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  1. You hardly ever see the girls wearing sensible shoes. Like ever. Are tennis shoes for boys only? I am not as up on these people as some of you, so I'm honestly wondering. In the pics I see, it's always barefoot or flip flops. I guess I don't pick my feet up high enough when I walk because whenever I wore flip flops I was always tripping by the tops getting caught on the floor. Damn even some 80's jelly's or something. Noticing the glasses on Michelle's shirt. Have we ever seen her wearing glasses? I don't recall.
  2. The horrible horrible fate of Nick and the pregnant females in Bone Tomahawk. It is gruesome as all hell. I highly recommend this flick though. Probably one of my favorites in a few years.
  3. Joy. Ann Coulter. Monique. Patricia Velásquez.. Kennedy. What can I say? I like The View when it's fiery. That's why Rosie's first run on the show is my favorite. I would pick her, but I can't see her coming back or being offered to do so.
  4. Sophia crying over Phil also makes me cringe, not as much as Purple Rain, and family members having a penchant for beastiality, but close. Also in the robbery episode when Rose is running through the parking garage, I crack up. Just the look on her face. It's still one of my favorites though. "They thought I was on angel dust!" Oh! Since I brought it up, it made me remember a clip I saw of Rue telling Betty a joke on set.
  5. Agreed. I also feel that way about Rose when she breaks down after the robbery.
  6. I don't like that the corner of that piece of paper is so close to him. He's going to lose an eye.
  7. Aww. It's a cute little flannel. Would have wiped the drool but that is adorable.
  8. You're right GeeGolly, and I am sorry about that. I was just catching up and read through several threads and lots of pages. Babies being suffocated, killed by hammocks, black eyes, busted lips, etc.. Yours was just the last one so yours was the one I quoted. It was tame in comparison, so I am sorry. I swear I'm not evil, I just get snarky when I read nothing but pure and utter bullshit. (not your post) It just seems to be constant. I can't stand these fuckers as much as most on here. I just get frustrated when someone posts something that has no basis in fact and then it becomes "fact" and ha
  9. I guess you have a point. It's just when reading through the forums a lot of the time there are rumors that were started ages ago that are still being spouted as fact and it turns into a lot of confusion and then all of a sudden people start "remembering" things they saw on the show or an interview that never happened.
  10. This is the type of irresponsible thing that spreads like wildfire and within minutes becomes solid truth.
  11. Just because he's gay, doesn't mean he doesn't know how to get the shots for television. Like him or not, he is a PRO at this. He leaves his gayness on his yachts on international waters. Trust.
  12. What's more funniest than a typo!?! People stalking her pages..
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