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Shameless in the Media

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Thought I'd start this up especially when I saw this which was posted a few days ago about switching the Emmy submission category from drama to comedy.



“[shameless] is a category-bending show, with dark humor and dramatic tones, and the producers felt that a submission in the comedy category fit the feel and tone of the show best,” Showtime noted, in a release.

This is kind of a joke to me considering this has been the darkest season yet in my opinion.

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It definitely doesn't make any sense, though if it results in one of these amazing performances finally getting some attention, I won't be upset. Seems pretty unlikely that it will, though.

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I think Noel Fisher should have been a shoe in for the comedy area because as dark as Mickey can be his reaction to certain situations can make me laugh more then any other character. Especially this season.


However given the lack of awards love the main cast have had over the years I'll take what we can get.

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Another dream Emmy ballot thing-y with the usual suspects.  Alan Sepinwall also placed Shameless on his list of best "comedies" and Noel Fisher on his list of best supporting comedy actors.  It's nice to see Noel Fisher getting so much critical recognition for this past season.  Sepinwall hasn't posted Best Actress in a Comedy yet, but I hope Emmy Rossum will be on his list. 

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Looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan is out, and Dermot Mulroney is in.



Dermot Mulroney is coming to "Shameless!"


That's the one.


The frequently-confused-for-McDermott actor will be joining the fifth season of Showtime's acclaimed series, playing "ex-bad boy and recovering addict Sean Pierce," who will be the new manager at the diner diner where Emmy Rossum's Fiona got a job at in last season's finale.

Though it will be a new character, he's essentially filling the slot of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who was introduced in that exact capacity (and with that history) in the season 4 finale. It's a shame Morgan couldn't stick around, given how good he was in that episode (and how refreshing it was to see him in full character actor mode for the first time in a while), but I suppose the same diner can't employ two different ex-bad boy recovering addicts in managerial capacities.

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Who wants to bet she has sex with Lip.


Sasha Alexander has landed a major multi-episode guest-starring role on Shameless’ upcoming fifth season, EW has learned.

The Rizzoli & Isles star will play Helene, one of Lip’s college professors. Confident and erudite, Helene has a wild side—which is new territory for Alexander in comparison to her role on Rizzoli. The actress will begin filming her guest stint next week.



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This is one of the few series where I think the American version far surpasses the British one (along with Being Human)I do agree a little too much Frank but that is a minor quibble and it is William H Macy how can you not use him as much as you can? I think the Britis version lost me when the original cast began to leave. It's a major problem with British shows...character breakage.

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I find that After Ellen interview kind of confusing.  I feel like they're trying to find an angle so they're building Svetlana up into this complex lesbian character--but I don't think the writing's there yet.  I know a lot of people liked Svetlana in the last episode, but to me she almost seems like "the magical hooker" character.  She breastfeeds!  She cuts incredibly cute haircuts!  She dispenses sage advice!  I love the actress (she brings so much to her scenes beyond what's on the page--especially last season) and I think she almost always has great scenes with Mickey--but I have no idea what the writing is doing with her.  She often seems different to me week to week in how they write her.


This show has also had a problematic way of depicting lesbian and bi woman characters (Jasmine, Monica, and I think the entire thru line of this present season is going to be about a lesbian couple attempting to gentrify the neighborhood) and I wished After Ellen had got into that a bit more.  If they actually do end up depicting Svetlana and Nika in a more complex and consistent way--well, then that will be great.

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I think there was a change from S3-4 Svetlana to S5, but the writing is reflecting something more. In essence, her character was designed to be a roadblock for Ian and Mickey from 3x07 all the way through 4x12. While she wasn't any Terry-level villain, she was the constant symbol of Mickey's fear and Ian's anger. I give the actress so much credit for bringing depth and sympathy to the character in Season 4, because she was put in such a horrible position in the way she was introduced. She ended up bringing a lot to Mickey's arc last season because we saw her fear and worry but also her strength and resolve. But now they need to transition her from antagonist to protagonist, which comes across as a big change, but not necessarily a change in character--she's still the same person, getting right to the heart of the issue with no messing around, giving honestly vulgar advice. So talking her up like this in the media is part of the push for the character to be seen as something more than "Mickey's corrective rapist/baby mama", just like having her interact with non-Milkovich characters is in-show.

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Looks like Noel has officially confirmed his departure.


His latest tweet, responding to Cameron's goodbye tweet:


Right back at you @CameronMonaghan. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this with you, the rest of the #Shameless family and the incredible fandom. Lotsa love.


He's also taken down the Shameless photo from his twitter account.


I'm heartbroken this is how Mickey ends.


I just can't believe how everyone screwed up something so amazing and special.

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Hello Shameless folk! Did you know that Mickey Milkovich just made it to the last round for the SpoilerTV Character Cup? They're about to post the final matchup-he's going up against Root from Person of Interest, and the competition is pretty fierce, so if you can spare a minute, go vote for him! Let this meaningless internet competition sooth the pain of the way Mickey's character was treated in the finale.

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Has Noel Fishers exit been confirmed? I thought it was still up in the air after the finale? Also is Cameron Monaghan returning? He seems pretty involved in Gotham currently.

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