. He looks terrifying in that environment.

Sheri whining about her kid's birthday was dumb. Why didn't she celebrate before she left and promise to celebrate some more when she gets back? What kid doesn't want the birthday that never ends!  And frankly, the kid did not sound mad at all, but Sheri was obviously mad at herself. I will not be surprised if she quits "for her kids" the way Brian just tried to. They tap out on Naked and Afraid (my other guilty pleasure) with that excuse a lot.

Watching the officers just stand there and watch the inmate having a seizure made me sad. I don't really care if the inmates want to gripe about the food and how skinny their mat is. But being denied medical care, that's serious.

Zach is being a jerk, bragging about his suite and mustang, when he KNOWS what she is going through. Why is he not listening to HER?! She needs help staying sober and sane, and his true colors came out.  He was all about the money. She was pretty clear after his first comment that he was being insensitive, and then he kept going. Gross. Now if I were her I'd have trouble keeping it together in that sardine can. He should have bragged about that crap in 40 days, after she'd had a pizza and a shower. Idiot.

I still hate Ryan's voice and comments. Why they like his poncy arrogant attitude is beyond me.

Turns out Chris couldn't pull it off. Dang, I thought he was at least tougher than Brian, who is shaking like a leaf in there, now. He looks like a little boy who lost his mommy at the park. They are knocking him for white collar criminal charges, but that is all stupid Ryan is in for. Brian was safer before he made a spectacle of himself leaving and coming back, thus looking new all over again. He will have nightmares forever. Wow.

Ok, now suddenly Sheri is a tough girl. The WHY was she so afraid of Mackenzie. Do not get.

Boy. If only this jail had GUARDS. And IMAGINE if they actually watched the cameras and did something about what they saw.

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On 9/11/2016 at 1:04 PM, Nowhere said:


Zac is a fucking asshole.


Yep. Of all the loved ones back home, none should have understood and been more supportive than him. What a disappointment, eh.

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